Ozil offers Arsenal the chance to get rid of him in a flexible way

This month offers Arsenal the chance to get Mesut Ozil off their wage bill, but the German is in no mood to help them achieve that.

He hasn’t played for them since March last year, and they didn’t register him for any competition this season.

He still has six months left on his current deal, and if he leaves the club this month, he would save them around £8.75million in wages.

With interest from Fenerbahce and DC United, Ozil can have a memorable second half of this season with another team where he would get chances to play.

However, the German still wants to earn his full Arsenal salary regardless of how his immediate future turns out.

Sun Sports reports that as a way of helping the Gunners, the midfielder is ready to spread the payment of his remaining wages over the next three years and give Arsenal the chance to pay him just £68,000 a week until they finish paying him off.

This would help Arsenal save £1.2m per month in wages at a time when they are in need of all the money that they can get.

But that will also mean that they would be stuck with paying money to a player that they have wanted out of their club for a long time.

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  1. If true, it would be thing of beauty. Let them pay, and everytime they write the cheque, they can remember. Beauty

  2. Off topic

    The problem with the Arsenal fanbase

    Auba misses keeper to beat after being clean through

    Ian Wright: that’s just how he finishes but maybe he should have tried with his left foot.

    Pepe beats two defenders and misses from outside the box

    Ian wright: very poor from Pepe, not what we expected.

    Saka shoots over the bar just a minute later

    Ian Wright:🙊

    The words were said pretty much verbatim by Ian. Thing is, effort at Arsenal is appreciated based on who’s putting it in. Auba had a less lively game than Pepe, but he gets a pass. Saka pretty much did what Pepe did but he’s one of the favourites so he gets a pass. Pepe will only ever get credit if he scores. Not even if he assists because if he assisted Auba, Ian would praise Auba for scoring. Of the players on the pitch before Saka and Rowe came on, Pepe was our closest chance to get a goal.
    I would expect a person like him to at the very least appreciate effort.

    1. Maybe because Auba has carried the squad since he arrived and has earned the respect of the fans and Ian Wright. And Saka has been our best player this season, and is just factually a better player than Pepe. What’s Pepe done? Seriously???

      1. When someone analyzes a game, I expect him to analyze what’s infront of him. I can forgive a fan for sentiment, but a pro? “A vessel of knowledge”? If any player had chances on a platter yesterday, it was Auba. All Pepe’s shots were out of space he created on his own. All I ask on behalf of every player is equality.

        Those snippets are not from Ian’s analysis of those people as players. They’re from his analysis of their performance yesterday. That makes your argument weak bro.

        1. Agree with you on this. Pepe did some good stuff yesterday and the very least you can say is he tried to make things happen but people are acting like he had an awful game and did nothing. I think that if Martinelli or someone had done the exact same actions, people would be raving about how he made the chances.
          I do believe it’s in Pepe’s hands to turn around fan opinion but he just needs to be more decisive in his actions. Looks short on confidence.

          1. We’ve been saying he needs to be more decisive since he’s arrived, Davi. We’ve been saying he just needs confidence for a while too. he’s never kicked on. No shame in admitting it was not a good transfer. Dribbling into the box and then losing the ball over and over again is only impressive in practice. In a match it just leads to a goal kick most of the time.

          2. Let the Pepster play with the kids; ESR and Saka. Then evaluate. It’s only fair. He has dug himself a hole.

      2. RSH, carried the squad since he has been here? He did nothing but his own jobs why others did theirs. Football is a team game and I can’t understand why we credited Auba for brilliant saves made by Leno or for the passes he scored from that are made by other players.

        1. It is a team game. And Auba has done more for the team than other players have over the years. Pepe has done very little. Why is anyone shocked that Auba is getting more of the benefit of the doubt. I think we need to ask the question if Pepe wasn’t bought for 70mill would people rate him. Because it seems that is the only reason people are still willing to keep him in the conversation even though it’s obvious he’s not Arsenal starting level of quality. He does dribbles that lead nowhere 90% of the time and people say that he’s having a good game.

