Ozil happy for Santi but MUST earn his own Arsenal award

I am not saying that the Arsenal and Germany midfield star Mesut Ozil has had a disaster of a season. Far from it in fact and I think it shows a great attitude and highlights the team spirit among the Gunners, that Ozil has come out with fulsome praise for his Spanish team mate Santi Cazorla who was today revealed as the third placed player voted for by the Arsenal fans as our man of the season.

Ozil told Arsenal Player, “Santi’s been very strong. He’s had to adapt to a new position which he may not have always been used to playing in.

“I think he’s been excellent this year. We’re very happy to have a player like him in our ranks. He’s very good on the ball, as we all know, and is now very defensively strong too.

“I think we’ll have lots of enjoyment with him over the years because he’s a creative player and it’s a lot of fun for me to play alongside him.

“It makes it easier for me too because he sees things that some other players may not. That’s why we’re pleased to have him here.”

Congratulations to Cazorla, of course, but I really believe that the German ought to be winning this sort of thing, especially as he is still by far the most expensive transfer signing in the club’s history. You could point to the fact that he only played in 22 of our 38 Premier League games or that he came back from winning the World Cup with Germany, as explained by Per Mertesacker, far from ready to shine for Arsenal, physically or mentally.

But next season will be Ozil’s third in the Premier League and it is high time for him to really show us what he can do. I personally think he has been very good in the second half of the season and I think he could well be our star man next year. What do you think we will see from Ozil?

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  1. Maureen also saying that anybody looking to land cech must also give him a player from his team and rumours has that he is interested in either Walcott or Ox. I don’t think we have to do that cos he will be gaining while we lose. better we look elsewhere.

    1. If Maureen wants a player for Cech he can have Flamini and/or Sanogo. That’s it. lol

    2. Maureen can have my two fingers stuck up you know where. If he doesn’t want a scrub in return, then he can wait with Cech on his bench until he’s a FA, and then we get him for nothing. Let’s see how this shakes out. But I sense smoke and mirrors from a rumor that has gotten this hot.

  2. Im hoping in this coming season, that mesut ozil excells more and keeps on improving and going from strength to strength for the arsenal campaign! Coyg!

  3. It is disappointing to read this type of a point of view.

    Cazorla’s achievement should be celebrated in its own right and not used as a benchmark for other players. I don’t really see Cazorla as any less of a player than Ozil and I say that thinking that Ozil is the most gifted player to put on an Arsenal shirt since Bergkamp.

    Cazorla really should get more respect. It seems that in his national side he is underrated but ever since he joined Arsenal, first he was the Fabregas replace and then Ozil’s counterpart. In the mean time he is probably one of the most talented midfielders.

    1. I agree with the sentiment – one man’s success doesn’t have to be another man’s failure. For me, forget all the yap about MO, be it a big flop, panic buy, quiet genius, maverick, goes missing etc etc he is one of the few players in world football where I will lean forward a few inches and take special note when he has the ball – in possession he is a one-off no doubt about it, not so much for any fireworks or spectacular end product, it is just the coolness and ease that dazzles. Not everyone’s cup of tea I’ll grant you but I am not here to argue his case – just expressing my view/opinion.

      I have been interested watching Mesut this year. I know a lot of people would like to see more highlight reel stuff and perhaps even more are not interested in the subtler stuff he does. I have only seen him live a few times this year but he is impressive – everywhere and anywhere, constantly shifting and creating little pockets of space. I know many want to see the raking team shredder passes every time he gets the ball and mock the simple stuff – but there is a point to all the simpler stuff, keeping possession not the least important aspect even if it is not a threatening pass. He invariably, and often surprisingly sometimes because you didn’t notice it much during the game, has quite a few more touches than anyone else.

      I’ve waffled on a bit but I was wondering whether we can underestimate this type of play/contribution. By way of comparison I was looking at Iniesta’s and Xavi’s La Liga stats – both players who only catch the eye in a big way occasionally but by common consensus both are all time greats. I know they both play slightly different roles but their stats, or shall I say lack of them are quite surprising.

      In the last 6 seasons Iniesta has averaged 2.8 league goals a season and 6.8 assists. Xavi has figures of 4.3 and 7.5 assists. Ozil has averaged 6.1 goals and 12.5 assists in his league career for the past 6 seasons. Iniesta has a total of 33 La Liga goals in a 13 season career. Xavi has 58 career goals in 17 La Liga seasons. Ozil is past Iniesta and closing in on Xavi with 41 goals in 8 seasons, about half the time.

