Ozil needs to tell Arsenal fans the truth

A report has been moving round the possibility of Mesut Ozil leaving Arsenal in the January window. Now on one hand it does look a bit silly doesn’t it? I mean his form hasn’t been the best of late but I don’t think Wenger would snub a Fabregas return if he didn’t have faith in Ozil.

On the other hand Ozil on the left is just absurd. It doesn’t work and Mesut looks unhappy there. Wenger attempts to get a lot of credit for some players careers, Fabregas again an example, but Ozil was a superstar coming to Arsenal and owes nothing to Wenger.

If he’s unhappy he may want to leave without much regrets. Ozil came to Arsenal to take the show. He was supposed to be the man that the team was built around just like Fabregas was a long time ago. Instead he gets shipped out to the wing, run down to the ground for being played every game – and the media don’t help with their criticism.

I think Mesut should get the number 10 spot and dictate the game. Surround him with pacey players like Sanchez, the Ox and Walcott and we are looking good. We need to get the best out of him, because there aren’t much players of his quality.

Ozil was the blockbuster signing to indicate that Arsenal are no longer a selling club, but that we will instead be pulling in superstars and start something new. If we let him go i’d be deeply disappointed. Wenger won’t let him leave surely ? It would definitely mean that Wenger has lost it.

I still hope this is all a false rumor and that Mesut will come back stronger than ever in his number 10 spot and rule the show and prove all the critics wrong.

Perhaps he should simply make statement and clarify the situation?

Konstantin Mitov

LATE UPDATE: Mesut Özil wrote on Twitter…
✔ @MesutOzil1088
thanks for your support following my injury. I’ll come back on the pitch soon as I can to help #AFC. now and in the future #MiaSanArsenal

Is that clear enough? Or a bit vague…..

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  1. meanwhile….

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am soooo happy to read Ozil’s tweet. He is staying 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ozil > Di maria
    Ozil > Silva
    Ozil > Hazard
    Ozil > Fabregas
    Ozil = Zidane (okay, not yet but he is somewhere there)

    #miaSanArsenal 🙂 🙂

    1. Di maria is better
      Hazard is better

      He is somewhere near zidane?
      Man he will never be near zizou’s level.
      One of the greatest midfielders in history.

      Will never forget that france brazil game. Legend

      1. Ozil is one of the greatest in present, in the future the present will be history so he will be one of the best in history

        If all no 10s were wolves, Ozil would be the ALPHA. the other would just be mere pack members fighting among themselves to know their own pecking order.. #effects of watching too much vampire and werewolf series 🙁 # But you’all get the point

        1. sorry your wrong – he is not one of the greatest.
          your logic is because he is good now- he will be one of the best in history? umm sorry no

          1. No, I am right!! Ozil will be a legend just like Zizou is :p

            and why is your avatar blue and with a red ass?? It’s ugly

            1. my avatars ugly? but it has a nice personality!!

              ozil will never be zizou- u must not have seen zidane more then a few times-

        2. i take it youve been watching origans or vampire diaries

          di maria/fabrigas is the best but they play more as a cm
          but yes ozil is an ellite cam alongside kroos/silva, hazard isnt quiet on there level yet

      2. Zizou was above all, a class aside.
        Even in trophy level, some have won ucl, some leagues, some world cups, some euro cups, …..he won them all and with a starring part.
        And humble….

      3. France Brazil game? the one where the best player of the tournament did not play for unknown reasons? Oh yeah.
        Zizou is gr8, but not the best ever, I will always believe there was a non-footballing reason to Ronaldo not playing in that final, same as Zizou’s headbutt has one.

    2. Differences between WENGER and other managers like, Guadiola, Moureen.. Is that Wenger choose the players 1st b4 formation then try fitting them in a certain formation doesn’t matter the positions they play. While OTHER MANAGERS pick the formation 1st and then look for suitable players that will fit the formation according to position.

    3. Ozils not a number 10,he doesn’t score enuff goals,i don’t remember him being central a madrid,i remember him coming in off the right.This number 10 talk is just an excuse for poor form,he doesn’t have the pace or agression to play there in the english game

    1. lol dude… eh yea hope ozil stays but he gotta sort out that attitude even though he might be frustrated with playing out of position. you don’t see arteta was a AM complaining bout playing CM.
      he must just show fight, chase down balls, get into tackles, pull shirts, bite if he has to damit lol.
      even though most ppl dnt rate Giroud, when he misses a sitter, he shows how disappointed he is!
      But yea, hope ozil stays, and comes with more fight!

