Ozil insists he is ready whenever Arteta wants him to play

Mesut Ozil has revealed that he is fit and ready to play in Arsenal’s opening game of the season if Mikel Arteta picks him.

The German was frozen out of the Arsenal first team during the restart and he missed the final 13 games of the season.

He had been a key part of Mikel Arteta’s team when the Spaniard first became Arsenal’s manager, however, when he didn’t perform as well as the gaffer wanted, he axed him from his plans.

Ozil returned to action for the Gunners in their recent preseason game. The match was played behind closed doors and the German will hope that he has impressed Arteta enough to earn a place in the team when the Premier League returns.

He recently conducted a Q&A session of Twitter and fans asked him several questions.

One of the questions he was asked was if he was fit to play against Fulham and he responded:

“I’m fit & ready and doing my best. Unfortunately, it’s not in my hands to decide about the squad on the weekend. We will see! #AskMesut?”

Arteta has revealed that every player has been given a fresh opportunity to play for the club in the new season.

Ozil will hope to impress again when given the chance to play.

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      1. I am just going on facts, unless you disagree with those facts of Ozil doing almost nothing for the last few years?

        Please enlighten me, on how Ozil has apparently still performing at a top level? This should be good!

  1. “Q&A on Twitter” – the PR machine continues. How about Arsenal players put their effort into training to convince Arteta to play them and then give 100% on match day, when given the opportunity. How about Arsenal footballers let their football do their talking for them, instead of social media?

    1. True Ozzie, this man is a pain on and off the pitch, really disgusting. He should be ashamed of himself for charging the club 18 million for one goal.
      Even I am ready to play for the club if ever Mikel drafts me, but will I or can I do something useful? Same applies to ozil too. Talk is cheap.

      1. LC, I didn’t mention any player in particular; it is just that Mezut Ozil was the player in this instance.
        I am just fed up with social media posts and selfies by Arsenal players. I have no problem when it follows winning something like the FA Cup, but call me old fashioned in believing that footballers should concentrate on letting their performances talk for them.

  2. Arteta and the board,most supporters and Afc bank balance want Ozil gone.
    All the players and mangement take a pay cut to help Afc but not the highest earning player in the club,winges about Afc not supporting his political thoughts,walks away from his national side,hides in car whilst team mate tackles thugs robbing them this guy is an arsehole.
    Should never play for Afc again.

        1. Sue
          This is my point from a post a couple of days ago.
          The tit for tat will continue ad infinitum with both sides reworking the same views.
          Groundhog Day sums it up perfectly

                1. I will take your offer you are the Ashburton Grove Hero then next time (I am dying for the day when the Emirates name expire)

    1. And its his right by the way to make decisions with his money, no one should be offended by the fact that AFC decided to shower him with 350k. He is not entitled to take no paycut

    2. So Stan, you would have left your wife alone in the car and gone running out like some macho man, not thinking about her for one second?

      He was asked the question from a fan and replied.

      I guess that’s wrong as well now then?

      It seems that freedom of speech doesn’t include some people, but on here, one can say whatever one wants… that is until someone challenges your thoughts.
      Snowflakes, the lot of you 😢😢😢😢

  3. Can we just give Ozil a chance and get off his back for crying out loud!

    If MA sees that he is worthy to play, he will play. Give him a few games and I.m sure we will see if the Ozil we used to love is back or not?

    Get off his back and give him a chance!!!!

      1. I feel if MA considers him for a chance then he should have it. Ma is the man to make that decision not us! Lets just see what happens?

  4. That’s such a simple answer, it will confuse those who confess to support MA 100% then question him, when they don’t like his decisions GunneRay.

    Good news regarding Auba, as it seems he has already signed the contract he hadn’t been offered!!! /😂😂

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