Outspoken Journalist urges Billionaire to snub Man United and buy Arsenal

Billionaire Elon Musk joked that he was set to buy Manchester United Football Club amidst their shocking start to the 2022-23 Premier League campaign, but Piers Morgan has urged him to consider buying Arsenal.

It remains to be seen whether the joke went over the head of the journalist and known Gunners fan, but he isn’t one to shy away from a shot at further publicity.

Piers has regularly attacked the hierarchy at the Emirates, including continually urging the club to replace manager Mikel Arteta despite the impressive work he has been doing in north London.

Everything around the club right now seems positive, from the ownership trusting those within the club to do their jobs by backing them financially, down to the coaching staff and playing squad earning every bit of their wages at present.

Morgan has been a little quieter on the subject since the start of the new season however, but didn’t turn down the opportunity to tell Musk that he should consider buying our beloved club.

I think Morgan would likely be happy if our hierarchy and manager was scrapped for something new, despite all the hard work and improvements which the rest of us can all see clearly. I doubt that anyone around the ground would be interested however, and I certainly wouldn’t even want the rumours to possibly disrupt anything right now.

Let the club continue as they are, and we could well be in for an exciting campaign, and hopefully further successes down the road.


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  1. Musk, whilst saying it was a joke and not interested in sport, if it happened he was interested in buying Arsenal would be a humongous disaster in the making. Why this non story is on here is puzzling, until I saw who the author is.

  2. Well apparently Man Utd are about sell a minority stake according to Bloomberg , Which probably means they are going to sell up eventually.
    Piers is right anyone with abit of common sense will leave that alone ,absolutely ruined as a club at this moment in time ,no one wants to go there ,all the players look like they couldn’t give 2 f..ks .
    Strange why ten Haag went there ,could take years to sort out .
    Regarding musk ,I read he absolutely hates football so it was obviously just a joke ,he can enough in a year to probably buy all 20 prem teams .

  3. Amazing chap though ,a few documentaries on Netflix about him which I found rather interesting TBF

  4. Elon Musk is a complete wally and i hope no football team has the misfortune to ever have anything to do with him.
    Except the Spuds.

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