Ozil destroyed after Germany defeat – No heart, no joy, no passion…

We think that Arsenal fans are split over Mesut Ozil and his lazy-looking body language and c’est la vie attitude, but we always assumed that he was a much better player when he linked up with the Germany national side. Everyone knows that Ozil comes from a Turkish descended family, but he really annoyed the Germans when he was snapped alongside the Turkish despot Erdogan. He has also bought a million-pound mansion near Istanbul and will be getting married to his Turkish-descent fiancee after the World Cup.

But now it seems that we can add sulking to Ozil’s repertoire, as because of the German supporters giving him grief, he decided to ignore them before the defending Champions first World Cup match against Mexico.

He has certainly upset the German legend Lothar Matthaus who has feels that ozil has not helped to improve his popularity with the fans. “I emphasise: I have no problem at all that Ozil does not sing along with the anthem. This is up to each player, whether he has German, Turkish or African roots,” Mathaus said. “But what I have observed after the anthem in Moscow made me very angry. Ten German players have waved into the audience, giving the fans a sign. Only Ozil didn’t.

“This makes it obvious to me that Ozil doesn’t understand why there are such great discussions in Germany about him. He’s unaware of what people in Germany expect from a national player.

“It would have been right to make a commitment to Germany after the error of the Erdogan photo, to open to the fans.

“What displeases me is that his body language is negative. He is in the game without joy. I often have the feeling that on the pitch Ozil doesn’t feel comfortable in the DFB jersey, is not free, almost as if he does not want to play.

“There is no heart, no joy, no passion. I think he will retire from the national team after the World Cup.”

That sounds pretty much like Arsenal fans after Ozil played in the Europa League semi-final defeat to Atletico.Here’s a thought; As he seems to like spending most of his time in Turkey, maybe we could sell him to one of the big teams over there and he could retire from Arsenal as well?

Darren N


  1. Nikhilesh says:

    If germany had won the game there wouldnt have been any debate of his nationaity and patriotism

    1. Rudy Garcia fan says:


      Germany is fast descending into an American-level xenophobia.

      It’s no surprise to me that German league has so few Africans compared to, say Belgium or Netherlands…

      Also re: ‘Turkish despot’… So if he were of American descent posing with W. Bush who caused massive unimaginable suffering to hundreds of thousands of brown folks or if he were of Israeli descent and posed with a similarly brutal war-mongering Netanyahu it would doubtlessly get the same response?? Yeah right. Double f….. standards all over.

  2. Sue says:

    It drives me mad… it’s always Ozil’s fault…. never the other 10 men! Poor sod must be so p****d off!

    1. Sergio says:

      I do think Ozil gets slightly too much stick though he was the worst player in that German side during that game.

      1. Osila says:

        Draxler was the worst my friend, although ozil was nowhere near best

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          No way Ozil was the worst German player; he is the scapegoat for a generally poor TEAM performance.

    2. Mobella says:

      Ozil has no heart, no passion blah blah yet he chased Lozano down and was unlucky to have caught up with him in box despite he was a bit ahead of him and was smart enough not to concede a penalty when he wasn’t suppose to be there to begin with. The nationality issue is bulls… Didn’t German knows he was Turkish before he was chosen to play for them.

  3. mikey says:

    I don’t think Ozil really cares what Mathaus think of him or his body language, you get players who respond positively to critics, i just get the feeling Ozil shuts down if people criticise him too much. Personally i think he will be awesome with a proper defensive shield next to him for club and country.

    1. st sass says:

      do you always need someone beside you for a cover up to perform? outstanding players make the difference independently. ozil is lazy for arsenal that is all.

      1. RSH says:

        glad to see somebody agrees. Is Ozil really that much of a difference maker when he can only perform when everyone else around him is performing well? Has Ozil ever had an amazing game despite rest of Arsenal squad being bad? Usually he’s just as bad as the rest of the squad. Rarely steps up and leads be example. This is why he is constantly called a luxury player.

