Ozil out of form? Arsenal fans should think about Ramsey

There was a time when the mention of Aaron Ramsey’s name alone could crash a plane; his form was that bad. He lost the support of many fans in whose opinion he was, in the words of Piers Morgan, “a complete and utter liability”. Ramsey wasn’t actually a bad player, he was one of the best upcoming widely known lads in football. Everything just went wrong for him after that injury.

But even when his form was bad, you could see he was really struggling to impress. Once he lost the ball, he would do his utmost best to recover it, he never stopped running. Though nothing he did on the pitch seemed to work, but you could see he was really trying. Well, we all know how things turned out later. They say “hard work pays”; today he’s secured the nickname, “Welsh Jesus”.

Now we have Ozil at Arsenal, a player we all know how good he was before joining us. His assist record was second to none, his passing was fantastic and accurate. In his first few games for us, he really showed what he’s capable of.

Well, Ozil’s form has dropped. He can hardly dribble, makes poor passes and can’t even shoot on target, not to talk of tackling. It’s quite a recurrent feature with him these days.

However, what’s primarily disturbing about Ozil is not really his bad form, it’s his attitude. I really find it hard to explain.

I feel one basic reason why Ramsey improved tremendously was his attitude. I do not know of any player that has been so badly criticised like Ramsey in football, neither do I know of any that took criticisms so well like him. What determines whether you would fail or succeed in life is attitude; your approach to challenges. I do hope Ozil works on his attitude.


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  1. Been saying it since the 3 weeks ago. Ramsey has gone off the boil and Wilshere has been the one driving our central midfield.

    1. Ramsey needs a breather no doubt. As does Ozil, Arteta, Flamini…etc.

      It’s a turbulent time at AFC. Somehow Wenger chose to sign the players NOT suited to the EPL in all of the important positions on the pitch. Ozil at CAM, Arteta at CDM, Giroud at ST (good but not a top class ST) Mertesacker at CB (too slow).

      The only upside to the season so far is that we can only get better from here…or worse.

      1. watched goal1 again: immobile ran thru exactly where CDM should be.
        arteta was not in the frame.
        immobile ran past first wilshire, then mert, then koz.
        they are tired mentally as well as physically from manc.
        and yet we HAVE to play mert/koz at back bc we dont have any others.
        WHAT AM I SAYING???? even if we had 2 more center backs, wenger would not have played them today (just like he didnt start the fresh campbell/pod/roziscky/cazorla/ox)
        wenger should’ve retired after FA win. that would have been a high way to go.

        1. Thank you so much…What happened to squad rotation? You have players who are dying for a chance to play yet you won’t play them. then you play players out of position because you want to please one player. Then tomorrow we wonder why they won’t stay loyal and all leave. if Santi, Ozil, Podolski, Campbell all decide to leave in January i won’t be surprised…and you can’t play the exact same formation for every single match and not change your tactics, not every team are the same.

      ramsey and ozil were beat at the end of saturdays game
      and he starts them???
      play the ox, when he comes one he always looks great
      play cambell!!!
      whyyy arsene why are you soooooo stubornnnn!

    3. Why are you people shying away from the topic and trying to generalise your opinions , its Ozil’s attitude we are talking abt here ..
      What do you have to say about that and stop being sentimental hypocrites and trying to blame ramsey when atleast out of his last 30 games he has been bad in just 4 or less but has even helped or scored in those games against Ozil who has bin probably (-100%) in his last 30 for arsenal …
      We have Campbell,Podolski ( And how on earth is Ozi(25)l even equal to Cazorla(30) & Rosicky (33) whn dey r wiser,faster,hard-working and not as lazy & stupid as him (ozil) )..
      Have hated him from the time i heard wenger was signing him and Will hate him till he leaves my beloved Arsenal)..
      A player who was shipped out by Ancelotti cos he wasn’t willing to be more hardworking..

