Ozil back in training and smiling – Truce declared?

As our boys ramp up their training and fitness before the beginning of the season, it seems like we have a new player in training. 

A rather smiley Mesut Ozil has been consistently present this week, so can questions begin to to be asked on whether Arteta’s “wipe the slate clean” comment will really apply to everyone!


It is always nice to see our players smiling and laughing in training as long as they carry that in to the games, but for me it shows that the team spirit is positive, and that is just what we want going into a new season. Of course, winning the FA Cup and Community Shield in the space of a month and beating the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool during that time also helps.


I know, as everyone does, that Arsenal has a long long way to go to get to where they deserve, but our performances and attitude right now is something that cannot be questioned. 


Ozil divides a lot of opinion among Arsenal fans, but at the end of the day he is a human being who is passionate and strong minded about what he wants, like any normal person can also be, and that is not always such a bad trait to have. 


Yes, Ozil’s salary is questionable but nobody questions what Messi is on because he plays week in week out no matter how he performs, and we know that he wasn’t at his best this last season. Let’s not forget it was not long ago he wanted to leave Barcelona but for his ridiculous release clause it doesn’t seem like that will happen. 


One thing that can be said for Ozil though is that he has never said he wanted to or wants to leave and regardless how the media and certain people treat him he has always, and I believe will always remain loyal to our club. A recent post from him on social media states that 7 years ago he said yes to sign for us and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again, yet fans still question him and what he has done for us. He may not have been consistent every game or every season, but who has?


Seeing him back in training and smiling with the boys is nice and I know this article will divide opinion but I will take that chance!


Ozil is passionate about his job and there is nothing wrong with that. Given our transfer funds as well, having him in our ranks even as a back up like Elneny, would not be such a bad thing either no matter what his salary eats up!


No matter what happens with Ozil now and in the future, you cannot deny his love for our club, and if he stays and gets back into the team, scoring, assisting and helping us to more trophies, then I am sure people won’t be complaining much. 


At the end of the day team spirit is important and if he is part of that team positively, then I am sure he will give his all given the chance.


Don’t hate, Gooners.

Shenel Osman

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  1. Ozil Ozil Ozil Ozil it gets really boring… His return doesn’t make me happy instead I would shut him off and keep him away from the team until his contract expires.. He offers nothing to the team

      1. AdminPat, I remember writing that it will be interesting to see how people were going to react if Mikel Arteta did bring Ozil back.
        I sad the challenge would be if /how they reacted (or words to that effect) if it happened and would they back his decisions – I’m really not in the least surprised that the comments below are as expected, as it proves that the support of MA is only there, if it’s how they feel it should be.
        So no truce, no quarter given and no real surprise either.

        1. There are pretty much 2 camps and that is unlikely to change. For those who think the team is diminished without Özil then a reinstatement will be seen as a vindication of their beliefs

          Should Özil regain a regular start then that will be down to improvements made not only by Özil but by Arteta as well by finding a way through.

          As I’ve mentioned plenty of times now, Arteta is bright and eminently capable of making difficult decisions for the best reasons.

          The chorus that was chirruping after lockdown blamed Arteta for kowtowing to Kroenke freezing out Özil. Not a belief of mine as I have faith in Arteta to be his own man and pick the team as he sees it. Success did follow during this period -quite clearly with the cup win and re entry into Europe.

          IfÖzil has rediscovered what was missing post lockdown and can be reintegrated back into the squad then I shall be supportive as I hope others will be too. I hope on the opposite side of the coin that if Özil cannot deliver sufficiently for Arteta and features only occasionally or if at all then that this will be accepted too as a genuine decline in performance which is unsuitable for Arteta’s vision

    1. at least he sacrifice a lot for the team. he loves the team, he contributed and he has passion for the profession. we loves him back.

    2. He is one of the best players in Arsenal, he is an exprienced player that can help others to score, also he could create chances starting from the defenders to midfielders and eventually to the strickers.
      So, on my opinion I will not away him off the team.

  2. Glad for the man.. only time will tell though but if he gets back into the team it definitely makes us stronger no questions asked.. I just hope his tanks don’t fail him as the minimum requirement now is to fight for the team and that means everyone every time.. I think if he does that MA will feature him week in week out. Coyg!!!

    1. How will he feature week in week out when we know very well Ozil doesn’t defend? When we start shipping in goals he will be the first one to be dropped from the team.

      1. That is the point I believe I was making.. the minimum requirement is defend well.. if he doesn’t do that I don’t think a truce will be enough to make him feature for the team.. but if he does that then I can see MA playing him a lot.

        1. We already know he wont tho, dont we? He’s been here 7 years now. This man is finished. Mikel making another rookie mistake if he brings Ozil back into the side. He’ll learn like Emery did, and what Arsene should’ve learned.

          1. Come on man.. Are we still doing the rookie tags? I think we have moved on from that.. I am sure MA will be the first to notice if he doesn’t fight for the team and he will resume bench duties but until then I think it is only fair to give him another go at it.

          2. Quincy
            I agree
            You get given the chance
            You either take it or you miss
            If you miss … then there are others waiting in the wings

  3. Check his heat map what a lazy muppet!Sad to see him in arsenal shirt again.Let him concentrate on social media propaganda and collect his wages he has nothing to offer to this team. Traditional no.10s have no place in modern football every player has to do the donkey work, even strikes help in defending from the front, the game is so competitive no easy money.

  4. Ozil has a 350k p/w smile. Sanchez has a 400k p/w smirk. Ramsey Kolasinac Lacazette the list is endless. There’s money in them heels.

  5. We don’t need Ozil…we need to buy.
    It is strange watching Abramovich finance Chelsea, with his money, and buying the Crema. Watching City buy who they need with the assistance of their owners is how they have historically done business. Watching Arsenal struggle to get money together although their owner, Kroenke, is one of the richest men in America, is the saddest thing. He won’t even ‘lend’ the club the money to buy players. We have to sell to buy. It is like Kroenke has no interest in Arsenal. Lend us the money to buy and the club will pay YOU back. Sorry….lend YOUR club the money and YOUR club will pay you back. You will be lending the money to yourself and you will in effect be paying yourself back. Mean shit.

