Ozil on why he LOVES life as an Arsenal player!!

In the latter part of last season and the early part of this one, the Arsenal and Germany international midfielder Mesut Ozil came in for a serious amount of criticism and questioning. Despite the fact that it was the former Real Madrid star’s debut season and he had a few injuries along the way, and despite the limited amount of preparation and fitness training he was able to get after the World Cup, the media were looking for reasons as to why his form was not the best.

I have read quite a few pieces suggesting that the 25-year old did not look happy at his new club. In fact, his fellow German Michael Ballack raised the point again as he commented on last week’s defeat in Dortmund. But I am not convinced at all. Mesut has never been the most facially expressive of players whichever team he has played for.

The player has actually told Arsenal Player this week that he loves playing for the Gunners and reckons that the way things are done at the club make Arsenal the perfect place for him. He talked about the way there are no real superstars at the club and every player is treated as an equal and also about how people can get the wrong idea about footballers just from what they see on the pitch.

The German said, “You can’t forget that people don’t know you away from football.

“You can’t really see what a person is really like when they are on the pitch. Sometimes a player will come across as arrogant and another as being a nice guy when in reality it could be the other way round.

“At the club you always have to be respectful towards one another. It doesn’t matter if one player is a world star and the other is a newcomer. Everyone should be treated in the same way and that’s why I’m so happy at Arsenal, because that’s really the case here.

“Everyone is treated the same way and has respect for one another. That’s a big help on the route to reaching your targets – when you’re like a family who make each other feel welcome and at home. That’s how it is here.”

Ozil also spoke out the other day to thank the Arsenal fans for the rousing reception they gave him on Saturday and for their support of them and his team mates in general. That does not sound like an unhappy camper to me. Maybe folk like Ballack should realise that, perhaps, he was not too happy with his own form. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. It sounds like he saw a lot of favoritism towards some “star” player on Real Madrid… wonder who that could be…

    we honestly can never tell what players act like off the pitch like Ozil says., but it looks like he’s happy here. but let’s keep those trophies coming just in case.

  2. Hafiz u need a psychiatrist. I had a glimpse of dortmund bundesliga game and i don’t think they are worldclass, wenger has to find a way of trashing them at emirates, i repeat, trashing them at emirates for that insult

  3. Yeahhh the arse kissing has started…. We love him, we hate him, we love him,,,weeee let’s wait 2 mins until he’s not doing well again

  4. If anyone was at the villa game what chant were the fans singing for him? He said they were chanting his name loudly

  5. I loved the assist to Welbeck, I hope they both develop an understanding so we can see lots of those as Theo comes back too. Walcot and Sanchez on the flanks, Welbeck in front and Ozil behind.

  6. Mesut ozil knows he is at a “quality” club and life as being a “gunner” only gets better! Your right at home son! Coyg!

  7. AW makes me sick now. We used to put a good team out for this cup but yet again he has no clue how to win. They are not that great a team that we would be pushed all over the park are we. AW needs to buy in jan end of simple or it will be another season with nothing. I’m not saying buy word stars but just get harden EPL players that can come on with 20 min to go and lock up. Last night he played chambers?? WHY he is our cover is he not

  8. @frisco. I just hate and loath Gooners like you who have been and are still blaming our other players for Ozils deficiencies, “oh he used to play with world class players but at Arsenal he has average players that make him look average” blah blah.. If he was so good then why was he a bit part player and got kicked out last season?

    It’s fine to stand up for Ozil but don’t keep discrediting the rest of our players, they might not have cost £42 million and on £150,000 a week but don’t blame then for everything.

    This notion of Ozil has struggled due to the average Arsenal players really gets to me. I thought that any good player stands out of an average team. That’s how all these superstars are signed from smaller teams due to them standing out.

    Please stop discrediting our others players. Stop.

    1. Enjoy the game, there are no guarantees or formulas for winning the champions league, Real Madrid spent almost a billion dollars chasing la decima, Chelski won with an unknown quantity in di Matteo, ‘The Mourning one’ won it with an average Porto team and an above average Inter Milan team but could not do anything with a star studded Madrid team. Does not mean we should not look to have capable and committed players all over the pitch but it is important we build up our players’ confidence and not tear them down at every opportunity. We expect players to be loyal towards the club, lets start showing some loyalty to them too, not blind loyalty, just reasonable loyalty.

    2. You remember Henry? Before he came to Arsenal and when he left?

      Interesting how you say you like Arsenal in your own way after referring to them as “losers” a few sentences before.

  9. TW will leave arsenal if he is not played as a striker. This team is and will not be all about DW. We are arsenal not man united. This is the reason they never wanted him. Look at Liverpool RS it’s all about him now

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