Ozil fan launches shameful petition for Arsenal U-turn

Mesut Ozil has a bigger social media following than Arsenal Football Club, and his fans have made no secret of their wish for him to back on the pitch playing, with one going as far as launching a petition to get him back.

The midfielder hasn’t featured since the Coronavirus pandemic put a halt to the Premier League campaign last season, and hasn’t made the playing squad for any of our fixtures since the summer.

His exclusion from the Europa League squad earlier this week however has strongly signalled an end to his involvement for Arsenal altogether however, with less than a year remaining on his current deal.

This decision has convinced one die-hard fan to launch a Change.Org petition to get Arsenal to overturn their decision to leave the German out of the playing squad for the Europa League, as well as see him made available of the Premier League this term, but the reasons for this call are not about football.

Reading through the petition’s reasons as to why Ozil should be reinstated into the squad, they are not because he would improve Arsenal, or improve the results on the pitch, but more because… The fans want to see it? Or because he has been treated unfairly?

I could understand if Arsenal were not on a huge upward curve in terms of performances and results, or if the team was losing too many matches for one reason or another, but everything at the club currently is positive, and the reality right now is that our formation simply doesn’t suit a player of his style, nor would there be any reason to try and change that to accommodate him.

Can anyone present me reasons why Ozil should be playing where the football being played is concerned?


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    1. Ahmed
      I thought you’ll mention the Premier league after all the money we threw at him? Collecting a further 8m at the end of September without kicking a ball.

      Yes, Arteta won FACup without him

      Ramsey play more role in us winning the FA than him

      He couldn’t keep us in the CL. Football has passed him now. He’s voluntarily retired but for the money

      1. So it takes one player to be a full team? if there is no supportive structure around him even the best players struggle I.e sittuation in Barcelona and juventus

        1. Santi Cazorla
          Alexis Sanchez
          Laurent Kosielny
          Olivier Giroud
          Aaron Ramsey.
          No support structure you say? Does he have one now?

            1. Ok agreed he does not have support structure in right kind of players at Arsenal. So let it be then … Why demand playing him now when he still does not have support structure?

    2. 😂😂😂😂

      IJC: He is a player to remember that we must forget.

      N : We must never forget to not remember him.

      IJC : And if we do remember him, we must immediately forget him.

    3. Sue I just wish they dump the BA****D he is getting on my tits and I have not got any before you say anything

    4. It’s shameful for some supporters who loves Ozil more than Arsenal FC. The want what is good for Ozil and not Arsenal, regardless of the situation

  1. “Can anyone present me reasons why Ozil should be playing where the football being played is concerned?””

    Yes of course easy answer. if those called fans signing the petition refrain from buying tickets Ozil will not only play but he will even become captain.
    Money talks.

    1. You’re having a laugh. Arteta sees him training and he doesn’t seem to be responding to what’s expected of him. It’s time to move on. It’s not all his fault Wenger gave him this ridiculous contract and his sense of entitlement is beyond what he contributes. Had he cut his salary He could have saved most of the 55 redundancies he’s now divisive time to go

    2. This has to be one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read and it shows no thought. Fans can’t go matches, but they won’t buy tickets right? And I’m certain that the true Arsenal fans would buy tickets and go and I’m certain they are more than those who won’t buy. When Emery dropped him they still bought and they only stopped attending matches when the team performed poorly. Ozil is not playing and would go out a wounded….self entitled idiot. All the PR stunts are seen by many for what they are and he’s not saving himself showing how immature he is.

      1. @Myst.
        Mate, some of these Ozil cultists are not real Arsenal fans. These are Ozil fans that have been following him wherever he goes since he broke onto the scen me in 2010. They were Madrid fans when he moved to Madrid. They became Arsenal fans when he moved to Arsenal. They became Germany fans when he was still playing for Germany and now hate Germany because Ozil hates Germany now.

        Once Özil’s contract runs out at Arsenal, they will pack their bags and follow him to to his next destination and become that particular clubs biggest fans as always.

        They are a special breed never seen before at Arsenal.