  4. kklin says:

    He should just stop whinging already. Ozil is human too you know. When people find faults in everything you do it kinda makes life a bit difficult. He chooses to pose for a photo with someone so what? This guy has given his best to the German team in the past so they have no right to keep sulking like that. Only AFC fans have the right to criticize Ozil cos he hardly replicates his performance in German jersey for the Arsenal.

  5. Lupe says:

    So germans are starting to criticise ozil too. In that game against mexico, he was one of the better ones, he played better than kroos and khedira but thats not saying much because all of the players were poor. Ozil’s body language is something he needs to work on especially at arsenal were he is supposed to be our best player. Imagine if we are loosing and the players look up to him only to see him looking deflated, it doesn’t help. I know he has always been like this, so its difficult to change, but he needs to work on being more of a leader due to his ability and experience. For someone who is supposedly worldclass, he demeanour doesn’t instill cofidence in the players around him, neither does it translate confidence to the fans watching.

    1. jon fox says:

      I very much agree that this negative body language does not help him win hearts and minds. He can easily work on changing this matter for the better. Sheer talent you cannot improve but body language is within the gift of every intelligent individual to improve. But only if they want to. So does he? Seemingly not OR he would have done so by now. This is precisely why Maori warriors AKA the All Blacks Rugby team do the HAKA; it intimidates opponents, whereas Ozil does not . He could and should change this as it lets him, as a person, down.

      1. stubill says:

        It didn’t intimidate Brian Moore, he laughed at them! That went down well.

    2. RSH says:

      yup, his body language just shouts lazy and makes him an easy target. But he really doesn’t put in the effort he should. Even weak small players like Cazorla had some bite in them and wanted to get the ball back. You are playing for your country, show at least some emotion that you care. When you don’t play your best, look like you don’t want to be there, don’t have that extra bit of bite, you will be criticized. Kroos and Khedira avoided a lot of criticism just because their body language was better, even if they played poorly. Ozil going on 30 and won’t change though. One season and Emery will have had enough of him.

      1. jon fox says:

        This is my view too, in that Ozil will not be at Arsenal a season from now. I have always been far more anti – lazy and negative players than most other fans. I am older than most on here and non tryers virtually never played top level football, anywhere in England for most of that time. The obscene money and player power that huge wages has engendered, has changed , for the far worse, that honesty that was the norm for so many decades. Most regulars on here will remember my total opposition to Walcott remaining our player. But he is far from the only lazy player either. I define lazy as not giving 100% every game. I notice that Man. City had NO players who gave even a jot less than 100%, apart from Toure, who is now sidelined and not picked , for precisely that reason. Prima donnas and posers do not win PREM titles, esp with such as Guardiola running Britains top placed team, where 100% is demanded and achieved.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


  6. Alldwayfromafika says:

    Seriously Darren…that was your only conclusion from all mathaus said after seeing ozil play all these years…nice title too am pretty much sure you would succeed in misleading a few fans here..can we please just lay of ozil for awhile and not read meaning into things that are not there…let him be. He is obviously going to be with us for awhile and we are obviously going to have more chance to bash him let’s just make it football related and stay out of his personal life.

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    How dare Ozil not do everything that would please everyone. What is wrong with this guy!!!!!!!!

    Fed up of him always creating chances and getting assists. Makes my blood boil he didn’t do it while smiling for the camera!!!!!

    1. Mobella says:

      I’m 100% with you on this Robin. Who cares about what body language he makes an assist with.

      1. Phil says:

        Yep-I’m with you guys on this.A fantastic footballer.I really couldn’t give a flying figleaf about his body language.Hes our best player.Full stop.Just set the team up to play to his strengths and we will get the best from the player.

        1. Ken1945 says:

          As you know Phil, we are in agreement on Ozil.
          Why do football fans think they can abuse a player, then get upset when he reacts in the way Ozil did?
          If I was Ozil, I would put two fingers up to the German national side and ask FIFA to sanction my allegiance to the Turkish national side.
          A sealed white envelope should ensure that they would agree to the suggestion!

