Ozil cried while joining Arsenal from Real Madrid

Mesut Ozil has revealed he cried while leaving Real Madrid to join Arsenal in 2013.

The midfielder was one of the finest players in the world when he made a shock switch to the Emirates from Madrid.

Everyone knew Arsenal landed a top player and the midfielder made a name for himself with some magical performances at the Emirates.

However, it turns out he did not always want to leave Madrid and as he retires from professional football, he has discussed the back story of the move to Arsenal.

The midfielder said via Sports Mail:

‘I was really happy (at Madrid). But things happened.

‘Suddenly, at the beginning of that season, I no longer had many playing minutes and a conflict arose between Mr. Florentino Perez and my father and agent. 

‘We had to look for a new club. It was hard for me. The moment the plane took off, tears fell from my eyes. That was the moment I realised it was over.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Ozil was one of the world’s best players when we signed him from Madrid and he played at one of the best clubs globally, so we understand his reluctance to move to the Emirates.

However, he had to be where he would be valued and we gave him that at the Emirates. He has to be grateful.

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  1. My sons are a good gauge of things football and the fact they all have a Jersey with Ozil name in the back tells me he’s a likable player.

  2. Ozil was a man and football player you ether loved or hated,so many people sang his praises and so many others thought he was a agitater off the field and a lazy player on it.
    Personally as a loyal AFC supporter for over 50 years i hated the way this guy held the club to ransom over money,under performed most of the time and was a snake along with Mustafi and Kalasniac (His fellow snakes) in the dressing room.
    Skill without effort = Ozil in his years at at AFC

    1. Show us just one example of him holding the club to ransom over money. And because you don’t like him, then automatically his friends have also become snakes. Very pointless

  3. He may have been a skilled player, no one doubts that. But attitude and motivation/commitment defines a player. Something that was lacking in him since his RM days or they would not have chucked him out in his prime. To add to his misery he had Mr. Wenger as the manager who spoilt his players by softening/weakening the system he inherited from the illustrious GG which made him so successful in his early years. Once he dismantled that system, he turned out to be a loser and installed this loser mentality (Top Four Trophee Hehehe is enough) in most of the players. Ozil should look in the mirror and blame himself. If Granit could reflect and turn around his attitude and ability, Ozil could have done it too. Binned at RM, AFC & Fener. Three clubs cannot be wrong. Three great coaches cannot be wrong.
    I’m grateful to Mikel for nipping the bud before it bloomed and binning the trio of MOK (Mustafi, Ozil & Kolasinac) and later Auba. He risked his reputation to achieve greater goals for the club! What a selfless hero we have in Mikel. Thank you Mikel for ridding us the nightmare of watching this dude play.
    And before any one comments that we ended our trophy drought, I’d like to remind them of Sanogo. The season he joined us, we won back the FA! What contribution Sanogo did to lift the moral in the dressing room will remain a mystery for us the fans.

    1. LC, Somewhere along the way from his glory years to his accepting that Arsenal regarded fourth place as a trophy, Wenger lost that fight to actually WIN silverware and stopped insisting that ALL our players were warriors.

      Ozil was by FAR his greatest and longest lasting mistake!

      If only that idle fraud had never been bought, we might sooner have found a manager – like our present and long into the future one- who has REAL hunger to win and who would eject scroungers like Ozil, Auba and co!!
      Just as MA, so thrilingly DID. Even though he left it far later than we realists – who know the difference between a real tryer and a scrounger – would have wanted.

  4. After a welcome and much loved break, we are againbeing tormented by Ozil articles on JA. One question only; WHY?

    Why none about say Cliff Bastin, a TRUE Arsenal legend, and not a FAKE one, like lazybones!
    Perhaps , as I have to assume, JA couldnt care less about any players from pre Wenger era.

    As all our younger fans KNOW, Arsenal was invented in 1996 when Wenger first came in and not in 1886, as some scurrilous rumour mongers such as I WOULD CLAIM!
    Those such as KEN , who write such fascinating and vibrant pieces about Arsenals greathistoric past are clearly just “inventing stories” that could not possibly exist, as we were not then formed.
    Or ar least, IT SEEMS that way , to many of us I reckon!

    1. You ask WHY?? @Jon

      I know you are not up-to-date with Arsenal news, or you would know that Ozil has just retired, hence articles about his career.

      When did Cliff Bastin retire? I’m nearly as old as you but i bet he must have retired before even I started going to games!

      But feel free to write about any Arsenal legends you feel like…

      1. O h, I know alright that the fraud has FINALLY stopped cheating which ever club has been stupid enough to pay him for cheating them.

        The box of champagne I bought when he FINALLY left Arsenal is now ALL used up and gone. Just like the biggest fraud to ever wear our shirt has too. Hurray!

        What is post thrilling though, is that while ARTETA remains here – till he is an old man I pray – we will NEVER AGAIN allow scroungers and idle fraudsters to wear our shirt on the field. Double hurray therefore.

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