Ozil and Emery are definitely back on the same page at last

A lot has been made about the relationship between Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery, especially in the media who have consistently reported that there is a rift between the pair, however, the latest comments from Emery show that all is not as gloomy as has been reported.

Emery was speaking about the impact both Aaron Ramsey and Ozil have had on Arsenal’s recent impressive form and the importance of flexibility from his players as the final phase of the season beckons.

“I think we are taking a good performance using a different system and different players,” Emery said. “For example, we started the last two matches playing 3-4-1-2.

“But we finished it playing 3-4-3, with players helping us in the 90th minute with a different system and different positions. I think we need to continue doing that.

“Maybe we can start with one system, maybe during the match we can change and the best positive is for all the players to be ready to help us, with a good mentality for work like we need each time.

“At first I used information from last year or the last two years. Mesut can play like a No 10 player, or starting on the right or left, in a different system, and he has a good mentality.

“And also Aaron Ramsey can play in a system with two or three midfielders, getting more in the opposition box.

“I used this information with this player and I think this player’s mind is very open to help us, to play in different positions and give us a big performance. He has a very good attitude to do that.”

There may well have been some reluctance on Ozil’s part to conform to Emery’s new style and demands but he clearly has adapted, that has been evident, he looks as if he has accepted the methods and thinking behind Emery’s decision to play him when appropriate and not just because he is our talisman.

Ozil is no longer throwing his dummy out of the pram when he is not selected and you can feel that he is starting to trust the manager to make the right calls, he may not like it, what professional footballer would? but he is not sulking and when called upon has been putting in some high quality performances.

The media will no doubt continue to claim that Emery is looking to sell Ozil in the summer but that is far from certain, in fact, I would suggest that it is becoming more unlikely that we will be selling our German meastro in the summer.


  1. Ozil was never in Emery’s bad book! the media was just selling stories. Next season, Ozil will galvanize the team to success!

  2. i agree with Chekwube. Although ozil may not have looked ecstatic about being left out by emery i think it was justified based on some of his performances and the media just spun a story blown out of all proportion. Ozil has worked his way back into the manager’s thoughts and hopefully, god willing, he will guide us to 3rd and a much anticipated st totteringhams day. COYG

  3. I’ve got a hunch Ozil would be benched at the upcoming away match

    Emery has said they have to be dynamic with different systems and positions, hence it will not be a surprise if some players are benched at tough away matches

    Emery has to juggle his players until he can replace some of them next season

    1. You could be right about ozil being benched for the next away game,I was thinking the same thing!!but with the way things have been going we need to trust UE to make the right calls!!

    2. I have a theory that Ozil’s lack of appearances was down to our budget.

      We had no money in January to either buy, or tie down Ramsey to atleast sell him.
      Now since his wages are also dependent on his appearances, it could have contributed to his lack of appearances

      1. Who said his wages are dependent on appearances?Why would he sign a contract that basically means he earns nothing if he is not in team.I take it your not a Football Agent PAL

  4. Ozil is a world class star who was hurt by the arrival of a coach who doesn’t have the same play style that he is comfortable with. Compare that to wenger love it must have rocked his world. There must have been friction at start but eventually when you have a professional player and coach, things get better.

    Emery used the much criticised 3-5-2 who was a defensive formation to build up the understanding between the cb, wingbacks and midfield in both attacking and defending situation. After a rough start especially on the quality of play, the players became more accustomed with playing from the back then he was able to deploy a more advanced midfielder or attacker without sacrificing our defensive stability.

    Remember pep had similar problem in his 1st season and used different formations to help players understand his way of playing before he played his favourite 4-3-3 system.

    1. Ackshay, excellent post in my opinion.

      In the end, as Eddie Hoyte alluded to many times, the salary wasn’t an issue with UE or the club, in my opinion.

