Ozil described as a hypocrite if he turns down move to rot on the bench

Alan Smith is confused by Mesut Ozil‘s recent comments amidst the ongoings of the past 12 months, with the midfielder sounding like a hypocrite for refusing to leave the club after losing his place in the team.

The former Gunners striker claims that Mesut Ozil would regret his decision not to quit the club after being frozen out by the manager, with Ozil haveing previously said that he loves to be playing football, yet his latest claims seem to state that he will see out his contract whether he plays or not.

His comments contradicting points about playing football, and refusing to leave regardless of playing, certainly do make him sound like a hypocrite, and it would appear that not giving up his wage or his lifestyle would be his priority over his footballing career.

Smith told Sky Sports: “As for Mesut Ozil, the tiresome saga rolls on. In an interview this week, the German insisted he is staying at Arsenal, even though he obviously does not feature in [Mikel] Arteta’s plans.

“This is a funny one. Ozil is well within his rights to see out a four-year contract the club were happy enough to give, but from a purely football aspect, why would you do that if you are not going to play?

“’This is my profession’, he says. ‘It’s what I love doing: being on the pitch, playing matches, showing the people, helping the club and my team’.” Ok, so if you love playing so much, why not go somewhere you’re actually wanted?

“There’s an old saying in football – you are a long time retired. Come the end of his career, he might live to regret these wasted years.”

Will Ozil regret some of his actions over the years, with his comments to the media or even his attitude shown on the pitch, and think ‘these were not my proudest days’, or was this more of a paycheck thing now and he has lost the interest in playing football?


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  1. OT.. The most important piece of business for us this window is Auba signing… and apparently he has! I don’t know why it’s taken so long to announce it, but what I do know is – I’m chuffed to bits!! 3 more years of all those goals and that front flip!!! Get in!
    Woohoo!! *Heel-click jump* 😉🙂

  2. I get the feeling he has lost his passion for football. He probably does not want to move as he may be content picking up a wage and not to be playing so he can concentrate on his unity cosmetics eco-business with Flamini. I am not sure if it was a bad picture I saw the other day but he did look very thin which may also be a concern.

    1. SA Gunner and SueP are correct: show some class and manners. The word used is offensive to our female colleagues and is also therefore offensive to many of us, so should not be used!

  3. He has lost his love for football since the whole Germany debacle. Once he signed that contract he knew it was plain sailing, financially, to set him up for retirement. He will leave on his terms and Arsenal were stupid enough not to have performance clauses in that contract or a get out clause.

    Mesut was smart on this one but has tarnished his whole career internationally and now domestically. It’s sad when any club will only take you on once you are a free agent and not even really want you, just for the name on the back of shirts and financial gain.

    He could’ve been great but Madrid saw the laziness, he had one good season with us and robbed us finiancially. I’m a big Ozil fan since Bremen days but enough is enough, leave the club as we cant afford you just in the stands at 350k a week during a global pandemic.

    1. Mezut Ozil was well set up for retirement well before that.
      Alexis Sanchez is a professional footballer. When he fell out of favour at Manchester United, despite being on £500k per week he took a loan move to Inter Milan, with Man U subsidising his wages. This has now resulted in a permanent transfer to Inter on greatly reduced wages, so he can continue playing.
      Mezut Ozil was a “professional” footballer to whom much was given (in the way of talent) and much was and is expected. He is now not playing football and unless he moves on, he risks trashing his reputation and legacy.
      Mark 8:36.

  4. Ozil retired 3yrs back. Its now about business, collecting his wages every week until his contract runs out. The guy doesn’t have interest in playing football anymore. Willian will encounter the same scenario

  5. Congratulations Patrick – you have now posted the 10,000th article on here about Ozil.

    ADMIN PAT COMMENT: Personal abuse will always be deleted

    1. @Gunnerjack, if you have a better topic, I advice you submit it to the the admin and am sure the admin will put it up for debate,if not please don’t bother please stop criticizing Patrick.

      1. Lenohappy I’ve written a few articles and usually support article writers even if I don’t always agree with them.
        To my knowledge this is the first time I’ve criticised Patrick but this article was just too pathetic to support.
        Now, how about an article from you?
        Hopefully not about Ozil – or Partey, who must be closing in on his 100th article by now.
        How about: “The board wanted AMN sold. Now Sanllehi’s gone will Arteta get his own way and keep him?”

  6. Exactly SA Gunner
    It beggars belief sometimes that contributors use that derogatory language regardless of it being Ozil or anyone else

    1. That word is said all over tv now. Stop being so old fashion. If this was just arsenal kids edition, I would understand. Is this just arsenal censored edition starring S A gunner and Sue. let every one speak. I come here to read what my fellow gooners opinions are.

      1. Yes Indy
        Life’s a bitch. I can deal with that
        Not nice to refer to another human in that way
        I’m almost certainly older than you but not that old fashioned to not know the difference

  7. He played his little heart out two months prior to his payrise and then cruised. He is not a hypocrite, he is a shirker. Someone tell me how he is earning his money?

  8. The guy’s been retired for the last few years anyway, and even before that, you would have been hard pressed to notice Ozil in the games that really mattered anyway. Not playing next season will not bother him at all.

    The best we can hope is that we can get rid of him on loan. I wouldn’t even let him rot in the reserves because his awful work ethic, and attitude could infect some of our impressionable youngsters.

  9. I think the arsenal would have put some clause to prevent such events,and Ozil wanted to leave as Alexis did,so its arsenal messed up with OZIL’S deal.

  10. It’s a poor PR push that will convince nobody. His intentions are very clear. Ozil is within his rights to ride out his contract, but he is not victim. Wont play for us again, and the nightmare ends in less than a year. His signing was just not worth the stress in the end. Got max 2 good seasons out of this guy.

  11. Respect the law of contract; without prejudice to your opinion all parties ought to discharge their obligations accordingly and that’s simply what ozil is doing. Where we don’t select him, it non of his biz but we do he plays. If we lose, it isn’t only ozil to blame all. Salute of respect to him ozil

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