Ozil gets support from a political group after his Arsenal axe

The Council of Turkish Cypriot Association has openly criticised Arsenal for their treatment of Mesut Ozil.

The German has been axed from the Arsenal team this season after he failed to earn a move away from the club.

He has not played for the club since March after Mikel Arteta dropped him from his team following the restart of the Premier League.

The World Cup winner has not been registered in any of Arsenal’s competitive squads for this season and that means he will not be playing any top-level games for them until at least January.

He has been outspoken about social causes for a long time now and his criticised the Chinese government over their treatment of the Uighur some months ago..

Arsenal didn’t back him, and the Turkish Cypriots in the UK have accused the Gunners of being biased, according to Sun Sport.

The report claims that the Gunners did back the likes of Hector Bellerin and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang when they supported social causes, but Ozil never got their backing.

Their chairman, Chairman Ertugrul Mehmet stated: “This action taken by the club has compounded the sense in our community that Arsenal is overtly discriminating against our community.”

Quite surprising it took them this long to start using words like discriminating. I mean, Ozil’s supporters were quick out the block to accuse the Germans of racism when he was rightfully called out for his awful performances for the German national team.

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  1. These are some of the reasons he was exiled from the German national team.

    Ozil is a politician. A whole Turkish president was his best man at his wedding.

    Ozil and Gundogan are the top ambassadors the Turkish president is using in football now.

    I very much know Arsenal backed him when he was expelled from the German national team.

    1. Well, love him or hate him this has nothing to do with Ozil himself

      He is not a politician,

      I think you will also find that the powers to be at the German national team have come out and said they made a mistake regarding Ozil and the racism that supposedly went on during that WC.

      This is totally an independent view from from these guys in Turkey, much the same as anyone one of us who has an opinion on him.

      1. The German FA only said they handled the Racism part wrong. They should have called out the idiotic Far Right racist straight away.
        But because they were still in their own feelings and emotions regarding Ozil bumlicking Erdogan, they let the Racist idiots in Germany dominate the narrative.

        But I am not sure the German FA said they were wrong on exposing Özil’s stinking personality/ mentality on the Erdogan issue.

        1. “But I am not sure the German FA said they were wrong on exposing Özil’s stinking personality/ mentality on the Erdogan issue.”

          If you are really interested in the truth you will look up to see if the German federation said they were wrong for what you call exposing Ozil’s especially when you qualify it as stinking personality/ mentality. Should we assume a political motif on your part maybe?

    2. One can only wonder what’s your real reason for inventing these false accusations.

      Here are few of interest to footballers:
      He can’t defend.
      He is 32 years old.
      He gets hurt often.
      He doesn’t score 10 goals per season.

  2. This is politic using entertainment football field. Don’t have this poison this website.

    This Ozil saga article highlights a key point; “he can’t play for us, we can’t use him, he is banned !!!

    Not for this non sense but under fire and more so since Wenger exit

    If Ozil was on his assist maestro mode, & scoring as he did at some point; this non sense wouldn’t, therefore doesn’t matter…

    But that one key point only!

    It is the biggest blow ever after all this poor overall management we in since Prof left….

    Point : With 2 reliable CBs & Partey behind him; Ozil can play his game, his back covered. Tac tic to play player as Ozil requires to not have him defend.

    Ceballos spends all game defending, we lose 3-0, he is not a defensive minded player, useless if he just defends!

    Point; we banned player we preciseky muss in set up Partey allows him to blossom & feed our attack!

    He can finally play his game and us banned not by but from EPL, by his club!

    This is all awful managment beside idumb. Team and attacking teammates wish their maestro was there! Ignorance!

    1. Poor management after professor Wenger left?
      The revisionism, self denial and delusion from some people is amazing. Lol
      Wenger has become a dinosaur, he finished long before 2018 when he got sacked.
      Went 13 years without competing for the title.
      Left us in such a mess. Had 14 years to build a team but left us 6th in the table.
      Wenger had turned us into a joke club that was consistently humiliated by the other Top clubs in the EPL and Europe.
      Scorelines like;
      10-2 aggregate loss in the CL.

      Wenger was an revolutionary when he came to Arsenal 1996-2004. That was it. Then he became a stagnant, stubborn, opponent to adaption and change.
      Went from challenging for the Title between 1996-2004, to fighting to stay in the Top 3, to struggling to stay 4th, to finishing 5th-6th consecutively. To finally getting sacked. I bet you if he had not gotte sacked we would still have continued the same steady slide down the table.
      Look at that steady decline.

      I respect wenger and i still adore the man. I used to be one of the AKB’s (Arsene Knows Best). But my love for wenger does not cloud my judgement and calling out glaring issues about him.

      He gave the likes of Underperforming Ozil so much power, freedom and liberty. He mollycoddled them but then they let him down.

    2. @Mogunna.
      And about this point you made.
      “Point : With 2 reliable CBs & Partey behind him; Ozil can play his game, his back covered. Tac tic to play player as Ozil requires to not have him defend.”

      What kind of nebulous special pleading that is. Lol
      It’s a myth.
      Not a single team will ever do that for a very limited fair weather personality like like Ozil.

      Only special players, players that win you games can be given that freedom. Ozil is not and will never be one of them.

