Oxlade-Chamberlain – New Arsenal contract? Or last chance gone?

There will be many players at Arsenal this summer reaching the position of having two years left on their present deal, which is traditionally the time to start discussions on extensions. Mesut Ozil is one, and we have already heard what he German had to say about that, but it is also time for Arsene Wenger to sit down with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Like many of our so-called “English Core” Alex arrived with great promise from Southampton at a massive cost for a 17 year-old of £12million, with extra add-ons as well, and after five years at the Gunners he is now on a wage of £52,000 a week and would be expected to double that this summer if he was now a regular in the first team.

He is considered to be a winger/attacking midfielder and we have all seen his explosive pace when he is on form, but the fact is that that is a very rare occurence. In his five years he has amassed the paltry total of just 14 goals in 149 appearances in all competitions. This season he has looked even more lacking in confidence, and 17 games (plus 16 as sub) has seen him score just one League goal, and one in the Community Shield against Chelsea before the season started.

His first season at the club saw him score four goals and he has never reached such dizzy heights since, so I can not imagine him going into contract talks with Wenger in a position of strength. He has not earned a pay-rise, nor a regular place in the team, so in my opinion he should be told to get his agent to start approaching other teams to take him off our hands.

What do you think? Should he be given yet another chance next season?

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  1. Chambo needs someone like Roberto Martinez or Carlo Ancelotti to tell him to get his head straight. I am tired of wenger thats all i can say and Today is my 27th birthday and 27 years + 9months in the belly supporting Arsenal..

          1. Aww, I do feel you are being harsh on Wenger.

            Wenger was a winner when he had Dein getting players for him.
            Dein now works for Usmanov after he was forced out by the old greedy board because he wanted to invest in the team.

            Gazidis and Kroenke Hangover =
            Dein and Usmanov Cure.

            I doubt we could get Ancelotti or any other top manager once they see the restrictions placed upon them by the owner.

    1. New contract for Wenger……….New contracts for the british rotten core….. contracts for OX and all other crocked players

      The frustrating vicious circle continues!

      [Indeed, An intervention is needed]

      1. Wenger has hit his targets so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a contract extension on the table for him.

        Problem here is the targets set for the manager, Silent Stan should be tougher and ask for the title as well as profit… not just profit.

  2. Let the new manager decide on that … I don’t trust Wenger decisions anymore, remember Walcott 140k/w wage …

  3. Coaching staff need changing, that might help.
    To many players go downhill when they move to the Arsenal to be a coincidence. New brooms needed allround. Start from Wenger and work downwards.

  4. All this talk of us dropping the British core, it’s not going to happen. Gibbs will probably leave, but that’s because it’s his choice. Ramsey, going nowhere. Wilshere, Ox, Chambers and even Theo, going nowhere. We are already losing three CMs, then Gibbs and likely Ospina, that’s five players. You think Arsene is going to add another four or five to that, what planet are you from?

    1. But common sense says we cant keep two headless chickens fighting for the same spot, Theo and Ox.

      But who I am kidding, common sense is something Wenger and his board does not have.

      1. At the most Id say yeah one of them could go, but then again he might keep them round just in case the Iwobi and Adelaide plan falls on it’s ass. If we buy a striker we wont be getting a new wide man.

        1. If we get a new CF then we wouldn’t need a new wideman.
          Alexis, Iwobi, Campbell = 3 wide players.

          Welbeck can play in that role if needs… and if we get another CF then Welbz will need gametime to stay sharp so he would always be an option to bring on/ play for the odd game out wide.

          That then becomes 4, 2 for each spot.

          I do not doubt that Wenger would choose not to but if the board have decided then there isn’t much Wenger can do, just like he had no choice over losing Nasri after he promised us fans and the player that he would stay… and Nasri wanted to stay!

          If the board decide to go ahead and get 2 or 3 marquee signings and push Wenger to promote a few at the same time then we could see as many as ~7 first team players leave.

