Ozil – Positive energy can pull Arsenal through!

Arsene Wenger has been pushing the fact that Arsenal have renewed confidence and simply must BELIEVE that they can win by three goals in Monaco. Wenger said it straight after the West Ham win, Francis Coquelin said it this morning, and now Mesut Ozil is also following the party line.

“It’s very important to score early, but we will remain patient,” Ozil said on Arsenal.com. “We want to fight and battle from the first minute until the last.

“This is a match that we are determined to win. We have to score three goals and our aim is to do just that while remaining tight in defence.

“If we play as we are capable of doing in Monaco, I still believe that we have a real chance to progress.

“We want to disrupt their rhythm and try to score as early as possible. It’s going to be difficult to score three times because they have defended well in the tournament so far, but if you look at our past matches and the way we played against Manchester United last week, I think there’s a chance we can still progress.”

“We have to believe in yourselves. When you believe in yourselves, a positive energy grows that you can achieve your aims. In football, things that may look unlikely can happen.

“I know that if we believe in ourselves and utilise our potential, we can still go through.”

It’s an old cliche I know, but the more you repeat somethng, the more likely it is to be true, but I really do believe that this BELIEF is rubbing off on the fans as well. Come on everybody, let’s get that positive energy flowing!

VIDEO – Wayne Rooney getting knocked out cold at home!

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  1. I would say keep both feet on the ground and take every chance we get. It is mission impossible so we know what that means. I just hope we will enjoy the game on Tuesday. This is all I can expect.

    1. @Budd
      We’ve already proven we can get at them. We just need to make the chances count…

    2. We can do this,nice to see everyone is taking positive. Mesut you need to be on top form buddy.we need you Tuesday night like we never did before

    3. If we can get a goal before half time, there is no reason why we can’t finish off the job in the second half as we are fully capable of scoring 2 in 1 half. We’d have to play at the level of the first 10 minutes Vs Bayern a few years back, or like we did against Napoli… I’m talking extreme pressing. If Ramsey & Cazorla turn up and Giroud has his shooting boots on we may have a decent shot at this.

    4. If Walcott starts let’s pray he doesn’t choke. Although I want to see Bellerin at RB, he’s turning into a top top player

      1. i feel like welbz might start ahead of him(maybe that’s why he was rested for WH game) or ramsey might partner cazorla in the middle and ozil might start from the wing.

    5. Know that it is possible, prepare mentally to pull of the match of the career and it is possible. Don’t look at their statistics at home this season, they are only going to disturb us. It will be a hard task, but not an impossible one. We almost made it vs. AC Milan, everyone thought we wouldn’t be even close to come back, but we were one goal from taking them to extra rounds.

      It will be rather tragicomic if we win 0-2 though ^^

  2. If the lads can start the way they did away to Bayern a few years back anything is possible. Monaco s D is formitable, but if were able to score early and apply pressure the French side may start to wobble a touch. First 15 minutes is the key

  3. The last time we almost knock of bayern and milan, i can remember non of the players were talking to the media. But our boys just don’t know how to stfu.
    I just hope monaco players ain’t listening to what they say coz it will be another Same same sh*t

  4. Yeah, yeah! Positive energy can surely pull us through.

    Good news, guys!!! I think I am in LOVE!!!

  5. Araenal fans that says we were lucky against man u on Monday need to shut the f**k up…so what if we score on a bad bk pass…how much time this season we conceded f*cked up goals?…were united lucky to beat us at our home?..gibbs own goal? Mid shift defence?…what if girouh had taking that first minute chance agains chelsea at oil brigd..would we have won…I guess we were lucky to beat city too right cuz the good city didn’t turn up?…this is what u think..if we play our best 11 and thay turn up and “play good”..well beat that sorry a*s manu team on any giving day..u saw spurms tdy?..thay were awful thay make manu look good ..powere puff girl filani running in behind wtf…come on if u dont think we beat manu because we’re better than them u did watch the game at alll

    1. bro, dont waste your time, these “fans” are not very smart, win by inch or mile, win is a win !!!

    2. I completely agree, if you notice the goals the big team score against us are also from mistakes. The “fans” are always looking for something to be mad at..

  6. Yep complete mind game this Tuesday game will be, but I know we can get it done. But not time to sit back and lollygag.

    Attack. Just like Flamini loves to attack people’s ankles.

  7. Mourinho is soo funny, trying to hide fear, you could see his anger, when asked are they threatened by arsenal, i dont know what will happened in the end, but plss on emirates against them, i want destruction to chelski, after all digs at wenger he deserves humiliation !!!

  8. I dont understand this pessimis, this is football, anything is possible, liverpool-milan, arsenal-reading, arsenal-inter etc, lets go to monaco and enjoy ourself with a win, we can do it!!!

  9. I have not left a comment for a long time, so…
    We will qualify on Tuesday.
    It will be difficult as Monaco concede few goals, but we have the “tools” to change the odds.

    Also, a “shoot out” to Spurs… LAUGHING OUT MOTHERF*CKING LOUD… 🙂
    Those people (the spurs) do not realised that as much as London is the capital of England, the Spurs will always finish behind us… That is not football, that is just a fact. Nothing can change that and it shall be the same every season… Sad fools 🙂 lol

  10. I would be all posetive but Arsenals are nothing a like clynical. We simple cant score normal goals, its always hard, we always do a lot of work to score a goal. If we would have a super striker around i would not fear 3 goals behind bec we creat a lot. but yea, we are to wastefull and this needs to change. One day its Giroud, the other day its Walcott, tomorrow it will be someone else.

  11. Let’s face it , to win 3-0 away to the miserly Monaco is asking for a miracle but let’s take heart from our current form and Schalke’s example at the Bernabeu.
    If the boys can win through, what a tasty revenge on Moaninho!!
    Clearly the “Paranoid” One has a big problem with Le Prof.
    Maybe it’s that, although he is a great team coach, he has to buy players rather than develop them. Maybe the drop in form of Cesc Fabregas, and the Chelsea fans’ reaction to him is a perfect example.
    Our chance of winning the EPL is slim to non-existent, but every time we win (in all competitions) just adds to the pressure on Chelski.

  12. let’s just do the talking on the pitch! always painful wen results don’t go our way after all the big time talk all on here!

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