      Can someone remind me of a team that changed their whole system just to suit Ozil? I have never heard or seen any team that did this for Ozil. Can someone name any of these teams that changed their ways just to get the best out of Ozil?

      This made up myth about teams being around ozil has never been verified.

      1. Troy Deeney”
        “There are times I’ve played against Mesut Ozil and just thought: ‘This guy’s an alien!'”
        “He’s ridiculously good… ridiculously good.

        Jack Wilshere:
        Ozil is the best player at Arsenal.

        Ozil was the second best player in Spanish football behind me.

        Paul Merson.
        He always seemed lazy then the numbers showed that he ran more than most in the team. “He’s an absolute talent.

        Thierry Henry
        I would have loved to play with him. It seems like he’s playing at home in his garden like no one is around him” – He has time, all the time.

        I can fill the page with what real footballers said about Ozil. I think those people know more about the game than you and I combined.

  3. To finally have Partey but Ozil banned is the dumbest move ever in FEPL history. Just seems unreal for people who understand football.

    With Partey covering him, he precisely can focus on assist, create, score,change a game, shine!

    Auba, Lava can’t be happy at all as most teammates, ask Xhaka or Niles about it…Disastrous managemt & no coach!

  4. It seems the author of this article is a little behind when saying, “he was rightfully called out for his awful performances for the German national team”.

    To be more precise, he has forgotten 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016…the 2016 vote saw him win 54.5% of the total votes, with Toni Kroos second at 33.9% and Jonas Hector third with just 4% of the vote…one would suggest quite a staggering result for a player who we are being told “was rightfully called out for his awful performances for the German national team”

    As he holds the record for the most German Player of the Year with five such trophies and also appeared in five major tournaments for the country, that “awful performances” statement and the last paragraph itself, should be viewed with the incredulity it deserves.

    As for the The Council of Turkish Cypriot Association and it’s claim about The Arsenal, that’s their view and I’m sure our club will address the issue at a future date.

    I just hope that it isn’t used by some ( as this article and it’s author so obviously wants it to be doing) fans to have another swipe at the player himself.

    Meanwhile, I would urge authors and fans to read what the German FA (DFB) have now admitted with regards to it’s treatment of Ozil and/or the racism element. (sources http://www.goal.com & http://www.mirror.co.uk for example).

    1. Well said Ken
      I thought that this article was deliberately inflammatory and has no obvious relevance beyond the fact that as a club Arsenal need to at least respond to the group’s concerns

    2. The Ozil protection society – CEO KEN 1945 – are out in force, as ever, when this man who harms the club we all love is under rightful attack for his constant laziness.

      Odd how you always defend this man who harms the club you love so much KEN.

      ONE OF LIFES MYSTERIES AS TO WHY YOU ALWAYS DO SO THOUGH! It does explain why so many others besides me attack our clubs enemy though. THAT is understandable, as most normal people will always attack the enemy of those they love.

      To protect what we love is normal; to protect those who harm what we love is odd! Odder still to fool yourself that they do not harm the club we love.

  5. We do miss just that for weeks, a player as our maestro… He will leave free in January, play CL with Juve, Inter, Dortmund, Bayern or Barca if he doesn’t join Ibra… Get a huge check & wage!…Instead of assisting and winning us EPL with such a complete team

    Bellerin Holding Gabriel Tierney
    Partey Xhaka
    Pepe Auba Saka

    This is simply best EPL team and Arsenal’s best 11 for a decade!

    We missed 2 pieces to complete puzzle. : Gabriel & Partey…

    1. You probably put your details in wrong Ken
      If that happens just back arrow on your phone check details and press send again

      1. Don’tt hink so Dan and lcw, simply because I sent two after the original asking why?
        I now notice that is is not being held, but completely disappeared.

  6. OMFG.
    Can’t all these groups / individual help take him out of our club then? Less talking and more action.
    The guy is one of the biggest Millionaire VICTIMS I have ever seen in my life. He comes second only to cry baby TRUMP.

    If our club is treating ozil so bad then I don’t see why he keeps refusing to leave. It has been made clear to him since 2018 that he is free to leave but him and his agent keep saying he will see out his contract. Whose fault is it then?
    Not a single person connected to Arsenal has a gun to his head forcing him to stay in such an abusive domestic relationship.

    But scrounging £100,000’s a week off our club while being a divisive deadbeat is too much to let go.

    Again, if Ozil is the most mistreated spoilt brat millionaire the world has ever seen then why doesn’t he move to Turkey or to any other club that will appreciate him better than our Arsenal?

    Have had enough of this divisive deadbeat character that continues to stink the whole club.

    Either put up or shut up.

    My only solace is, 8 months until we can finally see the back of joker.

    Thank you very. 😊

  7. They should be concerned about politics, not football. Ozil is sorted, they should concentrate on the poor Turks

  8. That’s Ozil’s problems-politics. He started using politics which incensed a super power and threatened our chairman’s business interest. This he does’nt see instead he keeps harping on about oblivious that he totally lack effect on the issue at hand. Now he brings Turkish Cyprus who are not even legitimate state by most countries. Wake up and smell coffee. You claimed to be discriminated while you get £350k every week. No lawyer would touch your case.

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