Ozil and Arsenal finally reach agreement at last

So, it seems that Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal career is finally over and he will be joining Fenerbahce this month it is being reported in every part of the British and Turkish media. The news was first broken by The Athletic as usual.

Although specific details have not been revealed, it would seem the final discussions were about the size of the payout to terminate his contract early and they have finally reached an agreement “in principlñe”, and Inside Futbol say that Ozil will be travelling to Istanbul this week to finalise the move to Turkey.

No more umbrellas for Ozil!

So, the biggest saga to rock Arsenal since Arsene Wenger left the club is finally over, and I am sure there will be many articles arriving at JustArsenal celebrating his career with the Gunners, and another few detailing why it will so good for the club to have the disruptive influence no longer in training with the first team.

So get your keyboards buzzing and let us know what you think Ozil’s departure will mean for Mikel Arteta and the club for the rest of the season…

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  1. Thank God it is finally over.

    Now that he is gone we can’t keep blaming him for our poor performance and bad results.

      1. Yes, because he didn’t perform as per the bare minimum requirements to justify his wage and by not leaving earlier he blocked the entry of a genuine CAM. He is part of the mess of this season.

          1. Loose Canon is there really no money for CAM because of Mesut? Yet we managed to offer Willian a lucrative deal with signing bonus to retire. That salary and signing fee could’ve paid for a pretty good CAM.

          1. so true. let him go in peace. he did play for us. he wasn’t the best but he certainly wasn’t the worst.

  2. Some will miss him others wouldn’t. 2 me, he’s Arsenal’s best player after the invincible era. I will miss his vision of the game. “The eye of the gods.” My futbol Lord. #RESPECTMESUTOZIL.

      1. Sorry not in the same league as MO. Good though Santi was, he was on the sidelines quite a lot. Sanchez had a good understanding with MO and they complemented each other quite well. Once that partnership was broken, things went downhill.

        1. We will surely miss mesut Ozil. We won our first trophy in a long while in his first season. Football is evolving. You have to be effective in defending as well as attacking. Ozil can pick a pass like no other. Goodbye mesut

        2. Lol. Short memory much. He attained a double figure assist record once in over 8 years at Arsenal. Sanchez could carry arsenal on his own. They’re not even in the same class. Fabregas? Do I need to start saying what he achieved or are we talking cazorla the little magician. Remember how underwhelming ozil was in his first season.? P. S we didn’t win our first trophy because of ozil, it took a moment of brilliance of a certain Ramsey, Ozil was a flop that season, he didn’t improve till we got sanchez the following season.

      2. First of all none of them played the same position so comparing them to Ozil is silly.

        Second for these players to be better than Ozil they must have produced better results at Arsenal.

        Here is the challenge for you. Name one of these players that won more trophies.

        1. You do know Ozil didnt win those trophies on his own right? Football is a team sport mate. Keep up the ozil excuses tho its funny to read lol

          1. We did not win a single trophy in 10 years and when Ozil joined we won the cup his first year and 3 more after that. Now you can call them excuses but they are facts you or anybody else can’t deny.

            Also it is convenient for you to dismiss Ozil when we are winning and blame him for not.

          2. If there’s one individual that comes to mind in winning recent FA Cups, it’s Aaron Ramsey, and even he doesn’t deserve all the credit for ending a trophy drought

          3. Giving ozil credit for our FA cups are disrespectful. Read the lineups see the scoresheets. Theo, giroud, ramsey, Cazorla, Fabianski, were the crucial
            Players in our first cup run. And several of the ones after. Giroud especially. And sanchez stepped up big time in wembley matches. Ramsey sxored goals that win us the whole competition. Ozil hardly has a memorable cup moment. Think he assisted in the final
            Against villa, the easiest final we had of the bunch and that’s about it.

          4. RSH: Here is some educational material for you so next time before you say something, you think first.

            In his first season at the Emirates, Özil helped Arsenal win their first trophy in nine years, as they beat Hull City 3-2 to win the FA Cup. This was an Arsenal side with some quality players: Santi Cazorla, Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta, Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny. But they were constantly falling short, living through the second part of the banter era that followed Robin van Persie’s departure, and has never truly ended. Özil changed that, he got them winning trophies again.

            The relationship he formed with Aaron Ramsey from the very start was possibly the best example of how he transformed the side. In Özil’s first season, Ramsey scored 16 goals compared to just two the previous season. Ramsey has never reached a goal tally that high since, with injuries affecting his ability to sustain a long run of form, but his reputation was permanently elevated, in no small part thanks to Özil’s ability to pick out his runs with inch perfect passes.