  2. The poor performance we have been witnessing from our team lately is partly down to fatigue among players due to lack of rotation. Give the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere, Sanchez and Ozil rest for a couple of matches and they will come back different players.

    1. Wenger is overplaying them so early on,players like Podolski,Rosicky,Campbell and Ox need game time where they’re starting as well

      1. this lineup below was doable & fresh, but Wenger left them on the bench,
        + showed lack of confidence in half his team
        + played the tired players from saturday to death:

        bellerin mert koz gibbs
        campbell roziscky@cam cazorla

  3. Ramsey proved many times he can be great but He looked jaded the last few games. Wenger should not hesitate putting players who does not perform on the bench. He is giving too much comfort to his favorite players and they become too casual. Wenger claims he has a strong squad yet he always acts like he does not have depth.

    1. he doesnt have depth bc he wont play cazorla, pod, roziscky, ox, campbell.
      do those 5 sound fresh to you?

  4. Once upon a time, we used to have great stickers and solid CDM’s.

    It’s really hard to be an arsenal fan in the Asian region.you should have a brave heart and shameless character to watch a crap match like that , which has ended at 3 am and at 6 am I have to go to my work at chevron gas plant.

  5. Does that mean we must keep playing Ozil and keep losing till Ozil recover his form???

    this could potential means we win nothing..

  6. Ramsey is bad but what about Wilshere????????He used to have 1 good moment (like goal in manchester city match) and that is enough to have him start in every match (although his stats prove he is still playing very poorly and looses the ball in key position and breaking aresnal attack).

    To accommodate him and make him look good by playing him in key central position , Wenger has practically destroyed the whole structure of team. Wenger now moved the best playmaker in the world, Ozil, to practically ineffective left wing and don’t select cazarola and Rosicky (who are much better player than wilshere) and don’t play podolski on left wing.

    This team is done if Wenger don’t leave his stubbornness of promoting his favorite player at the expense of team.

  7. All wenger needs todo is play him in the middle with alexis on the right flank with either santi or joel on the left , id like to see podolski in CF again with ozil behind him since they both germans they’d prob form a good partnership uptop with hard workin alexis

  8. It’s all because Wenger had paid 42M for Ozil and he has been trying to cover up his own mistake. Ozil is not a player for EPL. Wenger is totally out of touch with current games. He is outsmarted by younger coaches.

  9. Wenger: “We had chances to score and it would’ve turned the whole game around.”

    Klopp: “We could’ve scored more.”

    That’s a gap in class if I’ve ever seen one. Wenger making excuses, while Klopp settles for nothing and demands more of his players.

    1. That’s why we need to ditch that old stubborn Wenger and get the young energetic Klopp. This the most important trade we need for getting us back to the top. With Wenger, our only way is down.

  10. True and I don’t really understand why we got Ozil, I mean I didn’t believe it when I read we got Ozil and of course it got me happy. But if I look back at it, we never needed a playmaker like ozil. At that time we lacked a striker and a cdm, but then wenger buys a fu**ing cam who is only wc with the right players around him. Ozil has got to be the laziest player in pl.

    1. Exactly…

      we dont even need him….

      At Real Madrid Ozil had so many individualist around him to make him look good….world class finisher like Ronaldo

      and assistance from players like Di Maria….

  11. Wenger is CRAP. Why play the same crap players every time?
    1. Our keeper (name full of consonants) has conceeded almost two goals per game and Wenger can’t play Ospina.
    2. Our defence might have been hijacked by Pardew without anyone knowing. Where is Bould?
    3.’Price tag’ is CRAP wherever he plays. Should be benched.
    4. Y not play Santi as CAM and Joel on the left wing? ……the idiot can’t rotate his players.
    5. Klopp does his substitution at the start of the second half and the guy gets an assist instantly. What about our own Wenger? Waits till the 70th minute and brings on the wrong players. Did Rosicky leave Arsenal without a formal transfer? What are ‘strong benches’ used for?
    6. Failure to sign a faster CB after loosing TV5 is back to haunt us. Everyone knew dat except the old fool. And when will we ever replace Gilberto?
    7. Tactically Wenger lives in the past, he either accepts that change is inevitable or moves on. I am, and I am basically referring to myself, tired of Wenger. I believe tis time he left our beloved Arsenal. Past glories do not help our case presently.
    8. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT interfere with the formation of the team to accomodate a one-off player, (read Wilshere). The last time I checked, the team was more important than an individual.
    9. WENGER OUT or we will win nothing at all

