Ozil and speed can give Arsenal win against Liverpool

Next few games could decide our title credentials by KM

Hello fellow Gooners. Excited about the return of the League? It’s this time of the year, where matches come thick and fast and in a span of a week you can jump up or down with a few positions. So the fixture list sees three very difficult games coming up.

First up we have Liverpool away, and it’s interesting because it’s Liverpool of Klopp. The charismatic German has had various results so far, with some memorable wins and some embarrassing performances too.

They tend up to turn up for the big games and I fully expect them to turn up again. They have some injuries, but as Wenger said I expect them to miraculously return and fill up a strong side. Still though the biggest problem of their squad is their leaky defence.

I watched a few of their games, and defensively they are terrible at set pieces and we are (surprisingly) very good at them. Ozil got some rest against Sunderland and I expect those crosses to be inch perfect. Another advantage we have is speed. On the counter we have Walcott and Campbell and we should be able to trouble them.

We really need the points, because we have to go away to City, United, Spurs, Everton and Pool. Not the greatest lot… Our league record away to those teams isn’t too great in recent years, and this time, with how bad all the other teams are, everyone thinks we are contenders. The pressure is on us to perform and tonight won’t be an easy game.

Jurgen Klopp heaped praise on Arsene and the job he’s done at Arsenal, but make no mistake, he’ll have a plan for the game. We need one too and we really need not to concede first, because we’ve struggled with turning games round in the league.

Our biggest problem will be the defence. Yes it wasn’t the regular back 4, but it still featured names that should be good enough to disarm most Premier league sides. Still, relegation battling Sunderland caused us way too much trouble and we conceded a sloppy goal. I hope this is down to the lack of understanding of Gibbs and Kos, and Cech got beaten at his near post too, but it must improve against Pool.

After tomorrow it’s Stoke away which is an awful fixture for us and then a rejuvenated Chelsea side, who will be tough to beat, you can be sure of that. But it’s the same for everyone and if we want this league title we’ll need to turn up for those games and get the results. Hopefully we will start tonight.



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    1. Tonight we must have to walk all the talkings we’ve talked

      else all our talking would have been for nothing!

      *serious face*

  1. – Would be over the moon with 9 points

    – Extremely happy with 7

    – Okay with 5

    – Mixed feelings with 3

    – Devastated with 0

    All possible scenarios here and we should prepare ourselves mentally as fans to avoid potential break downs. Knowing us, it will most likely turn out be:

    – 9 points, Arsenal have the title in the bag and Wenger for life

    – 7 points, Arsenal for the title and in Wenger we trust

    – 5 points, still in the title race, hope our injured players come back soon for the final push

    – 3 points, we missed a chance again, Wenger should sign sign sign new players

    – 0 points, where the hell is Pep already.

  2. Let’s get the party started at Anfield. It’s this kind of nights that makes me miss Arshavin. COYG

  3. my heart tells me we will beat ’em 5 nil but my head tells me it’s going to be very tight 1nil or draw. Pliz could someone tell our boys to turn up its been long time since we took someone to cleaners, this is a weakened liverpool side. COYG

    1. i really dn’t like the feeling of playing a weakened side……..cuz that’s when we underestimate em, get cocky and we flop

      Lets go to anfield with the intention of playing a tough team……only then can we be dead serious abt the 3pts at stake!

      1. i don’t understand this liverpool injury crisis everyone is mentioning about…. we have sanchez, cazorla and le coq injured ffs…. that’s losing out on more talent than the entire pool squad combined…..

  4. Nice stuff @ 007, sums us up…
    We will win at Anfield am very sure of that,buh it won’t be easy at all, buh it is not always easy in this league..
    That defence can’t cope with our attack IF we turn up…
    Can’t wait for the victory..coyg

    1. Not really concerned
      about any team.
      I think City fans
      know they have to
      win big next 3 games
      otherwise their going to lose touch.
      Everton Palace and Westham are all
      very capable of beating any one if they click.
      Plus City has the 2nd leg of the League cup to play.

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