Ozil aims a dig at Arsenal after Manchester City mauling

Mesut Ozil has aimed a dig at Arsenal after Manchester City beat them 5-0 this afternoon.

The German left Arsenal at the start of this year after his contract was mutually ended to allow him to join Fenerbahce.

His last year at the club saw him play almost no games for the Gunners after Mikel Arteta declared him surplus to requirements.

Ozil had been one of the favourite players of former Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger and played in the first few matches that Arteta managed the club.

However, the Spanish manager quickly realised that the German will slow down his team’s progress and took him out of the side.

He didn’t play until he left Arsenal as the Gunners sought to rebuild their squad last season.

He is now at Fenerbahce and uses every chance that he gets to mock his former employers.

He watched as City thrashed the Gunners 5-0 and took to his Twitter account to tweet:

“Trust the process” with a heartbreak emoji.

He enjoys taunting the club and he looks set to be given more reasons and opportunities to do that as the Gunners look like they will underperform for much of this campaign.

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    1. Ozil’s game has its downside but the problem is Arteta do not know how to utilize his strength. He is too fixated replicating Pep to the extend of sidelining all pacy and technically gifted players lacking in pressing ability, like MO, HB, JW, and im pretty sure if not for the noise from fans ESR would have been sold too.. Whatever his weaknesses are, Ozil is still an upgrade to any of our current playmakers..

      (Though I believe Ozil’s purchase in 2013 is a knee jerk reaction without any substantial scouting, one in a lifetime chance of signing RM’s playmaker. Had we gone for Cesc, things would have been very different, and he would have reestablished his legendary status at Arsenal..)

      1. G4l, Ozil didn’t perform in his latter years for Wenger or Emery either. His performance in the Europa League final in Baku was a disgrace.
        Ozil should concentrate on his own game, since he isn’t exactly setting the league alight for Fenebahce.

  1. Özil is part of the problem why we are sitting here….all those negative vibes and wasted wages for not even a bench-warmer in the end……but still, why in the hell were Cedric and Kolasinac in an Arsenal squad with Mari and Chambers as options for replacement??? Arteta’s tactics and man-management are starting to clearly become a major problem at thsis point. I see 3 points (hopefully) out of our first 5 games, not good enough

      1. Oh dear Jon, a career that has been so successful, your dislike of the player fails to recognise.
        Still, at least he can say he never wore the shirt of a team that props up the PL as part of his career stats!!!!

    1. Admin – would that post have got through if Jose could spell? I’m just interested (planning my own next post…) (:-))

    2. Problems is not kraonke. MA does not know where the team is leaking. He sent saliba on loan then spend 50m on Ben white why?. MA also splashed 40m to real Madrid for odorgard instead of bisouma we need a DM

    3. He hates the Manager but he loves the club. He is an upgrade to any of the current Arsenal playmakers. People do not want to “scape goat ESR and his mediocre friends in midfield” for failing in their duties but were ready to give stick to Ozil and willian. Hypocritical fans.

  2. In other news, Guendouzi scored in the 23rd minute for Marseille today. Anyway, we must all still trust the process

      1. Xhaka’s plan is to struck fear to other Premier league players, sacrificing 1 sure lose game for the next 30+ matches. He is sending statement that he is not playing games and would not think twice to destroy someone’s leg and career if needed!!

        Big character Xhaka, playing the Snape role here XD

  3. I would like to see the other times he has “taunted” our club please.
    Making statements that aren’t factual are misleading AND I would also ask what “progress” he has actually stopped from happening?
    Unless, of course, one means “progress” down the table, no goals scored and propping up the PL table and the continuing breaking of all our stats regarding the worst scenarios?

  4. Oops, forgot to mention that Saliba who happens to be in the same team as Guendouzi held the fort well for Marseille while Guendouzi was scoring at the other end and Arsenal were busy getting….forget it…just trust the process

    1. You forgot that Mavropanos has scored more goals this season (1) than all our forwards combined together (0). The lad scored a beauty with his efforts yesterday. And we suffer with Holding and Chambers and Kolasinac. Willocks Newcastle too is above us. Gauged by Norwich performance against LC, it will be tough to get a draw! Welcome Championship.

