Ozil and Ramsey apologies mean ZERO to Arsenal fans

Are you Arsenal fans out there as sick as I am of hearing from our under performing players after a terrible performance and result? It is always the same old thing about wanting to put it right, owing the fans a response and talk about them sharing our pain, but I just do not buy it.

As reported by Metro, the German international star Mesut Ozil went on social media after the pasting by Liverpool at Anfield in which he played like a man who could not give a monkeys if the Gunners won or lost, to suggest that he was trul;y sorry for the way the game went and that he and his club colleagues would do what ever they could to help Arsenal bounce back after the international break.

Ozil wrote, “Blame us, shout at us, criticize us, but I’m also very disappointed about today’s game ?. We wanted to achieve a positive result before the international break but we were simply not good enough during the 90 minutes and Liverpool deserved the win without a doubt. Usually I’m too angry to post on social media after such frustrating days like today, but I don’t want to let this match go uncommented before traveling to the DFB Team. Nevertheless… Gunners, I’m sorry – especially for the fans who travelled all the way up to Liverpool to see us fighting. But we will try everything to improve in the next game and bounce back from the disappointment we are all feeling at the moment.”

That is easy to say but not so easy to do and that is the problem, because when these things keep happening, as they do every year with Arsenal, you cannot ignore the fact that there is an underlying and recurring problems, so apologising after the fact as Ramsey did on the Arsenal website, only make the fans angrier.

The Welshman said, “We’re very disappointed with the way we performed but we have to accept it. We’re sorry to the fans that came up – it’s not good enough and we have to do something about it.

“We’re going to have to change something if we’re to compete this year. That wasn’t good enough. Liverpool showed what it’s going to have to take to compete for the Premier League and we’re going to have to do something about it if we’re going to do that.

“Most of the squad go away now, so when we get back we’ll have to review that and hopefully we can move on and sort it out.”

Here is some advice mate, don’t say sorry, just make sure you have nothing to say sorry for by putting in the effort in the first place.



  1. Sue says:

    Have they only just realised ‘it’s not good enough’ & ‘things have to change’ what a joke! They should be giving 100% every game… I for one am not looking forward to going to the next match, not sure if I should cheer or cry!! Only going because of my son. Not good times being an arsenal fan absolutely gutted coming from someone whose husband is a liverpool fan, father in law a chelsea fan & son in law man united fan. Sigh ?

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Whilst people keep attending matches and buying the merchandise the money will continue to flow and Stan will be happy. Whilst Stan is happy and Wenger is employed
      Arsenal will stay the complete an utter embarrassment they have become under these two.

      Your choice. But I stopped attending matches 5 years ago and stopped taking my boy. Now instead of watching Arsenal matches he has learnt to play guitar and is very happy about that. There are other things to do in this world that would probably give a better return on his investment!;)

      1. Vlad says:

        You must still watch the games if you keep coming here. Might as well stop that too. As for tickets, merchandise, etc. – nothing will change until Arsenal keeps being treated as business, and not a football club. Wenger or no Wenger makes absolutely no difference.

  2. mikki says:

    They should step up their games,we don’t need apology because arsenal will experience same result again if they don’t step up their game since Wenger has refuse to be active in the transfer market….

  3. Atid says:

    Apologise then leave please, take wenger kroenke and gazidis with you and all the other smirking sulking twats with you.

    1. Gunner 71 says:

      Ozil will go to Dortmund

    2. Frank says:

      To be fair to Ramsey he went off at halftime and did any of you hear what Henry said about him playing so high up? Wenger tells him to do it. Wenger expects Ramsey to not defend and play a high line.
      Why does Ramsey play good for Wales? Because he plays high, pretty much the position Özil plays for Arsenal but with two defensive midfielders behind him.
      Why won’t Wenger get some defensive midfielders? Because he is a doughnut.

  4. Kamikaze says:

    Ramsey and Xhaka were left on the floor numerous time…waaaah that was really embarassing!

  5. antiwenger says:

    You’d be forgiven to think it’s February already which is our official crumbling month. We are only 3 games into the season and in a full blown mess. This season looks like a write off already, honestly we’d be lucky to finish seventh going by our last 3 games. Last season’s top ten teams have all strengthened significantly where as we are looking to sell our players 2 days to deadline day instead of signing what we need. Ask any West Brom fan if they would swap Pulis for Wenger and you will see just how far we have fallen. In fact, how many top teams would take Wenger as their manager currently??

