Out of sorts Walcott heading out of Arsenal?

If his first start for England in almost two years was the chance for Theo Walcott to remind the Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger what he is capable of, then the striker let it slip through his grasp. Unless he wanted to remind us all how ineffectual he can be sometimes.

I am perhaps being a bit hard on the Arsenal man because England struggled in general in the first hour or so against a well organised Italy team that played a 3-5-2 formation and allowed little space. And Walcott’s England team mates’ attempts to find him or get him in behind were either misplaced or hit to hard.

So it was a frustraing night for Theo who was replaced by Barkley early in the second half. England were getting into the game by then, with Walker instead of Clyne at right back, but Walcott got little chance to enjoy it. He really should have made more of his chance, perhaps staying wide more to stretch Italy instead of coming inside where it was congested.

The game did little to help his Arsenal cause and I doubt that Wenger will start him against Liverpool on Saturday, whether Danny Welbeck is fit or not. So is time running out for the speedy striker at Arsenal?

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  1. By tommorow i want to see on arsernal.com that walcott have sign a 4year deal with his 90per week wage or he should be sold asap

    1. Theo has no reason to be adamant on his wage demand. He’s lost in space and we’ve his position well fulfill. NO THEO NO PROBLEM.

  2. If I had it my way Walcott wouldn’t get remotely near my bench let alone a starting place for Arsenal. nowhere near good enough for my liking.

    1. Are you guys the same that rubbished Giroud Monreal Ozil Coquelin by not giving them time to shine and get used to the game.Walcot has been out for a year not his fault gets injured but just like any trades man has to look after his tools to do a good job,Stop getting on his back he will shut all your winging after the Burnley game CB

      1. That’s not the same issue for Theo dude. He wants more money with his lack of contribution. Arsene clearly wants to renew, but Theo really need to introspect on himself to be more flexible on his wage demand. It’s very unlikely that Arsene will accept his offers.

  3. 3-5-2
    Remember Nesta, Cannavaro and Maldini defense?

    Walcott. He scored a goal when he came back but been very quiet since then. He doesn’t really have a lot to bargain with if he at least isn’t playing well

    Anyway, I hope he still signs a contract fairly soon.
    He is a quality player when on form.

  4. SkysportsNZ is reporting Wallcot
    will sign for Liverpool for 22 million
    as Stirling will go to Barca for
    a reported fee of 40 million.
    The 22 million for Wallcot is because
    Balotelli to Arsenal is also part of the deal.
    Seems good to me. Balo will bring back the fear factor.
    Look up sky sport it’s right there.

      1. He turned a leaf so better off being happy. At this rate maybe one or two years time everybody and their pet will be singing Arsene knows best and there is only one Arsene Wenger. C.O.Y.G.

  5. we would offer walcott to LIVERPOOL?….. Did u say LIVERPOOL? In exchange of baLo?….while d real icing on the cake goes to Barca? …..great !….just great!…..we will never learn from the suarez incident with pool…. Rubbish

  6. Anyone noticed memphis depay??..this guy is hazard in the making..why don’t we replace walcott with him??…should cost less than wht we get for walcott if sold.

  7. I like Theo but he has got to sort himself out. He is looking so quiet and disinterested. Better be careful as other players are right behind him and are over taking him.. Sort yourself out and forget about money right now..

  8. we are definitely lacking of wingers… we need to sign a winger to replace our departing reserve winger…

    1. We have a decent amount of wingers I think if we don’t buy a striker then we need to purchase a LW (left footed). When you play Sanchez on the left its gonna be natural for him to cut inside, but if you look at the ox on the right, he’s always taking people by-line on his right foot.

  9. Wallcot don’t fool me.
    No no and no.
    That’s why we need to
    cash in on the fool now..
    SkysportNZ said Wallcot
    to Liverfool for 22 mill plus Balo
    Fool want him out and will let him go cheap.
    I read the fool report on skysport nz
    here at 10 am NZ time Wed 1st of April.
    justarsenal is sure to have the fool story 2 morrow too.
    The papers will be fool of the story in the morning 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I would prefer Soldado to Balotelli – at least he wouldn’t destroy the dressing room as well.
      Balotelli will NEVER come to Arsenal – Wenger doe not like moody players.

