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Why Ozil Still Needs To Improve For Arsenal! by AT

After a convincing win over a high-flying Villa side, Arsenal find themselves in fourth place and look set to get their season back on track after three successive draws prior to the win at Villa Park. Perhaps the most relieving factor of the game, for Arsenal fans at least, was that Mesut Ozil got back in the thick of things with a goal and an assist to his name.

But while most Gooners may see him as getting back to his best, I am of the opinion that there is a whole lot more that Arsenal’s record signing can bring to the team, versatity being the most important. While I do agree that the German was at his best playing at his preferred Number 10 role in the game against Villa, I would like to point out that there is so much more he can do whilst playing out wide.

Looking back at his time at Real Madrid and his early days for the German national team, he did play a large number of games on the flanks, and proved to be very effective as well. Gooners who claim that he’s wasted on the flanks can’t be more off the mark, he is well and truly capable of playing there. He’s got the pace, physicality and no one can question his ability for delivering a good ball in the box, it’s just his work rate that’s the problem.

Now I am in way suggesting that Mesut should be deployed on the flanks from now on. All I’m saying is that there will be situations where players like Cazorla and Wilshere, who are both very good at playing that role, should be allowed to do so to give the team a sense of variation going forward. There is no doubt that Ozil is our best Number 10, but he should also be capable of playing out wide if his team needs him to.

So with that being said, I really hope he can inculcate that into his game. I would really like to see him play with the same vigour regardless of whether he’s playing in his preferred role behind the striker or out wide on the flanks.


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  1. He should be.
    But man when Santi is on firme he is on fire.
    Jackie still needs some mature sense at times, but he has shown he is growing.
    Any hoo….good headache to have.
    The results are the tylenols

  2. Ozil doesn’t perform good with sanchez somehow..
    They both try to get into the middle and sanchez doesn’t make runs like walcott does. Just look at aston villa’s match. When sanchez was not playing, arsenal were playing simple passing football. Sanchez breaks the rhythm by trying to dribble too much. Hopefully some training methods will help them gel together..

    1. yeah, but man he is so awesome to watch hat Alexis, and that will, forcé, and love that he has…you can tell the guy is truly excited as a gunner

    2. @arsenal genes

      How can you say that they’ve played like 5 games together why are you jumping to conclusions already? They’ve probably trained together for 1 month at the most and ozil hasn’t played the #10 w Sanchez on the field I just don’t see how you can say that already

    3. @A.Genes, This is so childish, Ozil was not firing with any one while he is out wide. How can you just point Sanchez??? This is St*p!d why you guys are always into negative conclusion??

  3. I saw a heat mat at daily mail I believe, in an article praising Mesut’s performance. And well, even if he played as a number 10, he was everywhere! Lots of touches in both left central and right sides of the pitch, and that makes me believe that as a free-roaming number 10 he plays at his best. That also shows that he can feel comfortable anywhere, I think he lacked the confidence I hope he got back in the game against Villa. He was number 10 at real madrid ffs, that’s about talented as it gets.

  4. What I have noticed with Ozil is that he is not predictable on his next move. For us, as armchair fans who have played some football we can usually see or say what the next move should be. For example if Rambo has the ball and Calum is free on the right wing we all want him to pass the ball to Calum on the right. If that happens we are happy. Sometimes the players do otherwise by passing sideways or to the back and this infuriates us. Ozil passes are unpredictable and usually much better and incisive than what we had hoped him to do. He surpasses the predictability. This was particularly noticed in the last AV game. Hallmarks of a great great player!

  5. It’s true that Ozil should be able to play well everywhere, but he seems to be more motivated and committed when he plays in the middle and that is what is important, what we need from him. If Wenger can wake up and don’t play Arteta and Flamini, Ramsey and Wilshere can play in the middle deep-lying roles with Wilshere playing slightly up front and the both switching roles every now and then. Ox or Walcott can then play on the right with Sanchez or Cazorla on the left, while Welbeck or Giroud as our striker. Not forgetting we have tons of talents available to rotate for each position and I do hope Wenger will start doing that!

