Ozil is allowed back in to the Arsenal squad by Emery at last

It would appear that the never-ending rift between Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery is finally coming to an end and the German has been allowed back in to the Arsenal squad at last, albeit only for a Caraboa Cup game this evening to start with.

It is still not certain that Ozil will play, but going by Unai Emery’s statement it would seem that he now has a chance to be picked at least, after being excluded completely for over a month. As usual, the media were quick to ask if Ozil would be back in to the Arsenal squad, and the boss replied on Arsenal.com: “Yes, tomorrow. He’s in the group so he has a chance to play.

“We have had this morning a very good conversation, Mesut and Me, and I said to him I haven’t changed my idea about him. He knows what I want from him because it’s the same as last season in the first day of pre-season training when we had a conversation. It’s the same as one month ago and in that way, some circumstances weren’t helping us in every moment to be consistent or available to play.

“But I will say I think the last weeks he has progressively been training well and adding his spirit to help us. For example, our conversation this morning was because I wanted to listen to him about how he’s thinking now to help us and be with us tomorrow. Then if we are in the same spirit and the same idea, to play. It was a very good conversation and tomorrow he’s in the group.

“We need his quality, his skill and his consistency. We need his positive mentality and then he will help us on the pitch. That’s the next step. I think he’s done the steps before, and now I want the steps like in pre-season and one month ago to help us on the pitch.”

So now it is up to Ozil to prove he has the “positive mentality”, which has obviously been lacking so far this season and which I’m sure can’t have been helped by the car-jacking incident. I think it would be great for the morale and confidence of the team if this rift was over completely, but I guess we will have to wait and see….


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  1. emery is finding a scape goat, and he wants to use ozil….either he likes it or not, ozil is not going anywhere till his contract ends!!..The fans should be booing the coach,but no,they will boo the players!!..90%,of arsenal problems is bad tactics,bad man-management and terrible team selection

        1. I don’t think he would be booed, because he has been missing for so long

          I believe some fans really miss Ozil’s face, fancy touches and passes

      1. Arsenal line up is now like a Game Of Thrones power play.

        Play Ozil => “Looking for a scapegoat.”
        Don’t play Ozil => “He’s the most creative player on the squad, we need him.”
        Remove Ozil from starting line up => “He’s being isolated”

        Let’s see what the magician has got under his sleeves … that’s even he even gets to play

  2. My squad to play against Liverpool:

    …………….. Martinez
    Bellerin . Mustafi . Holding . Kolasinac
    …….. Willock ……….. Torreira
    Niles ………… Ozil ………… Saka
    …………….. Martinelli

    1. Nile and willock are nit arsenal quality.

      If you play them against liverpool, that is two men down already. It is more like playing 9 against 11.

      They cant make first team in everton, westham, shefield, brighton or wolves.

      They should be sent on loan to a championship club.

    1. That’s disrespect to Tony Montana…
      I could hear Tony clearly, but in this goddamned age I still struggle to hear this man

  3. Sue said yesterday “it could be a ploy, to try and win some of the fans back?? Why now all of a sudden”?! in regards to recalling Ozil..

    I think Sue is right and Emery is desperate!!

    Lets see how Ozil performs though (If he does get on the pitch). Should be interesting?!

  4. For sure Emary is trying to plant pressure sanction valve he mounted himself from fans. Of all the games we had,why bring Ozil now against Liverpool?

      1. …and if Ozil is that fantastic, he should face up to a big match.
        Our problem had been that Ozil is not a big match player but a big earner. We all know.

  5. Ozil must be very carefully with the game tonight it’s a tricky plot by Emary: he might have heard from someone that Ozil floaps in big games, so to turn angry faces from him, Ozil must be a scapegoat

    1. Emery played Ozil 24 times in season 2018/19, only 2 less than Wenger played him in season 2017/18, so I’m sure Emery knows what Ozil brings to the game.

  6. Spot on with your team selection GAI .ESR might start instead of AMN but that apart it could well be the starting eleven.Big game for Bellerin and Holding to prove they should be first team picks.

  7. Whatever be Emery’s thinking of including Ozil in the team, and provided he plays, let us all hope that he performs to his level best, which I am sure he will, and show Emery what he has been missing all along. Ozil is winner with RM and Germany, and is surely something special. I never supported Emery on dropping Ozil from the beginning because I believe Form is temporary and Class is permanent. Cmon Ozil, show what you can do against the best and AFC beats LFC

  8. Oh Unai, I see what you are doing as the manager involving Ozil in a hard game at anfield. Wonder the team Klopp will pick.