    1. Who told you Abramovich is financing Chelsea with his money? They had a transfer ban last year, they’ve made huge money from player in the last few years, and they couldn’t spend because of the transfer ban. So now they’re going all out

      1. Well he’s not financing it with your money. Has he saved up in his piggy bank? He is *&C^NG rich and so is Kroenke. One gives…..the other doesn’t.

        1. What a dumb comment. Did you even read what he said? They made money one player sales. They had a transfer ban. They still had all the money from hazards sale to spend. So the players they have bought has come from money they HAD, not money abramovic has given them.

          1. Also, if you look at the amount of players brought in in the last window (when Chelsea couldn’t spend) and this one, we’ve bought more players in! The problem with us has always been the quality, not the spending. And that seems to be getting sorted now

  6. For almost the first time ever on here in any article, I disagree with virtually every word written. Leaving out, of, it , the, etc and there is practically nothing AND NOTHING WHATEVER OF SUBSTANCE that I can read, without feeling sick!

    My view on OZIL, shared by very many Gooners and differed on by far fewer Gooners, is that this man is the mortal enemy of our club and has inflicted far more financial harm on our club than any single other player in our history. Ozil represents in his work(what work????) attitude, everything that I have always fought against throughoutlife ie laziness, no thought for the club that pays him and its fans and a totally self centered outlook. The day this leech is forced to leave and his greedy finger are prized, screaming in horror from our money will be among the most cathartic days in my time as a fan of over sixty years.
    To try to seriously compare this man, IN ANY WAY, to the legendary Messi is to compare Covid19 to a cure vaccine.
    One is an immensely selfish, money grabbing(for nothing back in return!) ex(effectively!) player. The other is a football legend who has given SO MUCH to football and to his club. One has raised football to a new level, the other has plunged it to a new depth.

    But Shenel, at least you can spell and punctuate, so for that reason alone, I will award your article one out of ten.

    I know that, incredibly, some will agree with you and I much pity them !Finally, my apologies for sitting on the fence! I am not allowed to write what I REALLY THINK OF HIM!

    1. But of course, Jon, you will back up Mikel Arteta’s decision to bring MO back in to the fold won’t you?
      That was the whole point of Pat’s article and so we will now see the other side of the coin, regarding fans reactions.

      Instead of being told that, because MA has frozen him out, we should all put club before player, the chance is there for those who disagree with Ozil being offered this “olive branch” the opportunity to show that they ,indeed also, put the club before any player…by supporting MA’s decision.
      After all, he must have shown all the requirements Arteta has laid out to be considered, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been…considered!!!

      As I said before, if we are supporting MA 100%, then that is what we should be doing – it is so easy to be seen as a supporter of him when he does what one thinks is correct.
      The real challenge comes, when he does something that one doesn’t agree with – I really hope you do what you have been telling all and sundry to do up until now…support the manager and his decisions, by putting club before player.

      It was also another chance to see one of your 100% guarantees bite the dust – that being the one that we would never see Ozil in an Arsenal shirt again (no mention of competitive this time either)!!!

      Who knows, Jon, it could be for just this one game, but as I mentioned a while ago, someone we both know did predict that MA and MO had sat down and talked, with the result being a positive one. If it is just for this one game, then I will be backing MA up 100%, if it isn’t will you%

      As a “realist”, I am certain you will put the club before your obvious and stated loathing of MO, because that is what a real supporter does isn’t it?
      I believe that is what most Gooners will be doing and only a embittered few, who have placed themselves into a corner, will not give MA the support he needs with every decision he makes…let’s see how the situation unfolds, both for the manager, the player and the fans shall we?

      1. Ken, even Guendouzi got a game, given the players on international duty or in Covd19 isolation (Ceballos).

        1. ozziegunner, “even Guendouzi?”
          Didn’t MA say that he cares nothing for what has gone before….I don’t agree with the Guendouzi decision, but I back him up 100%.

          So, are YOU supporting what MA has done, with both Ozil and Guendouzi?
          After all, he didn’t HAVE to select either of them did he?

      2. But MA has NOT brought OZIL back, has he! HE HAS MERELY PLAYED HIM IN A FRIENDLY PRE SEASON WORKOUT. If Ozil starts in the first several Prem games then you will win your argument, but not otherwise .
        I also realise that you are obsessed with defending this enemy of our club but that’s up to you. After next June when he is gone, you will find he becomes the most widely and fiercely reviled of ANY player who has ever left our club, for any reason at all. You won’t accept that but who cares! Frankly, I have,little time and zero respect for fans who defend our clubs enemy and that has been my view for many decades past, long before this leech was even born.

        1. I’m not obsessed with the player Jon, I’m obsessed with backing Mikel Arteta and HE HAS BROUGHT OZIL BACK – HE WORE THE SHIRT – HE PLAYED IN A GAME.

          Now, as a professional gambler, you know that one can’t keep adding things on to a bet once it’s been made and you did say he would NEVER wear the shirt again – I’m only gently reminding you of the folly when predicting what MA will do – just as with Elneny in the CS win.

          I don’t expect to see Ozil featuring next week either, but when one makes a 100% statement and it turns out wrong, a little humility might be expected…but no.

          Strange as it may seem to you Jon, I haven’t missed Ozil one little bit under MA’s brilliant second part of the season.
          I’m pleased, however, that he and Arteta have got together, agreed what was required (as I said had happened) and they cannow go forward.
          If MA can get the best out of Mesut Ozil, we will have another player who can improve our performances.

          Club before player every time Jon, even if it hurts sometimes, is the model you and I have always followed – it’s a shame that your obsession with this player sees you questioning MA’s decision.
          Every fan should be delighted that MA has got MO to the level he sees as good enough to bring him back into the fold – anyone who can’t see that, is THE ENEMY of the club, not Arteta or Ozil.

          1. Ken, Here you go again, distorting my comments for your own private reasons, whatever they are. As you well know I havebeen among tht very biggest backers of ALL MA has done since accepting the job.

            I have never once criticised him. You are under a pesonal delusion that Ozil is now fully back in the fold.

