Why Arsenal WON´T suffer from Ox injury blow!!

It is coming up to that time when Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans hold our collective breaths, cross our fingers and hope that none of the Gunners come back from the international break with an injury. But in one way this upcoming two week break in club football has come at a good time for Arsenal, as it coincides with the short spell on the sidelines that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is facing.

According to a Daily Mail report, the Ox has had a scan on the hamstring strain he suffered in the FA cup game at Old Trafford and the initial prognosis is a four week lay-off, although this has yet to be confirmed by the club.

That means that the player that danced so brilliantly through the Man United defence to set up Monreal for the first goal on Monday, will miss the three games before the international break, including the return leg od the Champions League in Monaco.

But after missing the two England games, the Ox could be ready to return, perhaps in time for the visit of Liverpool on April 4th but almost certainly for the games after that including the FA cup semi at Wembley.

This is certainly a blow for Arsenal, but timing has been a little bit kind to us as Aaron Ramsey is now fit again and Jack Wilshere may also be available for the Monaco match. It could have been much worse for the Gunners to be honest and it often has been in the past. How much will we miss the Ox?

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  1. This is a massive blow – apart from sanchez and rosicky, ox is our only really direct runner. How can he constantly be picking up hamstring injuries? the medical team are still not performing as they should. Hopefully this means walcott gets a bit of run though.

    1. Theory no. 8 : The reason walcott is not getting a run in the team is because he is not ready to extend his contract.
      we all know that wenger is trying to sign him in this yyear coz next year he will be in last year of his contract. Wenger had no option but to play him last time , when the saga was going on. But this time he has options. So wenger is playing hard balls not to play him until he signs. He will get chances when he signs Coz even with ox, walcott offers something that no one can.

      1. Theory #9.
        Because Walcott touched the ball 6 times in 70 minutes of play and completed 2 passes his ass is benched for being a lazy shit.

    2. Just when he started to shine he gets injured, typical gunners.I’m getting used to this crap.ox was amazing against manure,his paste and dribbling was awesome and suddenly boooom,he gets injured.we needed him for the Monaco game

  2. As it stands we have no option or than throwing wallcot in the the fray i know he will leave up also he will want to make a statement

  3. and in other news

    Wellington Silva has confirmed
    he is set to finally go into
    Arsenal’s first-team squad next
    season – after years spent away
    The Gunners signed Wellington,
    who has been dubbed the ‘new
    Neymar’ in 2011 from Brazilian
    club Fluminense.
    But he has been unable to play
    for the club because of work
    permit problems, spending time
    on-loan with five different
    clubs, including La Liga’s Almeria
    this term.
    The 22-year-old got his work
    permit in October, and he has
    now confirmed he’s set to play
    for Arsenal next season.

    ‘It’s a dream for me to play
    there. Arsenal is a great club,’ he

    ‘Unfortunately this was not
    possible because of these
    administrative concerns, but I’m
    ready now.

    ‘If all goes well, I’ll be out there
    next season.’

    Good news, Arsenal fans!
    Any one seen him play? @ 22yrs how good is he??

    1. He is a workaholic.. Him and Sanchez in the same team would cause so much problems for the opposition and a lot of protection for us defensively, he works hard in possession and out of possession just like Sanchez but he is more stronger and rougher than Sanchez..

      You never know they look promising in other leagues but then struggle to replicate it when they move to the EPL, hope he is not one of those… He is a high energy technically good player, he is the sort of player that I prefer..

      1. Just watchefd a few minutes of highlights of Wellington and color me impressed. I agree that it is always difficuly to prognosticate how his game will translate to the EPL but he reminds me of the seemingly endless supply of young, skilled wingers that terrorize for Porto in the Champions League. Perhaps a healthy Ox, Sanchez and the arrival of Silva make it unnecessary for Arsenal to overpay or become embroiled in Theos possible contract soap opera.

