Ox GONE after Arsenal agree transfer fee with Chelsea

The much talked about transfer of the Arsenal and England international midfielder looks like it is going ahead this summer after all, with Sky Sports now reporting that the Gunners have agreed a transfer fee with the reigning Premier League champions.

This comes after the news was reported last week that the player we signed from Southampton as a teenage prospect turned down a new contract offer said to be worth around £180,000 a week, so it was clear that Arsene Wenger was not going to persuade the Ox to commit his future to Arsenal.

To be perfectly honest, after the performance of the 24-year old against Liverpool at Anfield it feels a lot easier to let him go, as long as the board and our manager make sure they invest the money back into the Arsenal squad before the transfer window closes.

I know that Wenger said he would not sell p[layers to an EPL rival but this does make more sense than selling Alexis Sanchez to either Chelsea or Man City because of the bigger impact the Chilean is likely to have on our season. I have seen reports talking about Arsenal getting something like £35 million for Chamberlain, who is already with the England national squad, and that is pretty good money for him in the final year of his contract.

I cannot help but feel that his time at Arsenal hasd not gone as well as he or any of us hoped, with injury probklems and perhaps a lack of faith from Wenger slowing his progress. Time to move on Arsenal fans, so who should we get to replace him?



  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    Mustafi might leave too.

    Don’t be surprised if Sanchez leaves before deadline

    Who are we gonna sign? With wenger, you wouldn’t know.

    Sad times but Someday we will smile again. WengerLEAVE

    1. BigStick says:

      I hope we sell Sanchez too. Maybe wer can bring in Draxler who would work well with Ozil. We need more new blood to change the team dynamic. I’m up for Ozil leaving if we’re not focused on Draxler. A lot of good things can happen in the next four days. I’d be pushing Ramsey out the door if I were Wenger, along with a few others. Arsenal needs a rebuild.

      1. HA559 says:

        You forget that with Sanchez gone and Draxler in that would mean you have one less tackler in the starting 11.

        1. BigStick says:

          WTF is a “tackler”?

          1. Simon says:

            Someone that tackles!

      2. Timberwolf says:

        Haha sell Aaron Ramsey Wengers 2nd son? We got more hope of signing messi

      3. Lugdush says:

        Pls, sell ozil to anyone who wants him…we will sell alexis too, its a shame, but he doesnt deserve this mediocrity

        1. BigStick says:

          The only way I would want to see Ozil move on is if there’s a suitalble replacement. And I just don’t see anyone that could replace him right now besides maybe Lemar, and he doesn’t seem to want to play for Arsenal anymore.

          1. Quantic Dream says:

            It is being reported on the Sun I think that Borussia Dortmund packed with 97M from Dembeles sale will look to replace him with Mesut Ozil. If it’s indeed true I think we must accept an offer for him…he is certainly not worth 280k per week.

            1. Vish says:

              Dortmund have already replaced Dembele with Andre Yarmelinko. Personally I’d prefer Pjanic from Juventus or Isco as both are hard working properly, playmakers that would drive through defences to create goal scoring chances as well as aren’t afraid to put in a tackle to stop and opposition counter attack

    2. kev says:

      Mustafi’s loan deal is already done.Ox Chambo chose Chelsea over Liverpool for his £40 move.We’re likely to see a defender before the window closes.There’ll be no CM signing and we might sign Julian Draxler or Mahrez ie if Wenger wants a winger from outside but as for the defender it ‘s very likely.

      1. BigStick says:

        How is Mustafi a done deal? I haven’t heard anything credible about Mustafi leaving at all, nothing. The only sign that it could be true was him sitting on the bench last night at Anfield. Other then that it seems to be all rumors.

        1. RSH says:

          It’s not just rumours. Wenger himself was asked if Mustafi would leave this week after the LFC match and he said he didnt know what would happen, which means there’s obviously credibility about the rumour.

      2. John0711 says:

        Kev your full name of it

        Answer this and i would believe sky before u

        Sky sports
        Arsenal had a 35m and a 40 m bid rejected by Monaco
        Liverpool have offered 55.5m and Monaco are considering it

        Oh and wenger missed out on mbappe due to a 5 m payment the family wanted last year

        1. JULIUS OUKO says:

          Arsenal can buy as as many superstars as it wants but that will never change Arsenal’s fortunes as long as Wenger is in-charge. Poor team selection, players being played out of position, questionable substitutions and lack of tactical nuance have been the hallmarks of Wenger’s reign. to add to that is Wengers behavior in the transfer market. Being indecisive, buying the wrong players with last minute purchases.

          Wenger should have submitted his resignation on Saturday but since he has no shame he did not.