            I SAY HE IS NO SUCH THING. WE WILL SEE WHO IS RIGHT WHEN THE TEAM IS PICKED FOR FULHAM SOON NOW. As I SAID A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO AND HAVE SINCE REPEATED, OZIL WILL ONLY EVER AGAIN PLAY AS FIRST CHOICE IN A COMPETITIVE PREM GAME IFWE HAVE A DEVASTATING RUNOF INJURIES. As a responsible manager, MA has to ensure he is match fit, no back aches, no mysterious one day injuries either and so he played in that practise game. YES Ken, a practise workout game, NOT a competitive game. I will leave it there as I will not waste any more of my valuable time in discussing ARSENALS ENEMY.


    1. What PR machine? The man who made the decision Mikel Arteta, ozziegunner?
      I thought you were one of those who every decision MA made, so why this comment?

      1. ken, no issue with Arteta selecting Ozil; a head coach will be ultimately judged by results. My comment relates to use of social media by Ozil and his associates, as referenced in the article. Apparently that wasn’t clear.
        As I have always stated, I wish players would let their football, do the talking.

        1. Good on you ozziegunner, you support what he does and back up your comments about club before a player…just as I do.

          What this article has identified, is the hypocrisy of some fans who preach and laud the need to support the manager -then suddenly make a complete U turn, simply because a player they don’t like, has been brought in from the cold.

  7. A big shame that Ozil haters is just about his wages & not about his talents. Just pure jealousy. Such pple should grow up & leave that gem alone.

    1. Aswee bro..
      And we forgot that he had d chance to leave arsenal for a bigger contra buh he declined and committed himself to dis club during his last contract extension..

    2. if that were the case we would dislike every single player since they are making more money than probably 99% of posters on here. Try different faulty logic.

      1. I am sure Mikel Arteta will deliver ozziegunner, whatever salary he is earning – let’s hope that this decision will see both Ozil and Guendouzi being given the opportunity to do exactly what you say.

        1. Unfortunately ken I have been let down by Ozil, after I supported him following the World Cup. I thought he would try to prove people wrong, by playing his socks off for the Arsenal. Unfortunately I was let down. (Mark

  8. Well, I wouldnt call it truce, more like having no other choice.
    I mean how can an organization pay such amount and get nothing in return?
    Ozil is back in the team because we are stuck with him for another season, so why not let him be in and out of the team till his contract expires, it cost nothing though, after all, either we play him or not, he still get paid, so let him feature against some teams that are not doggedly defensive

  9. I don’t think I have ever known a player to get so many chances at one club. Maybe Saka can teach Ozil how to assist.

      1. A guy at the end of his career against a guy who’s only just started, yeah great comparison Dan kit! The funny thing is that you think you aren’t trolling. Oh dear!

        1. How about a more relevant comparison. How many goals and assists did Saka get last season compared to Ozil?

  10. Ozil back in the team is 100% proof that not playing him was not for football reason. Current players, ex-players who know and understand the game come to his rescue because they know how valuable he is. Artera needs to let Ozil do what he does best and that’s not tracking back and playing defense. The glaring weakness at Arsenal is lack of goals and no one is better suited for creating chances than Ozil. Let the man play his game.

    1. Truth be known, it was a preseason friendly and Arsenal was short handed due to absentees on international duty.

        1. Plus HH are we supposed to believe that there wasn’t another two players who MA could have called on, especially if Ozil and Guendouzi are the toxicity that they are being painted as?
          Clutching at straws comes to mind.

          1. A genuine arsenal fans will support the coach decision and every player that put on the shirt don’t you think.

          2. No,, being a genuine MA fan (the club), instead of questioning his inclusion of Ozil and Guendouzi in training and MO in our latest game… I’m sure you support Arteta’s decision… don’t you?

          3. Highbury self named Hero, I am sure you don’t read my posts properly. Where have I questioned Arteta’s selection of Ozil and Guendouzi, having only offered an opinion on the reasoning?
            Mobella after 58 years following the Arsenal through thick and thin, I am not going to justify myself to you.
            Unfortunately this site is starting to be populated by a number of acolytes, who don’t read and don’t argue rationally.

    2. Here we go again with the nonsensical “Ozil should not be asked to track back or defend like all his teammates”.
      I don’t know what planet most of you people live on.

      1. Most of us people live on the planet that says tracking back and counter attacking is a stupid theory that stopped working a long time ago. Just ask Morino. When you finish 8th and get beaten by the worst teams in the league you better change the way you play otherwise you will finish in the relegation zone.

        1. Can you tell me of a serious club that is winning things that does not play that high intensity, defend and track back as a team type of football?
          And trust me if Ozil does not buy into it he will be frozen out once again.

        2. It’s also seems to be the planet that Partey lives on, judging by his sentiments when seeing Ozil in our shirt and playing once again.

    3. @Icw

      The reason Arteta has won 5 out of 9 games against the top teams, including 2 trophies, is because he has everyone tracking back, and working hard. You want to abandon a system that’s working really well, by giving Ozil a free pass? Absolutely staggering!

      To change something that is working is bad enough, but to suggest that Ozil of all people, is the man to elevate us to the next level, is delusional. If you want assists and goals from midfield, we have Pepe, Saka, and Willian. Arteta has already given Ozil a good run of games, and got almost nothing in return.

      1. “The reason Arteta has won 5 out of 9 games against the top teams, including 2 trophies, is because he has everyone tracking back”

        That was a fad that will not happen again. We won these games for other reasons as well. We scored against Liverpool and Chelsea on a contre attaque where the CB failed to cover. We averaged less than 40% time of possession in those game and we got lucky so many times when the ball bounced our way. I will not celebrate the wins against Liverpool because they were not interested in meaningless games. So to answer your question if playing hard and tracking back works,every teams will adopt that strategy and no one gets relegated. Besides why are you so proud of a team that finished 8th. Don’t tell me it is because they did not track back and play defense all the time. You can’t have it both ways. In this league you need talent and Ozil is the closest one to talent so be thankful instead.

        1. To say we got lucky in these games, proves you couldn’t watched them.

          The majority of our games against top teams, we’ve played really well. It’s mainly been the players that have let MA down. Think of the horrendous individual errors in defeats against City, Spurs, and Chelsea. Tactically we were fine in those games until those mistakes. Yes we’ve had a little luck here and there (what team doesn’t?), but think how lucky our opponents got with these individual errors that led directly to goals, red cards, and penalties for us.