        1. So then PAL- I believe Ozil is a very talented footballer. That makes me not a true arsenal fan does it. And I just follow the player where he has been???
          I remember going to Werder Bremen away in 1999/20 season and winning 2-4. Were YOU THERE PAL??
          I also recall Schalke away in 2001 & 2012 WHAT ABOUT THISE TWO GAMES PAL- WHERE YOU THETE AT THOSE?????
          But of course Real Madrid away in 2006- yiu had to be at that one didn’t you??????
          All 3 clubs Ozil has previously played for and I’ve been to EVERY away game Arsenal has played against them. I would add these were all BEFORE OZIL EVEN PLAYED FOR THEM.
          What annoys me so much about “fans” such as you is that it’s so very easy to dismiss someone’s opinion and jump on the popular bandwagon without actually realising some, not all, but some, actually support this club in whatever competition and whoever is in the team (Alex Iwobi apart- he was just pure rubbish).
          So there you go PAL- I’ve been to Arsenal away at Ozil’s three previous clubs and he wasn’t even playing for them- please advise of your actual support for the team in terms of matches been to home away Europe and keys see if you actually have earned the right to call me a “so called supporter” PAL

          1. You were making sense till you shot yourself in the foot with the iwobi statement. Now your point is just filled with so much bias you can’t even see it.

          2. It was very difficult to read your post without seeing a rant. I keep re-reading and still come up with the same conclusion
            How could your devotion to Arsenal be seen as anything other than incredible? It has been and still is a huge passion but those of us who for all sorts of reasons are unable to go/ travel/justify the expense .. it doesn’t mean we care any less
            You play golf if I remember rightly
            I played today and it was a breath of fresh air and a chance to chill and remember for a while what really matters … so enjoy life … such as it is these days

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂

      Covid is gonna be around for a while. Mesut may be long gone when fans are allowed back.

      1. HH We can certainly hope so ,in one way. Though like us all, I am desperately keen to have fans back in th stadium , WHEN it is safe to do so Not otherwise though.

        1. Even for us watching on TV, without fans it’s not the whole package. I feel like I am watching players training. The fake sounds at least make the games watchable.

          I don’t know about your country but where I am every time when things start to get back to normal the cases rise again. Seems like only the vaccine will stop this thing.

          1. HH, In Britain it is the same! Until a vaccine is found AND widely used , life will be no better. I am in real doubt that the Prem will even complete 38 games. Right now it looks that a national lockdown is the only way to prevent thousands more deaths. No one much wants that but nothing else prevents deaths UNTIL the vaccine comes.

    4. lcw, ken1945 has already discussed the futility of giving up your season ticket. With a waiting list of 20,000 plus and growing, there are plenty of others waiting to take one’s place. Should your opinion change you don’t have a chance to get the season ticket back in your lifetime.

    5. Ozil should play , that’s the creative player we are craving for in the absence of no better one in the team right now. He played really well pre-covid after Artetas appointment, became so bad that he couldn’t even make the Europa cup team. Why?….. because he’s on 350k a week and refused to take a pay cut.
      I wonder how long it would take for this set of Ozil antagonists to turn to Aubameyang when there’s no Ozil criticism for sports anymore. Hypocrites , get your buried ostrich heads out of the sand.

  2. The reason he was sidelined wasn’t footballing reason, so I think the reason they used in the petition is justified in my opinion. He deserves some respect. You can’t tell me the likes of Willock can do better than him.

    1. So if what Arsenal is doing is against the law or his contract then Ozil should take the club to court. Isn’t it?
      Same with Ozil being a deadbeat and scrounging off our club. If the club thought it was against the law or his contract then they should have taken him to court. But it seems like he is within his right.

      It seems like both parties are well within their right to act the way they are acting right now towards each other. Ozil has the right to down tools like he has done since he put pen to paper on his luxurious £350,000 a week contract. The guy has done absolutely nothing for our club since he signed that contract in 2018. Apart from giving us poor performances season after season, Disrespecting, undermining our managers and club throughout it all. If he was giving us top performances that reflected his ridiculous wages then non of us would even be mentioning how much he earns. Arsenal would not be desperate to get rid of him etc..

      Ozil has the absolute right to stick around and collect his wages but to some of us he does not deserve them because he has failed to perform the moment he signed his current contract. He just seems to be happy lazying around, playing video games, social media propaganda, PR STUNTS, underminining our club and managers on a daily basis instead of getting his head down and giving his all like the rest of his teammates. But no,

      Ozil has the right to just sit and keep collecting his wages while consistently stinking out the place on the pitch with his constant poor performances. That’s his right.

      But Arsenal football club also have the right to choose. They can choose to play him or not play him. So they have decided to *Not Play him* due to his very poor attitude towards his job and our club.

      I say good on you my club.

      1. GOONSTER A FINE POST WITH MUCH I CAN AGREE . But I differ in that I think NO player ever has the right not to give his level best in any game . That may or may not be legally challengeable but morally, laziness and loafing in games, is a disgusting cheat of the club and us fans , not to mention his team mates.