          5. Icw, all you described is a player part of a starting XI. As if I didn’t know Ozil started finals. He still wasn’t a crucial element in most of them. We are talking about FA Cup, and Ozil was never a main star in our FA Cup matches. And of course you credit Ramsey’s best season to Ozil, who obviously played a part, but Ramsey was by quite a distant the best player that season. Guess who wasn’t involved in the sequence for the winning FA Cup goal? Sanogo, Giroud and Wilshere were. Ozil was not. Ozil played a small part in our cup runs. Players who didn’t always start, and players like Giroud, Sanchez, Ramsey, Santi, Theo were the first XI players who DID. You can argue with this all you want but it doesn’t change what is obvious. We bought Sanogo the same season as Ozil. Maybe it was Sanogo’s brilliance that spurred the whole team on lol. At least in the cup final, he made a difference.

          6. RSH: you are ignoring the most important element of the discussion.

            We did not win anything for 9 years till we signed Ozil.

            Now you have the right to argue all you want and I respect your opinion but facts matter.

            I rest my case

          7. Ozil made others around him better. Great vision, sublime passing. The ship sailed. I wish him and his family all the best in health and luck.

          8. ICW
            If your believe is that, Ozil end our trophy drought, won’t it surprise you that, I believe Nacho Monreal end our trophy drought too?

            Nacho was signed that same season.

            So he didn’t, everyone in that squad did.
            And special Mention to Ramsey, Cazorla and Kocielny

        2. Arsenal2win said Arsenal’s best player since the invincibles. That means every player including the goalkeepers.

          1. You are right highbury hero, but ICW is trying to cut down the competition to prove Ozil is the greatest.

          2. Our rival fans laugh at the mention of Ozil. To think he’s the best since invincibles era is just flat out wrong.

        3. Lol the amateur said ozil is the best Arsenal player after the invincible era, he didn’t say the best AM, and at that, I’ll still put fabregas and rosicky ahead of him in the AM role.

      3. Agreed. All thise player had vision similar to ozil, maybe not quite as good but tey were all able to help out defensively, take games but the scruff of the neck real team players.

        1. Yes. I like Mesut and our draught ended in his first season but in terms of contribution and best players after the invincibles I would put:

          1. Van Persie, Fabregas
          2. Alexis, Aubameyang, Kolcieny, Cazorla, Giroud

          Bar Aubameyang who is still with us, all of these players absolutely gave their all and had the hunger to win. We may call some of them judas but it was the club which let them down. They were more ambitious than the club.

          1. HH, I think you meant “drought”, rather than “draught”, but I will have a draught as well to wish Mezut Ozil all the best in Turkey.
            I sincerely hope it works out for him at Fenerbahce SK, as the Turkish fans of all clubs are volitile and are hard on poor performances.

          2. HH, your English is excellent. I only wish I was half as good with my other two languages. At least “drought” and “draught” aren’t as bad as mixing up “scheissen” and “schiessen” in German!

    1. I second you. no player in our team have a bigger status than ozil. who will stand up now and be counted?

  3. If the move was finalized, this January would be the best transfer window ever. We don’t need a nonchalant left-footed CAM anyway, because we need the one who can cross frequently from the right side and recover the ball for more than four times per game

    Moreover, freeing Arsenal’s wage bill from Ozil’s would likely make us able to reinforce our pressing needs in other departments, such as the LB position

    1. From what I read elsewhere his severance package was about 7 million plus. This represents what AFC would have had to pay him if he had seen out his contract. So we have not actually freed up his wage bill just paid in advance.

      1. I think Arsenal wouldn’t have to pay his full remuneration, otherwise paying him in installments till the end of this season would be better financially for Arsenal

    2. You’re forgetting we recently gave two players over 30 (Auba & Willian) 3 year contracts worth over a reported £570k a week. That equates to nearly £30m per year!! And that’s not counting MO’s payoff. I wouldn’t call it freeing up anything, just less future debt.

      1. Andrew, two more decisions which on the face of it appear bad thus far.
        Until Arsenal gets the administration improves, valuable funding will continue to be misused.

  4. Happy it’s over. Pheww that’s an end to distractions. Now we can face our football. And hopefully the end to people like lcw wishing we lost each game to prove Arteta wrong for freezing out ozil. All the best in fenabache Ozil. Thank you for that one great season, and a couple of flashes here and there. Great philanthropist off the pitch. Great PR tactician too. I hope we can all unite once again as arsenal fans and get behind the coach(even if he gets it wrong sometimes).

    1. Kstix:

      It’s silly to respond to you because you must either be too young to think rationally, too evil to spread lies or too dumb not to be brain washed.

      Of course you can always prove me wrong by showing where I wished we lost for any reason.

      1. Lol, you and Mohsan moan about every single decision Arteta makes since ozil was frozen out of the team. Even when we win, you find a way to moan about Arteta and his tactic and refer directly or indirectly to Ozil. I can bet if admin pat filters through your comments, 80 to 90% will be directly or indirectly about ozil. Do you need me to go look up your comments from match reviews? You resort to name calling and low level thinking when you’ve been sucker punched with the truth. Bet you never thought you will be found out. Run along now boy. It must really hurt. Lol.