          We were the better team against City in the semi, and completely bossed Chelsea in final. We were easily the better team in the Community Shield, and so on. It isn’t a fad, luck, or the odd good performance. We have been performing well in all those games.

          So what if our possession is low? Possession is the most useless, and overrated stat of all time. People seem to think that if you have high possession, then you must be a good team, worthy of victory. Arsenal used to have more possession than anyone, and we went 9 years straight without a trophy, and 14 years straight without winning or even being competitive in the league under that philosophy of Wenger’s. Leicester won the league with the lowest possession that season.

          MA has turned us into a fantastic counter-attacking team, which means by default, you have less possession. It’s not as if he’s trying for it and failing, because the plan is to allow the opponents to have possession.

          Of course I am not happy we finished 8th, but you can’t exactly put all the blame on MA for that. What I am proud of is two trophies in under 30 games from MA, and a team that is clearly progressing. I am proud that we have been competitive every time we have faced a big team, instead of rolling over and getting battered all the time, like we have been seeing for well over a decade. I am proud that we can actually defend now. I am proud we finally have a manager who can see the team’s weakness, and do something about it. I am proud we finally have a manager with a set of balls on him!

          By your comments, you clearly are not impressed with MA thus far. I guess beating the best teams around, winning a couple of trophies in just half a season, the team clearly progressing, and qualifying for Europe wasn’t good enough for you?

          Of course there are other elements to our success thus far under MA, other than tracking back and working hard. E.g. you need some quality like Auba. I only mentioned those two elements of MA philosophy, because they are two things Ozil refuses to do.

          You say Ozil has talent, well could please tell me where it’s been for the last few years?

  11. Hopefully he doesn’t get another chance. Every manager keeps making this mistake by thinking they need him. Then he goes into the sides and is his usual lazy self. Sit him rest of the season we dont need him anymore. Good thing is that it was just preseasons and often fringe players do get time like Elneny also did. Both these players are not good enough for Arsenal. Sell sell sell, or bench and take the toxic out the squad.

    1. I don’t know why people think “The Shirt selling genius” being frozen out make a difference to the outcome of our team. Just because he is on £350,000 a week shouldn’t be a rope to hung us with. Just freeze him out if he is not willing to show enough fight, determination and grit like his fellow teamates.
      Some of us are tired of singing the same song season after season about Ozil being a lazy, weak, not bothered scrounger. He better start playing a more gritty game like all his teammates or we will keep pelting him.

      I am okay with him getting back into the team as long as he is willing to adapt to the modern high intensity game. If he thinks he is some sort of princess who just floats around doing the bare minimum then he should not be allowed back into the team.


    2. All non sense. Ozil gets singled out because he makes a lot of money or his Politics or his religion. The rest of the squad played below par all season long but only Ozil is blamed. Luiz our trusted CB gave away 5 penalties, was ejected and we lost the games. Kolesniak gifted the opposition with one goals and we lost the game. Mustafi cost us the games against Brighton and Leicester because he did not react. Holding practices his headers in the wrong net. Lacazette goes missing all season and only had 31 shots on goal.. Peppe the 70 mil signing found himself on the bench a lot and hasn’t made an impact in most games. I can go on and on but no need to. state the obvious. Yet all we hear from the haters is Ozil this and Ozil that. It doesn’t add up.

      1. Yeah yeah. Ozil is always the biggest VICTIM as always.
        That is why he got sold by Madrid.
        Germany got rid.
        And Arsenal are desperate to see the back of him.

        But it’s all politics and Ozil is always the victim.

        Listen to yourselves.

        1. “That is why he got sold by Madrid.:
          Madrid sold Ronaldo.
          nuff said.

          “”Germany got rid.”
          WrONG! He quit the German team on his own.
          If you want to be credible demeaning the guy bring in the goods.

          1. Seconded – the most amusing thing is that the Ozil haters are now having to show their true colours – either they support Mikel Arteta or they don’t. and it looks like it’s player before club?!?!

            Of course, one or two are saying that they are not bothered, but. they would look silly if they said otherwise, after preaching to everyone how we should all support MA…it’s called karma and it’s such a leveller.

            MA has obviously seen that the player has now reached the criteria he demands of his players, let’s see how it unfolds over the coming season – I can see a thousands more shirts being sold on the back of this, bringing The Arsenal and Ozil brand to even more supporters.
            Both fan bases will benefit from MA’s decision – we should all be over the moon…if we support the club of course.

          2. Absolutely RSH, do you back MA bringing MO back?

            As detailed below, it seems Partey is a fan of Ozil as well, liking the photo of MO in our shirt on Facebook.. perhaps Arteta and Partey are looking forward to seeing those two, Partey and Ozil, forming a great partnership?

            Now, about club before player?

      2. OZIL is blamed because he is lazy . Simple as that. All your comments are nonsense and you are oneof the minority who refuse to see how little he works.

        1. Jon, no my friend you said Ozil will NEVER wear an Arsenal shirt again and was willing to take bets on it, because you were 100% sure.

          I didn’t take up you offer, because I couldn’t see MA and MO sorting out their differences, but it now seems they have.

          I have already said that I don’t think MO will play against Fulham, especially having played in just one friendly game.
          It doesn’t have to be Ozil to work that one out.

          As I said, any fan who doesn’t see the positives of these two sorting out their differences are the real enemies of the club… only my personal opinion of course.

          Whar do you think of Parteys reaction to seeing Ozil in our shirt, looks as if he would like to play alongside him and/or thinks highly of him.

        2. So you disagree with MA’s decision and thoughts then Jon?
          I guess that also means MA has joined, what you believe is, the minority – mind blowing Jon, just mind blowing… and it seems Partey has to be added to that “minority” group as well.

          God help the man if he does sign for us, he has already conn the deadliest sin and must now be classed as the “enemy” – dear oh dear oh dear!!!

        3. Ken, I never thought you would get on the “Ozil haters” train. Surely someone can criticise a player without “hating” him?

          1. ozziegunner, Jon has said many times he loathes Ozil… please look up the definition of “loathe” for me and then come back…. I have no problem discussing opinions, but do you think loathe, thief, filth, as examples that have been said here, to describe Ozil on JA should be tolerated?

