Owen´s anti-Arsenal bias is now a BIG JOKE! Like him!

You might say that Michael Owen has a problem with the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil, but that would be a massive understatement. It would also ignore the fact that it is everything about Arsenal that the pint sized pundit has a problem with.

I think that Ozil is just the focus of Owen´s anti-Arsenal sentiment, because his ongoing campaign against our star midfielder cannot be based on any real evidence. I am not sure if the tiny former striker has been watching our games or whether he has been looking at the wrong player, because his reiteration of the claim that Ozil is not as good as Raheem Sterling seems stubborn at best. Moronic and blind would be more like it.

As the good people at Squawka.com helpfully showed in their report about Owen´s ludicrous claim, Ozil´s stats are much better than the Liverpool youngster´s, even his goals per game ratio this season, which is pretty damning when you consider that Sterling is played as a striker and Ozil´s job is to create and keep the ball moving. Other critics of Ozil, like Paul Scholes have now accepted that our playmaker is playing much better but not the chump from Chester.

You would think that Ozil´s two assists which helped Arsenal into the FA cup final, followed by an ineffectual performance from Sterling as Owen´s former club crashed out would have tempered his attitude, but he was reluctant to give the German any credit. And his grudging assessment of the Gunners and our brilliant form just goes to show you what a fool he really is.

Owen said, “That second goal will go as an Ozil assist but it was all to do with Sanchez and the mistake. I think Ozil is a very good player, and it’s ironic we were talking about crisis at Arsenal only a few months ago. They were struggling around fourth, are they going to get into the top four, knocked out of the Champions League, hanging on in the FA Cup.

“All of the a sudden it looks like they’re going to win the FA Cup and come second in the league. It looks like it will be a decent season for Arsenal, a very good season for Arsenal. It’s amazing how the game can change in the space of a month or so.”

It´s like magic eh Michael? Nothing to do with us, especially Ozil, actually being good at football or you getting all your predictions of doom for Arsenal totally wrong. Maybe this all stems from Owen being bullied by Jack Wilshere after he cowardly punched Cazorla in the back while playing for Stoke.

Whatever the reason, his comments have become a joke, nicely ridiculed by Arsenal fan website Arseblog. Surely it is time for BT sport to get this muppet off our TV screens. Now is a good time to watch the video below showing Owen being a complete twonk to a 13 year old keeper and getting stick off Neville Southall for it.

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  1. Has michael owen resurrected? I thought that he was still in the hospital on life support after witnessing liverpool being destroyed by the gunners! Coyg!

  2. Owen needs to be abducted by aliens and shoved into a clostrophobic room covered with arsenal memorabilia. While he hesitantly sleeps on his Arsenal bed a huge Ozil face painted on the ceiling will be staring at him every night.

  3. Utter crap from Owen. When a pundit makes a comment like this, he must be having some justification on that. I do not know if he has given any stats or thoughts about why he things this. I think we must close this topic as there is no sense in it, We must now concentrate on the Chelsea Game as it is of huge huge importance not just of second place but also to our title challenge next season, players we can buy in summer , our confidence will be sky high if we win it. We can be instantly become title contenders for next season.
    This kind of games we need to win to become successful club .


  4. BFG out of Chelsea game is a blessing…..he will be a liability…

    we are now lacking of a good back up incase Kos and Paul is injured…..

    Chambers is not ready….Monreal and Debuchy flop at CB….

    1. Lose all your friends trolling you troll.

      Use your dumbie account to thumb me down and you up you troll.

  5. Every word offered by Owen oozes frustration and reveals his disappointment with his own career.

    Owen struggles with the knowledge that he does not have the talent that a player like Ozil possesses – to ease the pain he denigrates Ozil.

    Sorry Michael, you will just have to get over it.

  6. Owen’s assessment is just like the rest of the Ozil haters I have come across on this site – short sighted and naive. Sterling, when playing well, is nice to watch because he is tricky and a bit of a flair player – but that doesn’t mean he is always effective. Where as Ozil’s style of play irritates a lot of people, but he is a completely different player and his end product speaks for itself – TOP ASSISTS LAST SEASON AND TOP CHANCES CREATED. How can you even compare Ozil and Sterling? It’s like comparing the Ox to Fabregas – two completely different players. Well done Owen – twat status achieved.

  7. Ignore him…after having an almost great career as a footballer…he sucks as an analyst…all he wants is attention, so bad we re giving it to hm

  8. He is an idiot of the densest calibre.

    Amazing only a few months on we are not in crisis and are looking to have decent season. Thats from his perspective, beginning season he proclaimed nothing but doom, but to reach the FA cup final and climb second in table you need to be doing very well for longer than a couple of months.

  9. Did anyone else watch that video? My gosh that has made me despise Owen. I don’t know when that was made but he is actually playing up to the camera while training a 13 year old keeper. It’s not about you, you self centred little dick! Biggest fun fact – he was actually deliberately trolling the poor kid by doing what would make it impossible for him. 1 on 1 with the coach telling him to stand up…so he chips him from outside the box. PATHETIC. He wanted to win that much that he’d act like a twat to a poor kid.

    I don’t care if Owen acts like an idiot by saying dumb untrue things about Arsenal but that kid is 100% gonna get his confidence knocked by being treated that way. I wish I could play Owen in a charity match now just to put in some quality tackles on the shit.

    1. I just watched it! I wish that kid had of punched Owens cocky little face in, he was bigger than Owen anyway.
      Definatly small man syndrome.

  10. totally disagree with owen about ozil . i am not ozils biggest fan by any stretch , but he is becoming our most important player , like it or not !. i would like to be able to ask mr.owen how he feels about supporting a team that will be playing in the eurpoa league next season .his bias is so obvious , i do not see how he can be employed as a pundit anymore , he has clear issues with the arsenal and therefore is a total liability to his employers .

  11. Owen no longer bothers me cos his opinions are worthless and show he’s clueless and highly biased.
    The truth is Arsenal has been a thorn in his side for years. Throughout all the years he played at Liverpool, Arsenal topped Liverpool in the Table and won EPL titles.
    After his short days of Glory as a Liverpool striker ended, he secretly hoped Arsenal will come to his rescue and revive his dwindling career. Problem is, Arsenal were too good for him then and did not need him. He really needs to get over his Arsenal pains.

  12. Michael Owen is an idiot but I think u might be reading a bit too much into this.

    Lets get our revenge this sunday!
    arsenal 7-0 chelshit
    COYG!!!! <3

  13. Owen spent the last ‘years’ of his football life sucking any available money from the game that gave him his livelihood, whilst warming various sick benches and getting the occasional game. He wasted his final playing days, rather than rolling up his little sleeves and doing something for mid table prem or championship clubs. His ego has always been too big.

    However I think that his hatred of Arsenal is really about Liverpool and how they will never sit above us, despite the nearly men of last year. He’s bitter and can’t hold it in.

    Interesting that in the interview he says ‘Arsenal crisis…struggling around fourth…hanging on in the FA cup, out of the CL…’. Haha. I wonder how the fcuk he’d describe Liverpools current season and total collapse!!!

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