Ozil is proving Arsenal right for discarding him

Mesut Ozil wanted us all to know that his move to Fenerbahce was a “dream” come true when Arsenal released him.

The Turkish side insisted on signing him and wouldn’t have believed their luck when the German joined them.

He joined a Fener side that was on top of the Turkish league table and looking to end their wait for the title that has lasted since 2014.

Everyone would have expected him to make them better, but Ozil has been a bad omen.

Since he made his first appearance for them, they have lost three of five games and won just one, according to Mail Sport.

This run of form has seen them drop from the top of the league table to 3rd and they have also crashed out of the Turkish cup.

Even more surprising, Ozil is yet to score or make an assist since he joined them.

Mikel Arteta was heavily criticized for not giving the German a chance in the first half of the season, but these returns show that the Spaniard was right in doing that.

The midfielder can ride on the excuse that he didn’t start the campaign with them and that he has been without football for a very long time, but time will tell.

He probably has to be benched for the rest of the season now so that the team can return to their previous form without him.

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  1. As a top class footballer ,Ozil was finished some time ago,I’m afraid.The trouble was that certain people of authority within our Club did not recognise that fact .

    1. “As a top class footballer ,Ozil was finished some time ago” it looks that way and his performance at Fenerbahce unless he improve add weight to your theory.

      1. HH, Neither a theory not a view. Try “fact”, if you want accuracy! I say this to you, as you are prominent on JA as one who refused to see that fact so many times while he was with us. Sigh!

  2. How can you expect him to perform when he was sideline for almost a year not playing regular football? Those that fit in the coach system of play, are they performing to his expectation? The answer is: NO.

    1. “Those that fit in the coach system of play, are they performing to his expectation? The answer is: NO”

      Spot on! Currently sitting 11th. Mikel has to win the EL or finish in the top 4 otherwise all decisions he made will be the wrong one hardly to be praised for.

      1. I wonder what Arteta will do that will make you guys happy. What’s the beef for? It’s not as if he has a team that will make City or MAN u or Liverpool first team. Give this guy a little support and breathing space.

        1. I gave him my support just like I did Wenger and Emery but for what returns? I am not Arteta out yet but he has to win the EL or top 4 otherwise what is the justification for his staying in the job?

          I can’t support him to relegation.

          1. HH Laughable to claim you gave MA your support.

            YOU don’t even begin to know the meaning of what TRUE support is. A REAL supporter would know that it takes far longer to turn our woeful squad that he inherited into a challenging team. You simply don’t have the patience and TRUE support to understand this. Sad!

        2. Team is 11th, struggled against a struggling Benefica(they won 3 games in last 11 or 12), we are 12 points from relegation, 25 pts ftom the top, 11 from 4th, 9 pts (5th EL position) and 6 pts from 6th (an EL position if a top 5 won FA).

          Can you remember last time Arsenal came 11th after 25 matches?
          If we kept that form in PL and got knocked out of EL, he has to show his back and leave and may be Edu too to be honest.

          1. Absolutely correct BA, we have spent over £300,000,000 since gazidis took control of the buying and selling, over seventeen players have been signed, two managers, two sets of backroom staff, over sixty redundancies and yet we are told to be patient as the club was in a mess when Wenger left…. after we finished 6th in the league, our worst position for twenty three years – and where are we now?….. That’s right, 12th in the table, out of both cups and having to win the europa league in order to have any kind of European football next season!!!
            Progress? What Progress is that then?????????????????

    2. Jesse Lingard hasn’t seen much of action for a lengthy period also, yet he made the Hammers better. Pressing hard and making vital tackles. How about that? Ozil was done ling ago, accept it.

    3. was he sidelined for good performance. you ozil sympathizers are complicated? you support mediocre players but you want best results

  3. I knew it was over. Fans surrounded him as if he won us the Epl or was part of the invincibles

    Well well are they still following him on Twitter?
    The guy stopped playing football long ago and chose a career in PR

    Good riddance

  4. Comfort zone is destructive to any professionals and the old players’ form declines are big warnings for any suitors. However, some superstars are contracted for financial and marketing reasons, not for their performances

    If Ozil can bring millions into Fenerbahce’s pocket, I’m sure the owner wouldn’t be disappointed of his contribution in the field. A football club is a business

      1. I am 99.9% sure through shirt sales with his name/number printed on the back, his wage is already covered plus the overall coverage their club will get from his social media following is huge.

        Football is a business, Mesut figured that out when he was approached with the 350k a week in the bank no questions asked to stay.

        His agent and PR people are on top of their game and Mesut also has cafes or something he wants a chain of so I’m assuming America will be his last destination to retire for a bucket load of money to do very little.

        1. True and very few, save me and a few others, ever see the gross immorality in that!

          Given that the money he received at our club was never earned by hard work but just coasting through games , which is why he was dropped, then,excluded and finally, mercifully, got rid of.