  5. Unlike our former underperforming high-earning also-ran, Mr. Ozil, I’m not usually an “I told you so” kind of person, albeit some might find that difficult to believe…that said, considering what has transpired, I only have one thing to say to those of you whom have questioned the tenor and veracity of my repeated and oft-times brash commentaries, regarding the state of our franchise, I unequivocally told you so

    my longtime “tough love” approach to critiquing this organizational tire fire has always come from a place of honest, deep concern, yet some of you, and you know exactly who you are, have been quick to cast dispersions in my general directions, even going so far as to suggest that my theories were tantamount to the ramblings of a conspiratorial crackpot…with this in mind, I know exactly why and how we got to where we are today…as such, I’ve spent countless hours spelling it out to anyone and everyone who would listen, yet I’ve still faced considerable resistance, especially from those who still don’t seem to comprehend how our continued troubles are a direct extension of how we mishandled the Wenger FIRING and the subsequent transitionary period

    for those who can’t or aren’t willing to see this cold, hard fact, you’re either not looking hard enough or you’re simply unwilling to remove the same blinders that have enabled this seemingly inevitable malaise to permeate our once-envied club…shame on you, if you continue to perpetuate that same claptrap moving forward, as this will only exacerbate matters…fact is, for any meaningful change to occur, it will require a considerable proportion of our fanbase to undergo a philosophical intervention of sorts or these same mistakes will continue to severely hinder our chances of achieving any semblance of an organizational reinvention

    1. And Mezut Ozil should concentrate on his own career at Fenebahce. Question is how much difference would Ozil’s “revolving door defence” or ball winning “skills” have made against Manchester City?

  6. Well, I think nobody to blame, it’s everyone’s duty to perform what he can but I watched the game there several gaps right from team selections and maybe instilling confidence among the players. But there’s need to buy some prominent play makers. Thank you

  7. I don’t think it was a taunt, I truly believe he meant it with affection and as far as I am aware Ozil has never said anything against Arsenal. Some people just write stuff to be ….. (insert your own word here)

    1. So do I!I honestly beli6thst he is sad to see what we have become,I mean a heartbreak emoji,can it be any clearer??

  8. So right Sue regarding the author.
    Declan, Ozil is like a red flag to some and a perfectly reasonable reaction is used to try and demonize him.
    Like you, I’m waiting for the quotes from him that, allegedly, are against the Arsenal…. interesting times.

    1. Ken, Ozil doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone his stats as a footballer back up his achievements. He never once disrespected our club even when he was sidelined for nearly a year by the management. If his post was meant as a taunt it certainly wasn’t directed at the club, it was personal.

      1. Ozil won us the Epl, Ucl, EL didn’t he?was he not part of the process that took us from Ucl to EL to nowhere? Was he not here last Dec getting paid doing nothing? Was he not part of the process which made Fener league leaders to third placed? (who cares about them btw?)

        1. And when your coach did start/play him, he will throw himself in to the pitch and start playing right? . Get sense now

          1. yes he played brilliantly as per your standards 1 goal in 18 games and 2 assists?

          2. But he wasn’t part of the process that sees us bottom of the PL with no points, no goals , no character and no style of play – we can all see how letting MO go has transformed us into a title winning team though ☺️☺️

      2. People have short memories, Ozil disrespected the Club in his performance against Chelsea in the Europa League final in Baku.

        1. No OG, it was UE who disrespected the fans with his inept game plan and not qualifying for the CL via the PL places.

  9. Arteta is a clown. He said Saliba is not ready for the first team. He can’t be worse than the present options.

    Arsenal should so the following
    1. Sack Arteta
    2. Sack Edu
    3. Sell or Loan Out Holding and Chambers
    4. Recall Saliba from loan (Saliba, Gabriel, White, Mari are enough for the season)
    5. Appoint a new manager(Zidane, Luis Enrique)
    6. Sign Bissouma and Aouar.

  10. Saliba is performing well in Marseille. I strongly believe that he will defence better then the rest. MA pls give him a chance.

    What could have been, if he is in our defence today against Man City?

  11. Ozil can taunt Arteta……..he has 387 goals for club and country….and the most for any AM in the 21st century….he also has 258 assists which is the highest of any player in the top ten assisters since records began…….!

  12. At least Ozil is tearing it down at the mighty European giants Fenerbache. His stats for Fenerbache are just unbelievable that it’s making Arsenal look like mugs for getting rid of him.
    I hope Fenerbache trust and keep faith in “The Ozil Project”. He just needs this and that to look even better than he is right now.
    He has elevated them since joining last winter 🎉🎉😎

    1. And he is playing in Europe, with a club NOT propping up the division, with no points and no goals 🎉🎉🏅🏅🏆🏆

  13. At the rate Arsenal are declining,its no more a brand name.The cup wins starting in 2014,hsve not papered over the cracks.The defence as usual goes awol.
    Assuming the super league is revived,Arsenal wont be invited.
    Such is the speed of the decline of a once great club

  14. Arsenal fans chanting “we lose every week, you’re nothing special” is the lowest of lows. This is the sorry state of our beloved club. We need another plane to fly a barner over the Emirate next game.

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