      So OK stats aren’t everything – but if you take assists and goals out of the discussion for creative midfielders what are you left with? Possession/passing stats – Ozil doesn’t pale in comparison on that score either. Being part of one of the greatest teams ever with perhaps the greatest ever player affords some reflected glory on Iniesta and Xavi but what have they ever really done for Barca? (Only kidding). On that bombshell, what should we fairly expect from Mesut? And does he have finer points and more subtlety to his play than “standard bloke in the armchair” can be expected to notice/applaud?

  4. Ozil only played 22 EPL games
    because he was rested for
    four and missed 12 with
    injury so he actually played 100%
    of the games he was available for 🙂

  5. But I think that we
    have to be ruthless.
    Ozil Cazorla Ramsey
    Sanchez can’t play every game.
    If we must replace Giroud so be it.
    If we must bring in Cech let it be.
    Another DM is essential. A young left back.
    If it means benching the warrior Mertz just do it.
    We can not carry the oldies Arteta Flamini Rosicky
    or the not good enough Ryo Podolski Campbell
    or the inujry prone Diaby Sanogo. Clear out needed.
    If the English core are not good enough too bad.
    Wellbeck Gnabry Chamberlain even Walcott and Wilshere remain
    border line injury prone and when they do play they are often
    underwhelming, last chance saloon for them all this season.
    That goes for the gaffer as well win the league or your fired.

    1. Need experience in the squad mate – remember what happened last time we sold all our senior players. They must teach/preach the arsenal way

  6. Ozil should set his sights on getting at least 10 goals and 10 assists in the prem next year. I really like him when he’s on, but he’s so inconsistent and when he doesn’t play well its like he’s not even on the field. He turns 27 this year, will be in his prime, and in my opinion his stats really need to get a bit better this year.

    OT: does anyone else think maybe Theo CAN make it as a central striker that replaces Giroud in the games when we need speed? Everyone is talking about new strikers this summer, and there are some very good ones available, but that hat trick against West Brom and the way he looked again Villa made me think perhaps we should sign another RW and let theo be the speed through the middle when we need it

  7. Both are WC in my opinion. The other WC players are Koscielny and Alexis.

    If we got Ibrahimovic, Kondogbia and Cech we would have 7 total WC players.

      1. Yeah but they will be on bench as they can’t make to starting XI.
        Let’s sign Messi, CR7, Suraez, Neymar and Neur to strength our bench.

  8. IMO Bovril is a very talented player who needs to score more and assist more this coming season whilst learning to show up in the BIG games.

  9. Ozil needs a cf with more pace than giroud to be properly appreciated.
    walcott up top with ozil behind and both would thrive.

    If we sign martinez he too is perfect, faster than most cbs, and a clinical, composed finisher.

    Giroud has done well, but it is time we had a top class finisher, something giroud is not.

  10. I think Ozil’s game has improved massively this year. Next year we will probably see the true Ozil that we’ve seen in glimpses so far.

    Santi has been great again this season. He has his off days, but he is technically one of the greatest players around. Not seen anyone be as two footed as him. Ever. It’s phenomenal.

    The way both players will succeed even more is by having better movement ahead of them. To do this we need width and intelligence – keep someone out wide on both wings and keep switching those attackers through the channels. Keep that kind of movement going and we’ll be smashing in goals and those 2 will be flying up the assists chart.

  11. Giroud is useless. He only scores easy tap ins and headers and only 1/10 times he scores quality goals.

  12. OT:
    Congrats on excellent loan spell to Jon Toral.
    Helping Brentford to the playoffs.
    Racking up 6 goals and 6 assists. Forcing himself into 37 appearances as part of a very descent Brentford side.

    Our midfield future looks bright.

    DM: Bieliek/Kamara
    B2B: Zalalem/ Sheaf
    CAM: Crowley / Jon Toral
    Wingers: Gnabry/ Maitland-Niles

    Looking forward to this batch – we are becoming La Masia.
    There will be nothing that satisfies more than having this crop of youngsters starting as Arsenals 1ste 11 one day. That midfield has everything. Strength/pace/dribbeling/passing/technically gifted man this is mouth watering 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I hope Wenger is thinking the same as you.

      Martinez would only cost £25 million in fees minus what we would get for Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo. Also, Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo’s salaries combined should come close to Martinez’s salary.

      We would have Martinez, Giroud, Welbeck, Alexis and Walcott who can all play CF.

      We can send Akpom on loan for more experience

      Good business

      1. Agree. We need a marque signing who is ready to score goals now rather than for the future. Martinez fits the bill perfectly. The main problem could be his age but he is definately capable of performing for the next 4 years. Lacazete on the other hand is performing better every season and is in his prime.

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