        2. kev says:

          Good question.Weren’t media the same people who said that Arsenal’s first bid was being considered.I remember them saying “Arsenal bid £35 for Lemar which is seriously being considered by Monaco”.Days later we hear”Monaco reject Arsenal’s £35 bid for Lemar which is too small and shows Arsenal’s unseriousness to sign Lemar”.Don’t mind the media.Monaco’s asking price is above or around £60 considering the lateness of the window.To be specific I’d say £60to £65.Liverpool have not even met their asking price let alone the payment plan.Arsenal met their asking price but Monaco wanted the full £65 upfront but Arsenal offered only £35 upfront,£30 installments and £5 add ons.All this is just lies.Unless Liverpool are signing for above £60 this deal ain’t happening

      3. Remember Resource? says:

        Mustafa deal is not yet done. And we aren’t close to making any bids. Hate to burst your bubble kev..

    3. kev says:

      Guys I’ve made a big ommission regarding the Lemar transfer.Monaco wanted £65 and Arsenal met it but their offer was £35 upfront,£30 installment and £5 add ons.However,Monaco also want £65 from Liverpool but Liverpool are actually offering all their £55 bid upfront which means they’re only £10 away from the asking price despite not meeting Monaco’s asking price they’ve offered more money upfront which is why it’s being considered.

    4. Luke bratzi says:

      I think that Oxy has had enough of Wenger and his stupid team selections and at 24 go for it, but can’t see him playing regular for Chelsea on his current play. Conte has something up his sleve on his best position ? Full back ?. This Arsenal squad is the worst ever, except Wilshire who is far better than Ozil and loves his club. Apart from the new signings and the youngsters who deserve now to be selected so the fans can enjoy there fight and skill the rest should be sent packing. Wenger is past his sell by date and Bould who does nothing to inspire the team and his knowledge of the game stinks. Pat Rice had passion and would get of his arse when the team had loss there concentration and throw a few Fu;;is into them. Wenger is the only Manager who sits on the Bench and at end walks straight down tunnel. He can’t get himself to just put his arm around his players and just say well done or you could have done better as they come off.

      Think the club needs a Ferguson type coach who if a player doesn’t perform he is dropped
      Ozil Zacka Bellerin even Sanchez and Ramsey on the bench in Ellnenny Wilshire Mertisaker and the new signings and give Walcott a start and if he doesn’t come up to par out the door
      At least if we drop and bring in others we will know how strong this Squad that Wenger has put together with band aid really is and his know how of the way the game has left him. CB

  2. McLovin says:

    He only excelled at RWB (which he doesnt want to play).

    He sucked at RW and CM, has been injured a total of 2 seasons, has scored 9 GOALS in 6 seasons and doesnt want to renew.

    There have been many departures I’ve been sad about, trust me, this isn’t one of them. Plus 35 mils for him with 11 months left in his contract is a daylight robbery for us.

    1. Gareth says:

      Couldn’t agree more. He’s not a great player and let him warm the bench at Chelsea. I predict he will start 15-20 games max for them, and he will be subbed off in 90% of thise games too

  3. Quantic Dream says:

    Sell sell sell sell sell SELL THE DEADWOOD!

    1. say-ma-name says:


  4. Kedar Damle says:

    Good Deal.. One gone 2 to go… But I think Ozil won’t move.. He will run down his contract…. Sanchez will move to City on 30th or 31st August for sure… One positive thing from Ox deal is that at least now Wenger will deploy Bellerin as RB and Kolasinac as LB so Bellerin won’t be playing out of Position…. Our Club is in lot of Jeopardy and I think we will take 5-7 years to recover from all this problems….

    1. BigStick says:

      Why so long? We could literally be back up and running by next match if we bring in some new players and make the right tactical decisions. It doesn’t have to take so long. if Wenger was fired we could be good to go next season. Anything is possible.

      1. Kedar Damle says:

        Everything you are saying is in ifs and buts… 1st of all 2 years at least nothing gonna change… And in this transfer window we are not gonna buy anyone for sure…

        1. Quantic Dream says:

          Ozil will move…especially if the rumour about BVB wanting him to replace Dembele are true. If OX threatened to run down his contract and was sold I see the same will be done to Mesut Ozhit.

          1. Kamikaze says:

            Ozil wont leave the way i see it and i think Dortmund has already signed Dembeles replacement from dynamo kiev if am not wrong

            1. Vish says:

              Correct , they signed Andre Yarmelinko so sadly Ozil won’t be going anywhere. We should offer both Ozil and z Sanchez to City in exchange for Sterling and Aguero or Aguero and Fernandinio. We would have a midfielder enforcer and a deadly striker to compliment Lacazette.