  6. Shaji says:

    I don’t think its the problem of the players. I think it is the problem of game tactics. Every mediocre teams are now confident of beating Arsenal… Unless they change tactics Arsenal are not going to win anything.. Irrespective of the fact that there are pacy wingers, they lack sudden counter attack…Long range attempts are very rare.. Slows down the game and wait until all the attackers gather near the box..By that time all the defenders of the opponents also take position…Rest is as you always see…attempts to walk into goal post…losing possession…conceding goal …

    1. Vish says:

      Exactly , why don’t we analyse and adapt our style of play to suit the opponent we are going to face . Liverpool did so against us , the entire week the TV pundits were saying Liverpool press high and are susceptible to counter attacks from teams that sit deep . So what do they do , sit back and give Arsenal space to play and let them hang themselves . It everyone less than 10minutes to see Arsenal’s tactics were counterproductive so why did it take Wenger 45minutes and 3goals later to change .

      We need to get Renato Sanches on loan from Bayern Munich . He is a deep lying defensive midfielder with a killer pass and he can dribble out tight situations with skill and power .
      We should revert back to 4 2 3 1 or 4 3 2 1 with Coquelin to sit deep and hold a position to protect the defense seeing as Xhaka and Ramsey are incapable of doing so

  7. Badenglish says:

    Özil will never go to Dortmund. This was the end of his career. The Dortmund Fans want fighting players. They don’t accept Özil ‘don’t touch me’ football

  8. Shaji says:

    Start campaign “Empty Emirates”…The only way to tie down powerful Wenger….

  9. Chuks says:

    Noting will change until Wenger leaves.
    he has destroyed our love (Arsenal) my heart bleeds.
    If only I hv a way of getting rid of this man to liberate us from this Devil.
    Fans who could not take it are dying bcos of this man.
    God help us.

  10. tobby1983 says:

    Monaco rejected Liverpool £55.5m offer for Lemar.
    May be to give us the chance of putting more money on the table for the guy, since everyone knows we need to recruit and since Wenger had shown interest in Lemar previously.
    But I don’t think Lemar is who we need. Sead is sufficiently OK on the left. Give us a good CB, a ball playing 4, and throw Ozil away somewhere to give us a 10 who can assist, defend and score goals! Then let Wenger step down as soon as possible, cash his remaining contract money and go hide somewhere in Chinese Super league.
    Then arsenal will be arsenal again!

  11. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    It’s ok Ozil, we are used to you being rubbish now. Unfortunately you cost a lot of money so the manager is going to persist with playing you even though you don’t even deserve to make the bench.

    1. McLovin says:

      Strange. Le Fraud also splashed the cash on Lacazette but has no problem benching him.

      Ramsey, Özil, Monreal, Cech, Welbeck. The favored 5 who can’t be dropped.

  12. Sri says:

    Sterling + Cash for Sanchez …. not a bad option if the transfer request from Sanchez is for real.
    He is young and pacy.

    1. John0711 says:

      Why would someone thumb u down. Sterling is decent and hard working

  13. Imran says:

    See what our legendary caption says:

    That’s way today’s managers understand. Wenger is still in 90s period. What to say so gutted. Unable to control emotions after seeing the drubbing by an average team. I don’t rate liverpool. For me they are not champions but still they f***ed us off. I am fearing how are we going to face man utd and spuds. For Chelsea we are bogey team.
    I wish our former legends are active in arsenal FC and kick current fools out.
    Why are we praising cech. He has never saved penalties for us. Why still we have Walcott who has never shown the level of Henry as once he was compared to our club legend. We must just have patience until this mad old man f***s off from the club.

  14. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Ozil and Ramsey must be taking “the piss”. I have followed Arsenal FC for 55 years through thick and thin. I accept that Wenger was a major part of the problem at Anfield with team selections and set up, but I expect the players to be professional and play for the money and their self esteem as well as the badge. This was the closest thing (except for goalkeeping) that I have seen to “tanking” by an Arsenal team.
    Future performance will show how sincere the apologies are! On the performance at Anfield they don’t deserve to wear the shirt!

  15. AngryGunner says:

    Again , we should remove the garbage Kroenke from our club.

    #KroenkeOut , #EmptySeats , #NoMoreMerchandise

  16. McLovin says:

    Dembele moved to Barca less than 3 days ago, and yesterday Dortmund finalized the deal for Andriy Yarmolenko (a profilic winger).

    It disheartens me to see other teams buy the replacements rightaway, meanwhile it takes YEARS for Le Fraud to do that, if he even manages to do that.