          2. Ken, but you have generalized about everyone who has criticized Ozil, as being a “hater”. There are many of us who have avoided the strong terms you have quoted as synonyms for “hate”. I try to keep the cricism objective and not emotive, as do others, but we all get tarred with same brush. I have been called a racist and anti Muslim on this site, something no one who knows me would call me to my face, even at 68 years of age.

          3. ozziegunner, we are now getting tarred with being acolytes, if we view Ozil in a different way – now who was it introduced this name into the subject ?

            I am not a follower of any person whatsoever and neither am I anyones “boy”, but it seems that anyone can be labelled, until it is viewed as a personal thing when a reaction happens – snowflakes come to mind.

            By the way, what are your views on the word loathe (hate), thief and filth, as you didn’t answer that question.

          4. Ken, “synonyms for hate” as I stated above.
            “acolyte” dictionary definition “an assistant or follower”. Please explain to me how that is “hateful”?

  12. Well i feel its because we might not get aouar anymore thats why is pushing ozil back to the team…lucky guy

  13. Judging by the smiles and obvious rapore between the players, as can be witnessed here, there seems to be little “toxicity” being shown.

    It’s vey obvious the whole sqaud are enjoying themselves, so perhaps the “toxicity” is not from the players, but from the fans?

    Amazing how it was viewed as the best decision ever made by MA to drop the player, yet now, because he has MO training with ( and playing ), he is is naive, making a mistake, clueless and will regret it!!!!

    Just let him get on with the job and hope that, whatever decisions he makes, are the right ones for the club and NOT a section of the fans….whichever view they hold!!

    Club before player in BOTH instances.

    1. kEN,On your comment above at 8.01, you speak as if OZIL IS NOW BACK IN THE TEAM. ARE YOU COMPLETELY AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES!
      WHY DO YOU THINK HE WAS DROPPED IN THEFIRST PLACE? LAZINESS OF COURSE! You areclaiming that MA now wants him in the team based on a pragmatic statement issued for complicated reasons which cover a numbe of aspects. To claim Ozil REALLY has a clean sheet is sheer fantasy and that is nonsense. I will wait to see if Ozil plays at Fulham and if he does will apologise to you on here. Will you do likewise to me when he does not start?

      1. No Jon, I speak as if he is back in MA’s thinking, which of course, he is.

        I didn’t make that decision, it was the man you and I have agreed to back 100% – so have a go at him if you don’t like it, not me.

        I have already stated that I can’t see him playing in the Fulham game and I really don’t see it as a triumph for any one person or group.
        What I see it as, is a triumph for MA and his style of management, as Ozil has, plainly, changed enough to warrant MA to consider him once again… a win win for both of them – or looking at it another way, the enemy has been defeated and is now allied to the cause!!!!

  14. Ozil has to deliver on the field and fight for the team. Once he’s picked and doesn’t show commitment but strolls on the pitch whilst his team mates fights, he would be off.

    MA is extending an olive branch for him to deliver or he’s benched simplisita. He’s no bigger than the club.

    1. this is the last year of his contract. I betcha he is going to fight tooth and nail for contact expansion.

    1. Ozil at his best I’d have back anytime but when did we last see that on any kind of consistent basis let’s be honest? That’s why he isn’t picked. He just refuses to defend, comes in and out of games as he chooses and just flat out won’t pressure the ball or chase it. These are not the type of player to succeed in Artetas system so he is literally a liability to us.
      His contract, the fact he was the only player to not agree a wage deduction shows the others he would s just selfish which he also shows by not putting in on the pitch especially for a player that was of his caliber. This is the kind of negative crap that derails clubs. His form…for a top player is that bad that you have to wonder why are clubs like besitkas and some Saudi team the only ones looking at him? We should just buy him out and move on because regardless we aren’t signing him to a new contract so why bother with a player that we can’t sell, his talent doesn’t match his worth and he is leaving at seasons end?

      1. ” the fact he was the only player to not agree a wage deduction shows the others he wo”

        That’s INCORRECT like all of the accusations leveled against Ozil. So the rest of your rant is baseless,

          1. Nope. I am a true Arsenal fan. I love my team and will defend any Arsenal player regardless of color, religion or status when he is falsely accused of wrong doing. I don’t understand why a person have the audacity to attack another person he never met or known and go as far as wishing the ill. That’s not right.

          2. Blimey Icw, I thought I was reading one of my own posts!!!
            Keep trying to educate what a REAL FAN means my friend, I applaud your standards and beliefs.

          3. Too bad people didn’t show the same loyalty and support to the head coach, who had the difficult job of following Arsenal’s longest serving manager into the Emirates. He did well in his first season despite his communication difficulties, the lack of support by the Board to get the players he wanted, suffering a horrendous injury toll during that season, until the players downed tools with 6 games to play, including the Europa League final. This continued into the following season, so that the Board had no option, but to dismiss him.
            Some of the poorly researched nonsense I have read on this site is that Emery failed at PSG, yet he won 5 of the 6 available domestic troughies in France during his tenure. Yes he lost to Barcelona in the Champions League, but that was accompanied by some of the worst refereeing seen in that competition in recent years.

          4. @ozzie
            “Downed tools with 6games to go “
            That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve read on this website ,if you honestly believe that im gobsmacked ,I hope you give this same loyalty to Arteta because i haven’t seen it once yet .

          5. Dan, you are obviously selective in your reading. There are many posts where I have supported Mikel Arteta.
            If you don’t think the players “downed tools”, what would you call it.

          6. Dan, now you compare the situation with Arsene Wenger, to Unai Emery. Wenger finished 6th in his final season (his worst finish) and Arsenal under Emery were 8th when he was dismissed.
            All I ask is fairness, which you are not prepared to be.

  15. I’d be happy to stay here and I’d be smiling my ass off too if I was getting his salary to sit in the stands doing nothing.

    1. Well then Matthew, you have nothing to moan about have you, if that’s what you think he is doing and you would do it as well.

      By the way, there were THREE players who refused the pay cut, deemed to stop any redundancies at the club, any idea why Ozil was the only one named, or why the redundancies still took place?

