Ozil reveals his aims for Arsenal this season (plus video)

The ex-Real Madrid star Mesut Ozil took a while to get acclimatised to being an Arsenal player in the more physical Premier League after La Liga, but he used his time off through injury last season to bulk up his upper body and his extra body strength has paid off since his return.

He has improved to become the Assist King this season, but he knows that if Arsenal want to win more trophies (and of course he is looking for the Ballon d’Or) then he has to more goals to his repertoire, and he has already started….

“After training there are a few shooting drills that can help with self-belief,” Ozil said on the official Arsenal website. “In general, when you look at my chances in front of goal, I’ve taken them well.

“Every player wants to score goals. I’m intending to score more this season than in previous years. It’s most important for us to perform well and to be successful – I’m looking forward to giving assists or scoring goals.

“My aim is to score more goals this season than in the last two. I think I’m on a good path and will achieve that.”

In arguably our best game of this season, Ozil created a goal for Alexis Sanchez before getting on the scoresheet himself with a very confident strike from the edge of the box, and this performance has certainly given him the imetus to be even better.

“It all happened quickly,” he continued. “The move was really fast and when Theo played the ball back to me, I saw the gap in the corner and put it there.

“For me it was very good, it was a very positive game because I scored a goal and gave an assist. It was a special afternoon for me.”

Watch Ozil’s performance against Man United in this short highlights clip…..

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  1. Gunner says:

    An awesome player with enormous talent..Has to be the master of that disguised reverse pass..

    1. GoonerLad says:

      When it comes to playmaking he’s the Jack of all trades, master of passes

  2. BabyPlease says:

    Listen Baby Please

    There is no finer passer in the PL. He has proved his price tag, salary and that he is WC

    Last summer his weight training really helped his game. He became stronger physically

    He would be amazing if he scored more, but his assists are his bread and butter

    We just need players to turn more of his passes into assists. Finishing needs to improve

    1. GoonerLad says:

      If Giroud had finished both chances handed to him Ozil would have been 2 assists away from topping Messi as assist king. If he breaks Henry’s assist record and we win the PL with a third FA cup then he should definitely be in contention for Ballon D’Or.

  3. Eddy Hoyte says:

    I believe in him.. Ozil is the never say never type of guy, when the whole England including some of our own fans criticized him and say he’ll never make it here. He knew what he wanted, he shrugged off the dirts we all threw at him and got up proudly to do his thing.. I respect that and so i believe him. you cant say the same thing for Di Maria can you??

    meanwhile Pique somewhere else said

    “I think that if Barcelona or Real Madrid goes to the Premier League then the first year of playing there, there is no chance of winning it,” he says. Really? “Yes, I think so, because if you go to Stoke, or other types of teams, then it will be really tough. It’s a debate – we could spend hours on it. If Manchester United or Chelsea go to Spain then the same. No chance to win the league.”

    So its a debate truly i know but i don’t believe English teams will struggle if they move to Spanish league not just one time matches against them

  4. sandziso says:

    OT: Sometime ago I heard people calling for Wenger’s head and some saying they want the ”special one’ to replace Wenger.
    QUESTION: How many fans still want the ‘special one in crisis’ to replace our own Arsene Wenger.

    1. Gunner says:

      Yes fans have earlier in the season called for AW’s head, but not many wanted JM as a replacement.
      JM has won the CL with Porto and Inter but i dont believe an Arsenal Fan will enjoy his brand/style of football…If you haven’t watched the match – watch the video above and it will remind you as to why most Arsenal fans really support Arsenal..

  5. muda says:

    Hello, Mesut on the line, HOW MAY I ASSIST YOU??

    1. GoonerLad says:

      I’m trying to make the right move on this girl but so far I haven’t scored, may you assist me ?

      1. Gunner says:

        Ask Giroud to lend you some of his gel..

  6. josh37 says:

    The elite creative players, chances created in the league 2014/15:
    Hazard – 99
    Silva – 93
    Fabregas – 93
    Ozil – 70 (22 apps)
    Mata – 50

    This season… Ozil – 54 chances created in 11 appearances. 9 assists. Henry’s record is in serious jeopardy!! (20 assists)
    How anyone can dispute he is the best #10 in the prem, if not the world is beyond me.. The people questioning his 40mil price-tag seems absolutely ridiculous at this point. He’s still only 27 as well!

  7. DennisTheMenace says:

    its absolutely amazing that despite having arguably the best number 10 in our team some of us question him rather than celebrating him

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