    Anyway, I just hope Ozil performs whether we win or lose. Truth is if players like xhaka still start games, then ozil should at least start some games from the bench in the league

    1. If we beat a man or two then that Liv team/style can be got at, if we’re quick at working half a yard, it is someone like Ozil that should relish the space because Liv play a lot in other teams half. I think Ozil himself would be confident before the game because he knows football, he knows when it is harder to find a pass, and it is teams who have banks of players being parked, that is when it’s not great for creatives, an open team he will find some free men but it’s depending on other players too and how good we are from front to back. Ozil fans, his avid fans, they should see this as a good chance for him to show how dangerous he can be, a tough game away is the perfect opportunity because if it was a smaller team at home then you know what some will say, they won’t hold hands up and say fair dues. It’s his first game if he plays, so you need to give him a little slack, at the same time this is the type of fixture that Ozil wants most of all.

  9. Ozil is a smart Runner. He doesn’t run needlessly like some of ur so called workaholic. you dont need to run around to be the best player. You dont need to run around just bcos u want to show u have zeal or passion for the club. As long as you get ur job done, then you are good enough.






    “I Think the biggest problem down there is that they are not doing the obvious things correctly like they’re not playing the correct players in the correct positions…they’re not starting their best players, players like Lucas Torreira who I personally feel was one of the best players in the last World Cup and also for Arsenal playing as the base defensive midfielder, I really don’t understand this situation and also Özil…you have to understand that Mesut is not Messi or Ronaldo, he won’t carry your team single handed, he’s more of a creative genius and a creative genius is only as good as the attack in front of him, all these years at Arsenal he did not have the right players in front of him and now when he does, for some reason he is omitted entirely, people say he is lazy but they can’t be more wrong, Özil works very hard and the football for him it’s not a job like most of the players these days, football is his life, he enjoys football …In England I have got the idea that people here will prefer guys who can run and run and run for 90 minutes, so even when those guys have a bad game people will say oh atleast he gave it his all, people in England don’t welcome smart runners and Özil is a smart runner…so I think people in England will take a runner over a creative genius.[On what would be Arsenal’s best xi] I’d say Leno, Bellerin, Holding, David Luiz, Tierney, Lucas Torreira, Ceballos, Özil, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette. “Why no Guendouzi?” Guendouzi is a fantastic talent but in my career I’ve seen time and time again youngsters with immense talent do nothing because they started starting regularly for their clubs and their desire to improve went with that, they became stale , I don’t want Guendouzi to end up like that, he has leadership qualities as well…I will like to say one thing that Arsenal on paper have one one of the best attacks in the league but are suffering from a lack of creativity”

    Even a Boring coach like Jose knows the importance of creativity

    1. Olaitan kayode, thanks for letting us know what Jose said. At least it is coming from a professional, someone who I believe knows more than Emery. This are some of the things some of us has been saying here but they cast us as Ozil followers. It’s simple intelligence and that is why Emery is failing. Square peg round holes.

      1. Mourinho at Real Madrid always subbed Ozil off after 60 minutes, because he was tiring by then. That was 8 seasons ago and time has moved on.

  11. I’m sure Ozil will have a fantastic game if he plays. Big team, away from home, is the exact kind of fixture he relishes!

    And if he does play well, please can we not have all the hysterical celebrations, that usually accompany Ozil’s every time he just touches a football. It’s just ONE game! Even Bendtner can look world class in one isolated fixture.

  12. From Jose’s comments, it seems he knows Arsenal better than Emery. The Sun reported recently that Jose is interested in Management in England and three teams are in his sights, one of them is Arsenal! Jose for Arsenal, wow! Titles at last!

  13. I’d love if Ozil can become the player we imagined he’d be with quick better strikers around him, I hope he can take advantage of it but there was always things thrown in to make it more difficult. The Germany v Turkey yolk which should never have had a thing to do with anything, it was no-ones business but Ozil’s and it did affect his life and his performances in a severe way, he was under a microscope for the wrong reasons. With Giroud and Walcott and co, we gave him some slack because we wanted better forwards, we have that now but that whole fiasco played a part and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ozil was depressed after his own country treated him like that, it was out of order. Hopefully Ozil will rise to better heights now because we need him to, I know fans have other issues too but he was a chart topper with the assists and it’d be great to see someone properly making use of Auba, Laca, Pepe, he might even be the one to bring Pepe’s game forward. Also it is better that Ceballos has competition to play as a main creative resource. I won’t expect it all to happen from the off, though some will, he’ll improve our possession soon enough but I’d let him feel his way into the side then hopefully gain confidence.

