Ozil and Alexis Sanchez transfer talk actually HELPING Arsenal?

There is more than just a small minority of Arsenal fans who think that the Germany international Mesut Ozil is nothing more than a luxury that the Gunners cannot really afford to have, apart from when he blows away the doubters with a match winning performance like we saw against Tottenham last weekend.

Not as many but still a fair few feel that Arsenal would be better off accepting that Alexis Sanchez no longer wants to play for arsenal and so we should cash in and sell him in the next transfer window rather than losing the Chilean international next summer when his contract runs out.

I think the same thing at times, but last weekend made me think that all these Arsenal transfer rumours might actually be working in our favour. We have rumours reported by The Mirror reporting that FC Barcelona are thinking about Ozil instead of Coutinho and that could be perfect. It is hard to admit but the Catalan club are a much more appealing outfit than us and I reckon Ozil would snap their hands off. But he needs to be in top form to firm up their interest and how does he prove his worth?

The exact same thing could be said of Sanchez, as Man City are doing pretty well without him. I am sure the striker has noticed and if he is determined to play for Guardiola again he needs to be showing special skills. Again, good for Arsenal for now at least.

Bring on the rumours I say!



  1. Tony says:

    idk how is that good we r losing 100mil property.and i doubt they will be replaced

  2. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    What the hellbis this article about ??? Why are we going to be happy to see two of our best players perform so as to leave for the elite??? Yeah,if they keep doing like this day in day out they both might end up at their respected destinations. But why can’t we see it in another way???? If they are consistent in their performances why don’t we just break the bank and give them £300 k or whatever the hell they demand……

  3. lcebox says:

    Just thought have Alexis or Ozil played in europe this season ? if not why not ?
    ls it cause they are for sure gone in Jan.?
    lts a pity cause we are nearly thro. and theres no need to play them but it makes them more appealing to clubs in Jan.

    1. GB says:

      We are through already

    2. Admin says:

      It makes no difference. If they played in the Europa League it wouldn’t stop them being registered in the Champions League for the knockout rounds. It is a different competition….

      1. Dotash says:

        Admin.thanks for the info

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