Ozil and commitment prove Arsenal are REAL contentenders

The old criticism that Arsenal don’t turn up against the big teams has been blown out of the water once again as the Gunners cruised without fear for most of the game against Man City. They certainly didn’t look like they had an inferiority complex against the expensively assembled City side.

Wenger was obviously happy with the commitment to victory shown by his side, and although it gives us a four point gap over City now, Le Prof thinks it’s too early to say Arsenal are title favourites. “I’m not sure what sort of message that sends but for us it was a vital game.” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “It is a game you come out very happy as we have shown all types of ingredients you need in these big games. Good organisation, strong solidarity, high work rate, moments of brilliance and moments where we needed to hang on because that is important as well and overall because we could kill the game and we had the chances to do it. When they came back to 2-1 we were a bit under pressure but I believe it was very intense for both teams. You had times where you had players on the ground at both sides of the pitch because of that total commitment.

“It is too early to say to we can win the league but it strengthens our belief. You come out and realise you have earned your right to win these games and for us it is important. We have to be ready to fight like that in every single game and you do that quite [often]. It is quite interesting on my side there is real life in the team, real togetherness and real solidarity, so let’s take care of that.”

The assist king Mesut Ozil yet again was the orchestrator for Giroud’s decisive second goal, and Wenger revealed that the the German’s performance was even more remarkable as he had been sick most of the week leading up to the game. “Football, you need at the end of the day someone who gives the guy the ball who scores the goal. In our team most of the time Ozil is this player. When you look at this and the guys that see, make you win and he is that.

“He is much more mature and is much more keen to take on responsibility. I personally think he is built on his physical attributes and commitment. You see his desire to win, he plays to win the games and maybe this kind of talent is exceptional. He realises he can help us in every single game.

“He had a chest infection for the week and was in bed. he had only one training session yesterday and for a guy who could not prepare well he has done very well physically. I’m a bit cautious because we have lost three or four players recently so I have to be cautious a little bit.”

So Arsenal may not be top at Christmas, but for most of us fans it is important that we have a lead over the Big Four, and especially Man City. Pelligrini’s men have a few more away games coming up so if we can keep einning we can only open up a bigger gap into the New Year.

Onwards and Upwards!


    1. How is Ozil getting the praise whn there were two goal scorers as well..
      Giroud for making that run and for finishing it of wid a goal which was actually de winning goal.
      And Walcott for taking that wonderful shot.. Why are they not getting praise ???

  1. If we can take game by game and treat each like a final, we can take the EPL cup. This Man city win was real a big one. Guys, Let us get going!
    OT: My beloved wife washed my only Arsenal jessey so I can not go round celebrating yesterday’s win…lol

  2. Ecstatic………… Drunk……. Hallucinating…..mesmerizing……… Moonwalking….. O.m.G i’m Levitating!

  3. OT..

    Arsenal are keen on getting a deal done for former Gunners legend Kevin Campbell’s 15-year-old son, Tyrese Campbell, as per the Daily Mail. The teenage forward cannot stop scoring for Manchester City’s under 16s team.

    The talented young forward scored 49 goals for City’s Under 16 team last campaign, and Campbell was at it again in Saturday’s recent fixture against Stoke City under-16s in which the frontman contributed to his side’s 6-0 victory by netting four goals.

  4. Enjoyed the first half and Walcott`s goal was world class. Second half proved one thing to me, Arsenal have a title winning eleven, may be twelve, but after that we are very ordinary.
    Ramsey is back to running the soles off his boots and causing a lot of confusion. The Oz is simply
    not learning, he should move on. Campbell needs a little luck and confidence. On the other side, how the hell does an intelligent man pay 50 million for Sterling, not only is he ordinary without the likes of Saurez, Surridge, and Gerrard he looks like he came from Star Wars (like so many others).
    I`m not allowed to say what I really think.

  5. No we hv a very good U21 side, most of our players are 16/17 year old and they play against 21-25 year old lads, so they are actually punching about their weight, so by the time they get to their 20s, they will either be loaned out, or given time in the first team for experience. Eg Akpom, Bellerin, Toral etc.

  6. Arsenal winning without Alexis is worth more than Agüero playing the match under pressure. This Monday night football has practically been built-up as the match of the season. When other teams play it is boring especially with Mourinho who started the bus system style. There is a sort of tranquility without the sacked boss which became very hazardous to the league. Arsenal have definitely given Leicester the chills.

  7. Mice-ael Owen is a Total prat……… He should keep his ugLy head in his Pocket where they really belong

    if he feels bitter bout oziL’s contribution to this team

    Jamie carragher should do same too

  8. Was he worth over £40 million?
    Actually was a bargain

    Ozil has really come through this season
    Assists King

  9. Ozil was worth it in 2013 n he’s worth it now, form is temp Class is perm on current value the lads worth easy 80 mill 🙂

    Typical Owen n British media in general, never rate finesse n actual quality but always a donkey head dwn n run type. It’s simple germany world champions England lol

    To all those who will be celebrating this week

    Merry Xmas hope it’s fun filled n joyous occasion with your families
    Coyg 🙂

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