      1. Ozil is becoming confusing he could of just said that the rumors are absolute rubbish but he chose to use cryptic words to confuse us more.

        1. I really hope he stays as well, I’m not asking him to kiss the arsenal badge on his shirt and swear to legions but he could of defused the roomers dead just by saying they were rubbish, we are hearing all sorts of things about Ozil and we need clear msg from our world class player.

        2. Perfect said. Rambo under performed and was injured 2 years, we complained, but some of us wanted to wait. Jack always almost flopped, we waited. I can give countless recent examples. But since Ozil was the highest assist maker, and costed 42.5M transfer fees, we expect him to deliver from start! He has lost more personally by moving here, lost Bale/Ronaldo/Benzama to take care of his assists, and got what? Giroud. This year I still have a feeling he will flourish, but now injury will take some time. I want to see Rambo/Ozil/Jack with Danny/Theo/Alexis in a 4-3-3 formation, for 5 continous weekends, and then judge.

      1. @muffdiver
        I strongly recommend “True Detective and Ray Donovan” And if you can find it, an Italian series called Gomorrah. All deadly. Trust…

            1. it’s about Ozil, a mean badass vampire-werewolf hybrid whose grandparents were very powerful witch and wizard and was brought up by a legendary swordsman and archer in a wild jungle but is now being forced to be a dancer by the old clue-less King 🙁 🙁 🙁
              Its sad, but he wins at the end 🙂

                1. well, with his eyes Ozil could find anyone (including nemo) 😀 😀 and assist that person 😉

      2. The walking injured
        Hellarewe- en FC10-31
        Arsenic Avenger
        Awho? Deadabi
        Yahoo Sirnoghouls
        Mik-Heil Hearteater
        Tomarse Rosick-he
        Thzero Wallcrotch
        Scourge Gnasty
        Mesh#t Er?Zilch
        Purr Mertestuker
        Abhorent Koshellknees

  2. Wenger is really killing ozil, if he was going to play him on the wing, why did he buy him?

    Everybody knows ozil is the best No.10 in arsenal, playing him on the wing is killing him thats how arshavin fade away, pls wenger u know hes the best No.10 in arsenal, do the needful and play him in the center, keepon playing him on the wing, then i will like ozil to leave because wenger is killing his career

      1. @twig.
        Surprisingly dumb question.

        1. Every one (including Wenger) admits we lacked pace and runners in behind for major part of last season.

        2. Yet he created the most goal-scoring chances. Again there was nobody to make the most of them.

        Now we have Sanchez and Welbeck with Walcott returning. Play Ozil in the middle and he will feed these guys.

        #giveOzilTheChanceHeDeserves. FFS!!!

        He has done it with far more accomplished players. He is a made footballer.

  3. “Ozil needs to tell Arsenal fans the truth”
    Well, he does not have too…
    You people should know how it works by now…!! (Even surprised about the article).
    The man in charge, Arsene Wenger, has been lying to your faces for years and years.
    Ozil does what he wants and if he wants to leave, good luck to him (the only problem for him is that Wenger and his cronies won’t take a cash loss…).

    If by misfortune Ozil happens to leave, Cazorla should orchestrate the rhythm of our play… But again it is wishful thinking.

    Arsenal will finish fourth only if the players take it in their own hands… Like they have been doing for years anyway.

    It would be nice to have Wenger’s job… You are gracefully paid to do nothing!!

  4. I think this Ozil leaving Arsenal rumor is utter bs.

    He is one of the best No. 10 in the world. Off color lately but then once we have theo and alexis on either wings with danny up front we would see the Ozil we know back.

    Mark my words the so called pundits & media b*tches Ozil is gonna come back and make you’ll shut up for good

  5. Ozil performance at Arsenal is notin close to being a world class player. Ppl just blame others for him. Hazard, Rooney, Fabrigas, bale etc play many positions n they play well.

  6. ozil is the integral part of a system.like every processor,ozil needs its accessories to form a complete system.world class 10s always need their accesories which is,1—A SOLID,BRUTAL DM BEHIND THEM




    1. look man i understand that you say ozil in the middle means no protection or less than adequate but ozil will be CAM and he is close to scoring a tap-in rather than giving shield to arteta who is an unreliable source and does not deserve the captaincy, wenger only gave it to him cause he gave the players some papering over the cracks statements after the Liverpool,chelsea and man city match and the player does not even have a cap for the national team Wenger may have seen this as a player who can play in and out with no internationals regardless of his qualities on the pitch and the main reason why he sold vermaelen who would have done decent job at CDM and then all that fluid style that arsene thinks he can play dictate “arrogance”!