      2. Absolute nonsense. With the side way passing from Arsenal players you still think Ozil is not worthy of first team football in Arsenal? Ozil is simply being maltreated simply because of monetary disagreement rather than his performance in the field… So classless of Arsenal, truth be told, no current Arsenal players matches Ozil’s passing, creativity and football brilliance, you haters should save those poor performance bullshit.

        Bellerine, Xhaka, Elneny play and not Ozil? Even Willock play ahead of Ozil? Give me a break!

        1. So what I gather from most of the Ozil haters on this site is that if you support Ozil that means you are an Ozil supporter and not an Arsenal supporter? that is illogical.

          So the man was doing just well pre covid19 and now all of a sudden he is not training the same and cant even make the bench? Cant see the logic in that either.

          As far as being dropped by 3 managers. Emery has always had issue with big talent, that is why he got ran from PSG. I knew he was terrible a little less that half way his first season. The irony is the team played much better when Ozil was put back in the team. Ljunberg had issues with how Ozil reacted to being subbed. As for Real Madrid, Ronaldo was quite vocal about his sale and Ozil was a fantastic player form them.

          Anyways, Arsenal football at present is awful. We scraped by a 3rd string Pool team in the Cup match on pens. It was like we were playing their first team. We hardly have any shots on goal and we lack creativity while the many of the lesser clubs are playing sweet football. If there is no place in the team for Ozil in the borefest that we are seeing something is amiss.

          What I remember most is that Ozil, a world class talent, came to Arsenal when it was more in fashion to leave…Nuff respect due! I
          Arsenal supporters were shocked that he was coming to Arsenal (as were supporters of other clubs, they were jealous) and now many like most of you are kicking him while he down.

          Football reasons my behind! Arsenal need to play this man and leave the politics out.

      3. Funny thing is Ozil hasn’t downed tools. He is training and ready and fit.

        This is on the club. Not Ozil

  3. I wonder if anyone has a petition asking Afc to get rid of him ?
    If so my guess is 98% of Afc fans would sign that and 2% for him to play again.
    This Ozil fan needs to open his eyes !!!

  4. The Ozil fan needs to get out more! There’s more worrying things going on in the world than starting a petition for Mesut Ozil to jog around a football pitch! I cannot wait until this man’s contract expires as it’s just a circus!

    1. Sorry he is legend and reason he is not playing Is because of China .it is very shame Arsenal just respect China who terrorizing innocence people and disrespect their legend

      1. Are you supporting Arsenal or supporting Ozil? Does Arteta hate Ozil? My answer will be NO. We need to understand that at the end of the day – the club come first before any player. So many wonderful name has left Arsenal and Arsenal is still being supported. Arsene Wenger left Arsenal and Arsenal is still being supported by Wenger’s supporters.. So… Let’s all chill.

        1. Does Arteta hate Ozil? No
          Does Arsenal management hate Ozil? Yes. Why? Because he earns 350k a week, Arteta works for Arsenal yes or no?

        2. Debo, Some people will never understand that the club always come first. That is why I CALL THEM , CORRECTLY, OZILS FAN CLUB.

          Whether they are fans of the club as well is a different matter, since they clearly put this bone idle player before the club. They are also living in the past by at least five years but won’t admit it, even to themselves, because of lack of moral fibre.

    2. The guy loves a circus around him.
      Circus at Madrid.
      Circus for Germany.
      And now a Circus at Arsenal. All perpetuated by his hired social media PR managers. They love to steer things up to get the 20 million or so already emotional and sensitive Ozil worshippers even more worked up. The PR machine just keeps throwing them a bit of red meat here and there and the worshippers will go crazy munching on it.
      More than 20 million melts are under Özil’s thumb being manipulated by his PR machine on a consistent basis.
      It’s absolutely amazing.

      1. You are not wrong goonster 👍 I can only imagine it’s mostly the younger fifa generation of supporters that are on the Ozil train, anyone would think he has fired us to premier League and champions League glory carrying the team on his back 😂 I for one never bought into the Ozil hype, a little bit of brilliance here and there isn’t enough to convince me the fella is the real deal! And no amount of petitions is gonna bring him back into the squad! Come June and the saga ends 👋

  5. I think ozil should be reinstated too, starting tomorrow v Crawley. Bould still uses the 4231 system in the u23s and can field up to 5 players over the age of 21 as well 4 others in the first team squad that need some match minutes. Macey, Soares, Sokratis and Ozil could all do with a run out, whilst Willock, Saliba, ESR and Nelson could also all play.

