Ozil RIGHT to say Arsenal WILL beat Chelsea to BPL title?

The Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil is clearly full of confidence at the moment. The creative midfielder proved his class once again over the weekend, tearing the recently former Gibraltar side to pieces and claiming three assists into the bargain as he helped his country get one step closer to the Euro 2016 championships.

So it is obvious that Ozil is happy with his own form, especially after that long lay off with the knee injury problem picked up against Chelsea at the beginning of October. The German admits that this was the first time this had happened to him and he found it hard, but with a lot of support from the Arsenal fans he has come back stronger than ever.

His was just one of the many injury problems that have sorely beset the Gunners over the last couple of seasons but now that seems to be almost at an end and this is one of the big reasons for Ozil´s confidence that we can overhaul the likes of Chelsea to win the Premier League trophy next season, as revealed by an Evening Standard report.

Ozil said, “We had bad luck with injuries this season.

“But next season we can win the Premier League and go further in the Champions League.

“It was a very long season. I guess it was the hardest in my career.

“The first time in my life I had to deal with a serious injury. I feel it was a consequence of playing a lot games without a break over years.

“I was happy with the second half of the season. I wanted to show everybody that I’m back. Winning the FA Cup means it was a successful year. I’m proud of that win.

“My best moment [of the season] was the first game back after my injury against Stoke City. The fans cheered a lot when I was brought on. That was a brilliant feeling and helped me a lot.

“From then on I understood: no matter what happened, the club and the fans are always with me.

“But the most important thing is the opinion of my coach. I have a lot more self-confidence when he is with me. I always had that feeling with Arsene Wenger.”

I wonder if our number 11 is also taking confidence for next season because he knows, in a general way, that the boss is planning to add some quality players to the Arsenal squad this summer. Or do you think Ozil´s belief is based on our super second half of the season?

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    1. And Cazorla, Kos, Monreal, Gibbs, Mert, Debuchy, Ramsey, Jack, OG , Jenk, Bellerin, Chambers, Alexis, Cos, Theo, OX, Gabs, Welbeck, Akpom, Gnabry, Zelalem, toral, Martinez, Ospina, Check, Kondogbia, Lacazette.

      Release Arteta, Rosicky, Bould, Wenger and Gazidis.

  1. Why are Arsenal players playing friendly matches. Damn what a tough road for these players. It seems like they play 12 months of the year. No wonder so many have injuries. Bodies need rest. Not sure if these coaches realize that.

      1. How about If Jack gets his ankle stepped on after all he’s been through. He went to the physio and gave him a hug after scoring late in the year. It meant a lot I’m sure for both him and the trainer. I can see World Cup but honestly give these guys the time to recover from a grueling season.

  2. Everyone is talking about what a great team we have? is not about how good it is.Its about how good it is compared to the other topside. Arsenal never plays well for a whole season. 2013/2014 we started well then we collapsedafter the new year.
    2014/2015 we started badly then we picked up after the new year. We are not consistent enough to win the league and that is fact. some Bias fans will argue and i respect their arguement. But we are simply not good enough.

      1. Gonzalo Higuain, Peter Ceck, Zlatan Ibrahimovic( we need to grovel a bit with him his stil upset with us from few years back) and if we have some change left Morgan

        I belive with a hem we can win EPL and quarter finals of the CL

        1. We don’t need to sign two strikers either higuain or zlatan would be fine. Its DM and gk that we need too

              1. Wenger will never sign two strikers,never. I hope he signs just one, I would be happy. Imagine zlatan in arsenal, alongside Vidal and peter cech….wow

                1. @ny gunner. IBRA has at least two great seasons left in him, bringing him on a 3 year contract would be awesome. If we can sign him for a fee around 15-20 mil….he fits our style of play and can play the role giroud does. I think he offers more than giroud and its his skills and shooting we desperately need upfront. IBRA and Vidal are like a dream for us gooners. He is worth the money in my opinion. We need a goal scoring machine like him

    1. Surely being “good enough” and being “consistent enough” are entirely different? You can assemble a team of outrageous talent and be unstoppable world-beaters one week and bomb the next week. Or you could possibly have more modest talent who can perform week in week out albeit at a slighter lesser level. We were good enough to lead the PL for one half-season and good enough to be the form side for a different half season.

      I’d say we are technically good enough to win the PL but don’t produce the required performances on a consistent enough basis. How do you get consistency? Buy better players? Have faith and work with what you have? I’d say we dropped more points last season through “bad days at the office” (mental side, tactics) than we did because of any abject lack of quality.

