Ozil gets into speeding trouble and puts forward a plausible defence

Mesut Ozil is no longer part of the first-team picture at Arsenal as he approaches the end of his Arsenal contract, but the German still finds himself in the news.

Known for being vocal on social issues around the world, the playmaker has now found himself in trouble with the law.

Sun Sports reports that the German had to explain being caught speeding on a motorway recently.

The report claims that Ozil was caught speeding at 97 mph during the lockdown in July.

He, however, explained that he might have lost his concentration for a few minutes which caused him to reach that speed level.

While explaining to a Bromley court, Ozil claimed that the empty road, as well as him misreading that his vehicle was travelling at kmph rather than mph, may have affected his speeding.

He also claimed that his car was automatic and didn’t make enough noise for him to know that he was speeding.

Ozil wrote to magistrates in Bromley, saying: “When attempting to rationalise my actions, I believe it was the combination of the empty road, with no other vehicles to gauge my vehicles speed against, and the misapprehension that I was travelling kmph rather than mph.”

He added: “Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the motorway was effectively empty.

“The only explanation that I can give is that due to the absence of other vehicles on the road, my concentration must have momentarily lapsed.

“The vehicle I was driving has very low engine noise and it is automatic transmission.

“I am a German national and I am obviously used to driving vehicles that would display speed in kilometres as compared to miles per hour.”

Ozil will know later this month whether he has been just fined or banned also.

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  1. Leave Ozil to enjoy his money and private life. We’ve got rid of the lazy guy but enough of Ozil please

  2. What delicious irony, Ozil actually speeding! Not sure I CAN EVEN BELIEVE IT! MUST HAVE BEEN RIDING A TURBO CHARGED TORTOISE!

    1. Yes, pesonally I am not at all interested in football nor Arsenal. I only come on here to read about Ozil, parking fines and other trivia and am only concerned to keep this site going financially.

      I would love to know how many residents of, say, Rotherham or Timbuctoo have had parking fines and would love to hear their names, addresses and if they have dogs, cats, etc.
      Plus the names and professions of their next door neighbours too. But please don’t bore me with nonsense and irrelevant articles about Arsenal Football Club!
      BTW, if anyone knows how to spell the word “sarkasum” please let me know how it’s spelled, as I am beginning to study the subject but as yet do not have a clue how to use it.
      PS can anyone tell me whether OZIL EVER HAD A GOLDFISH?

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