          1. Phil says:

            Ken-I just cannot understand the negative comments Ozil attracts.When he is not in our team we immediately notice something is missing.He was the ideal player for us when Mr Wenger bought him.He is the ideal player for us now.BUT.And there is ALWAYS a BUT.We simply MUST play to his strengths.I don’t want to see Ozil chasing back 75 yards to defend.Although he did well to track back for the Mexico goal on Sunday because I didn’t see too many others trying to plug the gap.
            Ozil is an outstanding footballer.Just set the team pattern up and with the pace we have upfront (which Germany don’t seem to have) the player could be ready for his best ever season for us.

        2. pires says:

          He didn’t play well the other day therefore he is getting what he deserves:critics. So stop defending him….

          1. Phil says:

            And YOU ARE THE IDIOT that said Xhaka played well ate you not?When you write something sensible it will be very welcome.

          2. Ken1945 says:

            Phil, in all honesty, Germany were terrible as a team.
            I thought Ozils contribution, compared to his teammates, was very good.
            I also feel we must build our team around him, but I am seriously worried about Emery’s take on him.
            Don’t know if you read the article contributed to Emery and claiming the five players he insists must stay at the club?
            It doesn’t include Ozil and, if the proposed signings actually happen, I can’t see where he is going to play.
            Of course he is a luxury player, but one that needs to be appreciated for his footballing brain rather than his body language, defensive attributes or every other thing that is thrown at him.

            Football is such a great game though isn’t it?
            We all watch the same game and see and make such different opinions.
            I thought Xhaka had a good game, not brilliant, but good enough to be pleased that he signed a new contract!

            Pires, like your passion, try not to be so confrontational though old friend and then your thoughts might be discussed for their content and not their aggression… just an observation.

          3. Ken1945 says:

            By the way Phil, like the way Elneny is playing at the moment, a really good first team squad player in my opinion anyway!

          4. Phil says:

            To be honest Ken the only game I have watched so far is Germany v Mexico.Believe it or not I watch very little football on TV and I find it very difficult to get excited about England.As far as I’m concerned Kane fouled the GK for the first goal and was at least 15 yards offside for the winner.(I was at the 02 last night and caught the goals on the way home).
            Regards Elneny-he is a useful squad player who will get games over the season and I get the impression he would rather be a bit part player at Arsenal than play regularly for a SMALLER club such as 5pur2.Allclubs need players like him and he knows his limitations which is why he is worth keeping.

          5. Ken1945 says:

            Agree again regarding Elneny, an excellent squad player.
            Your biased opinions know no bounds regarding them down the road however!!
            Long may it continue….I thought Tony’s comments about the spud players in the England team hilarious.
            Must say that I am really impressed with the way the new regime is conducting it’s transfer business.
            This, along with their patience regarding the assessment of our current players shows a really professional attitude.
            Credit given where credits due in my opinion.

          6. Phil says:

            I think so Ken.Thet identified targets early and have gone straight after them.Thet seem to be concentrating on the defence a GK with a CDM Zthrown into the mix.A couple of concerns though.Firstly we need a pacy out and out winger.Secondly we could end up with a full team of Centre Backs at the rate we are being linked with them.If Sokratis comes with Soyunchu that’s added to Mavaraponas Mustafi Beilik Chambers and Holding with Kos back at Xmas.Thats just too many.I believe Chambers done himself the world of good towards the end of last season so I would send Holding and Beilik out on loan for the season as they would both benefit from regular game time.Nice position to be in for a change defensively anyway.

    2. Lupe says:

      Who is asking him to smile at the camera, we are asking him to show he cares. You might think a player’s body language doesn’t matter but when you are the supposed to be the best player at a club, you need to have a better body language for your fellow players especially the younger ones who look up to you to change the game, its also important because it translates confidence to the fans to keep going when you see your players are still fighting and they don’t look down and out. I am not questioning his ability, but his overall character because football isn’t just about having one of ability or character, its both that make a worldclass player. And can i ask you how good was ozil last season because your sarcasm seems to be telling us he had a brilliant season. I wish we played ludogorets every match so ozil can show up. Assists my foot, where are the assists.