        1. Kstix: you say “Do you need me to go look up your comments from match reviews?”

          Yes if you want to prove that you are telling the truth. I am waiting.

          There is nothing worse than accusing people of things they did not do. That’s called lying so for you to say I revert to name calling without knowing what you did is strange.

          As for MA, yes I criticize MA because we are loosing. If you are OK with loosing then more power to you.

          1. My only wish is that Admin Pat can somehow prove me right/wrong, I notice regular comments on here and no other “fans” echo the Ozil being frozen out thing and slating Arteta at every chance you get like you and Mohsan. There are other fans who love ozil and feel he shouldn’t have been frozen out, Ken and Sue come to mind(heck, even I felt he could have been an option on the bench during our losing spell), but you won’t see them moan at every chance they get, as a matter of fact, like me, they try as much as possible to avoid ozil articles or arguments, you on the otherhand act like you work for Ozil or you’re somehow related to him.
            Let me put this question to you in the hope that you won’t be biased or sentimental (because to expect an unbiased post from you is like a miracle judging by your comment history)
            Would you criticise Arteta if ozil was playing every match and we kept on losing nonetheless?

            But then again people criticised emery for the Europa final loss to Chelsea despite starting ozil and ozil putting in one of his shitty performances as usual. I don’t see why you would still not moan about Arteta’s tactics.

          2. So don’t hide behind Admin Pat.

            When you accuse people you must provide the goods, otherwise your credibility is out the door.

            Till then, whatever you say is not worth reading.

      1. Sue, as usual, written like a true supporter.
        If this is true (not yet on the official website) then the two parties have agreed something that both are ready to sign up to.
        We will never known the real agreement of course, but as patH says, the basic details are there to peruse.
        I echo Sue’s sentiments and hope the fans, Mesut and our club move forward from this damaging saga.

    1. When he decided to join he could’ve walked in any team in the world at that time. And every team would’ve wanted to have him in their lineup but he chose us with slim probability of winning any major trophy.

      Not only that, he has stayed loyal to us to the very end even when it was us who pushed him aside.

      Yes Sue good luck to him and thanks for the memories 👍👍👍👍

        1. Mature and sensible statement as usual Andrew – especially as I believe you wanted him to move on.
          I look forward to seeing him play again and, who knows, possibly in the CL.
          MA has made his decision and, if we are to back him up, then we wish Mesut Ozil well and back Mikel to the hilt.

          1. Ken, the only reason I wanted him to move on was for his own good because since AW left our style of play left with him. Ozil was viewed as a luxury by both UE and MA and did not fit into their plans and they made that perfectly clear to him by their treatment of him. Personally, I loved his style of football and will miss not seeing him in an Arsenal shirt but I hope he ends his career on a high. If only people check his stats over his career before dismissing him as a flop, I would much rather listen to players like Ronaldo, Ramsey, Wilshere etc. who played with him and recognise his talent.

          2. Absolutely correct again Andrew, but it seems the man upset too many people who made the decisions.
            It will be interesting to see if either of the parties will enlighten the supporters once this rumour becomes a fact.

  5. Let’s see if the club now spend some money seeing they was using his wages as an excuse for our transfer dealings .

  6. Will really miss some of the nice flowing football that he showcased at least in his initial years with Arsenal.

  7. will he bring that famous umbrella with him i wonder, there is way more sun in turkey than here. just wondering like !.

  8. Completely underwhelming player. Undoubtedly had a fantastic career prior to joining Arsenal but the desire to improve either himself or the team was never apparent once here. He had good spells, but overall he doesn’t get close to a number of midfielders we’ve had over the past 10 years. If he was as good as people thought, Madrid would never have let him join us, he wasn’t so important to them.
    His contract will surely be remembered as one of the biggest errors in the club’s history, banking so much on a player with no leadership abilities whatsoever.

    1. Goodluck to Ozil…so sad it ended this way…you are up there in the assists chart of Arsenal…just behind Henry and Fabregas….those calling u a flop know absolutely nothing about the round leather game.

      1. Hey, at his best he was very good. Overall I’d rate him as something like Walcott at arsenal – some great memories and performances but overall massively underwhelming, overpaid and overrated

    2. Since the emergence of Kroenke Arsenal became a poison that kills whatever it touches, Van Persie was shit when he was with us, fortunately he won the Premier league when he left Arsenal, Nasri, Thierry won the Champions League elsewhere…. Arsenal fans became even worse than a virus criticizing and threatening their players when they should be supporting them. Tell me why Xhaka played better in Switzerland, Ozil was a better player before he joined Arsenal, Gnabry became a better player when he left Arsenal.. I can go on and on with the list…

      The best you so called fans should do is get Kroenke out of Arsenal or shut up and deal with whatever that comes your way, didn’t Arteta mention a busy January? It’s past mid January and no one seems to remember that.

