Oxlade-Chamberlain refuses to sign new Arsenal contract!

With no sign yet of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil extending their Arsenal contracts, the fans are getting more and more frustrated by the lack of solid information from the club. The same thing applies to the much younger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has never been given regular game-time over the years by Arsene Wenger until he put him as a wing back in the Gunners new formation.

But right now the 24 year-old is in a position of strength as he is in the last year of his contract, and according to a report in today’s Times he has decided that he would prefer regular playing time at another club, rather than the reported pay rise on offer at Arsenal.

This stance has been further complicated by the fact that Arsenal dismissed out-of-hand a bid last week from Liverpool, despite the Ox liking the idea of playing under Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool are also reported to be chasing the Leipzig midfielder Naby Keita, who plays a similar role to Oxlade-Chamberlain. The local source of the Liverpool Echo’s James Pearce doesn’t see Oxlade-Chamberlain being first choice at Anfield either if Keita arrives.

Pearce said: “Oxlade-Chamberlain isn’t viewed as being the back-up option to [Naby] Keita.

“Liverpool have interest in both and getting Keita wouldn’t necessarily mean they don’t pursue Oxlade-Chamberlain.

“The situation with Oxlade-Chamberlain is that Liverpool made an enquiry to Arsenal a while back and were told he wasn’t available.

“Clearly, a lot hinges on what happens over his contract.

“If the stand-off over a new deal continues then Arsenal will reluctantly sell.”

If Arsenal lose Oxlade-Chamberlain as well as Alexis Sanchez then Wenger will really have to pull out all the stops in the transfer market to find quality replacements. Or the atmosphere at the Emirates when the season starts could be very gloomy…..



  1. Donatello ain’t going nowhere
    He better chill

    Hero in a half shell
    Turtle power

  2. Nobody should be sold..who wanna leave as a free agent is free, its time for arsenal to put the interest of the club ist…even new players find it a little difficult to adapt…on a second thought, Arsenal as a club don’t respect their Fans…

    1. It’s against the interest of the club to let big players leave on a free. In so far as they are not sold to rivals the best thing to do is to sell them on for big money. To replace them you need loads of money these days and letting them go for nothing is just foolish. Don’t be deceived and think EPL clubs sit on cash thinking how to spend it. You have to run clubs responsibly, which includes finances, buying good players (still boils down to finances) and keeping your best players to the best of your ability. Just look at how much we may have to pay for Lacazette and how much is beign qouted for a rookie like Mbape and you think we have the money for such deals sitting idle and waiting to be spent? It’s either Alexis and co sign new contracts or we sell them off to the highest bidders outside of the EPL. We need the money to rebuild.

  3. As much as I want both players to stay, l do not like the idea of the club being held at ransom. No one is bigger than the club. I would be happy with both players being sold abroad as long as the funds from the transfers are invested in the club. I am tired of players who play well a season before their contracts run out only to dip in form or suffer a major injury the following season. We are better off with players who believe in the club and will also consider what the club has done for them.

  4. Wenger is putting his circus skills into action by juggling a lot of different situations at once. His gonna need all that focus and stability that he keeps banging on about, ?? If he drops one, he’ll drop them all ?

  5. My opiniuon is the club is bigger than any player, if a player doesnt want to sign sell him to the highest bidder if they chose to run down their contract ” welcome to the under 18s my little friend where you will be for 12 months, no one will remember you in 12 months”

    make a statement

  6. what does he think he is?
    as soon as he leaves we will forget him thats how good he is. No football brain can only run with ball we dont need him
    *bring timo warner from germany fabulous stricker superb technich looks like he was born to do someting great

  7. Wow, Is Wenger on the verge Of pulling a Mbappe out of his Top Hat?
    ?? £125 million offer going in, The Monaco manager isn’t confident about the player staying put anymore. His already talking about other youngsters stepping up to the first team for the new season.

    Hold tight.. Mbappe is back in sight.

    1. Hope so. That would be a big statement off intent by the club and Mr Wenger. Lacazette,Mbappe,Lemar and a good DMF and we are ready to take over the world

    2. Nice one pops??

      Mbappe Sr has apparently advised his son that a switch to the Bernabeu could see him spending more time on the bench whereas he would be guaranteed game time at Arsenal.

      1. Lacazette will be announced as a Gooner, earlier next week… Again! ?

        Bellerin is apparently back in London for talks with Wenger regarding a move back to Barcelona.