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Lupe, fellow gooner, not sure who you are aiming your questions at, but, can l ask you if,in all honesty, you were as critical about Sanchez when he betrayed the traits you are accusing Ozil of?
        I don’t understand your final comment regarding ‘assists what assists’.
        Are you contradicting the actual facts produced by the media?
        Body language doesn’t mean a thing, remember Judas RVP
        kissing the badge and responding to the crowd?
        Same goes for Nasri and Cashley Cole!
        Strange you only mention ludogorets game, what about the Utd game.
        Single games are not a good example of trying to prove a point.
        Guess we must agree to disagree with each other.

  8. John0711 says:

    I am not saying hes a bad player as he clearly isnt, however, dont think he is what arsenal or emery needs. If we are playing a high pressing game i would prefer Ramsey behind PEA.
    Xhaka and Ozil are not quick hard pressing players so this is where it could fail

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah but John-it’s all very well pressing and winning the ball back high up the pitch.But when we do win it back we need someone to do something with it

  9. st sass says:

    unai emery please look beyond ozil and build us a proper arsenal around all 11 players playing their hearts out.

  10. Pablo Picasso says:

    This might not be a popular opinion but I guess this platform is meant for all opinions.

    Some of us turn of new Millennium football lovers fell in love with the game because of the heart, passion, joy, and skills. Seeing grown men on the pitch, the stands, and yes at home on tele crying as there teams line up to do battle was amazing. The great Brazilian teams, France 98 team, Italy’s gladiators, legendary AC Milan, the Galactico’s, Fergies boys, Jose’s first Chelsea, and yes the Invincibles all hard such attributes. Even after a loss fans felt proud after each game because there warriors went to battle for them. These were not furious bulls running around no, they had discipline too and produced beautiful moments.

    I love Ozil because he has an eye for a good pass and wears our colours, apart from that I cant wait for such players like him to leave the game. Even skinny Neymer, smaller Carzola, Xavi, Iniesta, Isco, D. Silva play with so much heart. I doubt Ozil will have a future in Football after his playing career because of luck of such attributes which is a shame because he would have retired as one of the best number 10’s ever.

  11. ruelando says:

    I am an Ozil Hater

    It is obvious due to Ozil travelling to Turkey and taking pictures with Turkey’s President, it has become an issue for the German press, therefore the simplest of things will get a negative comment aimed at Ozil, there was not much criticism of Khedira who was dead on his feet or the other midfielder who played for real Madrid (name not coming to me) probably due to how he was lost on the field.

    I do criticise Ozil at Arsenal because my expectation for him is quite high, but the criticism of his performance here definitely has some amount of bias and some underline prejudice of individuals of Turkish decent that are Germans.

    He was one of the better performers of the German team on that given day.

    The Ozil of Arsenal, i hope he is given the opportunity like everyone else to prove me wrong that he is not a luxury player

    1. Sue says:

      I’m surprised you haven’t changed your name to I am an Ozil hater!!


    This is nothing more than politics. Some Germans are angry that ozil took a photo with the president of Turkey and since ozil being of Turkish descent that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. I wonder if they would make the same fuss if ozil took a photo with benjamin netanyahu , Trump or any other controversial leader.

    1. Phil says:

      It could have been a lot lot worse.He could have had his picture taken with Teresa May


        Phil hahaha good one

  13. Uwot? says:

    Seems to me.ozil can’t be arsed.think he doesn’t give a monkeys about AFC or Duetchland.his thoughts & loyalty are with Turkey.fair enough.cancel your contract with us & do us all a favour or join one of the Turkish teams in instanbul.solved.cos I don’t think Emery is going to have him around too long as a luxury.

    1. RSH says:

      this will be the only season Ozil starts for Emery. Unai has no choice because the club foolishly doubled his wages because they were scared to lose him. Arsenal had the power. No top club wanted Ozil, haha. It’ll be hard to sell Ozil now since we made his wages so high and he’s highly undesirable atm.

