Oxlade-Chamberlain doesn’t want more money – he wants out!

There is a very worrying Arsenal transfer rumour today from John Cross in the Mirror, who seems to have concrete information about the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain situation. If this rumour was from the Star or any other rag then I wouldn’t give it credence, but the fact is that Cross has inside info and has travelled with the team while on tour of Australia and China, interviewing Arsenal players and talking to staff on a regular basis.

Anyway, Cross reckons that Oxlade-Chamberlain has had quite a few meetings with Wenger over his contract situation, and has made the decision not to re-sign with Arsenal. He has insisted that the stand-off is absolutely nothing to do with the new wages offered (believed to be around 100,000 a week) but simply “is ambitious and is desperate to push himself and realise his full potential.”

It is no doubt that the Ox was one of our most improved players last season, and has performed admirably despite Wenger playing him in about six different positions, but the fact is that he only made 16 starts in the Premier League and made another 13 as a sub. The Ox has also always made it clear that he feels that his best position is at central midfield, but Wenger has only played him there in about three games but has shunted him all over the pitch as he prefers other midfielders in that role. It is little wonder that Chamberlain has become frustrated in the last few years and wants to move.

But Wenger has once again left himself open as he has already stated that the Ox will 100% be staying at Arsenal, but can the Gunners really afford to keep letting his star players run down their contracts? I think not….

Darren N.


  1. muff d... says:

    sorry no
    ninja turtle
    your staying master splinter needs you

    plus arsenals youtube channel would be so boring without u

  2. Phychem says:

    Over rated English player.

  3. Godswill says:

    The problem is, we don’t always go all out to get the players we want on time.
    Okay one would say stupid fees. But others are paying the idiotic fees. If Lemar and Mahrez have been bought who will bother about Ox going?
    Lemar and Mahrez want to be here and Ox is not far better than them.
    Didn’t we pay Lyon more than what they asked for last year? Look in my opinion Ox contributed to our present state over the past couple of seasons. Better Sanchez talking.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Okay get a good price for him and if possible use him to get a top player.

    If we can’t get a good price then he stays whether he likes it or not

    I’m tired of him. He is a very good squad player but I don’t want players causing problems and disturbing the harmony of the team.

    Alexis and Ox have sadly disappointed me with their behavior this summer

    1. TW14-TH14 says:

      If we can get Martial then we can allow Sanchez leave for PSG. Chamberlain can be replaced with Mahrez and we would be set for the next season.

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      All I can say is the vultures are circling and they can sense Arsenal is teetering.

  5. jacob says:

    the truth is m beginning to get disapointed in our transfer…everton r in 4 matuidi..y are not going 4 him..
    this players won’t take us to anywer this season

    1. Anolysis says:

      Matuidi is overrated, not a decent passer of the ball, he only has energy!

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        exactly, same with Sissoko

    2. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I’m getting disappointed and pessimistic especially when Wenger mentioned the last two weeks of the window will be busy.
      I hope he isn’t waiting last minute for a bargain

      I would not mind Matuidi, Gueye, Carvalho, Goretzka or any very good CM

  6. Anolysis says:

    If he doesn’t want to stay he can f**** off, after all, he has had only one decent season. Bloody primadonna!

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    All five will leave for free at the end of the season

    and it will be Walcott’s turn as currently, he has 2 years left in his contract

  8. waal2waal says:

    A.O. Chamberlain was probably told to up his stats last year or he’d risk being shown the door – then the question is did he up his game? I really doubt it. Last time I looked he went in gung ho on a CFC slipped on his arse and looked everything the mediocre player he is. He’s not really the quality needed in our first eleven – he is a squad player let’s be honest about this. Arsenal have a template of unmistakeable and exceptional quality. Does anyone really accept Chamberlain is in the bracket of world-beaters that we need? If he goes Arsenal will improve on what he brings.

  9. Archangel says:

    Easy, if Wenger wants to keep him, offer him contract if he doesnt sign, ship hin to reserves for the season, and there goes WC2018 down the drain for AOC.
    And dont for get telling him whats gonna happen if he doesnt sign. If Alexis was 34m and can gor free, so can 16m AOC

  10. henry says:

    I would also want out.
    a) There is nothing that shows the club is improving, despite buying Carzola, Ozil, Alexis and Mustafi

    b) Wenger no longer develops young talents. The ones who were touted to become good first team players have stagnated e.g Wilshere, Chambers, Ox, Campbell Crowley/willock ( now gone) and I would add Ramsey and Bellerin coz they are quite inconsistent. Even the now departed Sczeszny underwhelmed under Wenger but shone at Roma.

    c) With all due respect, I no longer rate Wenger as a top manager that an ambitious player should play for.