    Seeing as both Ozil and Sokratis have turned down the opportunity to leave I would simply hand them over to Steve Bould and let him play them until they run their contracts down.

  6. Just imho. Ozil was great player. But then it depends on new coach with Emery and now with Arteta, how the coach wants to do with the team, it also depends on how good he is now due to there is a competition from the other players with same or similar position..
    Every coach has different strategy. Arteta was along side together as a player with Ozil, but it was in Wenger’s era.. and now Arteta is a manager and head coach that has all rights to do what he wants.

    1. Arsenal with ozil or not with him… I remain a gooners and a big fan of M10 Ya gunners ya ozil

  7. All i can say is Arteta obviously thinks Ozil, can’t, won’t, isn’t or all three, doing enough for selection. Plus the silence from fellow players at Arsenal is deafening in support for his plight. Lowe dropped him, Emery dropped him, Arteta dropped him, how many hints do people need.

      1. Even an Arsenal legend in Freddie gave up on him in just 3 weeks of being first team coach. How are Ozil fans still rooting for this player.?

  8. Ramsey gave a clue. Arterta is not Wenger.
    Conned into paying fat salary. Productivity minimal. Jogging is not football. Past reputation means nothing. No favouritism.

  9. I like him and before Willian, Arsenal lacked his quality in final third in matches that Arsenal dominates but team cannot accomdate both on pitch, the game time can divide between them if manager wants to play him.
    Point is we can argue his qualities or weaknesses but it does not matter. He fell apart with the club and he should leave.

    If he chooses to stay to the end of the contract, then it is what is. Arsenal, fans and him can have a live going on independently, move on.

  10. Emery, Ljungberg and now Arteta have all dropped Ozil. Can his petition writing against Arsenal seeker fan takes a clue from this to find out, why have all the 2 past Arsenal head coaches and the current first team manager at the club who all came after the legendary Gunners manager Arsene Wenger who signed him has left the club have all dropped Ozil in their teams?

    I think Arteta would have improved Ozil’s in his game for Arsenal had it not been for his I thinks I know more about football than his first team manager Arteta has ever known.

    Ozil is a money grabbing player at Arsenal now for his zero football playing for the club since after the season restart. Who according to reports has recently grabbed £8m from Arsenal in loyalty payment. He is there at Arsenal now not to honestly play the game for the club. But for the huge amount of money outlay he has continue to grab at Arsenal.

    His refusal to go to Saudi Arabia Al-Nasir club side despite he’s been given a lucrative money offer contract by the club to play for them may not be unconnected with his close association with his friend the Turkish president Recep Erdogan who is at loggerhead with Saudi authorities because of the Kahsoggi’s case. And Ozil for his Ulghur Muslims comment cannot go to China either to play in the Chinese Super League for a possible lucrative contract offer he’ll certainly get there if went. And if he goes to Saudi Arabia Al- Nasir he could fall into trouble with the Saudi Crown Prince MBS.

    Therefore, Ozil for his religious utterances is trapped at Arsenal with only the MLS an option for him to explore to go there to start earning a pension.

    But no amount of petitions that may be written against Arsenal and signed by Ozil’s fans will make Arteta to change his mind to include Ozil in his Arsena’s Premier League 25 man players list for the ongoing PL summer campaign. And as Ozil already not been included in Arsenal Europa League Cup group stage matches players list, I am afraid Ozil will not play for Arsenal at least this summer. And that should leave him in mental agony.

    1. Why does a so called world class talent lke
      ozil even worry about Chinese, Saudi Arabian clubs et? You have massive clubs in England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy. Why do they never come in for such a talent? 😊

      But according to Özil’s fans he is a world class talent that big teams around the world would be tripping over themselves to sign.
      “Put him in the City team and records will be broken”

      “Put him in the Barcelona team and he will show his world class talent”

      Put him in the Madrid team blah blah..

      “Put him in that Bayern team and blah blah…”

      “Give him this and that kid of striker but not Giroud and he will break records”.

      “Give him this and that DM to cover for him.”

      Don’t ask him to defend, press, trackback or tackle”


      Ever since he has been at Arsenal we never seem to hear anything from from these Top club regarding signing Ozil. All we keep being served on a consistent basis are obscure Middle Eastern clubs, Turkish clubs, Chinese, MLS club rumours in for Ozil.

      But but he is a world class player, every Top club would love to have in their team.