      That is why I think there will be tears on here very soon because I am pretty sure AW is just going to sprinkle a bit of quality on this squad in the window and rely to a greater degree on seeing further improvement with what he has.

      1. lol.You offer a false choice.Why does it have to be 1 or the other,especially when you can do both buy and improve what we have?.Obviously not being good enough and not being consistent enough are the same,both stem from lack of quality.You my friend are trying to make excuses

        1. Not offering a mutually exclusive choice to anyone. If you think team consistency and player quality are the same thing then there is no argument to be had. If you think we went on a good run in Feb/Mar/April/May and then stumbled against Swansea at home solely because we didn’t have Cech, Vidal and Higuain then fair enough. I happen to think this team should be capable of beating Swansea, Hull, Sunderland, Leicester, Soton, Stoke etc without spending £100M. This team should have dispatched Monaco as well – the world, including you know that.

  3. How I wish the Board and Wenger are thinking like him so that as our rivals are strengthening their squads we can add new legs at the needed areas. If we think that we can we the league without proper additions in area of deficiency, we are joking as others are adding, even the champions are in the market. Since we are not losing our good players again, let’s add more than one top players to create the needed impact at ago. I will accept any upgrade at any position so long as it is an upgrade. We need to play the last match in Europe (ULC final) as we are now use to playing the last match in England. We should compete and not participate.

  4. Who knows maybe Wenger has promised to bring in a couple of world class players to the squad so we can finally make an attempt to win the bpl. Nothing seems to be happening at the moment as it looks like we will be heading for another tense transfer market. I just hope Wenger does know that we need a few classy players to challenge for the title. He should look at what Chelsea did last season, 3 or 4 major signings and they have won it. Mourinho was aware that he needed those players to win the bpl, same story with us this coming season, we need to replace our gk (last night ospina let in another soft goal due to his lack of height) peter cech/kondogbia or wanayama/cavani or benzema or higuain. We need another striker, I don’t think theo is ready to be a striker yet

    1. @seancali
      To bring in a couple of”WorldClass” players and only set your sights on the EPL, shows a lack of ambition. We should be able to challenge for the whole damn thing. Every damn trophy out there…

      1. @ NY gunner bpl would be our priority and going the distance in champions league of course buddy. We all know we are 3 signings away from turning into a European giant. Imagine if we can add cech/Vidal/IBRA to our team, we would become a huge force in Europe.

        1. Now IBRA is just my choice, I would settle with benzema/higuain/Martinez/dzeko/negredo/ anyone of those would be great. Even negredo

  5. I’m glad for him that he is confident after assisting against the mighty Gibraltar! 🙂 seriously though, it’s a good thing and his all round contribution and impact to our team has improved beyond recognition.

    I would like that to continue and see him gain enough confidence to shoot and score more when in a promising position. That and turn up more in big domestic and UCL clashes against bigger opposition.

  6. How many Arsenal players will start for Chelsea? maximum 3. Some people will argue and thats because they are not honest enough.

    Ivanovis ——–terry——–Boss—–Azipueta




    That is 3 player in this team. Chelsea still want to improve their team. Our management think we are wonderful and are waiting if a good deal comes up. let keep on waiting while Rival teams are doing their best to strengthen.
    Some people will say ozil > cesc
    they will say Coquelin > Matic
    they will say nacho> azipueta
    they will say Giroud > Costa

    Am sorry not a chance. not even a chance. there is a reason we have not beaten chelsea . there is a reason we can’t score against chelsea. there is a reason why our biggest defeat this season of 2 nil came when we played chelsea away.

    The difference between me and most fans is that am honest. I support Arsenal but I don’t deceive myself and am not Bias. We desperately need improvements. Atleast 3 top qulaity players.

    1. Fair enough, but first of all, that biggest loss of the season was due to a penalty and a late counter attack when we were going for it, and we didn’t even play great and we were in it for most of the game, so don’t be quick to judge that we are no where on same level with Chelsea … but a loss is a loss.
      In my humble opinion, you are placing Chelsea on a pedestal, and hoping we build our team exactly to match them. Their team is built on being physical, defensive, and that works, but we approach the game differently and play with an offensive mind set. Our style of play needs our current players, for example no way fabregas would fit in as well, Ozil keeps moving around all game, so does Ramsey (who you conveniently ignored above), and even wilshere is better.
      The point I am trying to make is you don’t need to fight a big bully by becoming a big bully yourself, you counter with speed, finesse, fitness, and we showed glimpses of that this year.
      I think we are pretty close to the title, we have a hungry deep squad, and we don’t need much re-inforcements. We don’t need forwards, we never cover (or an upgrade) for coqelin, and Mertesacker needs to be changed , he’s a good defenceman but gets exposed alot in games (eg Monaco, Man U), but maybe Gabriel will fill that void … and I believe Schezny will come good next year. Next year it’s our year, it’s our league, and not ruling out another FA cup 🙂

