Ozil confirms no Arsenal contract talks until summer

All throughout the season it has been suggested that Arsenal officials and Arsene Wenger have attempted to sit down with the two main Gunners players, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. Alexis has repeatedly made it clear that he’s frustrated with a lack of success and competitiveness at Arsenal and its led to him having to seriously consider where his future lies. For Ozil on the other hand, he’s remained much quieter on the matter, largely because he doesn’t like the attention being on him and the media spotlight in his business.

However in a recent interview, the German has once again had to speak of his intentions to hold talks with the club at the end of the season, after reports emerged suggesting that Arsenal were pushing for decisions with the season soon coming to an end.

Ozil stated in a Sky Sports report: “As I’ve said in the past, the most important thing is Arsenal and what we do as a team now. I’ve got aims with this club, we all want the top four and that’s what counts at the moment. As I’ve said before, in the summer we will talk but right now Arsenal stands in front of any player and I respect that.”

Ozil had previously been considered the more likely to stay out of the two, especially with comments suggesting he is happy in London. A recent comment Ozil made said: “As I’ve always said in the past, I feel comfortable here. I’m happy. Arsenal belong as one of the best clubs in the world and London is a great place to be, a great city to live in.”

However after news that the German international reportedly swore at the club Doctor and kicked out at the door after defeat at Spurs away, suggested that perhaps there is a lot more frustration and anger behind the relatively quiet German figure. It takes statements like the above, from Ozil, that settle the crowd and I think the fans and media would still accept that if we are likely to lose one player, then it’s probably going to be Sanchez over Ozil. That’s despite the majority of fans probably preferring the German to hit the road rather than our South American superstar.

Ozil and Alexis are likely to be pressed for talks at the start of the summer, soon after the season has ended. It’s understood the German isn’t happy with the wage he is being offered and wants to be bumped up to a higher pay scale much like his top international teammates. Alexis also has money on his mind, but his main desire is to see changes that will bring success to Arsenal, something which I think the current mind of the club will struggle to convince him of….

Does it look like he really wants to stay if we don’t make the Champions League next season?



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Just for the record, Ozil swore & kicked out at the Spuds door because he was randomly picked for a dope/drugs test… He probably misunderstood the doctor and thought that he was calling him dopey or something along them lines lol.

    Liverpool have lost their Bottle recently and hopefully they will drop points away to West Brom, even a draw would do us,as long as we win our remaining three games, The Wenger trophy will be safely back at Hom.??

    Not that anyone would have noticed, but I basically predicted / reminded (way back in January) that the groundhog scenario would come to pass, Dropping to seventh and then finishing fourth on the final day of the season. Was wrong about finishing above the Spuds though ?

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    See you then Ozil. Enjoy your move to Germany or Spain.
    You show real glimpses of genius and creative vision but these Are all too infrequent as is your effort and mentality.

    You have it in your Arsenal we just don’t see the big guns enough!

  3. Yossarian says:

    I know this will be unpopular, but I’ve always liked Ozil. I fully understand why people say he “Goes missing” sometimes. But even during those periods he often keeps things ticking-over with passes & link-up play, but when everybody else is playing badly it amounts to nothing and appears to be useless. On the other hand, a player that goes on driving runs when everyone else is playing poorly will always stand-out and look heroic.

    Ozil isn’t a player that will turn-around a bad team performance with his motivation skills, that’s for sure. However if the rest of the team are motivated & playing well, he will certainly bring-out the best in them providing great vision and chance-after-chance.

    He isn’t a player that looks good fighting relegation or scrapping for a mid-table place, but somebody that looks great challenging for major honours with a good team around him.

  4. Taiwo83 says:

    Ozil is not good enough for Arsenal but pretends to stand out or sometimes that he his world class but sorry the Mesut that i see week-in week-in is not qualified to be called a gladiator too lazy for my liking and if the rest of the team lacks the winning mentality what is the fate of the club, i think he should go to wherever he likes and i wish him the best in his quest to find a suitor.

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