        According to exclusive by CalcioMercato, Arsene Wenger has given the “ok” to move ahead with the signing of Mahrez and the transfer will be announced “soon”.

  8. OT:
    French expert, Gilles Favard, says that Arsene Wenger was presented with the opportunity to sign the duo two years ago when they both played for a Ligue 1 side, Caen, but decided to look elsewhere after agreeing a deal.Reported fee for both players was only £12.6mand today it presents unimaginable bargain even
    if it were to be for only one of the players
    Favard said , “We all know the story.
    “Two years ago he [Wenger] had a deal for
    Thomas Lemar and N’Golo Kante for €15m
    We are certainly all aware of what happened

    1. Yeah, I saw that on the daily Cannon, It’s an unbelievably believable story when it comes to Wenger. No doubt he didn’t want to disrupt the progress of Ramsey and the like?

  9. Sanchez is staying and he’s verbally agreed a three year contract after been assured of transfer plans . he’s agreed a double your salary deal to be announced after today’s final.

  10. Now there’s talk of Griezmann trying to persuade Lacazette to wait until January and to join him at Ath.Madrid instead… So what happened to the done deal, he signed last week bull??

    1. Hahaha cheer up son,
      Reports from France are now saying that the deal is almost tied up… £46 million and a 5 year deal for Lacazette.

      Mate, Mbpape could also be following him to the Emirates, even the kids dad is telling him to chose Arsenal, Wenger’s talks with his old man must have worked a treat… Probably offered him a job as a coach within the youth team lol

      1. Ftboy, id Mbappe, Lacazette arrive and sanchez stays i will have a cake with you this is too much for my dreams

  11. I just look at Man City with Guardiola and Chelsea with Conte.
    Then I look at Arsenal with Wenger.
    Then I get really really depressed.
    There is no light at the end of the tunnel with him in charge.
    Just lack of ambition, failure and more failure.
    I give you the specialist in failure…

  12. as usual, this shows the mis-management of our club.
    how many other top premiership clubs allow their players to get to the last year of their contracts, this doesn’t happen at chelsea, man u, liverpool etc on such a regular basis as at Arsenal.
    this shows that having one man with so much power as wenger has, that things don’t get done.
    and as for the promised backroom changes this summer, director of football, etc !!.. well, we wait!.

    1. Wrong!

      I just up’d you;)!

      In other news, Wenger has just bought another pair of shoes after 23 yrs wearing the same pair. Who ever had the cheek to call him prudent!

  13. If he wants to leave then let him go, find a better replacement, Anyhow unable to see Liverpool get Keita because they want 70 million, So he could be playing regular

  14. It seems Alexis is leaving and Arsenal is signing Mbappe for £125m. Also Lacazette is joining Arsenal for £46m. Giroud is leaving.

    1. That’s so easy to say when no source is quoted. It would be a crazy fairy tail dream come true if it happened. Our fingers are crossed or should I say stuck?

  15. @saul.
    To me that would amazing news Hut it is still 2 out 2 in even if we’ve invested hugely.
    Anyone else then?
    Is lacazette anywhere close to what giroud offers in the air, strength, hold up play and heading ability?
    I only ask as I love arsenal having this type of player as an option to start or from the bench.
    Tired opposition defenders and you bring in the big guy!

  16. …even the technically deficient Chamberlain with no special gift and football sense is also putting La Prof at his mercy. Interesting times at Arsenal!

  17. If they all want to leave, fine. Others will come and I bet you they won’t get first team play and may probably go into oblivion as time goes on by. Let’s wait and see how it will all end.

  18. He’ll sign, of course he will. He’s at a huge club and wouldn’t have expected to get as much game-time at a higher club than Arsenal. Liv would be a similar situation for him. He’d play out wide when needed, he’d play centrally when players are tiring. He got games last season when he proved he deserved to play. If last season had of went the way of other seasons I’d fully expect him to walk. But he proved to have some very good worth last season. Hecut out school boy mistakes. Walcott talked about becoming a man. Oxlade gave us more of the Alexis effect. That drive and power which Alexis has in spades, it looks so much better when other players are bringing it too. Oxlade brings it. He just needs to keep plugging away and try keep up that fantastic long ball game we seen. Practice through balls and shooting, in your own time put a number of hours to this each week Oxlade. Commitment, that’s what it’s all about. I believe he will sign and show his commitment to AFC.

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