    2. Todd says:

      Truth be told although Ox seems to have been indifferent in his play, Bellerin has played horribly. I would prefer him to go on to Barca at this point. I’m pretty sure you can’t rebuild an entire team in four days, well some teams could, but not Molasses Wenger. It takes him 2 decades to put together 11 transfers, but we almost need that kind of drastic shake up. I’m still confused as hell about Mustafi?! If you’re selling Gabriel, how can you also get rid of Mustafi. He hasn’t been that bad. Not to mention now Bielik is injured for a few months. He can’t possibly think that Montreal is going to play at CB all year, right?

      1. BigStick says:

        Gabriel should have never been sold, biggest mistake so far, unless Mustafi is loaned out or sold too. Ox never really panned out, I’m glad he’s leaving. Maybe he does better at Chelsea, maybe he doesn’t. But at Arsenal he didn’t add anything. No goals or assists for the most part. Kolasinac already has a goal and an assist under his belt and he’s only been with Arsenal for two months.

        1. Quantic Dream says:

          Lol…you guys never figured it out in pre-season when Wenger was playing El Neny as a CB? He was always planning some idiotic grand master plan and this is it..Monreal and El neny as CBs. Wenger be blessed you beautiful man you!

      2. Simon says:

        Agree totally. Personally think Mustafi is great player – and big improvement over Gabriel and Chambers

        But when he was sat on the bench all the rumours look true for first time

        Is this a player revolt?

    3. Buteo says:

      Sure? Our eccentric professor might play Walcott as RB

  5. Samij says:

    Sanchez will follow suit accompany by ozil and we will all applaud d board

  6. samz says:

    can we brink back fabregas
    i just think he is what we need
    he will bring back the glory to arsenal

    1. Simon says:

      Honestly – I’d take it. He was best captain we had for long time

      Kos is great – but not a leader

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        Why would you want the snake back after he took a bloody pay-cut to join Barcelona?

      2. Dee23 says:

        “Best captain”? Behave! The guy left us when we needed him most and was willing to give up money from his bonuses to leave and refused to play for us to force his move to Barcelona. Is that how far we’ve fallen when we as fsns are would take back Fabregas? That’s like having a girlfriend back when the man she left you for ended their relationship. Fabregas? No thank you.

  7. j says:

    Guys Chamberlain is a magnificent player. He’s one of the only players on our team who can actually get around a player and make something happen. Off the bench he brings fear into our opponents. We have lost a quality player. To a rival team. Wenger get the f out of our team.

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as to say “magnificent”. I would only use that adjective to describe established world class players of which, in my opinion, he is currently not.

      1. joe says:

        him and Moses bombing on either wing. with hazard and Pedro ahead of them. takes scary trust me… with Chelsea’s solid midfield we could have just completed conte s machine. such a shame

        1. Quantic Dream says:

          But Chamberlain left because he didn’t want to play as a wingback…so why do you think he will accept that position at Chelsea now?

          1. joe says:

            so u think ox left purely because he was being played as a wingback and nothing to do with the state of the club now… keep telling yourself that

    2. RSH says:

      9 EPL goals in six years. He’s another Arsenal player that was in form for a short period of time. He was bound to go back to being useless. Maybe Conte can make use of him at Chelsea but more likely to be a squad player there. Too bad Arsenal have nothing going for themselves though and we’re just a sinking ship.

    3. BigStick says:

      No way is he magnificent. And what good is it to get around players if you produce no end product? He was good on the left but we have Kolasinac, who is better. And Kolasinac can and does get around the opposition, so do a few of our other players.

    4. Simon says:

      He’s good. But only recently. And yes be a loss to team if he left.

      Him Sanchez and Iwobi only dribblers that try and beat a player.

  8. Luis 67 says:

    I think arsene Wenger should transfer himself out of the club aswelll because he is clueless no more chances he has got 2 weeks to do this so a new manager can be put in place. Bye bye Wenger thanks for the memory.

  9. khangunners says:

    180k for ox was tooo much let him go. I think we should be alarmed when mediocre players can keep our club at ransom. It is tooo sad and shows how arsenal has fallen. Now we hve 2 options and due to time we will only lean to our youth players to bloom. First option was a complete overhaul but we depended on the wrong man to do it. He picks players due to his sentiments to them how could he deal with flashing his loved ones.
    It has come back to bite him his loyalty as ox has shown him.
    Now looking at our squad i wonder why we didn’t gamble with a new manager as wenger is gonna waste money in panic buys once again

  10. AB says:

    We shouldn’t and won’t replace the OX. Panic buys will lead to more deadwood.

    1. khangunners says:

      When have we ever replaced a player we sold? I believe ox can be easily replaced though but we hve shot ourselves in the foot by wasting the whole transfer days and we just hve 3 days left! No way can we replace him.

      1. Gareth says:

        We can. There’s a load of players better than him out there. The problem is we won’t replace him because it’s another 30 million for the board to pocket themselves.