      It was some of the fanbase, who in their respected opinions, said he wasn’t worth it.
      Others disagreed.
      The brilliant outcome is that, surely, both parties are now happy and can enjoy having a world class player pulling the strings at our club!!!

      1. Ken I am fast beginning to think how glad I am that we settled for a “draw”, so to speak, over the new hungry Ozil. On balance I think you were most probably right and I was wrong. Hope so and how! Either way, I find myself fervently wanting him to stay.

        1. Lol… No no no Jon Fox you find yourself wanting Ozil to stay?/Someone please shoot me in the head!! Ken?! Pat?! Sue?! Anyone, please shoot me in the head

              1. He always said he doesn’t question his skill it’s his desire and lackadaisical approach to games that infuraiates him and Ozil should leave on that basis.

          1. Well said Jon Fox, takes a real Man or Woman to admit they are wrong but you’re not on your own. I’ve been one of Aaron Ramsey’s biggest critics but have been absolutely astounded by the lads professionalism during a difficult time. Too late to hope he stays, deal done. Just like to add, so it’s Wolverhampton Wanderers Reserves v Manchester United tonight thanks to the FA for rearranging the fixture just a few days before a Wolves semi final. Similar with Chelsea v Brighton. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get these kind of favours once in a while

            1. Well Kenny, I am definitely “a real man or woman”. I leave you to decide which, but I like women, though I might be a lesbian, I suppose!

              1. Jon, you know what I mean, if I’d have said takes a real man the politically correct brigade would be saying, “don’t you think women have the same courage” and they wouldn’t be wrong. I have no doubts about your gender, thankfully.

                1. Not to worry Kenny. Just my off the wall sense of humour . You need to be so careful with the PC brigade sometimes, though I DO, TO BE SERIOUS,believe in the concept of properly applied PC. Trouble is, it often becomes ludicrously counter productive when taken to extremes by those who live in a make believe world only.

                  1. Like telling kids the danger of playing conkers, then again as 10 year olds we’d jump on the back of a slow moving lorry, hold on tight, which would take us through from Hoxton Market to Victoria Park where we would collect conkers then spend hours driving a nail through the middle of the conker to thread the string and occasionally driving the nail through our hand. So maybe they have a point.

                    1. Some tell me this whole supposed schools thinking playing conkers are dangerous and not allowed is a myth, and that schools are quite content if kids wish to play. But a moderen kid who played conkers rather than on his infernal gadgets would soon be ostracised, Id think. Aged around ten, I used to go to a place in Ware in Hertfordshire that we called Conker Alley and though we were in Heaven , coming home with every pocket jammed full of conkers. Oh what bliss!

            2. Perhaps we get the favours, not once in a while, but all the time – the hard and negative way???

          2. Seems a bit extreme Eddie, so I will decline your noble offer, thanks Eddie. Anyway , I don’t fancy the rest of my life in jail, so if you would rather just give me your bank details instead, with a letter of exonneration when I steal your money from it, I will happily settle for that instead. Anyway, I have been wrong before now, I remember it was on a Wednesday back in 1975, as I recall!

            1. Jon, what have you and I done?

              No more infighting, no more name-calling and worst of all I have this vision, WHICH I CANNOT SHAKE FOR LOVE OR MONEY, of Phil doing a poo…I blame Dan (XXnfox) for making us see sense.

              Let’s get back to AW, all this snowdrop rubbish is pure diarrhoea.

              1. Ken, I am tickled that some people think it needs courage to admit you are wrong. No it doesn’t, not in the slightest. All it needs is some perspective on our shared human condition. I am very often wrong and so is every other human being. That is only truth and it is slightly amusing, though it ought to be worrying that some appear to think otherwise. Wish now, I’d never mentioned poo. You see, that was also wrong of me! Oh and congrats for spelling diarrhoea correctly. I always have to look it up on the many times each day I mention it! But please don’t take “look it up” too literally. And not a single Arsenal word in this post. Another error!

