Ozil mocks Giroud and Wenger once again on Instagram!

Ozil mocks Giroud and Wenger once again on Instagram! By AH

Arsenal and Germany star Mesut Ozil is certainly making his feelings known to the public about his club’s current lack of activity in the transfer window.

Ozil is ultimately happy in North London and there is little doubt in that. However when it comes to Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy, Ozil has never been afraid to suggest that new top quality additions are needed at the club if we want to challenge at the highest level. Ozil has previously spoken about his desires to see some new faces at the Emirates, but now he’s taken a more subtle approach of suggesting what Arsenal need in this transfer window.

Last May at the conclusion of the Premier League season, Mesut Ozil mocked Giroud on Instagram by ‘liking’ a post about Giroud failing to get Ozil the assist record off Gunners legend Thierry Henry. Ozil famously missed out on breaking the Premier League assist record last season, despite seeming being home and dry mid way through the campaign. Many blamed Giroud’s inability to finish the chances Ozil put on the Frenchman’s plate as the reason behind the record miss.

Ozil has now repeated the mockery, this time of Wenger, by ‘liking’ an image on Instagram that is captioned “When you go into the new Premier League season and Olivier Giroud is still you only striker.”

It must be very frustrating for the big stars at Arsenal to see other rival clubs signing world class additions that will help their sides challenge for major honours this season, whilst the Gunners sit back with basically the same squad that failed to win a trophy last term.

Let’s just hope that Wenger gets back at Ozil’s jokey mockery of his failures in the transfer window thus far, by signing a top class striker for Ozil to feed to glory next season!


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    1. Do you honestly believe we’ll get those 2 players?I think you have forgotten who Arsene Wenger is,this is the man who only signed a goalkeeper last season,a man who brought in an injured Kim Kallstrom for CM when we needed a CF so don’t blame me for not sharing your optimism!

      1. Yes, he may be stubborn, but he is no where near stupid. He knows that he needs a winger and a striker is a plus.

        1. Being stubborn can lead him into making stupid decisions,this is Arsene Wenger we are talking about I won’t be surprised at all if he says we have Sanogo and Akpom as strikers we have Walcott who’s come back refreshed after being snubbed by England to play on the wings

          1. Wenger is stupidly stubborn and this has been proven over time. When the whole world knows what the team lacks and need to progress.
            The manager refuses severally to fill the gaps, this is not just being stubborn but rather stupidly stubborn.

    2. In your Dreams Arturitou…… When chelski is in for Mahrez, just know we are in trouble
      Higuain?……..what happened the Last time he was spotted at Heathrow airport?….. Oh u believe in Kiss kiss right?

      As for OziL…..if wenger’s got balls, he should try telling Ozil to choose btw playing football or Instagram or even possibly Leaving Arsenal……hahaha i bet Wenger Can’t(He’d be dragged out of the emirates publicly and questioned)…..cuz OziL’s speaking his mind!

  1. even our players know the ambition is absent from this club. Get it together Arsenal! Stop focusing on season-ticket renewals, and money so much, and more on silverware.

    1. They are only focused on making money not spending it,in the list of most valuable sports teams in the world Arsenal went up 15 places to 23rd which is a clear indication that we are a club that generates lots of cash but why doesn’t the manager spend £100m on transfers like they do at other serious clubs like Chelsea,Man United or Man City!?

      1. Hate these negative-nancy, doomsday bringers. We have 5 players in our first 11 that start at any Prem club: Koscielny, Bellerin, Xhaka/Santi, Ozil, Sanchez & that’s without buying any old cash mercenary or interchangable face, & sticking them in our shirt.
        The disrespect to Wenger is frankly embarrassing. He’s a massive reason why we haven’t lost touch, despite competing with THREE clubs with UNLIMITED resources- way over and above our own.

        1. List Of Most Valuable Sports Clubs in the World.
          5th Man Utd
          23rd Arsenal
          28th Man City
          35th Chelsea
          41st Liverpool.
          We Have the Resources Mr Wenger and the Board just won’t Spend.

      2. Because Madrid and UTD are in a different league compared to everyone else, and che city do not rely on their resources. When real analysts delve into the Arsenal finances, it is not 100m a season they say we have, they say less than half of that. This was over a season ago so am not sure where we are at with new tv monies.

        1. We’re in the top 10 richest clubs on the planet, we definitely have the funds to spend 40m on a players especially considering we’ve spent less than the supposed ‘200m’ the board has mentioned us having for the past 2 seasons !