  11. kayus says:

    Wenger should leave the club and let us have our peace

  12. Fed-up Gooner says:

    Good riddance. What has he done with Arsenal? over hyped and injury prone. While he did play well the second half of last season in a RWB role, why should he be so demanding all of a sudden? it really angers me to see (he may well be getting ill advice). this started last year I imagine with him liking the arsenal fan video for “wenger out”. he’s clearly had enough of the current shambolic state of Arsenal. I’m not sure if he is any better than kante/fabregas/babayoko, willian, hazard. yes he is better than moses but isn’t that the position he has a problem with at arsenal?? anyway as I started. Good riddance

    1. Lance says:

      @ Fed-up Gunner. Did you say Chamberlain is better than Moses? No I don’t think so. Moses has pace, dribbles well and above all provides positive end result. And he scores goals.

  13. william says:

    just sign mahrez arsene n kindly revert back to 4231 formation……..

  14. dave says:

    This is just poor-a$$ man management from AW, again. AW started the OX every single game in the past month, often to the overall detriment of the system (e.g. by leaving out our new LB and playing our RB out of position). It was clearly a last ditch attempt at convincing him to stay. But It seems now that’s all for naught. AW might say that he had to try, but TRYING is not good enough at this level and for the $$ he’s getting paid as a manager. MANAGE! You had a year to figure this out and it HAD to left till the last minute? Everything in this club has now become reactive – from transfers (e.g. AW would’ve done nothing until Chelski’s bid) to team-selection (e.g. his favorites don’t get dropped until we get plummeted like on the weekend). There is no leadership and clear vision for the club on the pitch and off it.

  15. Ozilla says:

    Can someone explain why (if true) we’re considering letting Mustafi leave?? Just doesn’t make sense to me. I understand people might say he’s inconsistent, but he is still a good CB and we have a ton of games to play!

    1. Trudeau says:

      Completely agree. Especially if you consider it along with selling Gabriel on the cheap. Just bizarre.

    2. COYG_CA says:

      Maybe Mustafi had the self-respect to actually tell Wenger his player selection and positioning is sheit. Maybe Mustafi asked Weneger, “What the hell are you doing, old man? You promised me a bunch of lies”.

      1. Vijay says:

        so someone with a spine is getting sold…smh…

  16. Nomad says:

    Hey Guys..you never believe me when I tell you that Wenger is the problem……Do you think that Conte is stupid? do you think he will buy a player if he doesn’t see the potential. you watch and see how the ox transforms when he goes to Chelsea. Mark my words, with our current players and with the rights manager, we could have won the PL.

    Who can tell me any team in the premier league that has better quality when you compare each of our players to theirs……?
    Wenger has never got the best out of any of our players… The guys is a moron with no dignity…..i wouldn’t stay in this kind of state even if i earn hunderds of millions….pathetic wenger…….

    1. Gareth says:

      Name me the Arsenal players that would get into the starting line ups of either Chelsea, Man city, Man United, Liverpool or Spurs. I’d say maybe Koscielny and Sanchez that’s it.

    2. Simon says:

      Can’t say that players haven’t got better at Arsenal – that’s rubbish.

      List so long can’t even start.

      What players have left and become better?

      Van Persie, Fabregas, Henry, Hleb, Viera? None

  17. JustJoy says:

    this is the same old story… wenger will replace nothing make Nacho to play his position.

    til this beau club exist without AW and Kronk … for now we cant breathe.

    1. Trudeau says:

      I hope Nacho doesn’t become a lightening rod for fan frustration. It’s not his fault he’s being played out of position. He’s a good LB and always gives 100% even if the end product isn’t always there.

  18. LL_cool_gunner says:

    Guys do you know that unlike kroenke, dangote is actually an arsenal fan, he probably hates the sorry state that we are in like we do, let’s give him or usmanov a chance, we can voice our desire through social media, #getkroenkeout

  19. harry says:

    WOW….time REES NELSON…..brothers

  20. Nomad says:

    Hey Guys..you never believe me when I tell you that Wenger is the problem……Do you think that Conte is stupid? do you think he will buy a player if he doesn’t see the potential. you watch and see how the ox transforms when he goes to Chelsea. Mark my words, with our current players and with the right manager, we could have won the PL.

    Who can tell me any team in the premier league that has better quality when you compare each of our players to theirs……?
    Wenger has never got the best out of any of our players… The guy is a moron with no dignity…..i wouldn’t have stayed in this kind of state even if i earn hunderds of millions….pathetic wenger…….

  21. HA559 says:

    I’ll tell you folks a secret you may have missed so far this season. Theo Walcott came on as a sub vs Leicester and Stoke. Not once did Ox Chamberlain pass to him, instead he bypassed him with a dribble or a pass to someone else. He clearly knows Walcott is not good enough.

    1. Simon says:

      Walcott – you mean the player that scored the most goals per minute for Arsenal last season???