      1. soldado was absolute class before his tottenham days.
        he just always seems one step ahead of his team-mates there. i’d seriously consider him if he was going cheap.

    2. How about 30 million without Balo? Or we pay 25 M pounds plus Theo for Sterling. That’s better trade!

      1. Stirling isnt worth fifty mil, not forty either in my opinion. If Theos worth twenty five i reckon Stirling about thirty.

  10. Putting the contract situation aside this is a pretty sad situation, theo seems to have forgotten everything he knows about beibg a footballer his cofdence is clearly at an all time low too. I feel all the contract press speculation has gotten inside his head big time, he needs to re sign his contract in the next week and get on with business or I feel it wont happen abd hes done with us. One thing you cab be sure of though if he’s sold to a premier league team he will come back to haunt us at some stage as he still has blistering pace when he gets back to somewhere near his previous form. If we could get 25m ish for him now may be a good time to sell and reinvest. I personally would like to see bellerin tried out in a rw role at some stage as he crosses well and also is crazy fast.

  11. I feel he could get back to top form given time, but when you start demanding wages over 100k, sympathy and leeway grows very thin and demands grow with the salary. Maybe he should sign a contract with add ons, or a lower short term contract.

  12. Wow!…some of the comments here about theo is just shocking! This is a guy who was probably our best play 2 seasons ago, he scored 23 goals! When I look in the epl for wingers who can score that many aside frm sanchez and hazard(plus penalties ofcours) I struggle to fine anyone, so has all his abilities vanish all of a sudden? Theo walcott has been out for a year, and when I look @ players who’s been out for that long, I see that there will always struggle upon their return, remember Roscisky? We have only seen his best in the last few seasons, he was virtually none-existence before then, we look @ Ramsey who was absolutely terrible prio to last season, it took him almost three yrs to make any meaningful impact and yet Wenger stood by him, and he came good, look @ Wilsere, he has never been the same after beiing out for more than a year, look @ Eduado da silva, I culd go on and on, truth is, when you are out for that long, it takes time for you to return to you usual level, it doesn’t help his cause that he is not even being used by wenger, how is he suppose to get the match sharpness that he needs? Frm the bench? Pls give theo a break! Futhermore, theo is different frm all our attackers, he gives us something diffrnt, he has rarely played this season yet he has scored as many as our ‘hardworking ox’ has scored all season, he assists more than any other winger in epl, the keep talk shit abt theo tracking back, the fact is, theo doesn’t need to track back, when he plays, opposing fullbacks rarely push up field becus they are scared of his pace, so that leaves our fullback one on one with their winger, now, does our fullback need help frm theo to mark his man??? Only if that winger is Messi, Ronaldo or Robben, if they not either of those three and our fullback cannot handle them, then he is not good enough for arsenal! Its not theo’s fault! So get off his back and give him a break!!!

    1. I’m almost 100% sure that there wouldn’t be any vitriol, if he wasn’t messing about with his contract….. Again!

    2. @ slimzzy
      I’m a huge theo fan and it pains me to see the negativity surrounding him after overcoming a serious injury and the guy is quality no doubt about it people are just so impatient.
      But IF it’s true I really don’t like that he’s not only asking for a raise but for such a big one. He should receive the same wages he’s on but have a lot of bonuses inserted in his contract like if he gets 10+ assists, 18+ goals etc.
      O and he had 21 goals and 14 assists (all comps)

    3. You still don’t get it do you? Theo’s football is currently “lost in space”, and we have many options in his sector. So, HE HAS NO REASON TO BE ADAMANT WITH HIS WAGE DEMAND. Just sign the damned contract and he’ll be just find!

  13. he looks like a boy, talks like a boy because he is a boy. SELL HIM before he becomes a liability

  14. His brains are in his feet and he earns more than you will in a life time,so where are your brains Brains. CB

  15. If Theo is sold to another EPL team he will prove how good he is by tearing or defense apart. I NEVER want to see that. Then Wenger will be criticised for losing talent and being stingy with wages. A few years back he was our best player… he knows he is still quality despite current form…. Wenger knows it too. Meet him half way. .. Give him a decent increase and we retain talent who already knows our structures and players. He will make the first team in most of our opposition and with more playing time he can easily prove he is world class playing for the opposition. That’s something I don’t want to see…. lets keep our talent!

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