‘Fatter’ Alexis needs to come back to Arsenal and FOCUS!

We all know that Alexis Sanchez has had a long holiday and returned to Arsenal with the flu, but Wenger obviously thought he was fit enough to play against Liverpool two weeks ago, but I think we all know he wasn’t really fit enough, physically or mentally, to give his usual best.

But he was, as always, called up for Chile’s two World Cup Qualifiers, where he also failed to make an impact and they lost both matches. He was obviously not happy, and his Instagram post after the match saying that he was tired has not impressed some of his Chilean contacts. In fact the former Chile youth coach Jose Sulantay blasted him for looking very out-of-shape. He said: ‘I saw him gone, I saw him out of physical shape, totally. He’s fatter than normal.

‘Without his spark, he never left that Paraguayan defence behind. He never made a diagonal run, it was something else. It was not Alexis.

‘This can bring you problems later, the statements of wanting to leave. The team-mates must have felt nothing for him.’

Well, I guess his team-mates shouldn’t be too unhappy with him for a couple of bad performances considering the stress he’s been under, and also the fact that he carried the Chile team to TWO Copa America’s recently. But now we have to hope that he returns to London in a better frame of mind and can get back to his former glory.

He gave Arsenal fans hope when he posted this on Instagram….

Back Home ⚽️ FOCUS ⚽️ ?? ?⚪️

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Come on Alexis! Get back to fitness and get Arsenal back on a winning run please….



  1. Wolf says:

    I’m willing to support Alexis if he gonna get bk to something like his best even if he’s going end of the season or in January. Wenger, the Kronk I will not support.

  2. Ivan says:

    I guess we re are all wondering if Alexis attitude will be good when he is back with us bearing in mind he did not want to stay with us. If the Chile coach is right and he is not in shape then that could be a bad sign. We are somewhat powerless as he knows that in a little more than 3 months he can sign a pre-contract even if we do not let him go in January.

  3. HA559 says:

    Theres no hope for the attack. They will continually need to score 3 or 4 every game to win matches against atleast 50% of the league opposition. Thats because half the league will find it easy to score 2 goals against because the defensive side of our game is absolute garbage. Steve Bould should do the right thing and question Wenger on this aspect of our game, if he is told it will stay the same way Bould should walk, instead of collecting easy wage the rest of the back room staff and manager do all because they return big money for Kronke.

  4. HA559 says:

    New transfer window plans is a joke. You can buy until August 9 but you can sell until 31 August. So how does that stop players from being unsettled during the window. The only thing it makes is that you have to sell abroad or in championship. Better for the other leagues.

  5. Sue says:

    Bet he’s not as fat as Troy Deeney

  6. Anko says:

    I have been very sad after defeat to Liverpool and the transfer saga. But now is the time to support the team, hopefully they will do great! I wish everyone including Sanchez a successful season starting from this weekend!

  7. McLovin says:

    I will support everyone of our players because they are what they are and its not up to them personally to start matches eventough they wouldn’t perform.

    I will not support Wenger nor the board. They are the cancer of this great club.

    No manager is bigger than the club.

  8. AndersS says:

    Don’t worry.
    The Professor has as the only one in the world seen the light. Alexis and others in their last year of contract will be more motivated than anyone else!

  9. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I pity Bournemouth because I am foreseeing Arsenal making an examples of them by lashing them heavily on Saturday next tomorrow, at the Emirates Stadium with 5 of the Bournemouth 18 man match day squad Cherries getting lashed heavily by the 11 match starting Gunners and by any of their 3 man match substitutes

    Eddie Howe, the AFC Bournemouth manager has according to the privileged information leaked and currently threading in the football grapevine media has reportedly made an overture to Arsenal Le Prof soliciting for his cooperation to fix the outcome of the match to instruct the Gunners to play a draw game with the Cherries on Saturday. He pleaded with Le Prof to consider his plight so far in the Premier League games this season as the AFC Bournemouth Cherries have lost all their 3 opening match. And should they lose again to the Gunners on Saturday, pressure will mount on him and the AFC Bournemouth board may consider sacking him from his job. But he wouldn’t want to lose his job. Therefore, he begged Le Prof to help save him from losing his job.

    However, Le Prof would have none of Eddie Howe’s pleadings as he told him pointblank that he too is under pressure to see the Gunners collect all the maximum 3 points that will be at stake in the match. And as a result of this pressure being faced by him, he has unambiguously told the Gunners to select 5 Cherries during the match on the field of play and lash them thoroughly with heavy lashes. And Le Prof finally said to Eddie Howe “he is sorry not be of help to him”.

    So, at the end of the Premier League match between Arsenal and AFC Bournemouth on Saturday at the Emirates Stadium, the final scoreline reads as follows:
    Arsenal 5-0 AFC Bournemouth.

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