    2. I swear if Ozil is given a good run of games he will deliver amazing stuff. Mark my words when he gives a killer assist in a crucial game and every fan be singing his rythms even, 28 games into the season we will be 3 points of the top with a game in hand, Ozil with 17assists, one premier league player of the month and Arsenal’s saviour. We will try to get him to sign a 2 yr extension but with no avail, his last game is in the Europa final as we finish 3rd on the premier league table

        1. I am a dreamer, no need for negativity, if it turns out like I am aiming for well done, if not then it does not really matter, life is enjoying simple stuff like fantasising about your football club no matter who plays to win the premiership or any trophy of that is not your aim then you have no clue what you are doing in the game, even if you are Leeds fan keep fantasising and when all the fans fantasize the same the team gains believers like liverpool.

          1. If your players sense that you have low expectations from them, sometimes their morale can fall but not always. The effort and fight players put I personally believe might be correlated to the fans mood based on personal observations of liverpool fans. I wish we could fantasize like in 2005 and 2007 again

  16. Ken 1945
    Ozil should play the way MA wants him to. He’s not been effective after signing his 350k contract. If he really loves Arsenal then he must deliver

    That’s all

    1. Well if he is selected in future matches then Arteta obviously thinks that he can play the way Arsenal require.

    2. Howard, I agree with you 100% and that, one presumes, is why Ma dropped him (what other reason could there be?).

      It follows then, that MA is now happy enough to bring MO back in to the team, therefor one would think that the requirements demanded have been met.
      Whether he’s been effective or not, is now a mute point, as MA says, the past is the past and a clean sheet is given to everyone – isn’t that what we, the fans, should be doing?

      That’s all we should be doing.

      1. you love to hand out those clean slates every few months for this guy tho. He’s been poor for years now, it’s just silly at this point to keep pretending he’s ever going to be something he’s not. We know his personality and what to expect from him and not much.

        1. RSH, so are you suddenly questioningly Arteta’s decision, after backing him to the hilt previously?

          Surely MA is a better judge of the current Mesut Ozil than any fan on here?

          He will soon drop him if he doesn’t perform, but we know that don’t we?

          1. Even the greatest coaches make mistakes Ken, you know this. Not that I’m saying Arteta is, but I think we’re over reaching with our comments but for and against. It’s a preseason game, guendouzi was sidelined for disciplinary reasons, ozil for footballing reasons. I wouldn’t read too much into he starting a preseason friendly. And if he does start real games this season, I’ll support him and the coach but he’s going to be criticised like any other player if he doesn’t put in a good shift.

          2. Kstix, just as I would, if the same thing occurs – let’s just remember though, Ozil is not responsible for all the ills our club suffers AND if MA decided he isn’t doing what he requires him to do, or he is doing what MA requires him to do…then we back that decision 100% – that’s what I call treating a player/coach fairly.
            As I’m sure you have noticed, for some on here, the conclusions are already written in stone and that is utter nonsense – I hope you agree on that?

  17. If we are looking at the situation objectively, it is good that all assets currently in Arsenal FC may be put to good use. If we have Ozil, then it is better to use him to get value out of that supposed 350k a week contract. As has been said here, before MA arrived people were saying even Klopp or Pep would struggle with our defence, but he did a fabulous job with the supposed ‘Dross’, ‘Deadwood’, ‘Sideshow bobs’ etc defenders. I think similarly MA can make Ozil also a part of the system if the situation demands.
    But what I think doesn’t matter. It’s just a friendly, so no definitive conclusions, but the real important thing is what MA thinks
    In Mikel we trust!

    1. Precisely put Sid. MA is the boss and we all support his decisions…don’t we? Your perfect solution I commend 100%.

    2. That sounds like the financially astute thing to do. But there are those who are of the opinion that he is a bad asset and should therefore be “written off”.

      1. “Those” not being MA or the players, looking at the photographs from the training session.

        Just to enlighten you further, Ozil has posted a picture of himself pkating in the villa game – guess who responded immediately with a heart sign?
        None other than Partey… yes THAT PARTEY… looks like he’s lokking forward to joining up with the club and Mesut Ozil in particular… comments anybody?!!!

      2. Yup, as with all things divisive, there are 2 or more sets of opinions regarding this. I am basing my statement regarding the fact that the supposed people at Arsenal, who were a detriment are now mostly gone. Maybe we can see a pre-2017 Ozil, or maybe not. But now hopefully, if we want some value for money out of Ozil’s situation, then let’s pray Mikel manages to fit him into the system and manages to get good returns like assists, pre-assists, goals etc.

  18. Not so Maxis, if he continue to stroll in games and his passes go missing and also don’t create as of recent then MA won’t need him in the team.

    Its not about salary cut during Cov-19. He’s been poor and his Stats post 350k a week windfall has been terrible.

    Ozil went on retirement immediately he signed that contract.

  19. Good God!
    Give him a run in the team
    Arteta will then sink or swim on the basis of performances if Özil starts. The level of partisanship has got completely out of control and the winners of their respective arguments can organise a ‘I told you so’ rally in support of their ever polarising viewpoints.

    1. 👍 SueP, opinions aren’t going to change, without solid evidence one way or the other. At least now Arteta has played Ozil, the conspiracy theories about Arteta being pressured not to play him must stop.

      1. As are the conspiracy theories that he is quite happy to sit back and just take the money also need to stop eh ozziegunner??

        1. You must be joking, Ken… they won’t end until 30 June!!
          I have to say, fair play to you, Ken.. you stand your ground and your comments are straight to the point, no messing! What makes me laugh is some of the responses.. saying how tiresome it is – your constant defence of him – it works both ways, do people not think it’s tiresome reading the constant slating 24/7??!! Smh!!
          Anyway Ken, here’s to a great game on Saturday, hopefully kick off our campaign in style! And let us know if you hear anything about the ballot… you’ll probably scream it from the roof tops 🙂

          1. Sue
            In fairness most people put their views across in what they believe to be a fair manner. It should be possible to have a perfectly valid dissection of the role of Özil without it becoming a slanging match. Of course there are those who obviously overstep the mark but not being able to put opposing views is against the essence of free debate

            I have refused to discuss Özil (other than in his working relationship with Arteta) recently because of how toxic views have become. It also doesn’t help that there is an almost daily diet of articles that concentrate on him either.