  14. st sass says:

    ospina down by a goal. courtesy penalty kick.

  15. RSH says:

    hes absolutely correct but wrong game to criticize him when many germans just failed to show up at all. Ozil was at least decent. One thing he is spot on about is that when rest of the team is struggling, Ozil will never step up. Only does well when everyone else is. Still, this is clear scapegoating and it seems a lot of Germans are still upset he met with Turkish president and there seems to be some soft jabs questioning his German patriotism.

  16. ger burke says:

    ozil is probably arsenals worst player as far attitude and passion is concerned. this player has gone backways since joining us, he treats our club like a holiday camp . therefore, in my opinion, he should be one of the first players out the door , let him follow his sacked guru to whatever top club he takes over.

  17. Counsel says:

    Ozil suffers from chronic depression only that some medical conditions are private now you know

    1. Midkemma says:

      If he is then for his own health he should have made it public and stepped aside for Germany to have picked a player who was mentally up for the strain.

      Either get help or get out is my opinion of Ozil now.
      I will hold my hands up and say I was one of the fans who has supported him by pointing to stats over appearances, like many other supporters have. Do they feel like me? Feel like a mug because Ozil is proving us wrong if anything by not being true to himself and the team he is playing in.

      1. Phil says:

        @Counsel-so YOU are privaliged with highly classified medical records of a world renowned Footballer are you?When has it EVER been reported the player suffers from depression?Mind you reading your posts is enough to drive anyone up the wall.Absolutely ridiculous comment to make and what’s worse is you know it.Dont try to be funny.Your NOT

      2. Regardless of what everyone says. Still German player of the year for 5 years.

        1. Phil says:

          Yes and that is no mean feat.Oneday his talent will be recognised.

        2. Ken1945 says:

          During which time they won the world cup.
          Yet here he is at Arsenal and suprise suprise he’s getting stick about his body language and defensive attributes rather than his footballing brain!!

  18. Midkemma says:

    Ozil for Martial?
    Ozil + Welbroke for Martial?
    Still no? Sure? Ozil and Welbroke are at the WC while Martial isn’t… Still no?


  19. Jeremy says:

    Seriously don’t give s hoot about WC, it’s just a tool for FAs to spin money.

    In fans’ obsession, they thrive. They will try to organize more meaningless matches to try get more money.

    When our players got injured, who pays their salary? Did they really treat our players well? No, to the FAs, players are merely tools.

    1. Muriu says:

      In that game khedira was all over didn’t know his role . Coach must stand remind this players their roles . Not running like headless chicken… . If we stand chance to win a game then you must defend your goal…

  20. Admin says:

    Someone called this post clickbait. Can anyone explain to me…..?

  21. ks-gunner says:

    The Germans do accuse him for what Arsenal fans accuse him as well. So keep your mouths shut and dont make this into a silly argument of him being criticized just be is Turkish.

  22. Break-on-through says:

    Creatively speaking, without Ozil we were pathetic at stringing moves together and making good opportunities. The attack was fine last season, the one before, we created enough but just didn’t have the finishers over the seasons and esp didn’t have the wingers. Ozil and Alexis done most of that. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that we finally won silverware the year we brought him in. We are an attacking side, we’ll be building a defensive unit that does not need 6 men in front of them defending. None of the best sides in Europe do that other than Atletico and Mourinho. PSG had players like Neymar Draxler and Ibrrahimivic, you think they all defended, chased back into fullback areas, not a hope. Ozil is an easy target for people, things go wrong and it’s almost bullying at this stage the way people go about it ..without analyzing the game properly. What would people have said for Kanu if Arsenal hadn’t of been so special back then, Merson, another so called lazy player. Something else people don’t seem to realize, when the other team have the ball you can see that Ozil’s instructions are to be ready for when Arsenal win the ball back, you can see he’s moving around so to be easily found for when we break.

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Absolutely correct and a perfect response to the negativity expressed about a footballing genius who compares with the likes of Liam Brady or George Eastham.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        ?but still not a patch on the great Dennis Bergkamp.

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