Ox sold to Liverpool for £40M. Robbery or steal?

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has left Arsenal for a £40 Million fee, an enormous price considering the situation.

The England international joined the club in 2011 and has struggled to earn a regular starting role under Arsene Wenger. The Ox has succumbed to a number of long-term injuries, and has struggled to find a regular position to play in mostly, but things seemed to change last season.

The Ox was tried out in a new right-back position on a couple of occasions, and impressed in spurts. Later in the campaign we changed formation, and he flourished in a wing-back role, and has started the majority of our matches since the switch, but that didn’t manage to convince him to stay.

Chamberlain allowed his contract to run into its final 12 months, and made his intention clear that he would be unwilling to extend his stay, leaving the club to make a decision on his future.

Originally the club agreed a fee with Chelsea over his potential sale, only for Liverpool to swoop in with a counter-offer, and tempt the midfielder to move to Anfield instead.

The most intriguing part of the deal is the wages reported. Chelsea were said to have offered £220,000 per week, Arsenal £180,000 per week, but he is believed to have signed for Liverpool on a £120,000 per week deal, which is a nice change in football, even if I didn’t want him to leave us.

The player appears to have moved for footballing, professional or personal reasons, putting money at the back of his mind, which is refreshing in this day in age.

Are we supposed to hate the Ox now? Does the money factor change any minds? Did we get more than we deserved for a player with one year on his deal?

Pat J

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  1. tas says:

    I’m not a great fan of OX so for me its a STEAL but if Clopp can get him to be a team player instead of solo man then it will be a Bargain not a steal

    1. tas says:

      meaning, we stole we worn’t robbed

    2. Sign someone Orsin Venker says:

      Hopefully we get to say Draxler >>>> Ox

  2. adi says:

    For me it was a great deal, not a bargain, both sides won, player is happy. Hes got 1 year left, gave it all 7years, hasnt lived to the promise, but wish him luck in Liverpool.

  3. Vijay says:

    have we signed anyone yet?

    1. fredupGooner says:

      dont worry…still enough time for magic Wenger to conjure up a 17 year French teenager to be billed as next Mabappe!

  4. Sue says:

    He was either really good or really crap… wasn’t one of my favourites if I’m honest but he’ll probably thrive under Klopp, most players seem to

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    OT but very related;

    ‘Kroenke Fund Club’
    Download and use on Social Media (if you want)


    Hopefully this will make an appearance either inside the stadium on a banner or as a projection at some point.

  6. kieron says:

    Good deal for everyone I think, particulalrly if we could have got in an Aurier type player.
    He wasnt going to sign so for a player who not a game winner really in his last year 40m isnt a bad price.
    I do think though at 24 and with the home grown benefit he will get better as a player especially under Klopp 🙁
    From Pools perspective a robust young england international who can play in lots of positons for 40m good deal for them.

  7. Ladesma says:

    1 headless chicken is off…few more to go, its a steal for me considering he has 1 year left

  8. ArseOverTit says:

    OT but very related;

    ‘Kroenke Fund Club’
    Download and use on Social Media (if you want)


    Hopefully this will make an appearance either inside the stadium on a banner or as a projection at some point.

  9. kieron says:

    Hot of the press Mustafi is stayinmg, thank goodness for this. Does this mean we couldnt sign Johnny Evans lol.

    Is Natalie Sawyer pregnant? bit of a baby lump? and boobies amazingly large 🙂
    Apologies to the ladies on here.

  10. col says:

    klopp will turn him into a 100 million pound monster.no worries,im glad we got him.

  11. i was a gooner says:

    there is a notion that draxler coming, any thoughts ?

  12. Someguy says:

    Good money, wouldnt think he was worth more than £20-30 max

    If it was up to me I’d kept him and play him in his preferred role in the middle which is what he wants to do in Liverpool.

    But hey, we got Wenger, cant expect something like players playing in their proper roles/positions… they gotta play Wengerball and adjust their style to match Wenger’s…. if he turned Henry from LW to CF and Lauren from MF to RB then he can turn Bellerin to a left back and Kolisinac into a bench warmer w Lacazette… maybe we’ll see Iwobi as left back next… he fits Wenger’s type, bomb forward and dont bother about tracking back.

