Ozil reaches out to Bronze Boot winning Arsenal team-mate

Mesut Ozil sent out a heartfelt tweet to club team-mates Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud, who were part of the losing French team last night.

France were beaten by Portugal in extra time, thanks to a fantastic long-distance strike by Eder, and will have to find a way to put the pain of that behind them before re-joining their respective club sides in the coming weeks.

Mesut Ozil has moved to send out a message to Koscielny and Giroud, telling them to keep their heads up, in what must be a seriously tough time for the duo.

While the French side will not be picking up winners medals this weekend, forwards Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud are to be awarded for their goalscoring exploits, which will come as a minor consolation.

The Arsenal striker come third in the rankings for the award, with three goals and two assists during the tournament, while his team-mate Griezmann picked up the Golden Boot for scoring six goals, as well as providing two assists also.

Players are usually granted leave following the end of an international tournament to rest, and the French duo are not expected to play in our upcoming American tour, where we will take on an MLS All-Star side, before taking on Chivas de Guadalajara.

Will Giroud grow from his near-miss with France? Does his form in the Euro’s install more belief that he can play an important role in our side in the near future? There is no doubt that he needs a rival for his role, regardless…

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  1. Giroud’s 3 goals and 2 assists for France will have absolutely no bearing on Arsenal,this is still the striker who went 15 games without scoring a single goal,we need more than his 16 goals,what we need is a striker who’ll score 20 league goals out of the 38 game league season and who’ll have 30 goals in all competitions including the champions league and FA cup!

    1. First, it was 12 match non scoring streak. He scored two goals against Hull in FA Cup
      If you are talking about PL matches then be clear next time

      Anyway, He had a bad string of matches. It happens sometimes. Alexis had a bad season too
      Thankfully guys like Welbeck, Alexis, Ozil helped out by scoring a few goals
      Giroud then scored 4 goals in the last two matches including a hat trick
      He also scored 16 League goals and 24 total goals

      There have been times Giroud came through for us
      We needed to beat Olympiacos by two goals to progress in CL and Giroud was the hero scoring a hat trick!

      Finally, what happened last season has no bearing on what happens this season. Just because he went 15 PL matches without scoring doesn’t mean it will happen next season

      I am hoping we get a Top striker but if we don’t Giroud is capable of scoring 20 PL goals

      1. @Arsenal_Girl

        I have to strongly disagree with you on two points, firstly: last season DOES have a bearing on this season. We have the same manager, which means Giroud will be playing in the same system of one up front, tiki-taka football, which doesn’t play to his strengths. So Giroud will continue to struggle as always.

        Secondly: How do you come to the conclusion that Giroud capable of scoring 20 league goals for us? In four seasons as our main striker, the most he’s ever managed is 16. I should also point out that for three of those seasons, Giroud has played with one of the best playmakers in the world in Ozil. Giroud’s league tally over four seasons reads: 11, 16, 14, 16. Those numbers are nowhere near good enough to win the league!

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Giroud bashing here, as I would definitely keep him, but he’s proven over a long period (just like many other Arsenal players) that’s he’s not good enough to lead us to the top. The question is, will Wenger FINALLY see this or just rinse and repeat like he does every season.

      2. “Giroud is capable of scoring 20 PL goals”
        Are you sure? he is at Arsenal for 4 long seasons and never hit this 20 PL goals target

      3. Im glad that Ozil reached out. Now Im hoping that he develops a chemistry with OG and perfects the lob ball over the defense. Ozil is great at through balls but that particular pass is what is needed to turn into goals. His free kicks were fantastic last year as OG did get on a few of those.
        Here’s hoping that Sanchez can work as well with OG as we just saw Griezeman do.

      4. It doesn’t “happen sometimes”, he’s been going through these long patches EVERY season

    1. We can hate the Spurs all we want, but one thing you can admire is they are brave in the transfer market in recent times.

      They might not be the smartest shoppers at times, but at least they are not afraid to try and actually show some ambition and spend fans money which cant be said about the mighty Arsenal.

      They get my respect on this one.

      1. Tottenham may not be the sharpest shoppers at times but the stats say they are the best shoppers. Over the last five years tottenham are the only PL team to make a profit on transfers. It is tottenham who have put their team together on a shoestring, not Leicester.
        Here are net spend figures over last five years according to transferleague(DOT)co(DOT)uk
        Arsenal £ 158m
        Leicester £ 85
        Tottenham £ 16 (profit)

  2. It is something that has to be appreciated about özil. Sanchez is on his recovery run which is good for the team. Wenger has to sign a new striker now cause the Euros are over and him to get serious about signing a new striker.

  3. Kos really looked tired and dejected last night. He has played a lot of football since last year, given man of the match performances and yet still fell short for both club and country when deemed to be favorites. That takes out a lot from a man even a seasoned professional.

    I don’t expect Kos rushing back in the team after this, he requires a break and after that time for him to settle back and get his body and mind straight. Having said this, he will be greatly missed as we have tricky games at the start of the season.

    This goes for OG oo, I can only hope Arsene is seriously looking into this. As most gunners, I feel this will be a very miserable season for us, Arsene has totally lost it and the squad has not improved despite our shortfall last season. There is still time you say, well, not when our rivals are busy getting players that may improve us and we are not being linked to any player of not. Arsene might have already been done with signings.

  4. Groud Ozil Sanchez are all fine
    and have been for years now.
    But the next seven ?
    Sanogo Walcott Wellbeck
    Campbell Chamberlain Ramsey Wilshere can be so underwhelming.
    Akpom Iwobi Adelaide + Zelalem are all young.
    Just have to keep the faith I guess.

    1. I agree with you with regards to Sanogo, Walcott, OX, Ramsey

      But not Campbell, Welbeck and Wilshere

      Wilshere is always injured, but highly talented

      Campbell in my opinion was our 2nd or 3rd best winger behind Alexis and maybe Iwobi
      Campbell is not a scoring winger (he scores just a handful of goals a season)
      He performed better then Theo, Ramsey

      When Welbeck came back from injury he saved our butts by scoring several goals this season
      He scored 5 goals in 15 appearances. That isn’t horrible for a backup striker who was injured most of the season

      1. Sanogo was on loan last season, scored a hat trick for brentford against reading but not much else, dismal at ajax. Unless he shows something special during pre season he should preferably go on another loan spell or be sold.

        Welbeck was good last season in the short time he played, in
        PL his goal scoring rate was good and two of his goals were key match winners. Lets just hope we can get him fit and keep him fit.

        Wiltshire, i have no concerns about his ability but big concerns about injuries. Lets just hope we can get him fit and keep him fit.

        Walcott, i think we should sell him if we can, big problem is that he is injury prone and overpaid so he would probably have to accept a pay cut so may be impossible to get him to agree terms with buying club. Same situation as bentdner.

        Ox, really do not know, I tend to think a loan spell.

        Ramsey, clearly a good player, look at his performances for wales so I would keep him.

  5. The ox’s attitude is so disgusting, always ridiculing chambers and others #banter, if the guy was more humble he would go far.

    1. you just have no humor if you think of it as disgusting.. the ox’s banter is great, his football stats aren’t ^^

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