    2. Clam says:

      Walcott scores a hell lot more goals than ox… sell that sucker already…

    3. Trudeau says:

      Sorry but I don’t think Ox and his seven years of underperfmance puts him in any situation to pass judgement on his teammates worth. Not that I believe your theory.

  22. justforlaugh says:

    Chelsea sold Matic for $40 million and bought our crap for $35 million LOL

    1. joe says:

      suddenly the ox is crap. and him and matic are totally different players. do u even watch football. sigh

    2. Kamikaze says:

      We dnt know yet what type of player he will be there so dnt celebrate yet

  23. Joel says:

    Yesterday proved that Wenger is no longer able to Manage the Club.His tactics,team selection and ability to motivate no longer have a place within any top level football club.Hopefully he won’t have time to spend any monies received;as this would just be wasted.
    Unfortunately we as fans will have to suffer the ignominy of watching our Club underperform until the Board finally decide that enough is enough.Whilst the Board and the owner have a lot to answer for…at this point in time the blame must be directed at the Manager.”Be careful what you wish for”…has been bandied about over the last couple of years.But does anyone out there truly believe that any other manager would be unable to improve upon what we witnessed yesterday…and for much of the Stoke game.
    If the man has an ounce of integrity left in his body he would step aside…realising that he has nothing more to give.

  24. Vlad says:

    BEST effin NEWS EVER!!! Now if we could also offload Wilshere, and get a couple of decent replacements, I’d call it a pretty successful transfer window.

    1. RSH says:

      haha, Wilshere symbolizes the failures of Wenger. The day those two both leave the club, I will celebrate

      1. COYG_CA says:

        Don’t forget Theo . . . .

    2. BigStick says:

      I think getting rid of Wilshere would be a big mistake. Unlike Ox, Wilshere has a lot of talent. He can quarterback a team unlike Xhaka. I just think the kid needs one more shot. If he gets hurt or it doesn’t pan out then sell him in January.

      1. Simon says:

        Normally I’d say he’s had enough chances. But honestly – I feel desperate and yes, assuming he looked good in training I would try him

        It’s a long shot, but he could give us the strength, passing, and bravery we need in mis-field

      2. Vijay says:

        the only guy in the squad who understands what a derby is, wilshere needs to step up now!

  25. COYG_CA says:

    I can’t believe Ox is going to displace a starter at Chelsea. They need to increase their English quota; “hello son, welcome, there’s the bench”. After a few training sessions, the coaches are going to look at each other and say, put him with the U23s for now.

  26. Fed-up Gooner says:

    the one positive with yesterdays result and performance is that there is still minimal time left to change things in the window. Buying some real talent such as van dyk, seri as a box to box midfielder for some necessary energy, one of draxler/lemar or mahrez is a must now. I thought there was suppose to be change this season where players like debuchy, gibbs, ox, coquelin, Walcott, Campbell, lucas, akpom were to be sold on top of the ones already gone. Loaning out Holding, Pleguezuelo, Reine-Adelaide, Dragomir, Nketiah for some necessary experience. Promote Bielik, Maitland-Niles and Nelson to first team squad. Very useful for Europa campaign. get rid or mustafi if he wants to go but keep ozil ,sanchez and give Chambers a start. The fear and more the reality is that we will probably end up with Smalling (utd reject), Wilshere back in squad and like a new signing and reliance on Walcott as the winger. no time left in the window so do anything now. oh have mercy!! How did it get to this stage again??? With the current state, Europa league qualification is best we can hope for at end of season

  27. Sean Williams says:

    Defence Wenger!!!!!!!! William Carvalho. We have never needed a player so much. Replace Chamberlain by Thursday with Riyad Mahrez. Are we all starting to realise Wenger may actually be sabotaging Arsenal. The truth can be stranger than fiction.

    1. BigStick says:

      Sure does look like Sabotage, especially if we don’t buy a Mahrez and wind up settling for Bellerin as our right winger. Why is bellerin still at the club? Did anyone not watch how bad he was at the Liverpool game? Sell Ramsey, Bellerin, Welbeck, Iwobi, Debuchy, etc. and keep Perez. Even Walcott gave us goals last season, more then I can say for Welbeck, even if he is a hard worker. We use Walcott with the lessor teams, simple. I wonder, could Welbeck be transformed into a good midfielder? He sucks as a forward but might make a decent midfielder? Just throwing thoughts out there fellas. We really do need a team rebuild.

    2. Trudeau says:

      Carvalho is a good shout. West Ham has done the hard work. We know the fee and his team want to sell. Could get done, even by Wenger.

  28. Simon says:

    I’ve never been a fan that gets pissed odd when a player leaves. It their career I respect that.

    But with Ox – I’m pissed

    Let’s be straight, he joined the team at a young age, was given lots of opportunity and rarely delivered.

    Only the last 6 months has he started to perform, and when put in a new role. And he deserts us.