    1. Wenger needs to grow a pair and quit protecting players and massaging egos. If I were manager I’d change around the starting 11 ASAP and stop running the same players into the ground.

      -Bench Ozil till he gets his fire back and start a proper winger like Poldi or Campbell
      -Bench Ramsey to give him a breather and start Cazorla up the middle
      -Bench Arteta/Flamini and start Chambers at CDM. Start Bellerin at RB
      -Bench Shez and start Ospina. Shez needs to fight for his place and Ospina has one of the highest GK save percentages in all of UEFA.

  12. Arsenal fans blame ozil for losing … What they don’t wan’t to see is that Ozil is not the only important player underperforming, our best player of the last season is playing crap and that man is ramsey, do you guys remember the gerrard and lampard history with the england national team? Well we Have our own version of it here in arsenal with wilshere and ramsey. Damn, wenger insist on playing both when is ABSOLUTELY obvious that we only need one of them at the same time. Be it wilshere or ramsey. This crap wont work, ramsey and Ozil where absolutely amazing playing together in the middle, they where such a good combo the last season. We need to get back to those days and wenger has to rotate wilshere and ramsey for the cm position. I’m not saying that we should play wilshere LW but if wenger wan’ts jack to get games the only way of it is playing him wide because ramsey , Ozil and santi are woeful most of the times when playing wide (santi sometimes look decent but still, he doesen’t offer any kind of defensive cover, wilshere does) . I’m sorry jack but you playing your preferred position is hurting us bad. The old system is more suited to our current players (except wilshere) than the new barca wannabe one. Wenger has this ridiculous idea of wilshere being iniesta and ramsey being xavi, wilshere and ramsey are the same type of player, in fact our only “xavi” type of player in the squad is arteta and he is being wasted on the cdm role (arteta was a passing machine in his first season). WENGER ADAPT OR LEAVE.

  13. to keep Ramsay Wilshere Ozil, Arteta, Sanchez and Carzola happy is by playing them regularly

    but the problem is there are certain positions they do not excel in….and these may cost games…

  14. Wenger has lost the plot. He is digging his own grave. Ozil our of position. Still insisting with Arteta after two poor seasons. Overplaying players. Not making use of subs. Not getting the right transfers. There is no way any Arsenal fan can see us achieving anything with Wenger’s stubborn attitude. I am a huge Wenger fan. But he just doesn’t have it anymore. I could list many more things. Frustrating.

    1. Its time for him to move on…

      we need a new manager to spend, have the right tactics, play the right players at the correct position and to sign the right player for the team…

    2. Wenger is an expert of exposing his player weakness. Arteta is slow and can’t play as cdm. Ozil can’t play as a winger because he has to track back tor defend. He is a huge defensive liability. Wenger is addict to play his players out of position. He lives in the past and wants to get credits of molding a player to a new position. He is an old foolish b**ter.

  15. Well what can you say about the performance of the team tonight. Not anything good thats for sure. I guess the big thing for me was how bad our midfield was outplayed, and no changes were made to counter it. Then the second thing was how bad the defense was collectively. And I am puzzled by the lack of playing of Campbell, Rosicky. It must be the AW doesn’t trust them for whatever reason. The team looked totally unprepared for Dortmund tonight. This is a troubling sign

  16. Ozil is a great player, just not a great epl player.

    there are multiple reasons why he hasnt been the player we all expect him to be:

    1) The low pressure and weak physicality of the spanish league meant that ozil was able to glide past challenges and had much more time on the ball to pick his pass. The high press and crunching challenges leaves him either letting the ball go early or completely misplacing passes/losing posession.

