Ozil to miss out on 2 awards due to Arsenal team mates?

The good news for the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil is that he has been included in the shortlist of players that are nominated for the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award, as reported by the BBC. The other EPL stars on the list are the Leicester City trio Riyad Mahrez, Jamie Vardy and N’Golo Kante, the West Ham midfielder Dimitri Payet and the Tottenham and England striker Harry Kane.

The bad news for our attacking midfield maestro is that he is very unlikely to win the award. Even though the name of the award tells you that it is voted for by his fellow professionals, and with them his stock is very high as they can really appreciate what a special talent Ozil has, the likelihood is that the success or otherwise of a team has a big influence on individual awards.

So the fact that Arsenal have blown a great chance to win the Premier League and a great position at the turn of the year will almost certainly count against our assist master despite the fact that his own performances have been consistently good when all around him were losing their heads and their form.

The second award that Ozil looks like missing out on is the Premier League assist record of Arsenal’s own Thierry Henry. That would already have been broken by our number 11 weeks ago if the likes of Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez had not been so profligate in front of goal.

Ozil raced to 16 EPL assists but despite creating more chances than any other player his tally has only crept up to 18 and he needs three more to claim the record with just six games left to play. So will the Arsenal players cost Ozil both or just one of these prizes this season? Or if he gets the three more assists and breaks the record, might Ozil then get the PFA award as well?

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  1. Yes we have an absolutely trash team.
    I want changes done imminently and we have this starting lineup next season
    bellerin new cb new cb new lb
    new dm new cm
    sanchez ozil new winger
    new striker

  2. Ozil and sanchez deserve to be playing in an elite team.
    Next to someone like
    de bruyne aguero silva
    lewandowski muller robben ribery
    ronaldo bale benzema
    messi neymar suarez

    But not a mediocre and useless giroud walcott ramsey and chamberlain

    1. Alright, take them and go support that elite team. First you have to pay their contracts though. Truth been told Sanchez was thrash this season. Like really, really thrash. Ozil was on fire in the start but then he came back to it’s last performances. There’s no denying it.

      1. Have to disagree with Sanchez comment it has been stop and start for him
        Cazorla Sanchez and ozil are class acts and have been our best 3 in the last 2 seasons ….they need a better attack around them

        Mkhtaryan on the right loan ox and gnabry
        Higuin up top demote giroud

        Then we have a formidable team going forward

        Xhaka is an upgrade on departing trio sicknote, arteta, flamini

        Defensively: Mertesacker may decide to leave as he isn’t the type to sit on the bench, this give us the chance to sign somone of similar level to kosc manolas or sokratis for me.

        Bellerin sokratis koscielney monreal
        Santi. Coqulan
        Mkhitatyan. Sanchez
        Subs szezney,Gabriel,Gibbs, xhaka, ramsey,Campbell, giroud
        Squadies Martinez,chambers,jenkinson,elneny,wilshire,iwobi,welbeck

        1. Name ONE good game Sanchez played (except the MU one where he had ONE half good, not even brilliant) like a god this season. Just one. Name ONE game where he didn’t try to put the ball on his right foot. Everyone knows it but when he’s in form it doesn’t matter. Why denying the facts? Same goes for Ozil or half the team. It is mental, most probably. In fact I know it is, Sanchez himself said it is very difficult to play after an injury. So, there you have it.

  3. What a stupid title. I remember few sitters Ozil missed only this season where we could have won the game. It is a team game, you can’t blame your mates when you are no better.

    1. I agree. Ozil has been great in patches over the season and in games. Still think he needs to find his own scoring boots a bit more and turn up on big nights.

      Vardy pips him for me. Unbelievable season for him in a team that just works.

  4. hahaha.
    Sanchez carried a team in the worldcup
    then he came to carry us in the league.
    Then he went on to carry a team to win the copa america and you still want him to continue to carry you?
    Hes human too you know.
    besides,he has the second most goals and assists in our team.
    It means he was better than most of our players.
    Then you want ozil to create then to assist you and still score for you?
    Is that really fair?
    Be sensible even if its once dear bud

    1. So, then stfu and stop moaning because I haven’st said it otherwise. Besides, he carried jack at coppa america in case you watched it. They played like $hit but as a team they came on top. And Alexis wasn’t even their best player. Vargas, Isla, Vidal, Gutierrez,Pinilla, Medel were putting quite a shift, more than Alexis to be fair

      1. you really talk senseless and nonce stuff.
        I said the team around sanchez and ozil was garbage.
        Then you started from nowhere with your all nonce stuff that ozil was missing chances.
        And I told you about themselves.
        Now you are telling me you sheer stupidity that I am moaning and that sanchez was their 7th best player at the chilean team of the copa america.
        If you dont appreciate sanchez you are nothing but a troll

        1. I replied to the article when I said Ozil was also missing sitters. I don’t care about your posts as most of them are without logic. Unlike you (I know my sheer stupidity but don’t let me interrupt your rant) I appreciate all of our players. The fact that I tell the truth about any of them doesn’t mean I don’t like them or I don’t support them. What is wrong with the fact that Sanchez was $hit this season? You can’t be a star every day. Besides, you have the guts to call me a troll when you have such user name.

          1. . ‘Truth been
            told Sanchez was thrash this season.
            Like really, really thrash.’
            ‘ Name ONE good game Sanchez
            played (except the MU one where
            he had ONE half good, not even
            Do you really look like someone who appreciates our players?

            1. Yes. You should not lie to them that they are good. Tell them the truth, mate you’ve been rubbish this season but hope for a better one. That’s something different unlike you ready to sell them if they don’t smile.

              1. Budd you are the one saying people should not bash OG coz we have to support our players, and now you go on and bash Ozil and Sanchez and you say it’s ok coz they played few bad games, so your Giroud who misses sitters should be wrapped in cotton and kissed good night? You should be fair to all players, don’t be like the specialist in failures with his favoritism

  5. Believe me if some guys on justarsenal appreciates (mostly) all of our players then that list surely includes budd alongside guys like jonestown1, yingyang69, gooner100, trevor well let me include myself as well ?
    and yeah whats wrong with what budd said? sanchez had a really bad season, but well budd i think you overexaggerated a bit with that ONE game thing.. i would answer to that with that game against leicester city 😀
    i for my feelings had really great expectations of walcott… but i am extremely disappointed that sooooo many players let the season fail..

    1. Budd and others are ok to bash some players, but they should be fair as well, when their favorites (OG and Ramsey) are bashed he should just accept coz those two are really painful to watch, missing sitters and trying to be Ozil. Everyone plays bad games sometimes, but there are consistent performers who no matter how they flop this week, they’ll always be the first in the sheet for the next game, we know them

  6. I blame Wenger for Ozil not getting the awards. All he needed was a top cf and Wenger didn’t even sign a single outfielder last summer
    Mahrez had Vardy
    Ericsson had Kane
    Silva had Aguero

    United are in our boat without a top cf but have a quality playmaker like we do.

    Ozil is a maestro and hope he stays with us.

  7. Arsenal have scored like 9 goals in the last 3 games who stopped Ozil from giving the assists for the goals? Some childish ranting that goes on here is pathetic. Ozil was part of the reason we lost in games we scored two or more goals, except the Liverpool game. He does not track back to defend with others when needed. A winning team is not defined by scoring goals only but by defending as well.

    1. So Ozil’s failures is in the last 3 games only? What happened to those games where he assists our beloved strikers and miss everything put to them on the plate? By the way, Ozil tracks back, saw him several times and disposes opponents attacks as well, you should may be try to analyze better Mr. Analyzer

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