                1. Indeed Jon, indeed…do you remember giving me advice about our board?

                  Debating should always be the core of society, but if one doesn’t listen and learn (every single day) what’s the point?

                  I got criticised earlier in the week for coming over as a know-all and I was really upset reading the post.
                  The problem was, he hadn’t read the original post and my response, and to be a constructive debate one has to be open to everyviewpoint.

                  God, I am sounding like a know-all now, but I hope you get my drift?
                  As an oldie, my biggest teachers are my three grandsons aged 25, 24, 23…they put me in my place I can tell you!!!

                  1. Your comments made me smile, through similar association with youngsters in my family Ken. I think young folk really don’t get to know the oldies in their family as people , apart from their parents and even the kids don’t know a great deal of how they really are, since being a Mum or a Dad always gets in the way. Twas ever thus through the generations Id say. I loved both my grandads to bits and really regret not knowing far more about what they were really like as people, their foibles, youthful achievements and talents. Perhaps with modern technology, the kids will now and in future have far more knowledge of their grandfolks. Just the natural fact that “birds of a feather” etc and though we oldies know our youngsters rather better than they know us, I really wonder , do we EVER REALLY know them?

          3. Eddie am here. Jon Fox is becoming a sweet heart. ??????? I thought I will never see that day. Ozil’s abilities are inside of him and it can only come out given the right platform. I wish Ramsey isn’t leaving. I felt the decision was rushed.

            1. And I honestly think Emery is enjoying his work better now that he is not at odds with his players. Our results are far better, we play exciting football, defensively better and fans are more hopeful. So I believe in everyone putting their best efforts together is yielding good results.

  5. Seems like we are getting ahead of ourselves again. Ozil had a good game yesterday so I’ll avoid being negative, but he is known for his inconsistent form, so I don’t see how 4 starts makes him Emery’s main man again, especially when we know by now Unai makes lineups based on opponents and the nature of the game he expects. I don’t think this says anything about where Ozil will be next season. Unai is just using the tools he has available to win games. The same thing he has been doing all season despite many angry Arsenal fans hating him for it.

    1. Majority of the players were poor in the first half but in the second half many of them woke up.Ozil has had one great season and the rest have been mixed in terms of good and bad.I want him sold because imo he’s not been that good but not just for the sake of it but for one who can do better.He doesn’t do that well so anytime he shows up just a bit his performances are overrated and blown out of proportion.A lot of players are scared to leave Arsenal especially those who don’t play that well because the way we treat players in terms of game time is different from other clubs.

    2. RSH, While I much agree with your main point about Emery using players from game to game, I DEFINITELY sense a real chance in Ozils hunger and as his ability has never been remotely in doubt, I have actually changed my mind from about only a month or so ago, thinking and hoping he would be gone by next season. I am now more likely than not, I believe , to have been wrong and what is more, I passionately hope to have been wrong too! CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES CAN ALTER OPINIONS IN PEOPLE. Naturally I do NOT much include our current PARLIAMENTARIANS, IN THAT COMMENT.

      1. Most of Ozil’s other seasons except 15/16 have been like this.I don’t see any change in character or hunger.He’s always been like this in good times and bad times just that he’s been off form for majority of his time in Arsenal.People call Ozil lazy but are they now going to say he’s hardworking?If anything he’s been given his chance and is slightly coming back to form.When you play well in attack people especially for a No. 10 people will forget your defensive deficiencies.However, hes not done enough just like the past seasons and on the basis of that it will be better of Arsenal cut their losses not just for the sake of it but because they have a plan and are prepared to properly replace him.

        1. Or if you choose, as I do, you might prefer to take an alternative view that he is now being properly MOTIVATED to work hard, as are all the other players too, and to not be bullied anymore , after all those ” bullied” team perfs under ” whatever happens, just happens, Wenger” . You might also , as I FIRMLY DO, recognise the amazing difference in teams with a pro -active, dynamic manager compared to those with a merely hand wringing re -active manager, like Wenger was. Or you may not so choose, as you appear not to do. Your own free choice!

