Ozil names fellow outcast as the most underrated player he has played with

Mesut Ozil reckons that Matteo Guendouzi is the most underrated player that he has played with.

The German has been sidelined at Arsenal and that would have been the case for the Frenchman if hadn’t gotten a loan move away from the club to Hertha Berlin in the last transfer window.

Ozil hasn’t played for the club since March, while Guendouzi was sidelined from July before he left the team.

Arsenal signed Guendouzi from Lorient in 2018. The club knew that they were getting a very talented young midfielder at the time. 

He quickly won a place in the Arsenal midfield and his football ability has never been in doubt.

However, he has an attitude problem which seems to get in the way of his footballing abilities most of the time.

Ozil hosted a Q&A session recently, and he opened himself up to fans to asking him any question that they wanted to ask.

One question was the most underrated player he has played with and he mentioned Guendouzi.

The fan asked: “Most underrated footballer you have played with #AskMesut”

Ozil responded: “@MatteoGuendouzi – I’m sure he will be a big football player one day!”

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  1. Ozil may well be right about Guendouzi in terms of ability, but after the manical and arrogant way he conducted himself at Brighton he needed disciplining .Whether sending him out on loan will have the desired effect remains to be seen, but given the injury to Partey and the lack of drive and energy in midfield I would bury the hatchet and bring him back to help us in what is looking like a relegation battle. The guy has the makings of a very fine midfielder and in our perilous position can we really afford to give him the cold shoulder?I think not.

    1. Again it seems everyone he plays for rate him and Arteta doesn’t. His present manager says he is a star in the making and would love to sign him if possible, i bet he does.

      1. No, I don’t call it pragmatism. I call it Egocentric..

        My general sense is that some fans are really fantastic supporters of the club but really terrible people when it comes to dealing with other human beings.

        They have zero interest or regards for a player except it benefits the club. They literally abuse and ridicule players for any shortcoming. Why should Guen come back to such toxic fan base? Some fans even want him to do well on loan, only so that the club can get a decent transfer fee on him. Other than that, they’d happily wish him flop to justify their dislike for him.

        1. Maxis that is your opinion and one I don’t subscribe to in Guendouzi‘a case
          He is responsible for his own actions as a player at Arsenal and that behaviour led him to being sent out in loan

          Grandad was making a valid point about our current situation.

          I have nothing against Guendouzi beyond his discipline issues and have nothing personal against his return. There is a but coming because he should have shown more self responsibility and by failing to do so impacted on his ability to do his job properly, so yes in this circumstance I would put Arsenal first and I hope he is learning a valuable lesson and becomes a better person and a more mature player himself

          You have made your feelings made in what is an opinion site as I have done myself. Is calling an Arsenal player a donkey or similar not just an expression of dismay after a poor performance or is that abuse?

          Season’ greetings

          1. Merry xmas all. Question was Gouendouzis actions anymore immature than a certain Cesc Fabrigas lobbing Piza at Alex Fergusson. Both arguably very immature but we dont mention one, its been slipped under the carpet. I dont think he apologised either.

          2. Happy Xmas Reggie
            I’m not anti Guendouzi nor do I think that Fabregas was any better either under the circumstances and it definitely did slip under the radar in my case. Different managers at different times deal with discipline in their own way

  2. I think MA got a couple of trophies and became arrogant. He made a rookie mistake and thought that he is a hot shot. Whatever Wenger wasn’t, he was an expert in man-management.

    MA lost the dressing room and Arsenal players are not willing to play for him. Mark my words, Arsenal will be relegated unless MA is sacked.

    1. MA has what it takes to take us further if only he can work on his man management and ego. Guenduci has some attitude issues that we all had as teenagers, however with proper guidance, he could have gotten the best out of him. I’m not a big fan of Ozil but he’s better than anyone presently in our midfield, I can’t understand why he’s not playing AMN regularly and lastly, he seems to be rigged which is not good for the team.

  3. Mikel Arteta was with Arsene Wenger for six years but failed to learn what made Arsene great. I don’t recall any player who had personal problems with Wenger because he played his role with such high professionalism that he never had time for persoal quarrels and bickerings. Arteta needs to outgrow the player’s mentality and develop that of a manager. He needs also to tone down his arrogant attitude. He should realise that he is still learning his trade and should therefore consult those who have been in it longer.

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