  6. Offensively we are looling very good this season …specially when Ozil and Wllbeck are on form.
    Defensively we all know how tough this season would be.
    We must prioritize PL this season as CL is out of reach. FA cup we recently won and now Soughtemton next in league cup. We must not put Seniour Players.
    My ideal line up would be.
    Balerine Metszakar Hyden Monreal
    Coqline Diaby
    Cambell Roscisky Podolski
    Even if we are at rsik of going out, we must play only our second string.
    Liverpool, Man U both looks bad this season and Manc City are yet to pick up and were one the verge of being beaten by us and Chelses.
    The only team that looks good is chelsea, so PL should be the target this season even at the the cost of sacrifising other competition

  7. Obviously we were all impressed with Ozil’s performance this past weekend. Is it a sign of things to come or just a flash in the pan? Hopefully the latter. I don’t buy that anyone really has to be sacrificed for Ozil to shine in the middle. We’ve got options, that’s it. When we put together our starting 11’s on this site I think they are often misconstrued as the ONLY 11. Each game and each opponent is different. Injuries, form, tactics, and depth all play a role in selecting a team.
    For the most part our back 4 and keeper select themselves, and although we’d all prefer a traditional DM, it’s either Arteta or Flamini in position for the foreseeable future. The rest is sort of fluid to me. I’m not adverse to starting Ozil, Cazorla, or Wilshere in the number 10 role. I think we saw this weekend that Cazorla and Ozil can operate pretty effectively together, and if you watched the game you would see that they played together in the middle quite a bit. They are both number 10’s, but they are vastly different players who can both offer us something unique. I personally would give Wilshere a chance in Ramsey’s position for a game or two. Ramsey looks off to most of us and bit of rest could do him some good; adding to that the fact that Wilshere has looked really good so far and I would say he could do well in the box to box role. This isn’t saying Wilshere is better than Ramsey, or that he is our future box to box midfielder, but at the moment he is playing better than Ramsey and thus has earned a starting spot.
    Up front is a different issue altogether. Ox shines in some games, but isn’t so great in others. I personally think Wenger was right to sit Sanchez as he’d played every game for us so far, but in hindsight Sanchez probably would have given us a bit more going forward than Ox against Villa. We’ve got to remember that the additions of Welbeck and Sanchez are HUGE for us. We’re talking about two integral players who will figure into most of our matches this season, and keeping that in mind we must also recognize that it takes time for players to gel. It really sucks to see Fabregas and Costa fitting in seamlessly at Chelsea because if we’re being honest that isn’t the best example of players integrating into Premier League squads. Players usually take time to fit in even if they have previous PL experience. This isn’t FIFA where we can buy Sanchez and he can fit into and improve our squad immediately. Yes, Sanchez has been good, but give him half a season and we might see a completely different and unplayable animal. What I’m trying to say is that we’ve got some pretty decent options up front and in the midfield, that our best players don’t always play their best, and that often times form should be favored over reputation. I really hope Ozil is played in the middle for good; with Santi starting on the wing they can interchange and wreak havoc like they did on Saturday.

  8. This is the most ridiculous contention. It does not matter if we think Ozil “should” be able to play anywhere on the pitch. It only matters what he actually “can” do.

    Ozil excels in the middle. He is the best gunner at that position. Therefore he should play in the middle. This is too simple. When he does not play there, Cazorla is the next best option.

    Arsenal have other players to play the other positions, it is only a matter of Wenger using them.

  9. Özil Özil Özil.. Özil is a class act guys.. He has the ability to play anywhere on the attacking front and he can just do better than who ever u put out there.. So we shud really stop worrying abt him and we have even bigger things to worry abt..

  10. lets put Wenger in other positions….like Football consultant…Youth Developer ….Chief Talent Scout…etc…

  11. I am just waiting to hear from those same people that said things like “we should never have bought Ozil”… “We should just cut our losses”…”Ozil should be dropped”…

    And yes, although I do think Ozil should be able to perform wherever he plays (to an extent), He NEEDS to play where he performs the BEST! Which I think was proven against Villa… I just hope he can step up like that against the big teams…

    PS: I think Man Utd are going to have a bigger defensive problem than us opver the next few weeks at least! Evans injured and Blackett suspended…

  12. At the moment ozil’s confident level is low, so play him in the middle let him shine where is good at than wen his confidence level is up u can move him anywere.he will perform as good.

  13. the problem isnt the offense of Özil, the problem is his defense. His defense work is only Alibi. He run to a player and 2 meters before he stops. No Tackling. football is like chess, you must dominate the centrum. and football is fighting. Mesut Özil isn’t fighter.

  14. Wenger paid £42millions so he would play as a number 10… He is not multitask or able to adapt to different positions (unless we interchange, but we have no where near the quality of the German national squad midfield and Wenger is not Joachim Law).

    Imagine Wilshere on the wing?
    We even tried Ramsey and it was not a success…
    Why put yourself into misery when you can make so simple (like against Aston Villa).
    Ozil at number 10.
    Ramsey next to Arteta and able to go forward as he likes.
    It worked last season why change to accommodate Wilshere (it seems)?

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