Ozil should be sold in January claims former Gunner but will it happen?

Former Arsenal star Ray Parlour reckons Ozil should be sold in January but cannot see it happening

Ray Parlour believes that Mesut Ozil should be sold by the Gunners in the next transfer window, but admits that is an unlikely possibility.

The German has been linked with a move away from the Emirates since the start of the season after falling out of favour with Unai Emery.

However, he still remains part of the squad and even claims he would not leave until at least the end of his current deal.

Arsenal fans are divided on the matter, one group of fans believe the team is missing Ozil’s creativity. The other group believe that he should be let go and make space for a better player.

Parlour seems to agree that the playmaker should be sold and the money used to get another star player. However, he admits that would probably not happen.

“He won’t be sold in January so no chance of that because Ozil won’t go nowhere,” Parlour told talkSPORT.

“Should he be sold? Yes, he should be. If you’re not going to play him on a regular basis you might as well get rid of him, yeah.”

Ozil returned to the Arsenal starting eleven in their last competitive game against Liverpool and delivered the goods.

Emery substituted him on the 65th minute having been impressed by the 31-year-old and may start him against Wolves today.

Should Ozil perform well against Wolves he may win back more fans. This may buy him more time for himself at the Emirates.


  1. Honestly I will be excited to see the back of Emery, Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil by the end of this season.

    I am glad Xhaka will not play today so I will love to see this line up.


    Aubameyang, Ozil, Pepe…

    Guendouzi, Torreira…

    Tierney, Luiz, Sokratis, Chambers…


  2. I have alreaqdt wanted Ozil out for three full seasons before this oneeven started, just as I wanted WENGER OUT IN 2008, Walcott out after a handful of his first games when it was apparent he was bone idle and I now want Emery out, as it is clear he is leading us on the road to nowhere. Unlike so many I see it as pointless waiting for things to improve which your common sense tells you they are never going to under that individual. Be PRO-ACTIVE, NOT RE-ACTIVE, Progressive clubs are always pro active, eg Man City, Liverpool. WE HAVE NOT BEEN PRO-ACTIVE SINCE DAVID DEIN LEFT ON THAT TRAGIC DAY FOR OUR CLUB BACK IN2007. Everything has been downhill ever since. I said that then and could see what was happening but sadly, I am not in charge of events at the club we all love. I would take firm action today, this very moment and not even wait an hour. If you let things drift in life , you always fail! If you have made up yout mind, you are merely wasting your life by prevaricating and discussing it further. Take action now OR fail!

    1. Amen John. IMO anyone who needs one more data point (result) to determine if Emery is the man for the job is unlikely to get to the right conclusion an is more likely ruled by fear and indecision, two qualities that hardly ever lead to success.

      Every game this man is allowed to stay in charge is a crime against the club.

    2. Perhaps Jon, you could be more pro-active in answering questions put to you.

      I have asked you repeatedly to have the courtesy to answer the four questions I put to you-especially after answering yours as requested.

      It is pointless telling all and sundry your views, if you refuse to be questioned on them…so I’ll ask you once again, please have the courtesy of answering, as I have done to you, the questions posed in the article “has ozil done enough to convince emery”?

      Take action now OR fail as a serious debator.

      1. NEVER SAW YOUR POST Ken.You perhaps should not assume I read everything on here even from you and I have a full life outside here. I know you do too but some others seem not to. Will chase up your questions, whatever they are, when todays game is over and answer when I can. I will however answer them in my own time, not yours, whether or not that me makes me a “serious debator” in your eyes and I WISH TO MAKE THAT QUITE CLEAR!

        1. Jon, I was originally responding to your accusation that I never answered your questions, which I dìd immediately.

          Like you, I have busy life, but responded when you accused me of not answering your questions, following a debate between us.

          So, enjoy the game and when you have the time to respond PLEASE let me know.

          1. IF YOU CAN FIND THE ORIGINAL QUESTIONS WHICH i CANNOT FIND, THEN PLEASE ASK THEM AGAIN ON A PRESENT THREAD. I scaled back many threads and could not find your four questions Ken.

  3. I have wanted Ozil out for the past 3 seasons but for me this is the priority of getting rid of players
    1. Mustafi
    2. Xhaka
    3. Ozil
    4. Sokratis

    I will wait till January before I join the Emery Out Brigade. I think that’s fair. If we are in the Top 4 in January I will give him the rest of the season

    If we finish in the Top 4 or win Europa then I will be happy for Emery to stay

    But if Kroenke wants to get a Top manager like Sarri, Allegri, Enrique, etc, I won’t complain. All’s FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR

    1. Innit to look at our league table only to determine if we have made progress is a mistake. Only a few weeks ago we were in 3rd but we were not a 3rd place team. Our league position was a smokescreen to those who saw it as an indication of strength.

      At least include some stats: points vs last season; goals conceded vs last season; goals scored vs last season; results against top 6 teams vs last season. You have a better chance to measure progress by looking at those than to only look at next months league position IMO.

      Of course, come Christmas 4th will be all but out of reach and we will have paid a big price for not acting last week.

  4. Big 2 months for Ozil. If he gets back in the team and performs, i think he will stay, if he gets back in and doesn’t, America here he comes!

    1. Thats a strange comment, its not about upper hand at all, its about whether Ozil, decides to prove his worth. If he does, he will change people’s minds, if he doesn’t, he will be gone. We cant afford the expensive passenger.

      1. No, it’s not about his performance, whether he plays or not is irrelevant. He is under a long term contract and the board can’t do anything about that.

  5. He still has some re-sale value now, and his wages could make way for at least 2 very decent players.

    However, he’s pretty adamant he wants to stay.

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