Ozil now needs a HUGE game for Arsenal at Brighton

Of course we do not know what the Arsenal starting line-up will be for the fourth round FA cup clash away to Brighton on Sunday, but I am fairly confident that one of the names on the team sheet handed in by Arsene Wenger will be Mesut Ozil. And I don’t think I am exaggerating by saying that it is a crucial game for our club record signing.

The German may have expected to feature against Man City at the weekend after coming on for the last 20 minutes against Stoke and doing alright and gaining some valuable fitness and match sharpness after his injury lay-off. But the way Arsenal put in a battling and disciplined away performance only highlights the criticism that has been aimed at Ozil.

Santi Cazorla has proved that he can be a part of that sort of game, tracking back and tackling, fighting hard to keep the ball as well as doing the creative side of things. Can Ozil do that? If not, he needs to show that his attacking contribution is worth losing a bit of steel for.

Championship Brighton should test Ozil on both those fronts and he needs to really shine, because with a slightly easier schedule of fixtures, there is no reason why Cazorla cannot play in every game. So an underwhelming game from the German at Brighton could well see him watching from the bench in the following games.

But just as the return of Ozil seems to have spurred Cazorla on to greater things, the Spaniard’s form can inspire Ozil to really put on a show and give Wenger a selection headache – and Arsenal two fantastic options. But will it happen?

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  1. Invincibles49 says:

    That is what competition does to a team. That is what we have been lacking for so long and still lack in some areas. Competition brings out the best of everyone. And i hope Ozil gets to his 100% potential. Then it would be an awesome feeling to have two truly world class no.10. COYG!

    1. True.Gooner says:

      Those on the bench must be sh*tting brikcks.. Everyone was exception against city

      1. True.Gooner says:


        1. muffdiver says:

          ozil needs good season , or he will be sold

          the same reason he was sold by real is the same reason he is not doin well here- his extra curricular activities.

          there is no justifying having such huge talent- an p*ssing it away because your immature.

          red arrows mean d*ck when its the truth – real talk

          1. jonestown1 says:

            If he leaves us it will be because he didn’t perform/live up to expectations. Those were certainly not the reasons he left RM. Most of the RM team were baffled by him going and even Ancelotti later admitted it was a mistake. What “extra curricular activities” at RM are you alluding to?

          2. muffdiver says:

            it was well known amongst madristas that he would spend alot of time with women working on ‘ass..isting’.

            he would be inconsistent an they say all the tail chasing didnt help that-his performances were affected by his choice of lifestyle

            he would also not work hard for the team- an that never left his game.

            he was well loved, still is by madristas as he is wonderfully gifted footballer an they respected that.

            ancelotti made it clear it was a choice between di maria
            an ozil an he preferred di maria.

          3. jonestown1 says:

            Fair points muff but although he preferred di Maria for the “balance” of the team he did say later he may have made a mistake, probably after they got rid of di Maria a year later!

          4. Usmanov says:

            Hehehe, I agree …red arrows mean dijk an coq, when its the truth! Lol

            Seriously though (truth be told, coqs an dijks be damned), Ozil was topping the ‘chances created’ and assist stats of the team even when he was operating at 50% capacity last season. Giroud was top scorer last season too, but still he needed to improve an he has been showing signs of improvement this season. Ozil needs to do the same! He has absolutely no excuse to keep playing at below 100%.

    2. jonestown1 says:

      Ozil performing against Brighton isn’t gonna convince anyone so he is on a hiding to nothing really. The odds are, whether we agree with it or not, that subject to Ozil finding some form that both Ozil and Carzorla will be found starting spots.

  2. Mistamonn says:

    The onus is on Ozil now. And to add to that, Wenger needs to keep on playing Ospina until Sczesney learns his lesson.

    1. akuma gouki says:


  3. Gunnerbongo says:

    Line up against brighton
    Bellerin. Chambers Koscielny Gibbs
    Flamin Ramsey
    Walcot Rosciky ozil
    That is good enough to knock out Brighton.Ramsey,Ozil and Walcot needs game time to get match fitness and yes,Ozil need to show up as the way of fighting for place.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      Ozil on d wings again.. Do you hate him that much?

