Ozil fitness to hand Arsenal HUGE boost v Leicester?

We are now at the end of the build up to the first Arsenal game of the new Premier League season, which I am sure you are all aware takes place tonight at the Emirates stadium with the EPL champions of two seasons ago, Leicester City, the side hoping to stop Arsene Wenger and the Gunners taking all three points and getting off to the good start we all feel they need.

In that build up just a week or so ago we found out that our German international playmaker Mesut Ozil was not fully fir and was training alone and we know he was not ready because his name was not even in the matchday squad for the Community Shield clash with Chelsea.

However, I think that may have been more precautionary on the part of the boss, because this week in an interview on the Arsenal website Wenger said he just had a decision to make on players like Ozil, Ramsey and Mertesacker who missed last weekend’s game but have been involved during pre-season.

The on Arsenal.com today we see pictures of the lads in the final traini9ng session before taking on the Foxes and Ozil is right there front and centre. That surely means that the German is fit enough to play some part at least and his importance to our attack as he pulls the strings for the likes of Lacazette means that Wenger is going to use him if he can.

How big a boost will that give the Gunners in our opening EPL game?



  1. Nayr says:


    Coutinho hands in transfer request at liverpool.


    1. TW14-TH14 says:

      Coutinho hands in transfer request. They Could the move for Chamberlain to replace him. I’m thinking it’s a possibility for Liverpool. Chamberlain would be keen since he wants to play centrally. Should they come for him Arsenal should consider it but hike the demand to at least 50 million pounds.

      1. kev says:

        News coming in is that it’s all reports of Coutinho handing in a transfer request are false.Even Liverpool have denied that he has handed in a transfer request and have confirmed that they’ll reject all bids for Coutinho.What makes it easier is that though Coutinho will like the Barcelona move he’s not going to force the transfer.

        1. muff d says:

          your wrong resource
          confirmed transfer request was sent by coutinho today

          you got lucky on lacazette
          but everything else has flopped mate

          what gives?

          1. kev says:

            I’m not Resource.I’m Kev.I’m his deputy.Resource has been inactive for a while but I’m guessing it’s because his sources are delaying.So far I’ve updated you with all the right info ahead of time except the Neymar one.My source has given so many transfers ahead of time just that they don’t concern Arsenal but other clubs.
            People keep saying Lemar this and than but Arsenal actually had a £55 agreement in place with them before they pulled out of the deal long ago.However,the deal is still on.I also reported on Jadon Sancho who will sign

          2. John Ibrahim says:

            Kev = Resources = Remember Resources

            your updates are inconsistent

          3. neil says:

            he is delaying until someone actually signs and then he can say told you so! neither you nor he knows anything.. please prove anything concrete !

            Everyone… just wait until Sky sports or arsenal.com report facts.. everything else is a rumour or click bait

          4. kev says:

            If that was the case I would have been hiding.I’m just giving you what I know.Trust me if you know the deals they’ve broken ahead of time you wouldn’t be saying this.It’s just that most don’t concern Arsenal since Arsenal hardly sign many players.It’s all about Lemar,Sancho and a CM.That’s all.

          5. Neil says:

            Lets see !! Its all very secretive and you still have not shown any proof of anything
            Not sure why you are therefore saying anything until you know for sure …eg Lemar deal then Monaco backed out after you said was happening two weeks ago… that would seem they dont know everything

          6. kev says:

            Coutinho has not handed in a transfer request and several credible sources are also saying the same .Liverpool have also issued a statement saying Coutinho won’t be sold and that the transfer request is also untrue.I got it right.

        2. DaRkPoPe says:

          whats the latest on lemar kev? you promised updates on lemars imminent arrival..

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            Lemar deal is off based on media reports

            but based on Kev = Resources = Remember Resources

            done deal to announce next week to end of season window

            every changing status

          2. kev says:

            For the last time I’m not Resource.Please don’t put words into my mouth.I have only one account and admin can confirm that.Resource is not showing up because he wants to gather more info.I’m not getting paid to do this but I do it because I don’t want people to be deceived by the media and it’s also painful to not know what’s actually going on.

          3. kev says:

            I’m not Resouce to begin with.Resource was actually right on the Lemar deal.We had agreed a fee of £55 with them many weeks back but then they pulled out of it.I’m guessing it’s the payment plans that has caused all this.The money Monaco want upfront could be the problem.I’ll update you more on that.

