Ozil drops biggest hint yet that he’s staying at Arsenal

The biggest Arsenal exit rumours all year have been related to our biggest stars Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, and the consensus amongst the fans is that the German is the one most likely to stay at the Emirates beyond this summer.

Now the player himself has confirmed that he is looking forward to beginning the pre-season with the Gunners when they travel to Sydney next month. “I hear Sydney is a nice city with a lot of nice people living there,” he said on Arsenal.com. “I don’t know a lot about Australia but this is a good opportunity to see the city, the people and I’m really happy to go there with Arsenal.

“It is really good to have pre-season with the team, in my career it has always been like that. If you play at a big tournament, especially with Germany, you really miss pre-season.

“Two years ago we went to Singapore and it was a nice experience to see the city and the fans, and to train how we do in Sydney. So I am excited to do the same in Australia. I can’t wait to go there.”

So how more clear can he be? Surely if he was going to leave he would want to be with his new club? Does this mean can stop worrying about losing both of our biggest stars?



  1. If Wenger heard that Lewandowski is upset at Bayern and didn’t go straight on the telephone than he’s nuts
    Other teams can outbid us and give him a higher salary than us but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our best

    Lewandowski makes £160,000 per week
    We can do better than that if we are offering Alexis £280,000

    1. These players use the “Unhappy” vibe just to score lucrative contracts with their teams, i mean how many times have we heard this and the player ending up signing a new and improved contract? Most coaches do not pick up the phone because they know these antics. FYI Lewandowski is not going anywhere trust me.

      1. I completely agree
        Most players are after increasing their salary
        But sometimes players are genuinely unhappy or would go to another team for a higher salary

        Bayern highest salary is £160,000 per week given to Lewandowski, Lahm, Vidal, Robben, Muller. Lewandowski could make much more and would probably leave for more. Loyalty is pretty much finished in football

    2. Upset about what? ?? if your referring to him being upset with his teammates for not passing the ball enough in the last few games, to help him win the Golden boot? then that’s old news. He has gotten other that.

  2. Of course, because there is no other club interested in buying him. Actually selling him could help Arsenal in getting real playmaker. I just hope Ozil will improve his performance and it looks like he is comfortable with the 3-4-2-1.

    Arsenal should not get another fancy good looking player that cannot handle heavy pressures next time. We already have Ozil, Ramsey, Xhaka and Giroud to sell more shirts for Arsenal.

    1. I don’t think you deserve all those thumbs down. From what I get from your comment is that you hope Ozil would play his best and what he’s capable of, if not get someone who can and will.

      Fact is I want Ozil to stay but I want him to improve to at least the level of two years ago when he led the league in Assists. But last season he was very lazy

      Personally I think we should keep Ozil but get another Top CM to push him. Ozil will play better if his German international team position is in jeopardy

      It also shows how good Alexis is as he scored 24 PL goals, 30 goals and 10 assists when Ozil was playing his worst. Imagine how many goals Alexis would score if Ozil was on top form or we had another Top CAM

      1. How many assists did Ozil have last season?If Arsenal had a clinical striker last season we would’ve won the league.But of course our so called super sub and Mr. Stamina passed with flying colours.It’s funny how people only look at his laziness yet forget about his other qualities.You need to look at which outweighs the other.Some are also saying he’s staying because no one is interested in him.That’s funny.He could even go to Madrid next season and would even be their highest assist for consecutive seasons.It’s funny how we talk of him like he’s nothing.How I wish he left last season to a top club with clinical finishers.He’s even wasting his talents here honestly speaking.

        1. Most of Ozil’s assists in Arsenal came from set-pieces, because his playing style is not suitable for Arsenal’s system.

          But he could be very useful for other big teams with more stable performance and better system, such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Tottenham and Manchester City. And I think he could be good for counter-attacking style teams like Atletico Madrid and Leicester City.

          I think he is not lazy, he has great eyes to see chances and he is a very unselfish player, like Welbeck. But I wish we have real playmaker that can dictate the tempo and can help Arsenal in ball possession, like Cazorla, Iniesta and Modric. Also for an attacking midfielder, I hope Arsenal could get someone like Neymar, Messi, Hazard, Pedro, Sanchez and Isco.

          1. Except for Madrid, they put allot of energy into their performances so going back for Ozil would be a few steps in the wrong direction. He could probably work out well, but I doubt he’d improve them.

      2. Thanks. I think Ozil’s playing style is not suitable for Arsenal’s system in the last three season, that’s why most of his assists came from set-pieces and he cannot improvize in the field.

