Ozil set to abandon Arsenal for Real Madrid?

There are currently two years left to run on the Arsenal contract of our creator-in-chief Mesut Ozil (the same time that is left on that of Alexis Sanchez as well by the way), so of course Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board were hoping to persuade the German to sign a new contract this summer, but so far there has been no news of it happening.

We may just have learned why, as The Sun is reporting that our brilliant play maker is thinking about making his return to La Liga and the club we signed him from, Real Madrid.

Ozil seems to enjoy his life in London and after a sometimes shaky start to his Premier League career he has proven himself to be one of the in that difficult number 10 position, but the problem is that his ability has not been rewarded with enough success on the pitch and our manager doing his usual impression of a man who has no idea that there is a transfer window open there is not a massive sign of that changing.

Of course we do have a couple of weeks of the window left and Wenger may still make a big signing or two before it closes. If not though, we will have to hope that Ozil and the rest of the current squad can prove the Frenchman right and win the Premier League title that has not been ours for over a decade.

If not, do you think it will be Ozil will be saying adios to Arsenal and Hola to Madrid?


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  1. Yeah, sure. And Barcelona will call Alexis back. And everyone wonder why youth is getting stupid and more stupid everyday. It is because they follow mainstream media. Didn’t even bothered to open the link (because that’s what they want). I just seen The Sun. Loved when Klopp told them in the face that he doesn’t discuss with them. Expect some smear and shame for Klopp in The Sun.

  2. Ozil is probably waiting for the same thing as the fans – for Wenger and the board to show the slightest bit of ambition. But I am not confident in the “return to Real” theory. I think Ozil would not want to be unappreciated yet again.

    1. 150 k p/w for cruising in
      a side where there is
      no pressure to win
      is just fine I reckon.
      He won the Worlds greatest trophy
      with Germany and has nothing to prove.
      Just cruise on 150k p/w 🙂

  3. The rumors just get more and more amusing/nauseating depending on your point of view.

    Goal.com now has Arsenal linked with 32 year old Barca CB Mathieu. I watched LPool vs. Barca and I remember one Barca defender playing especially poorly. Guess who that might be? Yes. I am certain it was Mathieu. It just gets worse every day.

    1. Goal.com links a player to Arsenal and you assume that Arsenal will buy the player? What gets worse.. the press speculation or your assumption that just because it is in goal.com then it must be true???

      1. 1. I was not suggesting that this or any other rumors are true – quite the opposite.
        2. If a rumor was to be true you would however want it to be a fairly reputable source – such as Goal.com.
        3. Goal.com is not the only source reporting the rumor. Telegraph also reporting it.
        4. I was mostly making fun of the idea that Arsenal are now relegated to rumors with bad players – Arsenal’s transfer reputation is so poor that they no longer warrant a even a rumored link with a good player.

        Anything else need clarification? I think I covered it all.

  4. I remember when Ozil
    signed for Arsenal 3 years ago.
    The club had promised big signings
    and the fans were baying for a
    W/C striker and DM.
    However Wenger had only signed Sanogo and a free Flamini.
    After the home loss to Villa Arsenal bought Ozil for 42 mill on deadline day.
    Fans on Just Arsenal were taken by surprise and were some what
    underwhelmed as a striker and DM were most wanted.
    Slowly a theme started to develop some thing along the lines that
    although we did not sign a striker Ozil would attract the worlds best strikers
    and an avalanche of EPL titles were coming to the Emirates.
    However even the signing of Ozil did not attract
    Benzema Higuain Suarez or Lewandowski.
    Instead we signed Sanogo in 2013.
    Wellbeck Podolski and Campbell in 2014.
    Nobody in 2015. So far Asano in 2016.
    The avalanche of EPL titles was replaced by a trickle of FA cups and community shields.
    Better than nothing I suppose but if we could have landed even one
    of Higuain Benzema Lewandowski or Suarez things might have been so different.
    So why did Ozil not attract all the world’s best strikers like we were promised?

  5. Of course Sanchez and or Ozil will want to leave and if we allow their contracts to run down towards the end of this season, we will have to sell them on the cheap. At their age and with 1 year left on their contract you have to sell them if they don’t want to renew. And once the buying club knows we have to sell them because they are not renewing you don’t get market value but deep discount instead.

    Players like Ozil want trophies, many players want trophies. That’s why we lost so many players over the years. I know everyone was angry at the likes of Nasri, Clichy and RVP for not agreeing with the managers future plan as they called it, but in my book they were proven right. It was their only chance to land a major trophy.

    At this stage I am not even sure if winning will be enough to keep them. They also want to be a part of glamor. It is just not so glamorous to play alongside Giroud as it as to play along side Ronaldo, Messi, Aguero even Ibra.

    We have to big name players and that’s it. We should have bought Ozil and Sanchez a big
    name striker. I am sure they appreciate Xhaka but he is not a big name arrival.

  6. if arsenal was to loan out new signings..why were signings done
    ..see nawakali, afobe. Instead arsenal could save money and buy players like benzema, rodriguez, muller

  7. I wish if I were arsenal manager…i could win every time with players like messi, neymar, suarez, muller, lewandowski, alaba,

  8. Wouldn’t blame him. How demoralising must it be when you raise your head for the killer pass and the think ‘FFS what’s the point it’s only going to Giroud’

  9. Only one man is to blame if that happens

    Getting Xhaka for £35 million has proven the Board or Kroenke is not a huge financial obstacle to Wenger. Wenger has access to money but either doesn’t use on the right players or not enough players

    Wenger relied on average strikers since Ozil came because Wenger refused to get a Top striker
    Giroud and Walcott were simply not good enough
    Ozil could have beaten Henry’s assist record last season IF Wenger had got a Top striker
    We could have won the PL last season IF Wenger had got a Top striker

    Always IF IF IF IF

    Ozil, Alexis, Bellerin, Monreal could all leave because of Wenger’s stubborn attitude

  10. i think the reason Ozil has not attracted world class strikers is easy.. because tightwad Wenger has not tried to buy them, or put in such ridiculously low bids, that they were refused..

  11. As much it pains me to say this, Ozil/Alexis should leave next year. Wenger should go too. Board or Wenter, someone has made Arsenal the mediocre team we are. And the board looking at Eddie Howe as replacement confirms the goals they have in mind. On August 31st this week, I am burning my Arsenal shirt and merchandise as I dont want to be the frowning fan each year, suffering a heartbreak anymore. Time to switch to another team, another league.

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