    2. John Ibrahim says:


      Price just keep rocketing upwards

    3. ThirdManJW says:

      Coutinho wants out, suddenly unavailable for selection due to a slight injury.
      Sanchez wants out, suddenly unavailable for selection due to a slight injury.

      I see a familiar theme here haha

  2. WengerBooi says:

    Wenger would probably still go with Iwobi for this game. Boy looks hungry for the new season

  3. Coldzero says:

    How have we so many injuries before the season has even kicked off? Ridiculous.

    Hope the youngster Nelson gets a chance to play tonight.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    140m for Dembele and 160m for Mbappe

    If they succeed they will cost 300m and not many clubs can afford

    If they flop which is less likely it is still pocket change, especially for PSG

    The price will keep going up

    1. kev says:

      News coming in is that Kylian Mbappe has told PSG that he would want £300,000 a week to complete his £150 move to PSG though the fee is yet to be agreed.Can this window get any more surprising?
      The Coutinho transfer request is also untrue.I know you’d want more on Lemar but I’ll update as they come in.

      1. muff d says:

        wrong! confirmed by club he handed in transfer request

        1. kev says:

          That’s a lie.Go and read Liverpool’s statement.Sky Sports are clearly out of touch on this one.Other sources are also saying it’s untrue .Coutinho won’t be sold by Liverpool this summer.

      2. DaRkPoPe says:

        we dont need updates on psg, liverpool or barcelona transfer news. what does your reliable sources say about arsenal transfers? both incoming and outgoing

        1. kev says:

          Lucas Perez is likely to leave Arsenal for £13 since teams are failing to meet the asking price.Arsenal want to also offload Jenkinson and Gibbs before the window shuts.He wants a return to Spain actually.Jadon Sancho deal is done.Lemar deal is still on but it’s all the fault of Monaco and Arsenal at a point who have been stubborn.Still no news on a CM though genuine interest is held in the likes of Seri and Jankto.

      3. kev says:

        That’s why I’ve been telling you guys I’m not Resource.Resource always says LACALEMAR.I don’t do that.Why is there a need for me to have two accounts just to share transfer info?I’ve been correct about everything except Neymar.Please I’ve been very consistent in my updates.Read them very well.Insider sources don’t generalise for the day.They give minute by minute info so one moment it could be here and the other moment there.They’ve broken many deals about so many clubs ahead of time with them making a mistake in the Neymar one.

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    15 points from 5 games.
    13 points from 5 games.

    That’s the kind of strong start we need.

    Let’s begin the strong start tonight against Leicester. .

    #COY #Hopeful..

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We should only play him if we need him. We can start with Iwobi. His hunger to prove himself could win us the match. Also we could try Lucas.

    Jamie Rednapp says he doesn’t think Arsenal have done enough business to challenge for the title. I AGREE
    I think we have done enough to challenge for top 4 though.
    More signings please.

  7. Radek #Namibia says:

    Ozil is like the guardian angel of Arsenal. Invisible in matches he gets to play, but when hes missing we don’t do so well going forward. About time we start appreciating his contribution to the team.

    1. muff d says:

      i dont know how good the illegal streams are in south west africa
      but in the stadium ive watched a player of the most talent weve had since dennis bottle it when we needed him most

      1. Incarnate says:

        Where’s South west Africa? ?

        1. muff d says:

          mate namibia- to the south west of the continent

          grab a map u tit lol

      2. Radek #Namibia says:

        Lol..Muff I watch most of our games on supersports (DSTV). btw, where is West Africa?

        1. Radek #Namibia says:

          Lol..Muff I watch most of our games on supersports (DSTV). btw, where is South West Africa?

          1. muff d says:

            i was being cheeky bro
            🙂 no offence intended

  8. Arsenogenic says:

    Let the Ozil haters leave him alone for a while. They definitely don’t know better than the coach. If they do, they should be the manager not him. The man is being offered a new contract for crying out loud!

    Let’s worry about the team and how to get the best out of what we have. We need the points not some more discord among the fans please.

  9. waal2waal says:

    when arsenal came to arsenal i was pleased no end – im as enthusiastic about his signing for AFC as ive ever been. big clubs have quality assets and hes always been among our best. whats even more encouraging he appears to be enjoying the status he has in north-london. appreciative he’s with us and not in opposition when on song he’s more than a handful.#C.O.Y.G

    1. waal2waal says:

      …when Ozil came to Arsenal….

  10. ARZENAL says:

    Please, can someone strangle WENGER? Anyone?

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