      1. We don’t need reinforcements???wait what??even Barcelona the best team in the world need reinforcements they’ve just renewed Dani Alves’s contract yet they still signed Aleix Vidal who’s also a)!

        1. Cover (or replacement) for coqelin, replacement for mertesacker … but all that need for a striker crap I don’t buy into too much

      2. I guess we hav become so use to loosing so much so that and FA cup win makes some of you feel like we are at the top of the world. What???? that we have a deep squad and don’t need re-inforceentss. great Just great.

        1. We don’t need MUCH re-inforcement, we are at the point where we finally have quality cover for every position, except for a quality CB and DM, that’s why I say that … possibly GK but I don’t want to give up on Schezny just yet

          Here is my interpretation of a pretty deep squad:
          GK Schezny, Ospina
          D Mert, Gabriel, Kos, Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambo, Monreal, Bellerin, Jenkenson
          MF Wilshere, Ramsey Ozil, Cazorla, Ox, Coqelin, Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini
          FW Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez, Welbz, Akpom

          I would liike to upgrade on defensive side of things with a CB, and get cover for Coq if he gets injured because arteta/flamini cannot fill that role to the level required. But talk of Ibra, Higuain, Cavani, none sense, same people were calling for Falcao last year HAHAHA

          Where else would we need an upgrade? Before you say CF, compare our options to rest of the league …

          1. Welbz- non effective goal scorer
            Walcott – not proven in the middle and will need time to adapt. Injury prone also.
            Sanchez – best on LW to cut in on his right. By his own admission his best position. So if he is used as CF we loose his threat there.
            Akpom- too young and inexperienced . Will need a loan or two.
            Giroud – our Only Proper CF who is not known for breaking the 25+ mark. Still our best though.

            DM? What if le coquette his leg broken. You seriously expect Arteta and Flamini to do his job at their respective ages?

            A higher level GK would be good too.

    2. maybe, I think you are trying to make it more clear cut than it really is.
      Ozil = Fabregas
      Monreal = Az this season
      Coquelin doesn’t play the exact same role as Matic but has matched him in terms of contribution to the team.
      Terry played brilliantly and managed to have a full season injury free, highly doubtful he will replicate it next season.
      Sanchez plays on the right and = Hazard
      Walcott plays left and is more effective or at least = Willian

      We are a lot closer than you are making out.

      1. Biggest difference between us an Chelsea are the managers,thats what you’ve overlooked,thats why you can’t see how far away from them we really are,an we’re quite a way back.Wenger has never beaten Mourinho in several attempts

            1. How is the past 5 years evidence of anything, we didn’t have close to the same team 5 years ago. Neither did Chelsea.

    3. @galen
      The biggest difference between us and Chelsea is “FIGHT” They know how to scrap out wins. We score and then lose our composure/focus. then we get punished for it…
      We need more players like Sanchez or Rosicky and Kos, who are willing to fight for the full 90+
      Not players who use the treatment room as a vacation, only to come on at the end of the season to reap the spoils…

    4. I am not sure where the logic of this pub argument goes? Are you saying we need to buy another 8 players who are better than Courtois, Ivanovic, Terry, Azpilicueta, Matic, Hazard, Fabregas and Costa to give us bragging rights as to who has the best theoreticial man for man team? Forget for a moment the probable £250M+ needed – who are these available players? Or are just saying that we need another 2/3 players better than what they have so we can say we have 5/6 players who could get in to their 1st X1 ie: some sort of parity. And which Fabregas or Costa are we judging? The 2014 or 2015 versions? And you skew it slightly by matching Alexis up against Willian instead of AS’s preferred starting position on the left. You could make a case for AS being preferred to EH – difficult one I know but plausible, then put Walcott for example in in preference to Willian – giving us 4. You can toss a coin between CF and MO – from where I’m sitting the AOBs prefer Cesc the rest of the Arsenal fan-base are happy to take their chances with a fast improving Ozil.