    2) With the ridiculous pace and absolutely world class off the ball runs being made by ronaldo and di maria meant that virtually any pass into space in the opponents final 3rd meant either an assist for ozil or a chance created for his stat sheet. Arsenal tend to be a bit static at times especially without having our speedsters like walcott and chambo either injured or benched.

    3) Madrid’s system allowed much more fluidity which meant that ozil was able to float around the field in order to find freedom to create. Wenger seems to have made it clear that he wants Ozil out wide in order to create from the flanks. Arsenal’s system can be fluid as well, but when the gameplay is completely different with arsenal being a more possessive side while madrid being a more direct, counter attacking side.

    And yea it has to be mentioned that Wenger puts him “out of position” on the wing but people need to remember that ozil began as a winger so that shouldnt be the reason why he is struggling so much.

    Anyway this is from my own personal observations and much of my opinion but it can be easily noticed just by watching old ozil/madrid games or even old ozil madrid youtube clips.

    But this comment is probably too long for anyone to bother reading anyway…

  17. First of all I don’t buy the lack of rotation theory put forward by some of our supporters. While Arsenal is the top 4 side from last season to play the most matches that really shouldn’t be an issue at this point in the season. This is JUST September and Arsenal have just played 2 more matches than Man City and 3 more than the other top 4. To make matters worse our World Cup playing trio was back the latest than any other of the top 4 teams. If the Arsenal players are exhausted already a mere 7 games into the season then something is drastically wrong with the way the players’ fitness have been approached.

    Yesterday didn’t look like a match where the players were just tired, it looked more to do with a match they just weren’t mentally prepared for and when push came to shove we just buckled which is not a good sign especially this early in the season because the fight for top 4 will arguably be far more difficult this season than in recent times. The way I see it Chelsea will make the top 4 and probably win the league with City coming in second, they just haven’t been at their best in recent times and are powering through matches off player quality as opposed to a well drilled and coherent outfit e.g. Dortmund’s performance against us. That being said the other top 2 spots could reasonably go to any of 4 possibly 5 teams. Manchester United have no European competition and have solely the league to worry about up until January, with the attacking options they have and sufficient time to rest between games you can bet they will be fighting for a CL spot, Everton will be challenging, Spurs will be outsiders for a CL spot in my opinion and I don’t expect them to be in it much but I wouldn’t count them out and then there is Arsenal. Who have between now and January 3 competitions to worry about with a squad that is already plagued by injury.

    While rotation is a must at this early in the season it should NOT be an issue and it looks to me as if Arsenal are suffering from a lack of grit and resilience than anything else. This team truth be told just doesn’t have the quality to be vying for the league or the CL and when the quality is lacking you usually turn to mental fortitude which is something we have even less of. Moreover it is evident the squad itself is not balanced and Arsenal have too many players in 1 position and too little in another.

    The sanchez signing was great, no complaints there, Welbeck was a solid one and I will not frown upon it regardless of whether it was a panic buy or not, the real issue to me comes in the following areas. The sheer amount of attacking midfielders we have that all play the same position and that add no different dynamic to the game and the lack of defensive cover we have.

    Having Ramsey and Wilshere playing the same position of sorts is fine, Ozil and Cazorla is fine, having Ox and Walcott is fine as well. I am not pleased with Flamini or Arteta but they wiill have to do for now. Then Sanchez, Giroud and Campbell as a front line while not being stellar is still pretty solid. The real problem is we do not utilize a formation that suits the players we play.