          1. You’re not getting my point.There’s been no change in his character even though he’s doing well.His best season was 15/16 and in that season he had this same character.How can people tell if in his mind he wasn’t hungry before this period?Mind you Ozil has done well even this season in some of the bad times in past matches.For e.g against Leicester City at home.My point is it’s the same Ozil we know and you can say all you want about hunger or hardwork but I’ve seen this performances from him season after season.It’s nothing new.He hasn’t done enough to justify why he shouldn’t be sold and I don’t see why Arsenal should keep Ozil on the basis of this and past seasons.As for Emery vs Wenger I don’t even want to go there because the season hasn’t ended and unlike many here some of us tipped Arsenal to finish in the top four despite our so called average team.

            1. I’m with you Kev. I’m just not sold on any change. We’ve been here before with Ozil where he is in form for a strech of games and then goes back to being anonymous for the majority of the season. For the amount he gets paid that isn’t good enough. I still think the club should move on from him and find somebody more compatible with what Emery wants. But I wouldn’t be shocked if Ozil lasted another season given the fact finding a suitor will be hard, and we have other positions to prioritize before finding somebody to replace Mesut. Glad he’s playing well right now, but this is just more of what his entire Arsenal career has been.

            2. kev I DO take your point and have been often criticising his weakness of drive and workrate(which are different from character, even though I have personally confused those things in my posts at times). But things can and do change. Otherwise we would still be stone age people. I honestly think Ozil has needed a shape up or else type manager which he NOW has. I agree that all people are differerent – and let us thank goodness for that wonderful fact – but Wenger was an arm round the shoulder type manager and it failed to work with Ozil. Wenger was and is , in fact, a wonderfully mature and special human being, even though many of us thought his top level managerial powers had long left him. I was hugely critical of him as a manager, though NOT as a man. Few things are starkly black or white, even though I used them as comments , and incorrectly too, as much as anyone. But that is surely the closer truth. I watch body language and facial expressions plus tone of voice very closely in all people I see and personally meet too. This is common in theatre folk, as I am. I have never spoken to Mesut but of course have seen him many many times in close ups as have we all. I think he is a deep, thinking, sensitive- perhaps over sensitive soul – and though you might conclude that type need an arm around the shoulder more than a kick in the pants, life is rarely so clear cut. To me , the harsher tratment Emery has given him , IS working. Will it continue to work though? Only time can really tell the truth.

          2. kev, here’s a question for you:

            Since UE issued that statement about Ozil being fit and ready to play, how many times has the great man been sick?

            I’m not saying for one second that Ozil wasn’t fit and/or ill, because other first team players have come out saying that he was and also, what he meant to them as a player.

            But the use of suggestion and/or questioning is a powerful tool and a very effective man-management tool.

            Anyway, as the saying goes, ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL don’t you think?

            1. Ken A good comment which I share , but only bt having been recently converted and even then only on balance. I think the point the others, kev and RSH would make is that “ALL HAS NOT YET ENDED WELL AND THE END MAY BE SOME WAY OFF YET. ” OR, it may not! Time will tell and I DO TAKE THEIR POINT THAT HE HAS BEEN HERE BEFORE AND A FEW TIMES TOO.. I personally sense a distinct change though, and whilst he will never be a Parlour or Torreira type in challenges, I am hopeful, though not yet completely confident, that we may finally HAVE THE PLAYER HE COULD AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG AND REGULARLY TOO.

  6. The situation between Ozil and Emery was blown out of proportion by the media. However, for a team to attack with confidence, it needs to have a strong and balanced defense, something which I believe Emery has been trying to build with his defensive lineups. This is one reason why I believe that Emery left Ozil out of the lineup for a number of games. We all know that Ozil rarely puts in a tackle, and for a pressing team, everyone needs to put in a shift (just look at the attacking players of Liverpool and Mancity). Ozil has now been restored to the lineup and his recent performances have shown his willingness to adapt to Emery’s tactics. This, to me shows a player who respects his manager and a manager who’s patient with his most creative player.