    Chelsea can’t guarantee him games, I bet he’d play more at Arsenal in the next season than them.

    Allegedly turned down £180k – he’s never worth that amount.

    If he leaves, hope he rots on some else’s bench.

  29. John0711 says:

    Sky sports
    Arsenal had a 35m and a 40 m bid rejected by Monaco for Lemar
    Liverpool have offered 55.5m and Monaco are considering it

    Oh and wenger missed out on mbappe due to a 5 m payment the family wanted last year

  30. Black Irish says:

    I don’t really understand why he let Gabriel go I believe he was really good defender of course sometimes he was bit shaky but he would have done better job at centre back thn Monreal and why is he still keeping all these rubbish players, Walcott Ramsey etc I gues no body wants them

  31. DAGAN says:


  32. Nassan from uganda says:

    the earlier we do away with the so many British players in the team the better…

  33. shark says:

    Maitland-Niles and Reine-Adelaide will replace Alexis, Ozil and Ox. 150 mil will go into Kroenke’s account.

    1. Simon says:

      Scary – but possible

  34. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Ox should go he is not good enought, he doesn’t score, he doesn’t assist, no better pass from him, he only run n dribble n loose d ball. As for mustafi, I think something is going on under ground that we don’t kno, bcoz I don’t kno why such a player will be sold or loaned. However, let Sanchez also go, let’s play with d players who r committed.

  35. Rush says:

    Why the HELL field a player in the starting 11 knowing that he does not want to be a part of the team/club, play a right back as a left winger, by Bundesligas best left/back/winger and bench him, spend a record fee in Laca and bench him in favor of Welbeck, WELBECK!!!?? Wenger you f***ng twat, you did so many errors ahead of this match/season that you should look in the mirror and terminate your contract, immediately!!! Enough is enough. You can NOT take this club any further!

  36. AngryGunner says:

    According to reports , Alexis Sanchez has handed a transfer request !!!!! It might not be true but IF it’s true then :

    It’s the proof that he is a cockroach piece of s**t , he could have done that sooner but he was waiting to drain the money out of our club and also if he had handed the transfer request sooner , the club had the time to find a replacement , if it is true then after selling him Arsenal should get him to the court.

  37. Bur says:

    Yes as I suspected he has finally lost it . Yes folks weegor has now confirmed to the football community that he is the nutty professor !????

  38. Ricki says:

    Anyone who still backs wenger is an absolute fool we are the absolute laughing stock of the prem Liverpool will 100 percent get lemler gazidias lied to are faces I want to get rid of my season ticket at the mo

  39. waal2waal says:

    Ox chambo’s stats we’re poor anyway – he knew he was going to be shown the door or about to be sold anyway. iv seen chelsea’s league form this season they not nearly as poor as we are so ox would rather be a sub at cfc than play wing-back. the good thing is we’re not about to miss him as a persistent goal threat (ox lacks end product).

    1. Simon says:

      Think he’s great at Wingback (no where else)

  40. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I can’t understand why we would consider letting our 2nd best central defender Mustafi leave, unless we are getting a better one ie Van Dijk (highly unlikely BTW) . Even if we got Van Dijk, I would still want to keep Mustafi

    As for OX. He is a very good squad player but for £35 million I’m fine with him leaving. He won’t be a starter for Chelsea anyway. Also, I feel uncomfortable us paying him £180,000 per week. He isn’t worth that. We need to replace him though

    If ox is sold for £35 million that means this window:
    Spent £46 million buying Lacazette
    Received £55 million for selling players (Szczesny, Gabriel, Oxlade)
    Kroenke and Wenger will like that

    We should have spent roughly £155 million getting the players we needed. We could have got Lacazette, Lemar, Seri and Gueye for £155 million minus £55 million on selling. That’s £100 million. More importantly those extra 3 players would have improved us big time

  41. say-ma-name says:

    Draxler, Mahrez, Seri,Van Djik

  42. Troy says:

    Sanchez to monaco (70)
    Oziel to dortmund (50)
    Ox. Chamberlain to chelsea or liverpool (40)
    Mustafi to juve or inter milan (40)
    Szchezny to juve (15)
    Gabriel to valencia to (10) —————————- 225

    V. DIJK (60)
    LEMAR (55)
    MBAPPE (135) ———————————————- 285

    LACAZETTE (52)

    285 – 225 = 60 + 52 (LACAZETTE)

  43. OxInTheBox says:

    Nelson should replace Ox.
    we need 2-3 top aggressive commanding players. VVD, N’zonzi and Grotazka. Lemar and/or Draxler if Sanchez leaves, or hopefully Lazy-Ozil. go back to 4-3-3. then we might make it into the top 4.
    but realistically, we’ll have “like a new signings” in Whilsher, Campbell and Cazorla. finish 6-7. and steal not sacking Wenger.