    Arsenal are perfectly capable of playing a 4 1 4 1 assuming we play the right players in the positions they should be played. Having Ozil of all people play as a winger especially in front of either full back in Debuchy or Monreal is suicide because he will not track back whatsoever and in a formation like that which is designed to thrive on position you need a work horse on the wings for whichever full back you plan to have overloading the wing AS WELL AS a positionally astute defensive midfielder to come across and provide cover. It was precisely because we didn’t have this option that we conceded the first goal to city.

    Navas burned down the wing because Monreal had no cover, Flamini got lost in the mayhem and didn’t track aquero, cross came in goal got scored. Simple simple tactics. Same happened when Ozil drifted to the right, Pellegrini put on Kolarov, overloaded that side and that allowed both him and Zabaleta to pick on Ozil not tracking back, cross came in goal.

    If you do not have a winger that is going to track back and cover the full back as well as defensive cover for the center halves the 4 1 4 1 formation as well as the 4 2 3 1 will be lost upon whichever team you are trying to implement it on.

    That being said you cannot have Ozil confined to a strict role which keeps him on either flank permanently or else he will be singled out and I bet you it will happen again at Villa. You either have him interchange with the other attacking midfielders or play him as the CAM. Very similarly to what Chelsea did a season or 2 ago when Di Matteo was still there and Mata was as well. Mata use to regularly interchange with Hazard and Oscar despite all 3 of those players playing CAM at one point or another. The big thing about that was Hazard was fine either going down the wing or attacking centrally and Mata was fine crossing, he was Chelsea’s set piece taker so they could afford to use the formation.

    Arsenal could use something very similar in playing 3 AMs or 2 AMs and w winger in a 4 2 3 1 e.g. Santi Ozil Ox or Sanzhez Ozil Ox. That is a far better 4 2 3 1 to play than having Ozil play a stationary role on either wing.

    Arsenal’s squad is reasonably balanced, we do not have as much defensive cover as we would prefer but the real culprit is a lack of tactical adaptability than anything else.

    Arsenal have the squad to play a competent 4 2 3 1, 4 1 4 1 as well as a 4 1 2 1 2. It is merely up to wegner to do so

  18. I think if Man u start playing anywhere close to their potential we may be playing europa league next year! wenger and the team needs to buckle up or face the consequences!

  19. I have always backed Wenger and his plans, even if I didn’t completely agree with them, because I would always say to myself, “He obviously knows better”… However, it is getting really hard to keep backing him now. With such obvious and blatant errors in the transfer market that my 10 year old brother complains about, I think Wenger has lost it completely!

  20. Never been so disgusted to see my team play crap football.And how on earth should Bellerin be starting a match of that magnitude?We have sunk so low so much so that we now believe and strongly believe that a 19 year old teenager who did not even have 12 senior games under his belt at Southampton is our defensive messiah and even CDM.
    And to make matters worse,some deluded fans still dream.
    We are surely in for a real big beating from one of the big boys!

  21. The reason to ozil’s downfall right now is Arsene Wenger. Ozil is not a left winger. How could he be stubborn to stick with the same formation that clearly doesng work. Why did he change it to 4-1-4-1? When we were 7 points off the top last year using 4-2-3-1. For the game at the weekend it must be :
    Chambers Per Kos Gibbs
    Wilshire Flamini
    Alexis Ozil Santi

  22. Dortmund played without Blaszczykowski, Piszczek, Reus, Hummels, Gündogan, Kagawa! Yesterday all 6 Experts in the german sportshow “fantalk” sayed: Mesut Özil is totaly overrated.

  23. Ozil is lazy yes every football fan knows that but the question is why did Wenger buy him??? to be a “ball winning midfielder” or a ” playmaker”? Dou he looks lazy on the ball, he runs a lot when u check his stats after every game jx dat he is not a strong guy and will never be. My concern is our midfielder, dey were completely outrun yesterday yet ppl always talks about Ozil cos we bought him for 42m. Wilshere is the laziest Arsenal player in my opinion, he always looses the ball nd pretends as if he is injured only not to track back bt ppl don’t talk about dat.

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