      1. To be honest, currently, these BIG teams play statistical football, every pass, every run, every movement is choreographed by the manager and the coaching staff, and all players need to do is fall in line and play the part. There is no room for improvisations, guile, or experimentations, personal skills, etc like in the past. I bet if Ronaldinho was in his prime right now, no team would want to play him because his game revolved around being “unpredictable” and high personal skills and so you can’t play him in a way where he would be proven STATISTICALLY GOOD. If he was to play, he would have to tone down all what he used to do in his prime and play simple football. And what I mean by that is run like hell and track the ball all the time and pass quickly as soon as he gets the ball. I hope you’re getting my point. So what does World Class mean? It’s not about ability, skill, or footballing sense, etc. But only the results a player produces at the end of 90 min.

        Football has become very very simple, especially in EPL. Things that bring unpredictability is not desirable. You see less and less sliding tackles, less one on one dribblings, less players showing any skills at all. Heck if any player shows a few skills, they are seen as amateurs even. Maybe that’s why Leeds currently feel like such a breath of fresh air, at least to me. Their sliding tackles are a delight to watch, their players are so unpredictible they are making even big teams look clueless about how to contain them. And commentators are left with nothing but to call them “freestyle” or even “amateurish”. But are Leeds playing World Class football? Yes, imo, much better football than what I see these BIG teams play lol.

        1. Spot on Daulat, that’s why limited players like Gini and Henderson are thriving and were probably top six midfielders last season. All they need to do is listen to the coach and execute his plan. Same applies to Elneny.

        2. At least some people understand football. Players are becoming too expensive and the game is becoming system oriented instead of relying on individualism. In most of our games under Artera we barely have 40% possession of the ball and yet we win. Of course this is just an experiment that might backfire if/when sales of memorabilia declines and fans loose interest due to the absence of Idols. Another concern also is this type of game is suitable for all clubs and not just the top 6 so expect the lower teams to continue competing on equal foot. All and all this could be a fad that will go by the wayside if it is not profitable. Money talks always.

  11. Rule No. 1, no player bigger than a club.
    Rule No. 2, unless you r a long term servant and been loyal and trusted both on the pitch and off. Legend.

    Rule No. 3, This is a big club with tradition, culture, rules, and history. When you work with big club, u need to follow their rules, not they follow your rules. Simple understanding, take it or leave. I’m surprised, we have less logical thinking fans in this club.

    How about you run a company and I join in and go against you. How many of you want such a staff?

  12. He had problems with Wenger in his later years as Wenger replaced him often in games and at times dropped him

    Emery dropped him

    Ljumberg dropped him

    Now Arteta has dropped him since restart

    He’s no more the player he was and is strange that at 31 he doesn’t want to play football again and is choosing retirement while Ronaldo at 35 is showing no sign of retiring

    Arsenal should leave him to collect his money and leave at the end of his contract

  13. Among all the coaches that dropped him tell me one thing they have since then, aside arteta, who Ozil also has a contribution in the FA cup victory arteta has achieved.

    1. Purely football Reasons why ozil should be playing 1.He is the best attacking midfielder that we have in this current team 2. He is the best chance creator in this current team. 3.Under Arteta ozil created more chances than any other player with even fewer matches played. 4. His playing style depicts the true arsenal values which we are known for, not the mourinho-esq defensive style
      5.Ozil occasionally has adopted to many formations and positions
      On economical reasons 1. Ozil is on 350,000 wage so it is nonsensical in the coaches part not play him. 2.Last week the premier league issue a statement on the pay-per-view policy that would generate more revenue for the clubs coz of de non-entrance of stadium by fans. Many fans will not subscribe to this policy if the ozil situation is not resolved. Psychological reasons. 1.Ozil name in our team sheet intimidate the opposing team 2.His presents destroys others formation

      Just a reminder he has scored 44 and assisted 77 times for Arsenal. He did well in his 5yrs speal under Wenger. He was doing well in Arteta first 10 matches pre-lockdown only to be said he was surplus to requirement coz he issued statement condemning de oppression treatment of the minority in China, his refusal not to take pay cut because no details were being given as to how they were going to use the money.

  14. Story of Ozil

    He had problem with Germany

    He had problem with China

    He had problem with Saudi Arabia

    He has problem with Arsenal

    Emery dropped him

    Ljumberg dropped him

    Now Arteta dropped him

    Ozil should check his way

  15. These people should listen to what Wenger had to say about the Ozil situation. His words were; football has evolved greatly and it’s pushed players like Ozil out.

  16. Can’t believe there are fans who love certain player more than the club they chose to support.

    It’s obvious to the blind and audible to the deaf that Ozil is on a mission to fleece the club. How Some fans find it comfortable to back this bursted flush at the expense of the progress of the team they support shows the kind of fans they are.


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