  17. OxInTheBox says:

    city offer stearling+cash for sanchez. take it any buy draxler with that money, sell ozil.
    stearling+draxler for sanchez and ozil is decent, and allow us to start rebuilding. get also VVD, n’zonzi and we will be able to compete for top 4

  18. Dan says:

    Yes they paid poorly, but it’s not really they fought that the manager does not give them the best chance to succeed. Ozil is a mercurial player but defending is not his forte. If he paid like Bergkamp with Vieira and Petit/Gilberto behind him, he would shine. The same with Ramsey, he is not a box to box midfielder he is a number 10. If he is not good enough to start ahead of Ozil, then he should start on the bench.

    Xhaka, the manager said last season is not good at tackling, then you put him and Ramsey who i described above to protect the defense away at Liverpool. To make it even worse the defense as a right back paying left wing back. a Left back playing center back and a want away central midfielder playing right wing back.

    So yes the players apology is OK, the blame rests squarely on the managers desk. And to tell you the truth I don’t think he cares, its his way or the highway for us

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Don’t even mention Bergkamp (who was hard as well as skillful) in comparison to Ozil!

  19. Shark says:

    “Liverpool showed what it’s going to have to take to compete for the Premier League”. And Stoke showed us what? That we can’t do it?

  20. tobby1983 says:

    I support Sterling plus cash for Sanchez, if Sterling wants to come and Alexis insists on leaving.
    By all means, get rid of Ozil! Even if you aim a gun at the guy, he still wouldn’t defend and he hardly ever scores goals. When last did he even make his ‘excellent’ passes?

  21. tobby1983 says:

    For the same amount: It should have been Kante, not Xhaka. It should have been Suarez not Ozil!

  22. Mad_Gooner says:

    One question I have is when are we selling the biggest waste of space Ozil then Mr Wenger.He is useless and not even a luxury player as he goes missing all the time. Time to get rid or be gone Arsene you loyalty to the tripe ha gone too far.

  23. waal2waal says:

    ramsey and ozil cannot be sorry having contributed to that pitiful display then they went off to the cashpoint to check balance of at least £100K – they let the fans down badly and while they’re each drinking champaign its the fans who are the sorry ones for having believed in this shower of sh**.

  24. amb98 says:

    What’s the point in apologising on social media when these performances occur like 5 times a season, every season, for the last 10 seasons. If they really cared, them and the club would refund the poor fans who travelled to the game.
    Ramsey cannot play central midfield- especially in a midfield 2 with Xhaka- who cannot tackle. Ramsey lacks discipline and doesn’t defend. There’s no point apologising and saying something needs to change when Ramsey wasn’t even looking in the direction of play for Liverpool’s first goal. I blame Wenger for persisting with Ramsey and letting him play so high up but as a professional footballer Ramsey should use his initiative and think actually, we are getting overrun, let me drop deep and actually defend.
    Mesut Ozil has so much talent and skill but he just does not use it as consistently as you need from a ‘top’ player. Sometimes he is unfairly criticised but for someone of his ability he should be lifting others around him and making others play better, but he does not.
    Mass changes are needed, from top to bottom at Arsenal FC.

  25. JJPawn says:

    Apologies matter. Ever tried to apologize, and not have it accepted?

    Granted, losing is not easy. 4-0 was horrible. We have to move on, and give support to the changes occurring, rather than make silly observations that it is not. We have won the FA cup several times recently, telling us that there is promise here, and the EPL challenge, even if unlikely can be still made.

    The one key thing to change for better results is the senior British core: Theo, Ramsay, Ox, etc. They all need to go, they dominate the dressing room despite not having won a thing with their “talent”. They were the experiment that failed. Do not only blame Wenger, but everyone else who fawned over this English core.

    You can imagine what the world class players think when they see a garbage Theo goal, an Ox final ball, a Ramsay “strike”, etc. Of the English players Welbeck is a worker and decent squad player who will play his hear out for any manager. The new generation need to observe that effort.

    Those calling for Wenger’s head misses the shifts he has made in beginning in Ozil, Alexis, and now Lacazette. There is change taking place, but it is not easy to to compete with the top three or four (five or six now) clubs with massive transfer funds.

    This debacle perhaps came at the right time to accelerate the changes. What fans need to do is ask the management to give Wenger more money to buy. 65M + 150K salary for VanDijk should settle the matter instantly in Arsenal’s favor, if everyone thinks he is that good. Otherwise, get another defender with more speed and power for a bit less. Do not sell Mustafi just yet, but hold out for the January transfer.

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