      Quit bashing and killing your players the more by constantly moaning like a woman in labor and support the team

      1. “Van Persie was shit when he was with us”? Can a play who scored 37 goals in a season be shit?

        Please don’t distort reality to push your point. It erodes your credibility.

  9. Sadly the game evolved and left Mesut behind. Real Madrid and Germany got the memo, we however were not cc’d. It is unfortunate that a player with such talent will be remembered for things he didn’t do, rather then things he did. I myself will remember him as a player that showed flashes of absolute brilliance, but never contributed in defence or pressuring the opposition. Whilst I am sure he did, I can never recall him making a successful tackle.

    1. They will tell you that is not his job. Like it’s tierney’s job to score goals. Funny excuses but I’m very relieved it’s over now.

  10. The biggest waste of money that this club has ever spent. One of the worst buys this club ever made and will affect this clubs dealings for years.

    1. Hmmmm. Do you hate him so much. A world cup winner. If he is the worst, how about Pepe, William etc. Ozil has achieved a lot playing for Madrid, Arsenal and Germany. Let’s give him his due respect. He has moved on and let every body move on.

      1. Segun, i hate what he has or hasn’t done for this club in the last few seasons for very little or no effort. Pepe may turn out to be worse but that story isn’t finished yet.

      2. I agree. let’s hope for him the best and move on without all the negativity. arsenal is not the club of 20 years ago. we have fallen so far behind it hurts to even think when will we even compete for the title again. arsenal need a owner who loves the club more than gaining millions from it.

  11. PLEASE can we all just move on now without having to resort to slanging matches and finger pointing!? It’s time to unite and move on!

      1. But they won’t GunneRay.
        All this talk about putting the club first, really comes home to roost now and, at the moment, the only Ozil out fan showing some class, is Jon Fox… well done my old friend.
        Time to move on.

  12. What a waste of transfer funds and wages this “Shirt Selling Genius” was.
    The most overrated and overhyped player I have ever come across in the decades I have supported Arsenal.
    Hope the board have learnt a lesson.

  13. This is a good news, now all the issues about Ozil/Arsenal will be over and secondly, 350k a week will go for better options. offerring Ozil such a ridiculous amount weekly was the greatest error Arsenal had ever made. well, i wish Ozil best of luck in his new club.

      1. Along with Aubemeyang and his reported £300, 0000,000 to £350, 000, 000 a week salary – along with Willian, Luiz and whatever other obscene and grotesque salaries our club offers it’s players.

  14. I always look forward to comments on this platform. Now that Ozil is gone. We need to sign another attacking midfielder. Emile Smith Rowe has done well. But we need to sign one of Nabil Fekir, Eriksson, Isco. Eriksson is very good at set pieces. Arteta should also consider playing Pepe as a number 10 or as a second striker. We need to start picking 3 point week on week out. We can still make top 4 this season. The likes of Willian and Pepe have to improve. They are not doing enough. Saka is a concern. The guy might get injured judging by the amount of games he has played. Eriksson or Fekir would add more creativity to the squad

  15. Ozil, Sanchez, Carzola and Monreal had the makings of something really good at Arsenal. That attack clicked more often than not and was let down by a poor defensive midfield and mismatched centre half pairings. It’s a shame the great Wegner couldn’t work it out.

  16. Sonago? I’ve forgotten all about him. Can’t even find a mental image
    Must have really made an impact or my memory has become more selective with age.

  17. Good luck ozil. you are a gunner no matter what. you never have a bad word to say against arsenal no matter what. love you sometimes how you will find the killer pass even with the tiniest of space,hate you as well for going missing when we needed you the most especially in the big matches. best of luck. now we needed another super star in our team since we now have none.

  18. always respected Ozil’s seemingly innate ability to thread the needle, but the manner by which he used his social media platform, in recent years, to inflame club-related matters and stroke his ever-fragile ego was rather disappointing…let’s hope we’ve learned a very valuable lesson about how not to conduct business moving forward, albeit I’m more than a little skeptical of that possibility in light of the Willian deal…the only silver lining in this whole debacle will come when it becomes exceedingly more difficult for Wenger apologists to use issues related to Ozil as a smokescreen to reminisce about the fictitious “good old days”…two pees in a pod, as both were world-class in their respective days, but when this was no longer the case neither could put their inflated egos aside long enough to put the interests of the team as a whole ahead of their own self-interests…this certainly isn’t to suggest that these were inherently bad men, far from it in fact, as I would expect that both had some exceedingly admirable human qualities, but when things began to unravel, they both used those perceived qualities as a way to deceive the fanbase, which severely hindered the club for an unreasonable amount of time

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