  3. Meaning Ozil will be earning 68,000 per week for the next 3 years even in another club, why should that be, No way , He either leave now and go to whichever club want him without any financial connection with Arsenal again or stay in Arsenal till the contract expires and leave finally. Arsenal are not fool to be control by Ozil, QED.

    1. He’s getting paid what the club offered him with a legally binding contract… simple as that.
      Now it seems that he has acknowledged that the club will not register him for the remainder of the season and has offered a way forward.

      Whatever the club decide to do, he will be paid what they offered him AND it seems he actually DOES want to play football…. with a club that wants him.

      Arsenal would be mad not to accept this compromise, especially when taking into account how it will affect their wage bill during this current pandemic.

      1. A contract made between two paries but only expected (by some) to be honoured by the club alone. And some think THAT is justice! No one but me-and the law- ever seems to even think that a contract SHOULD be honoured by all parties to it.
        Players honour their contract by giving best endeavours on thepitch, turning up for training and not causing trouble. What a farce! One law for one side, quite another for the other party. Though you will NEVER ADMIT that Ken.

        1. From what I understand Ozil turns up and trains well. What trouble are you talking about.
          I can assure you Contract law does not take into consideration “best endeavours” as such it is wide open interpretation and would be very hard to prove.

          1. Yeah I think the reality is that he doesn’t appear to give “best endeavours” when on the pitch, which is very frustrating given the money he’s on. I don’t know why the legal part of it is brought up. He’s protected legally, Arsenal wouldn’t dare try to mess with that and would be in massive trouble if they did. Who cares, it’s more the moral side of it (and stupidity of the club) that’s the issue.

        2. Jon, as a self professed realist, why don’t you realise that, if the club had any legal avenue to pursue, they would have done it?
          Just because YOU think he isn’t what YOU want him to be, doesn’t mean squidly dot!!!… despite you thinking it is the be all and end all🤔.

          What’s your problem with this compromise?
          All you have been complaining about in every Ozil article and your summing up of the player will be solved.

          The club now have a chance to cut their wage bill, move on, let a player go who is idle and the fan base move on to the next dross player you identify as not good enough!!

          Ozil gets to play football again AND in his home country, where he is appreciated, while meanwhile getting paid.


          1. Ken, Whoopee! Finallly you have admitted it, “let a player go who is idle”. I will, obviously, be delighted if he leaves this week rather than end of June. That goes without needing to be said!
            BTW I HAVENO IDEA WHAT THOSE EMOJIS MEAN ! They are clear to the users but not to the readers,but just saying!

          2. Just quoting you Jon, just quoting you.
            That’s why I thought you wuld be over the moon with Ozil’s sensibles suggestion – it seems you are not!!!

        3. Jon fox- you are spot on. Ozil do not contribute when he was given the chance to play. He plays like 40 000 per week player not up to his 350 000 per week. And when he is benched- he is poisoning the dressing room. One way or another- we will celebrate his exit in max 6 months.

          1. Stop being impertinent to your elders and wisers young man! It is CHILDISH humour to make fun of names!

    2. If this plan is correct then it is a stroke of genius.

      On the surface it appears that Ozil will be making less in Turkey, but if you put taxes in the equation, things do not look that bad.

      Also a very attractive payment plan will not give the club room for negotiations. Arsenal could simply invest the remainder of his salary and pay him off the interest. Win/Win situation for all.

      Ozil will make a lot more money if he accepts the DC job, but apparently he is not in a hurry to collect. Those who say he is greedy, better come with a good excuse.

  4. I agree Ozil leaves now with no pay-off or let him stay until his contract expires at end of season without playing he’s just a money grabber does not care about the club. He is a lazy player with great football brain but did not as much effort in as the rest of the team

  5. His contract is to play for us but if now he’s gone to play for another club then why do we continue to pay him except contributing to pay part of his wages

    This Ozil is all about hurting us

  6. Ars should let him stay for the remaining six without playing any competitive game and earn instead of paying him while playing for another club.

    Ozil is not bigger than the club, he should terminate his contract if he wants to play elsewhere.

    As much as I love ozil as a player, his taken this too far. He needs to man up..