          The 5 you mentioned plus Theo and Ox… I know Wenger said Theo is going nowhere but he also said that Nasri wouldn’t be sold the same time Cesc was but the board made a decision. The board could make the decision again if they feel that they want to recoup some of the money spent.

  5. Alex Che-naldo has scored
    1.5 league goals per season.
    He is paid a mere
    1,500,000 quid per league goal.
    He is too important to let go.
    We must offer him 100k per week and 2 million quid per goal
    to prevent him being snapped up by high flying opponents.

  6. @Davidnz………….Hahaha…. It won’t be a crime if one tries to use a bucket


  7. @ season ticket holders. desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m not saying do not support the club, all I’m saying is buy your tickets for next but we need you guys to boycott TWO games, just two. that will be enough for Stan to realise that he needs us more than we need him. I beg!

    1. oi! @Drew and @SoOpa – You had the last post to talk about Wenger and you will have more. But THIS post is about Oxlade-Chamberlain.
      Don’t hijack every post or you will be deleted and moderated…..

  8. which i can write an article on arsenal but let me give my opinion
    a lot of people are questioning wenger and rightly so, i myself question him and honestly he should just quit at the end of the season. but then again arsene has been his own downfall, over the years he was ruthless, dugged ,a good tactician and well deciplined. wenger of old wouldnt still have jack, or szcezcny in his team..his problem is that he has become soft as the years gets by, soft with the board and the players..
    for example look at ramsey and ox for example if injury had let walcot play some games in the past few years as ramsey and ox i tell you he would be miles off better.. you know why because you can see from his attitude that he takes his footballing seriously unlike ox who for some reason i dont know why he is not progressing when you think of players like dier and ali.
    my first point is we need a no nonsense manager who will treat his players right at the same time get the best out of them and motivate them..
    not managers like mourinho,van gal, mancini, benitez, pellegrini(wenger twin brother, infact identical) he is also too nice. instead we should be looking at managers like, joachim low, ronald koeman, dieter hecking (wolfsburg), simeone,..my choice would be joachim low reasons no1, he has managed at highest level.
    2, he is not afraid to drop a big name underperfomer,
    3, a good tactitian
    4, he has rooms to devlope young players, gives them opportunity.
    but if we cant get joachim low then i would prefer ronald koeman as he is a typical modern manager.

    back to our current campaign and current player i will want to believe we have a chance at the title but i am a realist is either vardy will have to be out for the rest of the season with drink water,kante,mahrez and morgan that the chance we have of winning the league.
    but my most dissappointed player has been couqline maybe the hype got to his head or something, there is a reason france invited kante over him..
    and i wont slate or write off chambers or gabriel just yet because if i remeber correctly koscielny eas disaster for the first 3 years of his arsenal career but now look at what he turned out to be..
    about the current english core i would personally prefer will sell ramsey,gibbs,and walcot( he is been here 10 solid years but hasnt giving us anything). give ox one more chance and we all know what wilshere brings. i say keep him..
    all in all i think we need for new season
    new cb as i know per and koscielny is not getting any younger
    new rb to challenge bellerin as i can see complacency in his play due to lack of challenge
    new lb and promote another and sell gibbs..
    rw or lw
    dm/to compliment elneny and coqueline as i see a lot of quality in elneny
    new cf as we only have welbeck and giroud and the cf will be wc my choice is benzema a mixture of hold up, fast attacking, pace and skill.
    then recall toral or loan him to a premier league team to get him ready, same with zelalem, promote hayden, gnabry,bielik,adelaide…then loan or sell akpom as his attitude is not good as i heard..
    sorry for taking much of your time but thats my opinion and thanks for reading

  9. Wenger should call The Ox’s agent into the office and tell him that there will be NOcontracts talks. He can leave now or buckle down and improve next season or he will be sold.
    No more Mr Nice Guy

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