          1. I believe what the analysts found was that the wage structure and bloated academy and youth system is sucking the team dry. The amount we are spending on the academy for such meager results is what is especially alarming for me. We have so few high level player coming out of the academy, we may sell a couple for a few mil but we spend an amazing amount to get those few. Most of the young breakouts we have are just above average or were trained elsewhere.

            We need to reorganize that system or get more out of it. Period. If we cut down on players in the youth system we should have more money at the top to buy players and pay their salaries. Even beyond that if we get rid of the socialist wage scale Arsene has put in place.

    2. i believe we are been misled to actually believe they are actually doing something as regards the striking problem Arsenal has whereas they are not, this is just a ploy by AFC to make to make the faithful fans renew there season ticket !! Shame on Arsene and Kroenke !!

  2. Other clubs mean business Chelsea,Man United are getting transfers in with no champions league football while Wenger is sitting doing nothing!

  3. It is only a couple of months away before we restart “Wenger out” campaign …

  4. Well Chelsea are now in for Mahrez after securing Kanté. Shame, I really wanted him to fill our RW needs…

    1. If the decision was mine, I would be reluctant to go to che with the habit of sacking managers that they have. Too much uncertainty at che, whereas Arsenal seems like anything but uncertainty. Lets hope he’s not too close to Kante. Because the French aspect at Arsenal might go in our favor. He looks an Arsene favorite if I ever seen one. Small and diminutive, lots of flair, quick feet, but has his flaws. He’s not my ideal choice, but he is up there, so long as we get a striker Id be happy to see us sign Marhez.

      1. He will go to Chelsea….without a doubt. He won’t choose Arsenal who dither and drag their heels in transfers.

        So that’s another so called target gone….anyone left?

    1. To us fans it is football glory we want but economics has to come first for the club. Either they have a sugar daddy owner or they need to be on a sound financial footing. Too much debt, high repayments, no money for players, falling support, downward spiral.

  5. @AidanGooner……..Hahaha……we haven’t Lost The midas Touch right?……okay….explain why we have been snubbed alot Lately…..or why we haven’t been taken seriously by many people arnd the globe?

    U think people (the massess, fans, players, managers, pundits, media) out ere don’t know how we are run?

    Open ur eyes boy!….we are comedy…..we are a Laughing stock

    1. I can only think of Vardy recently. Sanchez snubbed liverpool for arsenal. All the rest have been media hype.

  6. I still have hope – misguided it maybe-

    We already bought one great player, and one prospect for the future – one world class striker and I’ll be happy (+ winger, and CB be estatic)-

    Fingers crossed

    1. @Simon_MrMac…

      Hehehe….do urself a favour

      just don’t get those fingers withered….crossing em over and over!

  7. Arsene Wenger is a clown who ended up with the wrong profession. Well guys do not expect any trophies this upcoming season expect a miracle happens of which I do not see it happening. Other clubs are busy in the market and Arsenal are docile and the fans expect to win that is a Mount Everest dream which I do not want to be a party to. The best that can happen to the club is if Arsene Wenger gracefully resigned of which I know he would not do so it is left for the fans to boycott(do not buy ticket) almost four home marches so they will loss a lot of money. The board of directors and the coach are ambitionless only interested in their pocket. We the fans are the only salvation for the club, course board of directors and coaches go but the fans remain. Arsene Wenger is a failure is will always remain one.

  8. Between Draxler and Mahrez who would you lads go for??? Is Mahrez a better player than Draxler???

  9. With regard to a striker, we have to be realistic. RM and Barca bought bale and suarez but had to sell a top player to do it, sanchez and ozil. Suarez was £75m, bale £78m. If we want a very top striker of lewandowski standard then we are talking similar figures plus a salary of say £250 k per week, for a five year contract that is a commitment to spend a further £62m on salary, total commitment £140m.

    Realistically we are not going to spend this sort of money and we do not want to sell any of our top players so I think we have to be looking at a striker to complement giroud around the £30 m mark with a wage or around £100k pw.

  10. I complained about our lack of transfer activities in the area of world class striker and solid defender but I was thumbed down by some folks on this platform. How transfer activities this window bear the hallmark of previous seasons. After season ticket sate fully renewed, wenger and the board will declare we do not need new additions and our squad is strong enough to win even the champions league. It’s a shame really.

  11. Mahrez better than Draxler? Real Madrid want Draxler. Draxler is for me a top 10 Player in the world.

  12. Being resolved can lead him into making inept decisions,this is Arsene Wenger we are discussing I won’t be shocked at all on the off chance that he says we have Sanogo and Akpom as strikers we have Walcott who’s returned revived in the wake of being scorned by Britain to play on the wings

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