      1. Budd says:

        He will be on the “wings” but this time on the right. Walcott played a lot on the left side since he came back. Wonder what are the plans. However, history shows us that every player coming back from a long injury started playing on the left. Trouble is today that we have Sanchez there 🙂

        1. Usmanov says:

          Even Ozil himself thinks that it’s better that he plays on the right side if he has to be play on the wings. But then as you’ve rightly pointed out, -unless Wenger plans to use Alexis centrally- Walcott an Alexis own the wings. Ozil may have to battle it out. with Santiago. I hope he’s been properly incentivised by Cazorla’s form.

    2. sevenitti says:

      Campbell is not a striker, he only played there for CR during the WC because they dont really have anyone else with that quality to play up front. Kind of like us with Sanchez when Giroud was injured (excluding Podolski, of course, but as we all know – he could be the best player in the world for a match and still wouldnt be automatically picked for the next)

      Özil has absolutely nothing to do on the wing, thats what Wenger f*cked up at the start of the season. Why do people still think that it is a good idea?

      as to the back four, i think we should rather play Monreal – gibbs has apparently been troubled with some injury lately and been saved as much as possible – no point in giving him a “worthless” game during these times if so.


      players subbed on, if noone is too burnt out or injured: Akpom, Ramsey/Zelalem(depending on how big grip we have on the victory) and Coquelin

  4. john0711 says:

    Ajayi is on his way to Sunderland and Campbell on load to Real Soc
    That would be 3 places available in the squad ?

    1. RSH says:

      Ajayi doesnt even count though. Even when we were low on CB’s we didnt use him. He’s not a 1st team player.

  5. MK3-Cazorrrrrrllllllaa says:

    Ozil will be back….. Brighton will be destroyed….. Walcott will start, so will Gibbs, Chambers and Campbell…..It will be interesting to see….who will Arsene start on the match day….Whoever it is we need a win……COYG!!!!

  6. Greg says:

    I hope mesut has a good game against brighton, because right he is facing serious competition from santi in getting a starting role!

  7. Wilshegz says:

    Thiz is the kinda competition we should have in all positions

    Szczesny vs Ospina

    Debuchy vs Jenkinson/Bellerin
    VARANE/HUMMELS vs Per vs Chambers
    Koscielny vs VARANE/HUMMELS vs Chambers
    Gibbs vs Monreal

    MARTINEZ/WANYAMA vs Coquelin
    Ramsey vs Wilshere

    Walcott vs Ox(needs to improve on hi final touch)
    Ozil vs Santi
    Alexis << he is enough competition to himself.

    SUAREZ/HIGUAIN vs Welbeck vs Giroud

  8. muda says:

    What about THEO WALCOTT?? Am missing this guy too!

    1. vijaygunner says:

      ikr?! ozil, theo and sanchez on the same pitch now!!!

  9. muda says:

    @mistamonn, it will sound better if you just say ‘Wenger needs to keep playing Ospina’
    That’s all.

  10. arsenalkid1970 says:

    Santy has had a few good games but if we played ozil in the middle he would be the 42mil man. He is a great player. The thing is this AW likes to play players out of position and with ozil you just can’t do this. Put Santy on the left and let him track back. He is not the best player we have an now Rambo is back playing them as a unit could be very cool. You see I would give up with the free flow football arsenal can play and play ugly lock up football. 4-2-3-1
    Play hard play tight remember 1-0 to the arsenal!!!!!!

    1. Budd says:

      Of course we can play Ozil in the middle. And he will shine in that position. But you know what the trouble is? Right now Ozil can’t do half of defensive work Cazorla is doing. That is the issue. Once Coquelin will be comfortable enough to take any game and/or when he will be paired with a class IN FORM DM/B2B then Ozil will have all the freedom to play. Unless he can work on his defending skills, his power, force etc. This is the league where no one shows up with half the skills and call it a day. This is what they call a premier league.

      1. sevenitti says:

        Can you please explain to me why we need a CAM who is doing significant defensive work? You could just as well put on an extra DM and let the other midfielders focus less on the defensive work (aka the typical 4-3-3 formation). Cazorla is no longer a #10-type of guy – but a B2B. the #10 is originally someone who would play alongside the #9, but since he’s a playmaker, he would be needed down with the defence to initiate the attack. That is what Özil does. Dont like it / fit it into your formation? Sorry mate, you’ve just bought yourself the wrong type of player. Trying to fit him in by playing him out of position is just going to ruin boths game

        1. sevenitti says:

          Just to complement the “dont like it / *Cant fit it into your formation*” part – which is why Real Madrid sold him in the first place.