  7. If Ozil is not registered for the next six months, which seems very likely, then he will not play again for Arsenal. AFC are contractually obliged to pay him for this period anyway. It seems that AFC would like him out of the club and the price is to pay up his contract in full . If he leaves, and if and when he plays elsewhere,it has no bearing on AFC’s contractual obligations whatsoever. Call it severance pay and, as many of us know, it does not stop us getting other paid employment.

    1. Hope your reading patH’s summary Jon, as it is the perfect summing up.
      Sometimes I really do despair at your misunderstanding of such a simple thing, especially a person of your age🙄

      1. At least a person of my older age does not need to trying kidding himself he is cool, down with the kids and emoji keen . PATHETIC AT YOUR AGE Ken.
        On the serious point of contract law I will back my knowledge against that ofpatH anytime. He has chosen to leaveout many other nuances which in law will be brought to bear. This is a complex legal sitaution and to pretend it is straightforward, as he has done,is not being honest. It is at least seriously challengeable ,if not with Ozils existing contract , than atleast in contracts from now on, as you can bet some watertight clauses will from now on be inserted in all large contracts, by clubs .

        THAT alone is good reason to challenge in law, as law actually changes things for the future Eastham, Bosman etc. Need I go on?
        You will have noted how I made a serious point (not JUST an attack on someone I disgree with), as is my way.


          Despite your claims of legal challenges, I would assume that the lawyers representing our club, are a lot more qualified when looking at a contract – especially one that you haven’t got a clue about anyway!!!

          As is your way? A serious point? Not just attacking someone who disagrees with your point of view?

          Come of it Jon, calling someone “filth” – “dross” – “dullards” – “mentally frail” – “lazy” etcetc is making a serious point? Not attacking someone?……Look out of the window Jon, there’s a pig flying by!!!!

  8. Ozil should go if he wants to and should go like other players who have left the club before.
    Why should he be playing in a different team and still earning from Arsenal with players who are playing and whose wages need to be raised?
    Smith Rowe is coming up and his recontract should be looked into. Let Ozil go like Ramsey, Giroud, etc, etc left the Arsenal Club

    1. And he has done nothing wrong – in fact he’s offering the club a way out and I’m all for it.
      Let’s get this circus over and done with!!!

      1. Ken offering the club the chance to carry on paying him for 6 months spread over three years, when those 6 months he will also be playing and getting paid from another team. Big of him. He has been offered a 3 and a half year contract, including the next 6 months.

        1. But Reggie, they have to pay it anyway.
          Would you rather he stayed then until the end of June, getting the contract money he is legally entitled too and still be a thorn in the side of the manager and club?

          I’m amazed that the only ones putting up objections to this compromise, are the fans who have said time and time again that they want him out at any cost – so what’s the problem?
          You didn’t really think the club would end up winning this scenario surely?

          1. Ken, i think everyone wants him to go but i also think that wanting paying twice by two teams, is showing what he is all about. I dont think he wants to go personally, i think he has no problem taking money for no production.

          2. No production is down to the club though, isn’t it?
            They have made that decision, not Ozil.
            All MO is doing, is looking after his future and his family – the fact that it is the club we support that is suffering, cannot be blamed on him.

  9. The decision has been taken (RIGHT or WRONG) to oust him from the squad and from Jan – May unless something unforeseen happens. AFC have no choice but to pay him the foolish salary they promised him when no other club of note was interested in him in 2018.

    Action & Reaction are equal and opposite: Newton’s third law.

    I agree with Ken’s last comment. Let us get this circus over and done with.

  10. Actually since you mentioned that. Pepe is not popular, some even calls him a flop, contributed 18 (scored and assisted) goals across all conpetitions(42 matches, sometimes from bench or substituted), with coach chsnges, poor club form and negative publicity in his first season(club and coubtry), and he was 24 (now 25).
    Even this season, club is in a poor form, he contributed in 8 goals in 21 match (some from bench or substituted).
    Ozil with all his weaknesses, he was dropped after assisting in his last match and fans think it is footballing reason.

  11. That’s mighty generous of him! I’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge for when he finally f***s off!

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