Ozil and Alexis contract sagas are simply about the money

Arsenal fans are sick and tired of listening to the never-ending reports on the contract discussions with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. It has been going on for well over a year and we have heard myriad reasons as to why they haven’t put pen to paper, and we have read oodles and oodles of sometimes outrageous rumours about how much money they want to be persuaded to stay.

But yesterday, it seems that Wenger has dropped a hint that it really is all about the money when he said that ‘other top clubs’ that could offer the pair better contracts. Wenger was asked whether yesterday’s performance could help Alexis and Ozil to commit to new contract, and he replied: “I just said that I’ve been in this job long enough to know that’s not enough. The quality of the contract has to be good and enough for them as well. I am convinced that they love the club and they love the team. All the rest will be decided [soon]. When? I don’t really know. I’m not alone in mastering that.

Then Le Prof was specifically asked if the quality of their contracts was the problem. “It’s part of it.” Le Prof admitted. “The whole thing has to be right and they have to be happy. I believe that they love the club, they want to stay, but there are other top clubs out there who offer good contracts as well.”

If they love the club and want to stay, then why would they leave if they were offered more money? As Tony Adams famously said: “I will sign every contract Arsenal put in front of me without reading it.” That is what it means to love the club and want to stay…



  1. blink says:

    Top players are ambitious want to win or at the very least compete for top honours as well as be financially rewarded.
    If Sanchez and Ozil feel they have more chance of both elsewhere they will go.
    Not close to winning the domestic or Champs league so understandably they will want a club that can offer them this.
    We are not good enough on the pitch imo to hold onto them.
    Cant blame Alexis one bit for wanting to go to Man City.
    On the other side of the coin you get players like the who are happy here on big wages but just treading water. Big clubs wouldnt want him and he would likely have to take a pay cut to leave to a smaller club so cant blame him for that either.

  2. blink says:

    oops Players like the should have said Theo lol

  3. dragunov 762mm says:

    Don’t let last game displayed distract the main problem. They want the big trophies (PL or ECL nonetheless). They’re looking for clubs who could give ’em its. Clearly they don’t think we be able to do it or at less shown the right ambition. Ozil is quiet man as ever, Sanchez is more vocal on it, that’s all said.

    1. Maks says:

      30th minute of the Spurs game. We got freekick in the middle of the field. There is a chance for quick deliver forward to Sanchez but Ramsey is by the ball and as usually looking all around but not forward. Sanchez is screaming and making a hand gesture. Ramsey is giving ball to the closest Arsenal player, not Sanchez.
      Besides money, and lack of interest of our Board, this is why he wants to leave…

  4. Mitch Connor says:

    They want Trophies too. Not just FA Cups, which are fantastic but they want to win Premier League and Champions League Trophies. United, Chelsea and Liverpool ALL have won Champions League in the past 12 years. City will do it or at least have a good chance of doing it soon. United, Chelsea, City and even Leicester have won the Premier League Trophy in the last 12 years.
    Arsenal have never been close to winning Champions League since the final we were in. We could have won the Premier League Trophy in 2015-2016 had Wenger signed a top defensive midfielder and Top striker the previous summer. But we had lack of goals up front because Giroud went on a 12 match non scoring streak and Wenger foolishly raised Walcott salary and played him up front instead of Alexis. Otherwise we have not come close to winning the Premier League Trophy in the last 12 years.

    Why would they stay when they know that they have no chance of winning those 2 Trophies with Wenger in charge. Also, we can’t compete with United, City and Chelsea in terms of salaries.

    If Mourinho changes his mind about Ozil then he could stay, but Mourinho will want to get him because he will be a FREE transfer and good to keep on the bench in case he needs someone experienced playing CAM (Arsenal) and left wing (for Germany). I don’t think he would be paid £300,000 per week though lol

  5. The barrel says:

    Medals won’t buy them luxury properties nor feed their kids. Don’t get fooled by that story. Its all about money

  6. jon fox says:

    Sam, the article writer. You mention Tony Adams. Tony Adams lived and spent his whole football career in Planet “over my dead body” and all his fellow defenders and most forwards he played with , also lived on that planet. Most of todays players , almost everywhere, live either on Planet Wimp ( eg Walcott) or Planet Who will pay me the most, (eg Ozil). Footballers were real men back then, now they care about hairstyles, bling, tattoos, ridiculously expensive cars, nightclubs and other nonsense, more than winning games. Though Tony Adams became an alcoholic, he NEVER gave less than 100% on the field, even when half drunk. I do not make excuses for heavy out of control drinking, obviously, but give me a drinker with ” over my dead body” attitude, than most of todays usually sober wimps and bling merchants. And I don’t only mean at Arsenal either. The Spurs game AMPLY PROVED that attitude and desire is the crucial difference at top level, where all have technique but FEW have balls too! Without true desire, week in week out, all the talent in the world is next to useless.

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