Outgoing Arsenal rumours – Who will make way for our top targets?

Officially the transfer market is yet to open but the Arsenal rumours never fail to flood the papers. Reportedly, the arrival of Petr Cech is done and dusted and is waiting to be announced. Not taking anything away from the last minute surprises, let us safely assume that Cech will be a Gunner this summer. There a plethora of rumours that link players left, right and center, but there are as many stories that also talk about outgoings.

The biggest question mark is on the future of Jack Wilshere. The injury-prone midfielder is reportedly the target of Manchester City. The cash rich club from Manchester is looking to increase their home grown quota. Wilshere fits the bill and so the interest.

Wilshere is currently one of the club’s lower earners at £50,000 per week. Arsene Wenger will surely be fixing his attentions on handing Wilshere a new contract. The 26 year old is still an integral part of the squad and Wenger believes that there is still to come from the English midfielder. The arrivals of Mesut Ozil, Danny Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez may have pressurized Wilshere but by no means is he near an exit.

Talking of other outgoings – we have many players who will be dispensable this summer. Lukas Podolski, Mathieu Flamini, Tomas Rosicky, David Ospina, Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo are looking likely to the candidates to be shipped out.

The impending arrival of Petr Cech would mean the end of Ospina at the club. Podolski has returned from his loan deal at Inter but looks to be out of the club permanently. Reports already link him of inking a deal with Galatasaray though these are unconfirmed yet. However, the German is sure to leave the club.

Same is the case with Flamini. The search for a defensive midfielder is taking Wenger to different continents. There are reports linking with William Carvalho, Morgan Schneiderlin, Arturo Vidal and many others. But, at the same time, it may mean an exit for Flamini.

A quality striker is another on the priority list for Wenger. Searching for a proven option will be complemented by hearing offers for Campbell and Sanogo. The French club Lille is interested in a loan offer for the French youngster Sanogo. The Costa Rican forward Campbell could join Benfica on loan or on a permanent basis.

Wenger knows very well that culling his squad is as important as signing new ones. This summer could mean an interesting squad overhaul.


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  1. AlanFrank says:

    Wenger was given a transfer budget of 8 letters this summer and he’s used his entire budget on 2 players. Vlad & Cech.

    1. xamanus says:

      Welcome To Arsenal: Peter Cech, Vlad, ilkay gundogan and Eden Dzeko

      1. napersie says:

        suddenly Wilshere turns 26. I will like to take those stuffs to fast track my age. #Admin

        1. Ivan Gazidis says:

          I thought he was 36. Why haven’t we sold him yet?

    2. seancali says:

      Actually if we get Vidal and cech, that would be two world class signings. It will be enough for me, I would settle with that. Would take it right now

    3. vijaygunner says:

      who the f**k is vlad?!

      1. SoOpa AeoN says:

        there are not much articles to write on…….there are not much comments to be made

        1. SoOpa AeoN says:

          Next month can’t wait to come faster….. So the real Transfer saga can take place…… Tired of this transfer Pre-season

      2. SoOpa AeoN says:

        @vijaygunner……what! U dunno VLad?….u dunno the midfield wizard?……u dunno ur own player?

        1. vijaygunner says:

          sorry didn’t read the previous article…wohooo vlad!!!!

    4. seancali says:

      Fuk Vlad, what kind of crap is this???we are in need of two signings. A winger and DM or a striker and DM. If we get a winger Theo could be given more chance at the cf role. If we get a striker Theo should be used on right wing and rotated with the ox, Ramsey should never play on the right,never. And I think Theo will defend and chase back if he is used as a right winger, if Wenger is not planning on getting a striker I hope he’s after a winger at least. A DM is a top priority, we need a holding midfielder. Hope these issues crosses Wenger’s mind.

      1. GoonerLad says:

        Bellerin, Chamberlain, Fabregas, all examples of wonder kids we signed that started at 16. This kid could be the real deal if they gave him Rosicky’s shirt

  2. Didas says:

    Leo and Wenger are having a holiday lets wait for tem i hear they are playing together in some beaches

    1. josh37 says:

      I actually hope he gets a few weeks rest… Big season coming

  3. Mr Gavis says:

    Why are you writing as though you know what areas Wenger is looking to strengthen. We all have an idea of what areas we would like to strengthen but as we should all know by now it doesnt mean that Wenger has the same idea as us. How many times have we thought we were going to buy a CB(for example) then we end up with a midfielder

  4. optimisticgooner says:

    Wenger will not buy an out and out striker. He will go for some one who can play anywhere across the front 3. Yes, aubameyang comes to mind here.

    1. Ozzy AFC says:

      who knows what he’ll buy IF he buys any more at all I fear, though hope differently that Cech, if he comes will be the only marquee signing this season I hope not but echo’s of Wengers words from earlier in the year are bouncing round the inside of my head and Ive been here with AW far too many times in the past.

    2. KickAssFan says:

      When it comes to Arsenal transfers, I don’t cross my fingers, I cross my mind.

      1. Ozzy AFC says:

        Shut your mind down its the only way its telling that everyone else appears to be busy while our gaffer is away on holiday never a good sign. But a regular one with us I.e the Welbeck transfer which to my mind was confusing and not really needed

  5. Ozzy AFC says:

    lol some hilarity to relieve the stress lol

  6. 007 says:

    My gut feeling says (PS its more reliable than Metro, goal, caught off side and the likes)

    – Flamini aint going anywhere
    – Arteta staying
    – Ospina – 50/50 as at now
    – TR7 – staying – Cech will need a buddie
    – Poldi SHOULD go
    – Campbell will leave

    Wana bet.

    1. Ozzy AFC says:

      mate I fear that you could be right its a worry that Flammini wont go as that will mean NO DM
      Poldi should but again I fear that wont happen.
      I ,mean Cmon we held on to Diaby for how many years ???

  7. rpk says:

    Arsenal is agreeing 10.9m fee everyday..its been days now.!! 🙂

  8. antiwenger says:

    I’m starting to take note of Liverpool, they’re signing some good players and they are doing it early. Say what you want but you have to envy their decisiveness in this window. Meanwhile it seems like we don’t even know where to start, being linked with a new player each day….smh.I just hope wenger is not waiting for deadline day drama coz that would be our downfall

  9. Twig says:

    __Sagna Kompany Demichelis Clichy__
    _____Toure Wilshere_____
    _______Navas Silva Milner_______

    Mr Wilshere looking very comfy in the City midfield 😉

    1. phelyx says:

      Milner is now a looserpool player

      1. YingYang69 says:

        And Wilsheres a Gooner. Also he has no DM.

  10. Bigvalbowski says:

    I honestly dont think theres a snowballs chance in heck of this fantasy becoming a reality but can you imagine this Arsenal summer transfer window;

    Carvalho, MS

    Me like

  11. Daedric_Lord says:

    SkySports say cech medical next week….. i’m starting to think its all media bullskit

    1. HA559 says:

      Maybe Arsenal will have signed someone else by next week as well? Then show both of them with the shirt on the same day.

      1. Daedric_Lord says:

        mah, they have never done this before… hope

  12. HA559 says:

    Vlad might be out before he gets in the first team. So many young talent have come in previous seasons only to leave or be sold after a couple seasons.

  13. No10 says:

    Aubameyang makes perfect sense. He could play on the right therefore replacing Theo who would move to pay central. If Theo does not stay fit then Aubameyang can be used central too and Ox/Wellington could cover the right flank.

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