            There are many other important and interesting Arsenal stories out there but as long as there are articles written with either his name in the title and/or a photo then you are absolutely right, the subject will keep on getting regurgitated

          2. Sue, if I’m lucky enough to get a ticket, I’ll try and write an article that compares my experiences before coronavirus and after it.
            I’m sure there will be many differences, but I really can’t wait till the season starts again, just like you.

            The Ozil debate is something else though – and you know what?
            I’ve been so thrilled with what MA has been doing, I haven’t missed any single player one little bit.

            But my defence of Ozil is more than just about his football, it’s about how a current Arsenal player is being treated by a section of the fans.

            Can you understand how anyone feels they have the right to call someone filth, a thief, dross, mentally frail, enemy of the club, never wanted at the club, useless, or that they actually loathe said person (another word for hate) and not get a reaction….let alone it being directed at an Arsenal player?

            That’s where they overstep the mark in my opinion and one of the things I detest is being preached to by these kind of fans as to what I am and/or what I should be doing.
            How can a decent person not keep replying and challenging this kind of bile?

            If we were to talk about the man as a footballer, then I would suggest there is a much more centralised view about him.
            he is not the player he once was – he should be more proactive on the field – he should not show his displeasure at his team mates – he has drifted through games – he deserved to be disciplined for his efforts to undermine UE and MA – his salary is ludicrous (not his fault of course) – BUT he is still a human being, not a commodity for the likes of (no names no packdrills- you know who) to come on here and abuse him, with no fear of any retribution from the man himself.

            We now have a manager who every single fan should be able to get behind, support to the hilt and allow him to get on with the job he seems born to do, bring success back to our club.

            We had the opportunity with this article by the way it was presented and the question it asked – needless to say, the same sick hatred and abuse quickly followed.

            I’m sorry if SueP and others see it as a tit for tat thing, football has a tendency to polarize opinions.

            Everyone has a right to express themselves any way they see fit and that’s why we are lucky to live in a democracy – being abusive and encouraging hatred should ALWAYS be challenged.
            Here endeth the lesson Sue, it will make no difference I’m afraid, but you have given me the opportunity to explain why I defend, not only Ozil, but any Arsenal player…I am now officially an acolyte, a ozil fanboy and an enemy of the club…it feels liberating!!!!!

            My prediction for Saturday Sue? A resounding 3-0 win with a certain Ozil and Guendouzi not in the squad – but to try and second guess Mikel Arteta is a silly thing to do…as he has already proven to us all!!!

          3. That will be a brilliant article, Ken…

            I do applaud you for it.. I must admit I’ve become really cheesed off with the constant slating… I know everyone has an opinion and I’m not disputing that, but surely there’s only so many times you can say what you think, but no it’s relentless… every time an article pops up, bingo!! You know who’ll comment and exactly what they’ll say…😴😴😴
            And being preached to is sickening.. almost as sickening as the pet names!!
            You know my views on Ozil, they won’t change, I just don’t want to keep ramming my opinion down people’s throats, if only others felt the same 😂😂 no such luck 😂
            Ooh I’d be happy with 3-0.. Chris Kavanagh is refereeing…
            Nice one, btw, just carry on being you 👍

        2. Ken,
          Surely it is a waste of time to keep going over the same ground. You are spending an enormous amount of energy describing the unsavoury names that Ozil has been called, but it appears from my side of things that you are tarring the majority who hold a different view of Ozil’s effectiveness to yours with those of haters. There is nothing pleasant at all in the way Jon Fox refers to Mesut Ozil. Earlier on in our debates I think I referred to his language as ripe. Clearly that was an understatement as he has never tried to back track or at least reconsider.

          The tit for tat is exactly what it is and I am disappointed that you chose not to reply to me directly. There will never be agreement on Ozil’s value to the club as a player. His salary, regardless of who sanctioned it, was always going to be a stick to beat him with if performances tailed off. You occasionally have pointed out that he is not what he was.

          The sad thing is that by constantly defending him in the manner that you do, gives fuel to those who disagree with you to do the add more fuel to the fire. That is why I have described the tit for tat as pointless. It achieves absolutely nothing positive at all.

          I have ceased to comment on Ozil other than to mention him within an Arteta context as a result of unpleasantness from contributors who think I am an Ozil hater. Which I am not!

          It was disappointing to have to defend myself for thinking that Mikel was/is a flunky of the Kroenke regime, but that is what I have had to do on plenty of occasions. No-one stuck up for me so I try to keep as low a profile as possible.

          1. Sue.. I’d say the slating outweighs the fair comments… it’s no wonder it turns into a slanging match every god damn time!!
            I’ve had enough of it.. pity others haven’t! I’ve been leapt on before for saying how I felt about Ozil… that really irks me on here.. the select few calling you out just because you have a different view to them.. they’re right and that’s it…. smh!! Oh well whatever helps them sleep at night, hey?!
            I was stupid enough to think that because we all have at least one thing in common that we’d all get on like a house on fire…. wrong!! But then that’s the ‘naivety’ in me I guess 🙄
            We’ve got so much to look forward to, I’m not going to spend (or waste) my time in a slanging match 24/7!! Happy days ahead….

          2. SueP, I remember when I became a regular on this site, the same abuse being handed out to Ozil, was being directed at Wenger, perhaps even more personal on reflection… but the same hate to the point where personal harm was wished on him… and by the same individuals in most cases.

            It was this kind of nonsense that Arsene remembers and why he says he will never return to the Emirates and the club he loves.

            It is only if one stands up and question such people, that another view is given.

            Go back and read how this article unfolded and ask yourself, should one keep quite and allow this kind of viewpoint to go unchallenged?

            JustArsenal is an excellent site for every kind of view and gives us all an opportunity to express and challenge others… we should respond in a way that respects that ethos… calling someone filth, a thief and repeating it, does not, in my opinion do that.

            I may be wrong, but I haven’t seen you confront those that have used this kind of rhetoric (your choice of course) until now, rather it seems you question my views, so I try not to get into another direct confrontation, but I do acknowledge your views and comments.

            Interesting to note that we have both commented on another Ozil article!!

          3. In reply to Sue
            I appreciate your point of view and fundamentally accept your right to express it. You should be able to do so without abuse. Funnily enough I think the views more or less split down the middle as new people throw in their preferences but you are so right to point out that as Arsenal through and through we should be more unified and it is a shock to find that it isn’t the case.