  13. Sebastian says:

    I thought he was terrible so im delighted with the fee we received. His job was to score and assist. he never scored…he never assist…

    He is of the same level as Townsend, Lennon, Zaha. 6/10 written all over him and doesnt have the personality or mentality to ever really achieve much. I just wish we could shift Walcott too and get some proper footballers in. don’t waste time on English “talent”.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Depends on the English talent.

      Walker, Alli (yes spudsmen), stones, drinkwater etc..

      Just a shame our crop didn’t develop. This probably says a lot about AFC and Wengers methods.

      1. Sebastian says:

        you say Alli, he could yet end up like Wilshere. English players don’t work hard enough, i’d much rather our team was full or Germans and French players, even eastern european. Why would we think it is a good idea to fill our squad with players from a nation that never achieves anything on a national footballing level?

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          The fundamental reason they do not achieve anything is because British youth doesn’t get a chance as it’s easier to buy in cheaper imports from abroad. On top of that you get a better player immediately 99% of the time if you buy foreign.

          Still, if our league and especially the top teams was predominantly made up of home grown players (like the Spanish and French and Italian ones) we would have performed a lot better in recent years.

          Youth can only get better by playing week in week out so they gain experience. Just look at englands latest crop who just recently won the European under 19s, World Cup winners under 20s, and runners up in the World Cup for under 21s.

          Not bad really all things considered;)
          The more exposure hey get the better they get.

          1. Sebastian says:

            I cannot say I agree with this. We give English kids mega bucks and they are no longer interested in getting better. The foreign players aren’t like that, they want to get better and better. Look at Ronaldo and Rooney in their early 20’s. Not much to separate them, Rooney probably slightly better at the time. Their mentality towards getting better and improving however was worlds apart, which is why Ronaldo has achieved all he has and Rooney ended up a 7.5/10 player, and Ronaldo 10/10.

  14. Gunnerpete says:

    Firstly, at last we did well with a sale. The Ox always flattered to deceive and will not be missed for his goals or assists. In my humble opinion AFC have blundered again by not selling Sanchez / Özil / Walcott at the beginning of June. Playing the big ‘ Top Club’ does not fit with all the Trophy buyers like Chelsie, Utd, City, Pool. So once again we Gunners sit full of ‘same old, same old ,. Many years ago I remember my dad saying AFC will never back their managers like other clubs even when they win trophies. He said ‘ their first instinct is to make profits and sod the supporters’ that was in 1973 and he supported Chelsea.

  15. Vlad says:

    There’s only one answer to this question, and it’s an ABSOLUTE STEAL. How can anyone rate Ox is beyond me. 7 years with the club. 9 goals in 131 appearances (less than Koscielny scored for us). More times injured than not. Useless in attack because of poor decision making, and constantly losing the ball. Even more useless in defense because most of the time he just wouldn’t bother tracking back. I can count the amount of decent performances Ox had on one hand. So to summarize, I’m ecstatic to see him to. 1 bum down, a few more to go (Wilshere, Debuchy, etc.). As for thriving under Klopp – I hope Ox realizes that he uses “heavy metal” training methods. With his injury record, Ox will be done for the season in 3-4 weeks from now.

  16. kieron says:

    The top of your post made me feel good based on your stats and facts the bottle bit hazed into anger and bitterness. Has he left a thank you Arsenal message? all ive seen is him kissing his liverpool badge.

    Oh Sanchez 2nd bid in for Sanchez.!

  17. Tat says:

    He refused to sign lol. It’s not like we have an option to keep him.

  18. Arsenal1Again says:

    Goodbye Chamberlain, you won’t be missed by me. You were just an Eboue, a squad player to fill gaps, no specific role.

    40 million is over what Wenger valued you at which is why he’s alright with adding the profit on top of the transfer funds for the Sanchez sale to but Lemar. For a player Wenge4r would barely use this season who would be leaving on a free too, that’s a 40 million gift to him. Wenger today could sign both Lemar and Draxler and possibly Van Dijk, though Mustafi’s father says his son is staying at the Club this season.

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