    NB. Having said these, Ox has also failed to establish himself as a consistent performer and therefore should not put on an air of self- importance. He would be benched anywhere with the same lukewarm perfomances.

  11. Sunnick says:

    He has always wanted out. Is it not the reason he like Wenger out on Instagram

  12. Obi says:

    The question is; why would Arsenal continually let players run down their contracts? Why blame the players?
    Something must change either in or with the club. Nothing seems to have changed from the ailing Arsenal.

  13. jacob says:

    Man utd in talks with verrati ..dey are adding quality to quality..y wenger is having hope on ramsey..lol

    1. lord wafflebury says:

      Verrati recently changed his agent to maureens mate riola…suspect another kick back into a cayman island account again….surely time some investigative journalist delved into this long running relationship !.

  14. ruelando says:

    Whether he plays in the center of the midfield or wide on the flanks he has shown good energy. I think he is best suited for on the flanks and his technical abilities must be improved in order to demand a place in the midfield.

    I think for some reason someone has told him that he has exceptional abilities and should be playing in the central midfield when in reality he has long ways to go, his game demands space and he does not have the technical abilities to manoeuvre around the crowded central area. If he wants to be the first name on the start list, he has to be better than the rest in the central midfield and he is not.

    I would tell him to sign the contract or move on, there are youngsters in the squad that are even more technically suited for the CM role Iwobi, Niles, Jeff and the surprise Willock (really impressed by this young man, need some beef on his bones)

  15. amb98 says:

    Despite having a pretty good season, Ox has lacked consistency and has had a lot of injuries. I don’t think he has done enough to warrant starting every game as a central midfielder. Let him go if he wants and sign a wing back to compete with Bellerin e.g. Aurier, Ricardo Pereira, Cancello or Henricks.

  16. Wolf says:

    Paulo Dybala. Messi wants him at Barca. Beautiful vision, more pace than Carzola. Is Wenger aware we need a Carzola replacement? Oh and Ox too. Sorry I forgot to mention Sanchez. Is Walcott still there and Gibbs, Perez? Any other deadwood I can’t be bothered to mention?

    Nothing has changed we still bringing in short men

  17. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    The RVP syndrome strikes back with re-vengeance.
    The sad part is that The Ox could go for as little as £25 million, what with there only being one year left on his contract.

    Only Wenger himself knows what mind games he’s playing at the moment, but even a fool can tell you that there’s more harm done than good by keeping hold of a player who doesn’t want to remain at the club. Maybe Wenger’s strategy is to drive up the offers for the likes of The Ox & Sanchez? Yet at the same time he’s trying to manipulate the player to sign a new contract, by publicly stating that they won’t be sold?

    All I know is that you can’t build a team around players who don’t want to play for the club. So they need to be sold and replaced as soon as possible. Mahrez and Lemar would be good replacements, also chuck in a decent DM with the funds from off loading the rest of the fringe players and we should be ready to rock.

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      I couldn’t agree more:

      If they don’t want to commit there future, regardless of the present state of the club then F Off and good luck down the road.

      With there resepected transfer fees and the selling of Perez, Schez, Jenkinson, Chambers, Jack, and Ospina Arsenal could easily afford Carvalho, Goretska and Mahrez.

      Add Lemar and Arsenal would be major players on ALL fronts

    2. arsenal1 says:

      And you think anyone would buy Ox for 25 million? Even if he has 3 years left? Lol..you joking right?

  18. Remember Resource? says:

    Hi guys,
    Expect to hear news about lemar bids being rejected, new bids made, bust ups etc: from the media as news will begin to heat up. Deal is virtually done as stated earlier. Chamberlain will sign for arsenal for a wage of around 110k pw. Only thing us fans should worry about is the alexis situation as nobody including club and alexis know how thats going to play out lol.

    1. kev says:

      Keep em coming dude.
      OT:PSG have offrred Asenal the chance to include Lucas Moura/Matuidi in a deal for Sanchez.

      1. muff d... says:

        lucas moura bro!!!

  19. Antonio Gooner says:

    We need to be smart on this. We are going to play on a 3-4-2-1 this season and the OX doesn’t like to play defensive right wing. And you guys need to STOP saying that either Lemar or Mahrez can do the wing on this formation. mahrez and lemar will fill the 2 spots behind Laca. Meaning that if one spot is Ozil and the other sanchez if he doesn’t leave we might just need one. And between 35 for mahrez and more money to spend on CM and 80 for lemar I would pick mahrez for sure.
    Back to OXand being smart pick up the phone when they call and say “yes Ox can go, as soon as you tell Matic to forget about Jose and come here”.. be smart.. is it that hard?
    And full disclosure I like the Ox he is our best crosser, and I rather see Arsenal go for William Carvalo.. but if you want EPL experience and players in prime time.. it’s Mahrez not Lemar.. and Matic not Carvalho

