Ozil or Wilshere? Who would you rather see at Arsenal next season?

Mesut Ozil is back in the good books of Arsenal fans following an impressive display against Everton yesterday, and Jack Wilshere is believed to be on his heels in the battle for regular action.

The England international is rebuilding his strength after a number of injury setbacks over the years, but is being heavily talked about at present with his country in dire need of some creative talent, and with his club side also having struggled in recent months.

Wilshere has been impressing in his limited opportunities this term, and there will certainly be no rush in throwing him back into a regular first-team role, but with only eight months remaining on his current contract, a decision needs to be made on his future.

Mesut Ozil is also inside the final year of his contract, and he is believed to be strongly considering whether he wishes to stay at the Emirates beyond his current deal, but with the German coming under intense scrutiny for a number of lazy/uninterested displays, there is a big question mark over his importance.

Martin Keown has had to detract on his previous criticisms following his performance this weekend, although I’m not certain that turning up as rare as he has done this term is going to help him much.

“I’ve been very critical, we’re nine games in and suddenly he’s turned up,” Keown admitted on Match of the Day 2. “He knitted everything together.

“He’s not been closing down. But he has a vision very few players have.

“It was a different head that he played with today. That was a goal with great quality and conviction, he headed it with conviction and I’ve questioned that.”

Ian Wright added that he was ‘desperate’ to see Ozil stay at the club, although he also expects fans to reserve certain judgements on the German until he begins to show that ability against the bigger teams.

“It’s fantastic statistics, as long as he doesn’t do it in the games that people want to do it,” Wright said.

“People will point it at the fact that he doesn’t do it in those games. I’m desperate for him to stay at the club.”

It is of course a blessing to have Mesut in the form he was in this weekend against Everton, but he is tough to handle, and those few rare outings where he is on fire are not consistent enough for me to put him on the pedestal.

I want to say that Jack Wilshere is a more consistent creative threat, but his injuries mean that he isn’t usually available for extended spells in the first-team.

Would you rather see Ozil or Wilshere sign a new contract? When fit, would you choose Jack over the German?

Pat J

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  1. I agree with the article that Wilshere is a more consistent creative threat. He was plagued with injuries because of his playing style when he was younger, but he seems to have more mature habits now.

    Ozil, when he has the motivation and full of energy, could pull off a spirited performance. Unfortunately he is often moody and it is very apparent that he really wants to get out.

    Arsenal would need players that are fully committed to the club in the next season. For those reasons, I prefer Wilshere.

    1. Just 1 assist and wilshere is wonder boy again……Last season, the previous club where he was loaned didn’t signed him because of his poor performance…..Even yesterday he lost possession in his 15 min cameo….His stats are very poor ( for someone 25 year of age) in terms of Chances created, assists, tackle, passing in final third etc…..In last 5 seasons, Arsenal always have higher win percentage ( almost twice) when he didn’t play…..He always want to play in the middle and forces other more creative player to play on sidelines….Don’t blame any other players if starts playing and arsenal get defeted.

      1. It a shame no one has stats for drawing opposition players out of play which Wilshere dose so well but sometimes his cought with the ball and he gets heavy tackle against him, I would like to see them both on the pitch and see what hapens, I’m sure it will be a high scoring game for both teams

    1. Totally agree! I wouldn’t give Wilshere long term contract though due to being injury prone.

      But please Mr Wenger – stop making silly substitution like bringing on Oil (Watford) when we are already under pressure and leaving us with no pace up front! Wilshere would have made much more sense coming on although I would have started Ozil.

  2. Both….ozil is still miles better than wilshere. Yesterday was a joy to watch we clicked. Wilshere looked good but lets give him time and see more from him before we can jump into conclusions.

  3. Ridiculous, Wilshere is the saviour of Rome. Greatest player since Tiger Woods hit a hole in one on a par four at Scottsdale. I’ve seen some chumps in my time, that’s only because Wilshere makes everyone look like a chump. HE IS THE CHAMP!!!

  4. If I knew Wilshere will be injury free for most part of his,days at Arsenal I’d take him over Ozil.Ozil is already developed but I can’t imagine how good Wilshere would have been if he even had Ozil’s fitness.Since Wilshere might probably be out repeatedly then Ozil would be the obvious choice.
    Wilshere would have been better than Ozil if he wasn’t so injury prone.He could’ve easily have been playing for Barca.If he doesn’t make it then it’s a huge shame because the ability he was blessed with is so high.

  5. There is no choice except Wilshere…. He is a real talent and hard working fellow… Leadership quality… Fighting back spirit…. We should keep Wilshere…

  6. Is it to choose between the two?
    Keep both. I think Wilshere has changed his style of play that’s why he hasn’t picked up injury yet. If he can get back to who he was he is much needed. He is a committed Gunner through and through.
    If Ozil can be a Gunner at heart. Fine and good. We need committed players.