  5. The type of article I expect from an uneducated fan. What did you expect him to do. The lad hasn’t played football for months upon end, and people said he would come and light it up straight away. He’s still getting back to full fitness. When he does I’m sure he will do fine. Leave Ozil alone we have troubles of our on

    1. You don’t sound like an educated lot either, worse that the writer I guess. An educated one will reply without throwing insult. As for your god Ozil, time will tell.

    2. you make is sound as if you hold doctorate degree. follow ozil to Turkey. he was dropped for poor performance and unprofessional attitude

    1. Exactly right, Ozil’s performance or lack there off is Fenerbahce not Arsenal’s problem. This Club has enough issues of its own, without worrying about past players.

    2. Do you think then there should be no any news on previous Arsenal players and managers on this site? Why is it okay when there is news or opinion articles of other former players but Ozil is taboo?

      I have never seen anyone complaining when there is news about Wenger, Van Persie, Vieira, Wilshire, Giroud, Henry etc.

      1. HH Duh! It is the sheer volume of constant Ozil articles that have blighted this site for ages that we who do not worship this idle creep so object too.
        No one believes that no ex player is not news but how many millions more OZIL ARTICLES ARE WE TO SUFFER!


        1. Jon, how about you speak with more respect.
          Your attitude towards other is appalling.

          How you are still on this site with your name calling is beyond me.

          Surely someone as intelligent as you claim to be could get their point across without name bashing.

      2. HH, I was taken to task on here, because I mentioned that Villarreal (one of Arsenal’s potential adversaries) had won 4-1 on aggregate against Red Bull Salzburg in the Europa League. I had not even mentioned Unai Emery, yet was told to follow the Villarreal site!

    3. agree.. stop all this nonsense … can we focus on Arsenal.

      we may end up without any european game next season.

  6. As others have said, it will take him a while to reach match-fitness.

    Good luck Ozil for the future!

    As for the Arsenal …… onwards!

    1. Am sure the writer has not watched any of Fenerbahce”s clips,but just the results.Ozil is doing ok there,no issues.

  7. If a player that hasn’t play competitive football for just for months join us and he finds it difficult to hit the ground running, I’m sure the writer would have asked for him to be given chance to regain his match fitness but for Ozil, it cannot be the same because we want to prove a point. Ozil has moved on, it is better we move on too from our recent mediocracy.

  8. I feel Ozilis being used as an escape Goat due to stupid people agreeing the contracts for him. He has joined tems that do not suit his style of play that style is what has been promoted over recent years I watched all his games he is still as accurate as ever but the player he is to assist lets him down he expects players to the same talent as Real Madrid sadly he has no longer the Great Players around him as it is not a one man team, so you cannot blame him for the lack of talent as in the whole Team you would expect Real Madrid with Ozil to beat any team including Arsenal who I support and Love if we beat Real Madrid we celebrate like winning the Cup itself as they are highly talented players and team. the Teams are letting Ozil down. They are expecting to win by adding Ozil then the PROBLEMS as we do know were already in the Team before he joined REAL MADRID did not have these problems so Ozil was as good as any player. We at Arsenal expected changes for the better thinking we will start winning lots of trophies with Ozil as the Chanting rang throughout the Stadium this chanting stopped when the Team still lost and Ozil looked frustrated with the one issue we had as like this team the DEFENCE you cannot expect players like Ozil to look great as they are with a lousy Defence Arsenal still have this issue Loanies will only look after their own interests their real team is where they want to be while playing for the lender. Loaning Players should be banned by the fifa and fa it is not fair on Players or Fans who pay to see a Team in action. All fans get ow is a Business and how to save money and make millions on the academy players by settling for fourth spot.

  9. @Kay, you never solicited the same support 4 Emery whose stats bettered Arteta like u re doing now. Why now ?

  10. We already knew this would be the outcome. Ozil retired ages ago and is just collecting money. Happy, happy days he no longer wears our shirt.

    1. Meanwhile, we sit 12th in the league, out of both domestic cups, needing to win the europa league for European football next season.
      Of course, everything is rosy at home and Ozil has left a club destined for the kind of glory that he must be missing… if only that was true, all the “I told you so” fans might have something to shout about.

  11. Hes playing Turkish league AND STILL no impact or what so ever. Its not like he is on top league to give him one season to adapt. There is clear reason why he was out of Squad in Arsenal. Or do you think somebody would bench worldclass playmaker that influence and give impact to Every game just to Make a point? Give me a rest

    1. Unless the person who made the decision has no clue. After saying he doesn’t need a NO 10 in the squad, he is now playing with 2 No 10 and still can’t win.

      As for Ozil, he is not our player now so following his progress or lack off won’t improve our standings in the EPL.

      Beside, the article conveniently omitted the fact that Ozil started only once in 5 matches. He come in as a substitute in the second half for the rest of them.

      1. Ah, but we all know what Martin’s thoughts regarding MA were and this article was just another chance to have a pop.
        Let’s wait and see if MO features in either of the European tournaments next year… versus The Arsenal chances, then I’m sure Martin will be just as eager to point out the differences then👍😊

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