  14. I’m all for bashing Emery right now but I fail to understand why most of you are moaning over his inclusion in the squad.

    Haven’t y’all be calling for the manager to add him and sung your lungs out in the stands just days ago?

    Throwing Ozil in a big game should not be an issue, most of you believe his world class and the savior we have been missing so let him prove his worth against one of the best teams around.

    Lets not criticize just for the sake of it.

    1. At Pablo
      So you really think the best time to bring back a player whose not match fit is away from home against liverpool. Is the hate for this player so bad. And for some to be saying it’s a chance to impress. Who would he be playing to impress, Emery. The man should just stroll around and help put a bolt in Emery’s coffin. Get this clown of a manager out of here!

  15. Pablo, we have been singing our lungs out since the start of the season, so isn’t one entitled to ask “why now?”

    After one of the worst weeks in a very long time, who suddenly becomes available to carry the can if/when we lose?

    The player who has been frozen out due to fitness concerns, inept training, a willingness to sit back and enjoy his salary…just in time for a perfect set up as the fall guy to prove UE has been right all along.

    Wonder if this ridiculous scenario could unfold – Ozil was made captain – we win the game – Ozil plays for 70 minutes – then he disappears from the squad – because of fitness concerns, inept training and a willigness to sit back and enjoy his salary- now wouldn’t that be something!!!!!

  16. Jah Son

    My main point is, if Emery didnt pick Ozil insults would have been thrown at him, now that he has included him in the squad people are still complaining, do we know what we want exactly?

    Besides I highly doubt he will start him. Ozil needs games to regain much fitness and the first in line is Liverpool in a cup game. If Emery dares to leave him out and asks him to play with the youngsters there will be a meltdown and massive protests.

    Like I said I’m all for Emery out too but lets not blame all the decisions without looking into things objectively.

  17. So many view this as Emery setting Ozil up for a fall and I’m sorry but that’s just so fekking ridiculous it’s unreal 😂

    Why now? How about because maybe everything we have been told is true and Ozil really has been making more effort behind the scenes, maybe Emery was telling the truth when he said he would be reclaiming our lost creativity, and maybe just maybe it’s because Emery can put out a backline that will minimise how deep the team needs to sit thereby freeing Ozil from needing to perform as much in the way of defensive duties.

    I’ve also seen comments on twitter about how Ozil will be screwed because he will be played with a young team but EVERY team we play is largely made up of youngsters because that’s how we have chosen to rebuild.

    Also like to point out to those who seemingly think this is a tough match to put Ozil in – everyone says Ozil is world class but now you are afraid of him facing what will probably be Lpool B team?

    Obviously I don’t know any more than anyone else but I really struggle to see why Emery would be setting up any of his players to fail 🤷‍♂️

  18. My squad to play against Liverpool:

    …………….. Martinez
    Bellerin . Mustafi . Holding . Kolasinac
    …….. Willock ……….. Torreira
    Martinelli ………… Ozil ………… Saka
    …………….. Lacazette

    I think Lacazette needs this March to regain his scoring boot and be ready for Wolves on Saturday.

  19. People are already making excuse for Ozil tonight incase, he failed to perform. Some fans are turnip to puppets

  20. Some fans here are ignorant and too blindfolded with their hatred towards some certain players.

    Weather Ozil play well tonight or not. Even if he is shit from the start to the end. I am 100% sure he cant be as shit as the boring midfielders we have been parading all season (bar Guendousi).

    The last time I enjoyed watching arsenal was the match against Watford. Funny enough, I only enjoyed just 65min of play and aftwr that we all know what went wrong. After that, its has been boring boring boring again.
    I rather lose with Wenger’s(Charmark, Sanogo, Frimpong, Bendtner, Djourou, Senderous, e.t.c.) team than lose with Emery’s ( Aubumayang, Lacazette, pepe, shaka, Gewn, Cabellos, willock, etc.) Team. WHY: BECAUS LE WENGERS TEAM PLAYS GOOD FOOTBALL AND EMERY PLAY RUGBY WHERE ALL THEY DO IS RUN AROUND WITOUT END PRODUCT.


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