Mesut Ozil sends fans brilliant update as Arsenal contract confirmed

Well it has been an excellent couple of weeks in Arsenal’s history with the signing of PEA and Mikhi, and the latest reports saying that Mesut Ozil has signed a new contract extension, which will make him far and away Arsenal’s best paid player ever on a massive 350,000 GBP a week.

The Gunners have refused to officially confirm Ozil’s extension, but we have been told by his Arsenal team-mate Mohamed Elneny that the German has informed him that the deal is done. “I spoke to Mesut and he told me that he signed the new contract. He is a world class player on and off the pitch,” Elneny told BeIN Sports.

“He is a vital player for us and there is always a positive aura surrounding him.”

He certainly has been Arsenal’s most influential player for us in the last few months, and with PEA, Lacazette and Mikhi alongside him we will scare any set of defenders put in front of them.

Meanwhile, Mesut himself has put a brilliant and very funny twitter update, hinting that the contract has been signed in a humourous manner….

We also had a great boost last night seeing Man United (and Alexis) get beaten by Tottenham, and Chelsea’s crazy 3-0 home defeat to Bournemouth, giving Arsenal a chance to close the gap in the coming weeks. If we can only come out of our League meetings with Spurs and Man City unscathed we could have a great chance of making up the lost ground. LMAO at our front four strikers!



  1. The most important signing in last 4 years! Gives hope, that there is a future for Arsenal.
    He could have waited in peace until summer and then choose where to go next, but… Ozil stayed!
    Looking forward to the next season.

    1. I would have been really hurt had Ozil left us but I wouldn’t have crushed he behaved like a professional and for that I respect him.

  2. He is our stand out player and would grace ANY side in world football.The fact he chose to remain with us shows his love of the club as he could have moved but London and Arsenal are now rooted in him.Plus the fact he gets to earn a few bob.Who cares -He has signed and that was all that mattered to us supporters

  3. Yes that was a boost last night with those teams losing… if only we hadn’t lost!!
    That is great news about Ozil…so glad he’s staying with us, would have hated it if he opted for United. This is exciting times now with LMAO….roll on Saturday COYG

  4. Very happy indeed. When he is at his best he’s amazing. He should get a lot of fan support now. Alexis would have been more loved here had he stayed then he would ever get at United.
    Ozil needs to play like that every match now to show he deserves the salary
    Hes got Lacazette and Aubameyang to pass to. No excuses
    Also, when Ozil is not playing Mktharyan can take over his role or play with him.
    I think our Attack is sorted innit

  5. A great boost Man U losing to spurs? The other way round yes, but we are now 6 points behind spuds and we are 6th!
    Explain the great boost?

  6. It’s great to have Ozil now he can focus even more, but I really want to focus on Xhaka, this guy is useless and Wenger LOVES HIM, I’m so tired of seeing him on the starting 11, he should be benched immediately and change the system to accommodate Auba, Mhki, and Laca I really like a 4-1-2-1-2 system but we need that Elneny to play in beast mode on the CDM position and when there is 30 minutes left on the game let AMN play that position to get him used to play as a lone CDM, so my preferred 11 for Arsenal right would be…
    ………Not Cech maybe Matt Macey or Ospina
    Wilshere is disciplined and knows when to stay behind or attack so he can provided protection as well. I think we could give Holding a chance for Mustafi or Koscielny, What do you guys think.

  7. I was panicing a bit but things turned out to be okay. We need to look up to find a new dm. Its a shame we passed on Kante. Maybe we can soon try to use Niles in middle

  8. How things change real fast. he has been outstanding lately. I remember weeks ago, some fans wanted Him out and wanted Sanchez to stay. They are both great players but Ozil has shown maturity and love for the club and fans. Sanchez wanted out by all means and be was acidic in the dressing room. Anyway, good for him. He will enjoy some cool cash before he gets really old.

    Congrats Ozil. I m particularly delighted He signed. Looking forward to next season. Hopefully, it’s gonna be a great one. Wenger should leave but that’s another topic for another day.

    To think Walcott, Giroud and Sanchez are gone. They used to be our front three. Times has changed!

  9. I wonder if he had a problem with sulky Sanchez…either way I am very glad Ozil stayed and Sanchez went.

    Can’t wait for him to link up with Auba, Mkh and Laca and Jack.

  10. waiting for the W.O;B to say that he stayed for money,Mikhi and AUBA signed for money bla..;bla!!!you were saying only days ago that we are not an attractive club because of penny-pinching wenger and when we sign a great player it’s because of money ….make your mind up

    1. So far haven’t any Arsenal fan say that here or ie. DM comments. Stop creating drama for the sake of it.

      1. KONSTANTINE has writed an article just few days ago about penny-penching wenger and Aubameyang never coming (even when evreyone and his dog heard that the deal was done and dusted)….some fans are very depressed in their own life and they want us to live in their world.

  11. Ozil has my respect anytime. great guy. my love for all arsenal player that departed this winter will not waiver including Sanchez.
    OT. I love Winterburg proposed formation of arsenal on skysport I hope wenger put it to test soon.

    1. I’d love that formation, as long as we maintained some width (probably Lacca and Auba swapped around). The problems with it is that it doesn’t include the favourites -Xhaka and Ramsey, and therefore Wenger will never pick it. What’s happened to Kolasinac? A beast when he started, now seemingly overlooked (deja vu for an arsenal player under Wenger)

      1. You spotted the right reason why Wenger wan’t play them all together. It s so sad and it shows how deep Wenger had fallen in his disilussion of loving Xhaka and Ramsey.
        But the time is coming (soon) when those two, and Wenger would be just a history…

      2. Goonerforever, as has been stated by others in previous posts, Kolasinac should be played instead of Elneny (can still be backup option) as DM as he has played DM for Shalka in the BL.

    2. Yes nice formation and great to get xhaka out of the team for now at least. May swap elneny for AMN at some point, jury’s out on who’ll be better at dm.

      I certainly think we can’t afford to bench lacazette and auba can get his pace going from a deeper position ala walcott but he’ll know what to do when he gets near the goal,(saying this in the week theo scored 2, good on him!)
      Not sure if miki has pace bit if he does then our front 4 is fierce. Just hope we can get an understanding going with the 3 in front of the back line.
      Both Jack and Muhammad can ping long balls over the top to auba Vardy style 🙂

  12. people forget the fact that he plays well for a hanfull of games every season. now he has his ridiculous salary that no other club would give him he will go back to mediocrity.

  13. Nice to see some positively on the site. Wenger has done well recently shifting out some average players, swapping that fat chillien lady for a player who was an arsenal fan, getti g Ozil to put pen to paper and commiting to our club and getting PIE to join the club. Not bad bad whilst also covering the cost. Can we stop hateing on the prof for a bit and see the daft old bugger still wants the club to do well.

  14. Funny how he gets stick from media and opposition fans and when it’s touted he is looking to run his contract down and leave…suddenly media say he’s great and opposition fans want him.

    Arsenal agenda is we look after our own.

  15. I’ve been reading on this site for literally 10 years . And don’t get me wrong I do think Arsene has passed his best days by . However Sanchez is gone we have 2 brilliant new players . Ozil has signed on , let’s give him one last chance to show us what we all remember and love about arsenal , and the mighty gooners . Stop the negativity until we’ve finished 6th or not won the Europa and/or the league cup . And stop beating ourselves and team up and give them with a new set of forwards a chance to excite us again ! COYG

  16. Mu and lpool players says it all!!
    I much prefer bt sports punditry more even keel debating and less personal egos.
    Bit biased though as my bro has a contract coaching bt sports presenters.

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