  7. We won a game we should have won at home, and now we are in 3rd. Good showing by UE and the players, and the support was definitely there. Ramsey was a beast yesterday, and even though I bash him, his professional attitude is refreshing and how he simply just goes about the business.

    Laca is an absolute beast up top, long may it continue. He is relentless in his work rate, the shifts he puts in, and he is perfect for how we play. I hope Bellerin gets healthy soon, but no guarantee he gets slotted in to start. AMN has had a good run lately, and the young man is really proving something with his displays.

    Guendouzi dipping a bit lately; bit careless in possession and looking slow in his tracking. Talented no doubt, but also room to improve.

    Love the table now, and actually pulling for Utd to squeeze out the spuds.

    1. I appreciate that Guendouzi never gives up even when he makes mistakes. And he get’s physical when required. Definitely room to improve but I also liked his performance and can’t wait to see what he can do next season.

  8. Off Topic, I’ve always liked Neil Warnock, reminds me of Brian Clough, I know most people on these pages never heard of Cloughie but he constantly took on the stupid administrators of the game, ie the FA, The Football League, The PGMOL, The Referees, etc. Neil does the same, he’s always getting himself in trouble but unlike the majority of managers in this country, has the courage even though, like Arsene Wenger, is forced to leave his credit card at the FA for them to regularly fine him. His latest moan is about Mike Riley, saying, “while Riley is in charge of the referees, standards will never improve”, something I’ve been saying for the past 10 years. Brilliant that a top manager has highlighted this problem, hopefully something will now be done to get this cheating, incompetent, sub-human being out of the game for good.

    1. Kenny, I could not agree more about Cloughie and he was a fine human being as well as a great manager. In 1972, as Double Winners, we played away to Derby, the champions to be that season. About a dozen of us away fans were right opposite the Baseball Grond about noon, 3 hours before kickoff. Clough , who was just over the road saw us and came over. He asked us if we all had tiickets, which we did, and chatted for a few minutes. We were mostly tongue tied and in awe. He was lovely and real and ever since then I would not hear a word against him. Sure , of course he was opinionated and also brave, fearless, brilliant, way ahead of his time and a huge tragedy for England that they were too afraid of his talent and truth to hire him. What a man! You will know that full well of course but younger fans might be reading this too.

      1. I should also have mentioned the clown ref Taylor last night, escaped from the circus for the night. What a sick joke and where ever do they find these clowns? With a half decent ref we would have won 4- 0, deservedly too!

        1. Jon, as Sue said the other day, “there all as bad as each other”. Picked and chosen by the incompetent Riley. Funny what you just came out with, throughout the game last night I constantly shouted at Taylor, “where do they get you people from”.

          1. Kenny, I bet he answered you by squirting water at you from his clown bag of goodies! Then there was the ref and the God awful linesman at the Cardiffv Chelseas game. From the same circus, clearly. Depressing !

            1. Was April FOOL’S day yesterday after all… what excuse can they use for the other 364 days of the year?!! 7

                  1. I also hear that the Arsenal’s fan-base are receiving an award for being the most intelligent, loyal, respectful, and insightful football fans in the world over…

                1. I hear they are also desperate to take Mustafi and Elneny off our hands. I MUST GET SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THOSE VOICES IN MY HEAD!

  9. Emery + Ozil
    A Golden Opportunity
    If ozil and Emery wins the Europa league then ozil would have won almost everything except the premier league. If ozil wins the Europa he will be gunning for that premier league and Emery must use this as a motivational tool. We finally for the first time since ozil joined us have some real quality around him. Please Mr Emery stop experimenting with Iwobi. Play the team away just like we play at home and boss every game like the arsenal does. We have quality just not in abundance.

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