        I believe Ozil could be very useful for other big teams with more stable performance and better system, such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Tottenham and Manchester City. I think he could be good for counter-attacking style teams like Atletico Madrid and Leicester City.

  3. Could be the worst summer in years. Wenger signs a two year extension, Sanchez leaves (massive blow because Arsenal are a one man team), and Ozil stays on a ridiculous wage, and continues to go missing in big games, but never gets dropped! With the likes of Ramsey, and Wilshere most likely getting extensions as well, it all comes together as one depressing summer.

    Change? Wenger doesn’t even give change!

  4. That’s all well & nice. ?? now how about getting a couple of major signings in to keep Ozil company, whilst sight seeing? ?? he won’t miss a thing with those 360 degrees eyeballs ??

  5. Like he was gonna say…” I don’t care about pre-season and I don’t wanna go because am leaving Arsenal”…smh…this proves nothing!

    1. Ozil was only hinting that he can’t afford to do a personal holiday trip to Sidney Australia ?? he needs £350,000 a week ??

  6. The Metro is running out Bull? rumours, so they have decided to do a report on the obvious… for now:
    The Gunners boss is eager to bring in a big name in attack to help persuade Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil not to leave the club, and reports suggest Lacazette is one of his main targets.

    Thanks Greg ??

  7. Why no press about other clubs interested in Ozil? He is a remarkable player but wont attract £280k a week anywhere else. Arsenal are understandably reluctant to let him go for free hence the need for an improved contract, otherwise what’s the point?

    1. He’ll only get it at Arsenal because losing both would look very very bad. Sneaky tactics. It be great if Alexis signs and then we just offer Ozil what is fair.

  8. ozil has no takers from the biggest clubs- of this im convinced
    if he did..airplane time

    most gifted player we have had since bergkamp , shame he doesnt apply himself more
    could have tore up the league

  9. Arsenal are the biggest club that would have him. He has no choices so isnobviously staying

  10. If Arsenal only had a competent director of football operations, like David Dein to aggressively deal with securing transfers early and eliminating both the deadwood and unsettled players pining for a move away.

    1) Splash the cash on either Lacazette or PEA and offer a lucrative wage package to offset the absence of Champion’s League football next year.


    2) Sign Lemar from Monaco as either a Sanchez replacement or another option to bolster the Gunners attack. Kid is an incredible talent @ 21 and is already an established international for France.

    $40M spent or +$10-15M made with Sanchez sale

    3) Sell Bellerin to Barca for Rafina and $20M. Adding a quality player and cash for a talented youngster pining for a move back home is good business. Reinvest in the squad with cash profits and convince the Ox that he will be the 1st choice right wing back for years to come.


    4) Sign a young, but experienced wingback as understudy to Ox. God knows at some point the Englishmen will spend time in the treatment room.

    $10-15M spent

    5) Bring bach Schez as a quality back up or replace him with an experienced keeper for around the selling price of the Pole if Martinez isn’t fancied by Wenger as a long term solution.

    6) These players time is up @ the Emirates

    Giroud… $20M

    $92M recouped from transfee fees.

    If Arsenal sign PEA, Lemar, Rafina, and a quality back up for Ox and Alexis is still clamoring for a move or demanding a ridiculous weekly wage package then Wenger needs to tell the Chilean to not let the door hit ya on the way out. It would be agonizing to see Sanchez in Oil City blue but Arsenal cannot let him leave on a free transfer next summer. His transfer fee would cover Lemars asking price and some of either Lacazette or Batmans, whose additions would surpass the offensive numbers supplied by the mercurial Chilean.

    With all these hypotheticals, would the majority of Arsenal fans be unhappy with this lineup come August.


    Bench: Welbeck, Walcott, Cazorla, Nacho, BFG, Iwobi, Rafina, El Neny, Martinez, Coquelin, Chambers, New right wingback

    1. this aint fifa mate,

      were not getting Auba, shezny wont go from being 1st choice at roma to be back up at arsenal where he used to be 1st choice.. and were not getting lemar either lol.

  11. Did I miss something where he declared utter bliss @ AFC?

    He said he is looking forward to the pre-season and season in Australia. He probably was looking forward to real madrids preseason too.

    Ozil is a good player when he is there. But he isn’t always there especially in the big matches when he goes missing. I wouldn’t be sad to see him go, unlike Alexis who probably is going.

    Still as ever all is the unknown

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