        I also am excited about the links to Dragavich from Kiev. Fantastic player

      2. I’m not pessimistic, it’s just that a player can be made to look very, very good when he plays against poor opposition or in an inferior league. Bring these lads back to England and loan them to English clubs, let’s see how well they can perform. Lukaku, for instance, was loaned out to Westbrom and it immediately became obvious that the guy is indeed gifted.

    2. Dubbed “the new Neymar”???? God dammit!!!

      Dubbed this, dubbed that. Well, I don’t know how good he is, neither do you, so how’s that good news?

  4. POSITIVE NEWS: “Gabriel
    may be [available] next
    week, he should come
    back into training on
    Sunday or Monday”
    says Wenger. #Arsenal

    1. That awkward moment when you look at our defence and you see just Koscielny and No Per, cuz he’s stuck in traffic upfront.

  5. Walcott has got to be fit by now.. He was out for a year and has been back for more than 2 months now, so he should be back fit and firing.. When are we going to wait until we can say he is ready? Another year?

    He should be ready now..

  6. I completely agree Galen and have been attempting to convince myself that when fit and in form Theo should be in the starting 11.

    Still can’t seem to reach that conclusion.

    1. @Bigvalbowlski, I’d go for the Ox instead of Walcot, for now. Jiz!!! Theo knows the days when he can scratch our balls are gone. If he doesn’t wanna sign a new contract, I say we auction him ASAP!!!

  7. Another silly article of course we are going to miss him, Ox has been one of the most inform players for arsenal this season and has improved massively on his attacking and defensive side.
    I hope giroud is brought back in for saturday and Welbeck given ox position becuase only welbeck and not theo will accept the defensive responsibilities without any problem at all.
    If Wenger feels that sanchez deserves a little break on the bench then id say yes bring Theo in it will freshen things up and Giroud has had a good rest and should be fired up for Saturday.
    Anyoneelse think ozil or santi may be benched for a deserved rest the latter more so who has played non stop? with rosicky coming in for the weekend game?
    I certainly think it should be tried and this is not direspecting West Ham its just rotation to freshen things up with monaco 3days later. Rosicky in my eyes is more then able to cover especially when playing at the emirates.

    next Final – Saturday 3 Points is all i care about COYG

  8. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Hamstring injuries.
    Ramsey. Hamstring injuries.
    Sanogo. Hamstring injuries.
    Gabriel. Hamstring injuries.
    Welbeck. Hamstring injuries.
    Pretty sure Özil had a hamstring injury too.

    Has to be an issue with the way we train. Far too many for too long a period for it to be coincidence, surely.

  9. Agree with you both 100%. We have had some bad results this season, but our run since November is v good results-wise. That’s because we’re scrapping away when we need to win, and we’re starting to perform better in top 4 or 5 matches.
    We now play a different game – everyone tackling back, protecting the full backs – counter attacking when we get the ball, BUT not losing our heads (exception = Monaco), but keeping our shape, as we did against City and United.
    Alexis was the example for everyone. Le Coq has filled the DM role, and now Santi and Ozil are running miles every game to make a difference. The Ox and Welbeck also track back.
    If Theo had started against ManUre, Bellerin would probably have got a red card before half-time against Ashley (Tom Daley) Young.
    He has to earn his place in starting line-up. His goals would be a bonus, but not at the expense of losing our tactical shape in the EPL and FAC run-in

  10. I disagree. We always suffer at least a little when there is an injury because our depth is reduced.

    I consider Paulista injury a big loss. We really only have Chambers to cover two CBs. Monreal can play CB but much better as LB.

    If we didn’t have Bellerin, Debuchy’s injury would be felt more. I think Bellerin is better than chambers at RB, but I still wish we had Debuchy. When he was injured even France preferred him to Sagna.

    As far as Ox is concerned we are lucky because we have Welbeck, Walcott, Alexis and Ozil who can play on the wings.

    Anyway, I wish Ox and Debuchy, Arteta, Wilshere, Flamini, Diaby, Gnabry and Paulista a speedy recovery (am I missing anyone???)

    1. Btw . I was impressed by Debuchy the few times he played CB. He played CB like he was a specialist.

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