    1. Skills1000 says:

      I think i understand your point clearly. But the thing is, can we call Xhaka a pure DM or a CM? Do we have a mobile DM in the squad whose tackling is so good. Does Wenger want Ramsey and Xhaka to be offensive and at thesame time defensive? It depends on Wenger really. How is our creativity like when Xhaka partners Coq and when Xhaka partners Ramsey? Wenger must learn from Zidane. Benitez had a midfield of James, Modric and Kross. No Steel. Zidane sacrificed James and brought in Casamero. Modric and Kross became less defensive and were very efficient offensively. James was sacrificed. A team that wants to win things expecially the EPL must have steel in midfield. What baffles me is that Wenger is the longest serving Manager in the EPL. He should have realised this over 13 years when he failed to win the league. Wanyama wanted to come. Wenger turned blind eye. He could have got Wanyama for 15m pounds from Southampton. Spurs got him. Wenger pls, you need a strong, imposing, Very Fit, pure DM to win the EPL.

      1. Antonio Gooner says:

        Totally agree. To answer your question Xhaka is not a DM for me. Xhaka and Ramsey can try and fill in Cazorla’s shoes but without a player like Matic or William Carvalho we will struggle. And I also agree with your point that with that DM Ozil and our CM will be more effective. Coquelin is a good player but not enough to battle for the EPL and be consistent

  20. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If he continues to act this way and we don’t get a high enough bid, put him in reserves

    Next summer is World Cup. If he wants to get on the England squad then he will need to play. So he needs to behave himself

    Hopefully we will sell him for at least £30 million or he sees the light and signs a new contract

    If he thinks he will play as a starter at another top club, he will be disappointed

  21. Vlad says:

    7 years with Arsenal, only a couple of decent months/games to show for it. He doesn’t score enough, he doesn’t assist enough, he’s more injured than he’s not, and yet he thinks he’s all that?! F OFF, Ox. I don’t care if this bum goes to Pool for 25-30mil. In fact, I would absolutely love it because that would probably mean we’ll bring someone else in instead. Let’s see how he holds up playing under Klopp. With his style of play he’ll be injured by week number 3.

  22. Ven says:

    It s normal that he wants to leave when Wenger is so in love with Ramsey who would be long gone from this club if not from G.B. Ramsey- the most overrated player in P.L.

  23. Simon says:

    He’s getting played. So don’t understand (believe) he’s pushing for a move out

    Unless he wants to go to small team – no guarantees being played every game with any team!

  24. Ronnyə says:

    Can you blame him?
    Ian Wright said last year “I get frustrated and feel for the Ox, he’s just put out a great performance has the best stats this year for sometime and still Arsene subs him off, he must think what more can I do?. I’d just like to see Arsene give him a run in the team now for a while”

    Well it’s happened now through injuries and chance really. But Ox is thinking he played me deep midfield now I’m wing back I suspect he’ll go to the side that offers him the best package and a chance to play up front even if it’s coming off the bench.
    I think he’ll end up playing under Klopp 🙁

  25. Ronnyə says:

    Anyway right people are like we love ox then there is a mention he might want to change jobs yes change jobs because as passionate as we are that’s all he’s doing and suddenly its oh ox is rubbish f off!. We say most of the players are too comfortable well maybe ox sees that and also saw from playing next to a genuine hungry world class player,(sanchez) that there is a life outside of arsenal. He probably thinks his gane would improve surrounded by top top players and it probably would. If not he fails but he’s got apples to at least try. If he wants to leave I say good for you lad, your life and it only comes round once live it!

  26. KaTs says:

    I don’t know where all the rumours come from, about one is coming the other is leaving. We wait and see on September 1.
    But in my opinion, the so called Arsenal kids: Walcott, Ox, Ramsey, Gibbs and Wilsher have all hade their chances and did not develop well. OX was good the last half season but it was not the first time. It means we might regret that he did not leave now when we see him performing bad next season.

    I wouldn’t mind if all the “Arsenal kids” mentioned above leave honestly

  27. Igeus says:

    Wonder if Wenger have done or gone about these guys, OX, yes it was a mistake from him likewise what he did against flamini before he left for Milan, likewise in case of Sanchez. But to my best of understanding in sport psychology, I realized most of those are ungrateful to him, let imagine if OX in Liverpool, Chelsea, etc with his injury ordeal would be able to manage himself, many better players from those teams I mentioned were left because OK f this or other predicament. He played more than 200 matches, both in premiership ND league cup etc, also won silver where along with him.
    I will appreciate the club to release him for 25million and wish him good in his endeavour.

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