    2. execellent comment. with all the talk of ozil playing bad i took it on my self to analyse his 6 games in the premiere leauge this season…source:squawka
      Ps=Performance score *= Match rating Pa=Pass accuracy

      1.vs everton…Ps=17(poor)…*6/10…LM(4-1-4-1) In this game ozil didnt attemp a single shot out of the 13 we had. he is a good finisher but like many at arsenal shot shy. his Pa=86% which is one more than the teams average. he also created 2 of our 10 chances in that game. the three most notable thing about his performance was that he didnt attempt a single tackle and 0/21 of arsenals take-ons.
      MOM=giroud (verdict= he doesnt do well as a lm)

      2.vs leicster…Ps=54(excellent)…*9/10…CM (4-1-4-1) A much improved performance in this game. he attempted; two shots,created 3 chances and dribbled past the opposition on 4 ocasions. like the previouse game he also attempted three crosses into the box. ozil Pa was an impressive 90%(1% above the teams average.)the most impressive thing was his 67% tackle success rate allot higher than the team.
      MOM=ozil/mertesacker/debuchy (verdict=great game playing ‘central’)

      3. vs Man city…Ps= -13(very poor)…*3/10… RM (4-1-4-1) Ozil didnt look good in this game as he struggled to dictate. on like the previous game ozil passing along with the rest of the team wasnt at its best he recorded a 81%Pa (better than d.silva) Following his trend of 1 above the team average, he had 2/15shots and created 2/10 of our chances and 2/15crosses. intrestingly he attempted 8 take ons which was twice as much as the last game which suggest he tried to force the issue. he also recorded a 50% tackle rate wich was 7% higher than the teams average which contridicts his overall rating.
      Who played worst?chambers,monreal,sczezney)
      verdict=he tried but his passing wasnt good enough and once again he failed playing wide.

      4.vs villa…Ps=73…*10/10(world class)…CAM(4-2-3-1) Playing in his ‘BEST POSITION’ ozil achieved his 2nd MOM performance again from a central position+ scoring a goal, his link up play with welbeck was very good.he attempted; 2/9 arsenal shots,2/8 chances,3crosses,1 take on. the most impressive thing was his 92%Pa.
      MOM=ozil/mertesacker verdict= his best performance this season,playing in his position

      5.vs spurs…Ps=55…*9/10(excellent) CM(4-1-4-1) like his other two big performances Ozil started centrally in this game were is form carried over from the previous game. he had 1shot,created 2 chances,6 take-ons. the 3 most impressive stats about his performance was again achieving 92% pass accuracy,putting 15 crosses into dangerouse areas and he had a 100% tackle success rate.
      MOM=chamberlain/welbeck verdict=ozil once again proves his worth playing centrally with another close man of the match performances that makes it 3 out of 5 games.

      6.vs chelsea…Ps=13(ineffective)…*6/10…CM(4-1-4-1) after the previous 2 games playing well centrally wenger decided to keep his star man central. the positives about his game was he created a 3/9 of our chances and he had a 50% tackle success rate(the teams was 32%).Ozil also recorded his highest amount of take-ons this season with 12, whcich suggest he was keeping there midfielders very buisy. some disapointment from this game was he only crossed the bal once, this was somthing evidently lacking from the team who only crosed 14 times in comparison to 45 in the previous game.unusually for the first time this season ozils Pa82% was lower than the the teams average of 85%.
      who played worse=welbeck*,koscielney,chambers
      (he struggled playing cm against a big team this may explain why wenger didnt risk playing him central vs city/everton in a 4-1-4-1 formation)

  7. Some rumours come out cuse there issome truth,
    honestly, that eye of the tiger look has left ozil a fw times this season,
    but wenger should do somthing,
    otherwise Santi is awesome, and very much underrated, and still has that eye of the tiger look.
    i thin ozil has wishes to leave, but also jas wishes for wenger t her him and to play as je wants to.
    truth is. ozil can dowhatever he ewants, hr owes nothing to us or wenger, sad but true

  8. while i would love nothing bette than to see ozil come back a stronger player and live up to his tag “best 10 in the world ” i can not see this ever happening . we were sold a spent force by madrid and wenger must clearly take the blame here . why would madrid sell their best asset as many people saw ozil as . clearly ozil has passed his best before date and we are left with a lemming , take a bow clown wenger , thats another fine mess you have gotten us into .

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