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      bellerin kos VVD kola
      grotazka whilsher/xhaka
      nelson/iwobi draxler

  44. Troy says:

    MBAPPE Lacazette LEMAR

    Xhaka CARVALHO Ramsey

    Kolainac Koscielny V.DIJK Bellerin


    1. Paul P says:

      Oh dear, I’m sorry but you are dreaming if you think just one of those players would come to Arsenal. Why would anyone with an ounce of ambition come to the Emirates? Can’t you see that Wenger’s killing the club. What I’d give for manager that was tactically astute, could install in his team strength, discipline and speed. A manager who knew when to defend and when to attack. God, I miss George Graham.

      1. Dee23 says:

        Did you miss him whe on we got the double and when we went unbeaten? I don’t miss Graham I miss David Dein.

  45. shark says:

    I don’t think we should rely on this Nelson. He is very young and will make more mistakes than Bellerin, Xhaka or Monreal.

  46. Milton John says:

    It’s so sad that we are a laughing stock. Remember Mourinho tried to save this club by saying Wenger is a specialist in failure. But we thought Wenger will prove that Mourinho is wrong and at the end everybody who loves this club is praying for a miracle that is he himself step down one day sooner than later.

  47. Jack reacher says:

    Like yesterday was as low as it gets for me as fan I didn’t even care when Liverpool got 3 rd and fourth goals because we’re dead our pride as fans is same as players we’re just dead hurt, sad, weak and spineless then it gets better ox is going Chelsea today and now timers sanchez has put in transfer request haha when board said change they meant it change as in we’re selling all players and we’re going like Aston Villa laugh u mite we are rotten from top to da bottom and it will get better cause I bet by Thursday we will bring in nobody and promote young kids we mite chance van diik he’s going for 60 million and by Thursday night sky sports will report arsenal came in with last min bid of 21 million for van diik it got flat out laughed at so at 1 min to 11 we came in again with bid of 27 million and add ons til 2029 its hard and it is only beginning haha ox starts at anfield and was shambles and he is sold today says a lot about wenger if that was me I’d say stay away till ur sold u little traitor thanks ox hope its worth it , loyalty me behind ahwell we still bellerin another little man and heart holding for Barca ahhhh I’m so mad we need Simeon’s cum in and start bouncing heads off da canvas Jesus bring bk George graham at least we have defence ??‍♀️

  48. ks-gunner says:

    Just imagine how much we have fallen when a player like Ox is thinking that he is wasting his time at the club. Just let this sink in for a while. Jezus Christ man. A chicken head of a player who was given chances after chances, only to leave this club as he thinks that he is to good.

  49. Coldzero says:

    Riddance! Get lost Alexi as well.

  50. ks-gunner says:

    Its strange with Arsenal, i haven never seen such a club like ours before. The problem with us is that we have sold our soul the moment the main shareholders from the past sold their shares to an american leech who has no interest in the club other then earning money.

    To do so, he has the perfect club. A fan base who is split between those who love the club, and those who love it as well, but somehow think that Wenger is Arsenal, make him out to be biger then the club itself.

    Wenger has no life. He is about to die soon. He has no passion, no wife, no dogs, and money is something he can could care less, as money is just a tool for happyness and his only happyness is being a manager. And with all the money he has, he could not buy a replecment to what he own at the moment. Being a football manager.

    Find something you love, and let it kill ya. Wenger is not doing himself a favour. I am not eager to hate him, but the thing he does to himself is very strange.

    There should be one person who should men himself up and tell him to give up. Its the board duty to sack him and give peave to this club, as we are clearly on fire.

  51. Sal says:

    poor window from a bright start to this, sad but don’t mind him leaving as he doesn’t seem to be interested in the team anymore chelsea woud suit him just fine. but i keep asking myself if he wasn’t going to sign couldn’t we have exchanged him for matic earlier in the window? chelsea and liverpool have been interested in signing him from the start we could have negotiated earlier and replaced him with someone of better quality. the same goes with sanchez, why did the ox play the first couple games of the season if he was going to be sold, and more importantly why was he playing at liverpool shifting bellerin at lwb? why those tactics a desperate attempt in trying to convince one or two players who might not even be with us come next season that they will get playing time? why do we buy two new players and have them on the bench, isn’t laca your 30 plus golascorer and record breaker? why do we never look at the opposition and assess where the threat comes from and set up accordingly, stoke plays deep with direct balls to creative players, liverpool plays high press counter attacking football why arent we more fluid based on the team we face? we might have changed formations but i feel like the players dont receive any instructions and just go with the flow, i havent seen wenger set up a proper tactical team to shackle the oppostions since the 2-0 against man city and that was years ago, maybe the 3-0 against chelsea but that was to get a new contract which he has. the manager has lost his touch and hopes for the best, he wants to end it on a high but it will never happen the FA cup was a perfect sending off . i feel sorry for him a legacy ruined by spineless players he kept his faith in and not walking away. and the board and owner don’t have the football knowledge or the balls to do anythign about it. so here’s to more ups and downs, it’s just gazidis catalyst for change!!