            You always have a cheerful aspect to your posts which I’m sure reflects your nature and like you, believe we have a more optimistic season ahead

          4. Ken
            I have done my best to explain myself and have no desire to enter a Wenger conversation.
            Should I have criticised other crude opinions? Possibly, but that is a job for admin to police on this site
            Freedom of speech should be used wisely but it is a fundamental right
            As for not speaking out – well I have. Jon Fox should be ashamed but it seems to be one of his pleasures in a theatrical kind of way. As for confronting him – I only bite back if he has a go at me and that applies to anyone else too for that matter.

            As I have said before, this conversation will end up adversarial for no reason that I can pinpoint at all. This whole thread began with …. well read it for yourself… and I end up having to defend myself to you. For saying that tit for tat is a bloody waste of time. Please feel free to have the last word because it is way past my bed time

          5. Thanks for your reply, Sue… I guess some things will never change on here. I think some, maybe most posters, will live in harmony – I’m all for that 🙂

        3. That is my opinion Ken, not “a conspiracy”. Mezut Ozil has an offer on the table to move to Al Nass’r for more after tax wages than he currently earns and the virtual guarantee to play. My question is whether he is a professional footballer or not?
          For taking this stance I have been called a “racist” , “anti Muslim”, an Ozil hater”, all terms I deny and anyone, who knows me personally, would find laughable.

          1. What’s laughable is you having the audacity of wanting OZIL to move to ALNass’r. For you to even think about it is mind boggling and you don’t even see the irony in it. They have a name for people who want to impose their will on others. They are called dictators.
            Professional footballer is not one that you and I define as one. Like all football fans we have an opinion but opinions are like an “A” every body has one. It just happens that some of us think that your opinion of OZIL is baseless and have no merit. So just deal with it and move on.

            1. Icw… and ozziegunners acolytes and fanboys have followed suit…doesn’t that sound as stupid as those who label supporters with a different opinion regarding Ozil sound?

              ozziegunner, I condemn those who called you racist etc in the same way I condemn those who call Ozil filth and a thief…as far as I am aware my friend, that is something you haven’t done and I wonder why?

              Let’s call out these “fans” for heavens sake!!!

  20. If arteta can give ozil his confidence back he will be great for us . He wont always start in big games, I’m not surprised hes struggled with Wenger being cut when he was , pathetic toxicity of fans and unai unsuited style.
    Removing ozil after lockdown potentially was a calculated move buy arteta, look how toxicity of fans spreads like wild fire . My guess is he will play more against the lesser teams to unlock defence , there are plenty of games we loose to those types. Ozil is a certain type of player , for certain type of games, the better the players around him you get an exponentially better player in ozil . And yes sometimes ozil frustrates the $#/+ out of me

  21. I hope he appreciate this chance and start thinking of what this team is offering him, first of all we need the best of him as he is surrounded by high quality striker and youngsters which will learn from a player like him.

    He has the quality but we need the consistency!

  22. @wenger91 totally about consistency from here which is in a big way to do with confidence. Some on here saying no one can fix this defence . But Ma improved us in such a short time and now we have better defensive players to add . Same goes for attack , they have more confidence in the coach , system , and fellow players so expect to see a different arsenal this season. I’m super confident for this season . Confident enough that we will win pl …. not really but at 40 to one I put a check Hundy on, anything can happen in football .

    1. If he was on £100,000 a week and not overhyped then trust me he not manu would care to comment.
      But the guy was our first ever big money record signing (£42 million.). Our first ever record wage earner (£150,000 a week) and a club record wage earner in history (£350,000 a week).
      But with all that he has been a consistent average underperformer nearly each season he has been here.

      What do you think fans are supposed to do with all those aspects put into perspective?

      The likes of Mustafi, Elneny, Sokratis etc are on about £100,000 each and little hype behind them. They were all frozen out at some point and not so many people cared whatsoever.

      But being on £350,000 a week, one of our record signing is history. Having a very loyal vocal fan crowd. Your acolytes making all sorts of excuses on a daily basis for why you have been an underwhelming performer in most of your time at arsenal. “But but he needs this formation. But he needs this type of player. But he needs this type of manager. But he needs a wintee break. But he needs players to work and fight for him. But he needs fans to kiss his ring on a consistent basis as his personality requires a feeling of being loved. Blah blah…”
      No wonder this skewed bias his acolytes keep affording him get some of us the CLUB fans gobsmacked.

      That is why Bale on £500,000 a week at madrid is big news.
      That is why Sanchez on £500,000 a week a United as big news.
      That is why ozil on £350,000 a week at Arsenal is also big news.

      With bigger rewards comes bigger responsibility and scrutiny.

      1. Goonster, you have adopted my word “acolytes” and “to those to whom much is given, much is expected.”
        I am deeply honoured. 😁

      2. Yeah, I completely get your point. But there are also people who complain that the site is only dishing out Ozil articles and yet we see the same people commenting on his articles. At the end of the day, as long as Ozil plays for Arsenal, there are going to be articles on him here, always more popular than the others.
        Anyway, let’s hope we enjoy a successful campaign this year.

  23. Ozil is presently a scam to the club, he chooses not to leave the club because of the money, he doesn’t like the club in any way, he doesn’t have anything to offer again the same league with Gareal bail of real Madrid. All for the money, he is the reason why Aubameyang has not been given another contract, once bitten twice shy.

  24. Welcome back Ozil. he is our player and wears his love for Arsenal on his sleeve and all social network handles. For me, Ozil is still better than both Ceballos and Xhaka! Just FACTS.

    What does Ozil return say about Obamayang contract? Arsenal does not have the money to finance Obamayang contract. Once they sell bellerin, Lacazette or other CBs then they will anounce Obamayang extension. All the talk about signing a midfielder is just talk. That makes a lot of sense.

  26. Just to commend you for writing this piece. Yes Ozil’s salary is a point of contention but Arsenal fans must recall that its the Arsenal Board that accepted that deal. it was not imposed by Ozil. MA is the coach and must ensure that he gets every play to be committed to the course. And by the look of things he appears to be doing that. Ozil is an Arsenal player so please he needs all of our support to give the confidence he requires.

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