  7. Creatively speaking, Ozil obliterates Wilshere, this isn’t even a debate. Everyone in here is stoned out of their head.

  8. We need BOTH. They should be used for different types of games in the ‘no. 10’ role. Ozil, in open games. Wilshere, in tighter, more hard fought games. I also can see both be on the team if Xhaka is dropped. I have hopes that Wilshere can grow into the new Carzola. I think he can really thrive in the deep-lying play maker role with his great passing, tight-area dribbling skills.

  9. Realism time folks. Ozil ,despite his huge talent when he deigns to turn up, usually you will notice not against our top rivals, is not totally committed to Arsenal. His perfs prove this fact. Wilshere, despite his injury problems, now hopefully behind him, is Arsenal through and through. Can anyone imagine Ozil taunting Spurs like Jacko did. Of course not. I go for JACK BECAUSE HE HAS AMPLY PROVEN BOTH HIS TALENT AND HIS LOVE FOR THE CLUB OF HIS AND OUT HEARTS. Ozil, his love is what? Money and still more,it seems to me. Give me a real Gooner to wear our famous shirt. All day long. Sorry MESUT.

    1. I’m with you on this 1 aswell , jacks the closest player we got to Santi and I’m not sure why any fan would want to see him gone .Yea he’s been injured but I doubt that’s what he wanted for the last few years .Personally I would like to see him in the middle with coq instead of Ramsey and xhaka with Ozil just ahead .xhaka imo is a liability,yea he can spray a pass , but jack can do that just as good on top of is close control and surging runs , something xhaka hasn’t got and with coq beside him that’s the best pairing we have atm until Santi comes back or some1 spends some money on a proper beast mid fielder

  10. Both – why not play Wiltshire instead of Xhaka? He can see things, play a good ball, link up play, be disciplined to allow Mesut and Ramsey to play in front of him and can tackle, & is less likely to get caught in possession. Hopefully he will stay fit as he’s more mature about staying on his feet as well.

  11. Ozil is not committed like Jack, now that no team has made a bid for him, he wants to stay at Arsenal. Ozil won your heart, not the hearts of Arsenal fans. He should go, and be followed by Giroud and Ramsey. Jack should extend his contract because he shows commitment

  12. Are you having a laugh? Wilshere is nowhere near as good as Ozil.

    Wilshere made a few ok passes against Everton while Ozil scored a great goal, provided an assist, and was class throughout the game.

    Wilshere has the potential to be great if he stays fit and develops, but it’s still only potential at the moment, just like it’s been for the last god-knows-how-many years.

    1. “Wilshere made a few ok passes against Everton while Ozil scored a great goal, provided an assist, and was class throughout the game”

      A “few okay passes”? You carefully and deliberately did not mention that Wilshere also created an assist (Ramsey’s goal) just like Ozil so as to diminish his contribution.

  13. Every week the club should be offering alexis, ozil and wilshire new contracts, until they are signed up.

    Our squad is still clogged up with 4 goalkeepers, who are not particularly good. I used to think why did we let szczesney go? But his recent outbursts have proved, he had to go. I would be planning fir the departure of at least 3 or even 4 goalkeepers next summer or even January.

    Then there is Debuchy Walcott and Akpom, whilst cazorla and Mertesacker will also be out of contract in May as well. Welbeck is another injury prone player, who has played less matches than wilshire in the last 2 years.

    Finally. Bellerin is bothering me, he has really looked shaky this season, perhaps his head is turning to Spain? Or is it Catalonia?

    So there you have it 14 players whose futures need to be sorted out, whilst there are a few more currently on loan.

  14. Ozil will srtay, extend his contract for Daddy Wenger who does always protect and support him under storms Let’s see what Wilshere does, if he can resist to Chelsea and Gardiola at city who wanted to grab in when at Barca and looks closely at his return…They are two very good players with differents things to offer… These clubs are really into creating feuds and confusion by offering ridiculous wages we can”t beat and players expect then..That creates mess as Sanchez this summer. But end of the day, if Wilshere goes, he will be bench and flop; finish then. It should be a rule and actions taken against clubs creating these mess in others…

  15. Some of the comments make me laugh. Do people actually think/rate Wilshere over Ozil? German player of the year 5 times in the last 6 years. WC, and La Liga winner who played with the likes of Ronaldo, Benzema, Di Maria, Higuain, etc. while breaking assists records all over Europe. And some actually comparing him to Wilshere?! The guy who spent most of his career in the treatment room. The guy who’s won jack squat (pun intended) so far. All I gotta say to that is put that sigaweed down, and slowly walk away.

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