  52. waal2waal says:

    …have you heard the one about draxler coming to arsenal?

    …have you heard the one about lemar ” ” ”

    …have you heard the one about seri ” ” ”

    …have you heard the one about aguero ” ” ”

    …have you heard the one about acenio ” ” ”

    …have you heard the one about gazidas ringing in changes at arsenal

    ….have you heard the one about arsenal NOT being a selling club..

    …have you heard the one about mbappe fam had tea with wenger? – its the way i tell ’em
    ___________________________________________________(*frank Carson)

  53. Big T says:

    Good, Ox can go. Ozil too can be sold. Empty emirate stadium on our match days will be a great way to show our dissatisfaction……that is if we can stay away. WENGER LEAVE!

  54. John says:

    Good decision for the Ox and Arsenal………..he would have continued to underachievers at Arsenal…………now let’s get someone who wants to work hard and has some talent too……….

  55. Bonkz O says:

    when did wenger say, he wont sell players to epl rivals, when has wenger got a say in player transfer….

    i am just glad with the way things are going..

    arsenal fans are known to take and accept shits.. i think its enough…

    i am pretty sure korenke or what ever his name his, aint an arsenal fan or a football lover, if not you wont watch your club perform badly year in year out, doing same shit all over again..

    its clear he is just there for the money…

    he should enjy while it lasts.

    ox gone..
    mustafi nd sanchez might be next…

    lets see how things roll out..

    lets see if wenger will finish his remainder 2yrs in peace.

  56. shark says:

    We will start playing Iwobi if Ozil will be so lazy to get up in the morning and if he will do well, we will sell him next year.

  57. Taiwo says:

    Finally, it’s a case of good riddance to bad rubbish. Perhaps if Ox had left a week back, so many fans (including myself) would have had a mixed feelings.

    In all honesty the club did well enough to keep him, though it was a case of too little too late. Not accepting the “jumbo offer” considering keeping faith with him over the years with his consistent inconsistencies puts him in my list of unfaithful players. The poor performance at Liverpool sums it up.

    We really need to rebuild and move on now. Let’s put Ox where he belongs – “history”.

    Who is next?

    Until sometime during the Liverpool debacle, I was hoping for a Sanchez contract renewal miracle. Now I feel he should be sold to the most willing bidder, rival or not. I have read so many articles centered on his disappointing wicked smiles after being subbed off and Liverpool deepened our pain. I wonder why so many looked past his lack luster, disappointing, lazy and overall awful performance, laced with no commitment to the team.

    Sanchez is “poison” to the team as it stands right now. I think recouping whatever is possible on him now is in the best interest of the fans, team and the inevitable rebuilding of the team. The best time is now, waiting till end of current season may be too late. Let’s consciously dodge the bullet instead of taking this chance.

    1. Marty says:

      I said it before and got thumbed down but Sanchez’s performance in the second half of last season were atrocious, he missed easy chances, lost the ball while trying too much, didn’t look interested, and supporters forgot all that because he ran around a lot. Wenger keeps going on about strong mentality but if he had strong mentality he would have handled Sanchez differently and maybe things might have turned out differently. Too late now, get rid……..

  58. Jonm says:

    The reason for keeping sanchez, oxil and ox to the end of their contract is to hopefully enable us to win the PL. Problem is players leave at end of this season and extra funds to replace them will not be available. I have consistently said they should be sold. Problem now is that even with these players I cannot see us getting top four let alone winning the PL. In fact they may be part of the cause of the current malaise, players not wanting to be there causing trouble. I do not think ozil is in that category, he looked distraught after the pool game. We also need to sell or loan a lot of peripheral players.

    I just hope there is time to sell ox and Sanchez and get decent money for them. The best we can hope for is wenger to leave at the end of this season and be replaced by a top, modern manager and for some of our younger players to come through to the first team and a top half of the table finish. Perhaps Dangote will buy out Kroenke because Arsenals value is going to go down, sponsors are not interested in supporting failures and fans will be reluctant to spend there very hard earned money paying a footballer in a week what it takes them five years to earn, and those footballers cannot be bothered to put the effort in, tracking back etc.

  59. ruelando says:

    Many going to use the Ox situation as a means to cuss Wenger, but the fact is Ox is replaceable and will not be a miss, my concern is who is he going to bring in for the other players, so i will sit and wait to see.

    Wenger’s gamble in playing both Bellerin and Ox, in order to satisfy both, backfired, one of the many contributing factors to arsenal Dilemma.

    Let us see what wenger is planning

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