          Xabi Alonso

          See the big gap in between Bale/Ronaldo? Thats where Özil would play if it wasnt for the change of formation.

          I still think they could play with a 4-2-3-1 with XA6 and Di Maria as holding midfielder and B2B – and still have room for Özil, but hey – that formation gave them la decima.

  11. Hafiz Rahman says:

    its brighton and ozil cant perform….he can be release in the summer

    1. Budd says:

      Chelsea held on Torres for years and they still made money out of it. Hell, we held on Diaby for years. We are talking Mesut Ozil here. He is selling more on jerseys than Diaby contract. That’s only the merchandising part.
      Ozil can be instrumental against Monaco and if we advance further in UCL. Besides, you never know when you need his skills.

  12. NickTheYank says:

    We have a great problem to have. When players like Ozil, Rambo, etc. Coming back from injury it’s a blessing to have players like Santi in form so we can ease others back in.

  13. fred cowardly says:

    Ozil Needs 3 things

    1. Playing in same position Cazorla played yesterday. In the middle
    2. Good players around him to kick in his assists.
    (Ie Fabregas and Costa are a dream pair)
    3. Confidence, which he will gain over time.

    Competition with Cazorla and Ozil’s improved fitness will make him better.
    Next season, Ozil will rival Fabregas for Assists

  14. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    They are both going to be on the wing/bench when wilshere is back


    1. Budd says:

      I guess we will see about that.

  15. Gunner Mac says:

    An on form Ozil can take Arsenal to the next level because he is a player who sees things that others don’t, much like Fabregas. He’s a bit lightweight but he was brilliant for a while in his first season and most people forget that. It’s right though that Cazorla has to be first choice as central attacking midfielder unless Ozil can put in a world class performance or two when Cazorla is rested. Same goes for Walcott though, the Ox has also been brilliant and will take some displacing.

    1. TH14atl says:

      Gunner, at present I see no reason why the two can’t share the field in the middle. Santi is playing better than Ramsey/Jack and any other of our CMs combined. Why not play Santi in the CM role and play Mesut in the ACM role, with Le Coq doing the job behind them? Allow Santi to dominate from deep, as he has been, and allow Ozil’s vision to pick teams apart in the final 3rd.

      The only reason people wouldn’t want this to happen is so that they can get their precious Ramsey or Jack on the field. Both of which have been under-performing in their preferred central roles. It’s time for a change to that.

      Look at 3 of the top midfield tridents in the world, and explain to me why Arsenal couldn’t do the same?

      Oscar/Cesc/Matic = Ozil/Santi/Le Coq (New DM)
      James/Modric(Isco)/Kroos = Ozil/Sanit/ Le Coq(New DM)
      Iniesta/Xavi (Rakitic)/Busquets = Ozil, Santi/Le Coq

      At present, the top team in the Premier League, and the top two teams in Spain that have no problems beating any team in the premier league, have a comparable midfield trident to one that we could field and are dominating the planet.

      Wenger and some of your fans would have to first acknowledge that the two players that need to sit/rotate are Jack and Aaron; not Mesut or Santi.

  16. Dennis says:

    He needs to go to Brighton this weekend and put on an absolute clinic! It is a sure thing now he won’t start over santi as even wenger admitted santi is having a career year so he needs to take every opportunity given to him and stand out.

  17. mohawk says:

    Competition or not…… Ozil does NOT need to have a huge game next time out.

    Coming back from injury it would be silly to expect a “huge” game from him. He needs to have a good showing and mostly just get back to fitness. The competition aspect will come after that.

  18. RSH says:

    Ozil needs to change the way he plays in some aspects. It looks like he bulked up a little bit since coming back from injury, which is good, because if he is going to compete with Cazorla he has to offer something defensively, which I’ve been saying since forever. If Ozil played in that City match, there is no chance he could’ve offered what Santi did that game. More confidence, bit more physicality and Ozil can do anything. We already know he has the attacking ability.

  19. slimzzy says:

    Yes, I understand the fact that we all want our star man to do well, all fair, but I think this may have come a little too early for Ozil, mean he was out for 3months! Look at Aguero on sunday, he was only out for a month+ and he looked offcolour, people say he has not regain his sharpness,..but becuz we are arsenal fans and our players are different and must always perform regardless of the circumstance so we not only expect Ozil to have a gud game given the circumstance, but we DEMAND he perform at 100% and perform miracles after being for three months!…FICKLE!!!

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