      The differences in individual quality is not as great as you suggest, but I agree the difference in the aggregate effect of the whole teams is significant. The sum of their parts has given them more than we have managed to date with the sum of our parts. Their established and close to world class back 5 is so obviously the biggest difference between the teams – a defence Mou inherited, not one player bought by him. And if the difference is night and day then why the reported reticence of Mou to sell us Cech – if we weren’t close or at least in the same ball-park as them quality wise then why the hell fret about it? Perhaps he isn’t – perhaps just another Mourinho genius mind-game.

    1. Could be true as sky are now sayin an english club has made a bid and that its not liverfool.imagine tevez and sanchez upfront bloody deadly I say

  7. Ozil is one of our 5 best players/WC players
    1. Alexis
    2. Ozil
    3. Koscielny
    4. Cazorla
    5. Sanogo

    If we get two more Top quality players plus Cech, yes we can Win the PL

      1. He will be wearing the 2006 kit though seeing it’s the last time he played for us.:)

        Can we watch the kit unveil live on t’internet? Is so, what time/where?

          1. Couldn’t see it coming up on puma YouTube channel like last year but the standard online will be showing it, from as you said 9.30.


  8. One of the very first steps in winning the title is not being happy with third place, which I think our team and hierarchy seem to be happy with overall, even if they don’t admit to it.

    Otherwise I think Mesut is reading from a script and giving us what we want to hear. The proof will be in the pudding, as they say. Depends on signings, injuries and making sure we show up with the right attitude for the overwhelming majority of our matches, as well as flexibility in how we approach and play games against different kinds of opposition. There is simply no point in passing the ball sideways, repeatedly, in front of 8 opposition outfield players defending their area. We’ve got plenty to work on as well as thinking about who to sign. And this started to happen again at the end of the season once we’d settled for a top 3 finish, instead of aiming to be second to only Chelsea :/

  9. i have a sneaking feeling that wenger is engineering a massive world class move for big money in the back ground that nobody has any clue about.
    nobody has seen wenger in the news for a while so he could have been anywhere in Europe or the world come to that chatting to mr big name player, talking up a move to the arsenal and how playing with ozil and sanchez should be a dream come true. for said mr big name.

    i am thinking £50 million + big we wont know yet but when it comes it will bowl the whole of eurpoe over knock all the other clubs sideways.
    come on wenger show us your transfer magic baby!
    like he said the best transfers are done in private.

  10. No, he is wrong to say that Arsenal will beat Chelsea to the premier league title. I don’t need to explain. The statement speaks for itself.

    1. @k-ool
      Why is he wrong in saying that? With the confidence you show in the team I’m glad you’re not one of the players…

      1. Because the thought of AW spending £50M+ on one player is delusional as is the thought that we can win the PL (beat Chelsea and other top teams who WILL invest and most probably invest quiet heavily) without making the necessary additions of high quality and removing the cling-ons in our squad to significantly increase the level of quality and ambition.

        I know it won’t happen as we have been here before.
        I am no less of a AFC supporter than the ardent AKB brigade who are eternally optimistic and biased when it comes to his competenceies. I am I feel just a little more grounded in reality by forecasting what is to come based on numerous transfer windows gone.

        I hope I am wrong, but AW & AFC have done little to change my option yet.

        Such a shame too if it is the case that we do not significantly strengthen as now is a real opportunity to move closer to our competitors and glory. I feel lack of vision, ambition and therefore motivation will see us fall painfully short as a result.

        1. @ArseOverTit
          It still doesn’t make him wrong. To achieve it, you first have to believe it. This is what he’s doing. Try it sometime…

          1. I am a fan. Other than scream my arse off in support of my team and buy a ticket and merchandise to financially support them the reality is that no matter how much I believe these things can/will happen it does not change the reality that my doing so can in any way affect the outcome as I am not paid £8 million a year to do so.

            1. @ArseOverTit
              I never put your club allegiance in question. Only your confidence in their ability…

              1. Exactly. I could be as confident in their future success without looking at the tools and structure required to get that success as the next man. But having blind confidence without reason is foolhardy and alone will not bring the desired result.

                We need the people running the club to have the confidence and wherewithal to take us forward.

  11. I think top class players will be available late in the summer. Honestly, I prefer to see my beloved club waiting for the RIGHT opportunity to come and buy a world class player rather than getting quickly Ings or milner lol.

    I can totally see a late triple deal: aguero to madrid, benzema to munich, us getting Lewandoski or Muller. And you fellow gooners ? =D


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